2024 Best Free Software for iOS Remote Control PC

Free Software for iOS Remote Control PC

How Can I Remote Control PC from My iPhone?

Remote controlling your PC from your iPhone can be incredibly useful, especially when you need to access your computer while away from home or the office. Whether you need to access important files, run applications, or troubleshoot issues on your computer, your iPhone can be your trusty remote control.

How can iOS devices control a PC? Numerous remote control applications cater to iOS users, offering a range of options, some free and others requiring payment. These applications empower users to select the most fitting remote desktop software, aligning with their distinct requirements and personal preferences.

AnyViewer: Best Free Software for iOS Remote Control PC

When it comes to the best free iOS remote access software to control PC, AnyViewer stands out as the best choice. It is the best free remote control software for iOS. Besides, it also supports Windows and Android devices, meaning you are not only able to conduct iOS-to-PC remote control, but also Android-to-PC and PC-to-PC remote control.

What Sets AnyViewer Apart?

What makes AnyViewer stand out? There are strong reasons why we wholeheartedly recommend AnyViewer.

  • Ease of use. AnyViewer has a user-friendly design that makes remote access simple, without the need for complex setup, even when connecting from a different network.
  • Enhanced security. AnyViewer takes your data security seriously. It uses advanced encryption (Elliptic Curve Cryptography or ECC) throughout the remote session to keep your data safe from leaks and unauthorized access.
  • Swift and high-quality connections. AnyViewer excels in providing fast and high-quality connections. It minimizes delays and delivers a smooth experience with up to 60 FPS. These are the qualities that make AnyViewer our top choice.

What Are the Features of AnyViewer for iOS?

What features does AnyViewer offer for iOS users? AnyViewer ensures a seamless remote desktop experience with its thoughtful features:

  • Unattended remote access. Use your iOS device to control a computer, even if it’s unattended.
  • Power management. Lock, restart, or shut down your computer with a simple tap on your iOS device.
  • Hide desktop wallpaper. Improve the remote session’s performance by hiding the desktop wallpaper when network conditions are less than ideal.
  • Flexible control modes. Choose between Mouse Mode for a virtual cursor or Touch Mode for touchscreen control.
  • Customized viewing. Rotate the screen for a better fit on your phone or tablet. AnyViewer simplifies remote desktop for iOS users.

How to Remote Control PC from iOS via AnyViewer

Let’s explore how to remote control PC from iOS. It’s important to mention that AnyViewer also works with Android, allowing you to access PC remotely from an Android device. The steps for both platforms are quite similar.

Part 1. Prepare AnyViwer on PC previously

Step 1. Download, install, and open AnyViewer on your PC.

Step 2. After installation, open the app and log in with your account credentials or sign up if you’re a new user.

Software for iOS Remote Control PC

Step 3. Once logged in, the remote PC will be automatically linked to your account.

Software for iOS Remote Control PC

Part 2. Remote Control PC from iPhone

Step 1. Install and open AnyViewer on your iPhone. Use your account credentials to log in.

Remote Control PC from iPhone

Step 2. In the “My devices” section, find your Windows 10 computer and tap on it to select it for remote access.

Remote Control PC from iPhone

Step 3. To quickly connect to your home PC, choose the “One-click control” option.

Software for iOS Remote Control PC 5

Tips: Consider upgrading to a Professional or Enterprise account for enhanced capabilities. With these elevated account levels, you gain the ability to remotely access a broader array of unattended devices and can also take advantage of the added benefit of Privacy mode.

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In summary, for iOS remote control of a PC, AnyViewer is the top free choice. It offers user-friendly design, robust security, and swift connections with up to 60 FPS. Features include unattended access, power management, and flexible control modes.

To use AnyViewer, simply set it up on your PC, then on your iOS device, log in, select your PC, and choose “One-click control” for easy remote access. AnyViewer provides a seamless and secure solution, making it the best free software for iOS remote control of your PC, ensuring productivity and convenience wherever you are.