Is Amazon Luna Free With Prime?

Amazon Luna has emerged as a formidable player, allowing gamers to play and stream video games across many devices. An enticing question arises for those who are part of the Amazon Prime ecosystem: Is Amazon Luna Free With Prime membership?

Is Amazon Luna Free With Prime


  • Amazon Prime members get a free gaming channel on Amazon Luna, Luna Prime Gaming, with a changing lineup of games each month.
  • Prime members can play Fortnite instantly on Luna, spanning from computers to TVs, at no extra cost.
  • Amazon Prime users can buy and play Ubisoft games on Luna without added subscriptions, perfect for those without a gaming console or high-end PC.
  • Luna lets Prime members play games on tablets, streaming sticks, TVs, computers, and phones, giving them flexibility in choosing where to play.
  • For Amazon Prime members, exploring the gaming world is now easier and cost-free with Luna, offering a variety of gaming experiences without additional charges.
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Is Amazon Luna Free With Prime?

Yes, Amazon Luna is free with a Prime membership, offering exclusive access to Luna Prime Gaming, Fortnite, and the ability to buy and play Ubisoft titles without an additional subscription.

Let’s see the details to uncover the exclusive benefits that Amazon Prime members can enjoy on Luna.

Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna
Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming platform, opens up a world of gaming possibilities by allowing players to stream games to devices like tablets, streaming sticks, televisions, computers, and smartphones.

Luna offers various channels, one of which is Luna Plus, providing subscribers with instant access to a diverse library of over 50 titles for a monthly fee of $9.99.

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Exclusive Channel for Prime Members

For Amazon Prime members, the good news is that they gain access to an exclusive channel on Luna, known as Luna Prime Gaming.

Unlike Luna Plus, Luna Prime Gaming is free for Prime members. This exclusive channel provides a revolving library of video games that sees monthly updates, ensuring a fresh gaming experience for subscribers.

Fortnite Access for Prime Members

Fortnite Access for Prime Members
Fortnite Access for Prime Members

One of the notable perks of being an Amazon Prime member on Luna is the instant access to Fortnite.

The world’s biggest game can be seamlessly played on various devices, including computers, tablets, phones, and even directly on your television, all through Amazon Luna.

This inclusion adds significant value for Fortnite enthusiasts within the Amazon Prime community.

Ubisoft Titles for Prime Members

Arguably the most exciting benefit for Amazon Prime members on Luna is the ability to purchase and play Ubisoft titles through the Luna platform.

This feature represents a groundbreaking integration of Luna’s cloud technology with Ubisoft’s popular gaming titles, eliminating the need for an additional subscription.

For gamers without a console or a high-end gaming PC, this presents a unique opportunity to experience and enjoy Ubisoft’s games at no extra cost.

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In conclusion, Amazon Luna extends a generous hand to Amazon Prime members, offering various exclusive benefits that enhance the gaming experience.

Luna Prime Gaming, Fortnite access, and the ability to purchase and play Ubisoft titles through the cloud are compelling reasons for Prime members to explore the gaming world on Luna.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, Amazon Luna’s integration with Amazon Prime exemplifies the innovation and convenience that define the future of digital entertainment. So, if you’re an Amazon Prime member and have yet to explore Luna’s gaming potential , it’s time to unleash the gamer in you.