How to Access YouTube Playables? – Guide

YouTube’s recent introduction of playable video games has sparked excitement among users eager to dive into this new gaming experience. After a month of beta testing, the feature generates a buzz, but accessing it is proving to be a bit more elusive than expected.

How to Access YouTube Playables


  • Exclusive to YouTube Premium members during beta testing.
  • Currently offers 15 mobile titles with potential for expansion.
  • Accessing Playables is different than expected; it’s not free for everyone.
  • Potential inclusion of AAA games as seen in Google’s Stadia capabilities.
  • Unlock YouTube Playables by subscribing to YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience and exclusive gaming access.
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How to Access YouTube Playables?

Here, we’ll guide you through accessing YouTube Playables, debunking misconceptions, and shedding light on the current state of this innovative gaming feature.

The Quest for Access

If you’ve found yourself endlessly scrolling through YouTube, refreshing your homepage, hoping to stumble upon the Playables feature, you’re not alone.

The initial confusion around accessing YouTube Playables stems from the fact that it’s still in beta testing. Only some people can access it, and the process is more complex than one might think.

YouTube Premium Membership

YouTube Premium Membership
YouTube Premium Membership

The key to unlocking YouTube Playables lies in YouTube Premium membership. Contrary to the initial assumption that the feature is entirely free, YouTube has offered it exclusively to its premium members during the beta phase.

Android Authority has reported this information, showcasing screenshots of Playables within the premium browser.

The Limited Game Selection

The Limited Game Selection
The Limited Game Selection

At present, YouTube Playables offers a collection of 15 playable games, primarily mobile titles. Games such as Eightball Billiards, Color Burst, Crazy Caves, Cube Tower, Daily Crossword, and Daily Solitaire are part of this initial lineup.

While the selection may seem modest, it is expected to expand, and including AAA games is only partially out of the question.

The Future of YouTube Playables

Considering Google’s demonstrated capabilities in streaming AAA games via the cloud with platforms like Google Stadia, it’s reasonable to speculate that YouTube Playables might evolve to include high-end gaming titles.

The current focus on mobile games suggests a strategic approach, introducing the feature gradually with expansion plans.

How to Become a YouTube Premium Member

Now that you know YouTube Premium is the gateway to Playables, let’s discuss how to become a member. You can sign up for YouTube Premium directly on the YouTube website or app. The subscription offers an ad-free experience, access to YouTube Originals, and, in this case, the exclusive opportunity to enjoy YouTube Playables during the beta phase.

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In conclusion, gaining access to YouTube Playables involves becoming a YouTube Premium member, a step that was not initially apparent to many users.

While the feature is currently in beta and limited to mobile games, the potential for expansion, including AAA titles, makes it an exciting development in online gaming.

So, if you’re ready to explore the gaming side of YouTube, becoming a YouTube Premium member is the first step on this digital adventure.