31 Best Android Games With Controller Support 2024

The best android games with controller support: In just a few years, mobile games have advanced from the most primitive arcades to large-scale projects with excellent graphics that do not get lost against the background of their counterparts on older platforms. Many great titles from PCs and consoles have been ported to Android, but smartphones have and still have their drawbacks, one of which is inconvenient controls. External controllers can solve this problem, but well-optimized games for a gamepad on Android are still not as numerous as we would like.

The Best Android Games With Controller Support

In this rating, we have collected the best joystick games for Android. All 15 titles have full controllers support, so you won’t have any problems with setting up – just plug in a gamepad and enjoy the gameplay.

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More and more games support gamepads on the Android platform, not least thanks to the advent of Android TV and consoles. The range of gamepads and Bluetooth controllers for Android devices is also growing. If you already own a gamepad, then you probably can’t wait to try it out in action. What kind of games are suitable in order to demonstrate all the advantages of this type of control? We have collected the best of them:

1. Crashlands: Story-driven Crafting ARPG

Crashlands is one of the best gamepads supported games out there. It has many tasks, and therefore there are quite a few controls on the screen.


The gamepad simplifies matters by allowing players to effectively interact with the environment on a distant, lost space planet full of surprises and strange inhabitants, often quite dangerous. Gamers are waiting for battles, crafting, exploring territories, and a lot of adventures.

2. Crossy road


This popular endless runner with original gameplay and cute graphics includes support for gamepads and MFi controllers. They will help players jump across roads, avoid collisions with rushing cars and trains, cross rivers, and collect coins.

3. Evoland 2

The Evoland franchise cannot be attributed to any genre – you can find elements of a platformer, a fighting game, and a top-down shooter in it.


And besides – the mechanics of the card game and RPG. This makes the series unique and popular. The developers have provided support for Bluetooth controllers, Nvidia Shield, and hardware controllers.

4. Horizon Chase – Thrilling Arcade Racing Game


This stylish retro racer offers players around 100 tracks and loads of vehicles, upgrades, events, and competitive gameplay. The game supports most controllers, Android TV, Nvidia Shield, MFi gamepads, OUYA, and so on.

5. Implosion – Never Lose Hope


A very stylish and addicting game that, unfortunately, did not become megapopular. It supports controllers, Android TV, and Nvidia Shield and offers hack-and-slash gameplay, interesting visuals, and tons of fun missions.

6. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

This game needs no introduction, and its popularity has no boundaries. In it, gamers will find an endless, randomly generated world in which there is always something to do:


  • Crafting and survival
  • Gathering resources and trading with locals
  • Fighting aggressive mobs
  • Playing together with friends on servers and cross-platform gameplay

And, of course, support for different types of gamepads.

7. Oddworld Series

There are two games from the Oddworld series on the Android platform, and both of them support gamepads.


They are characterized by an adventure plot, first and third-person views, quirky characters in an equally quirky world, and exciting missions.

8. Portal knights


Another adventure project that features tons of action, boss fights, crafting, and RPG elements. The game is beautifully polished and close to console quality, with local multiplayer and support for a variety of controller types.

9. Riptide GP Series

The Vector Unit studio has proven itself excellently with the Riptide series of racers.


Superfast jet ski racing not only looks great but also delights with addictive dynamic gameplay. There are tons of tricks, boosters, and power-ups, progressively more complicated tracks, and, of course, support for gamepads for more convenient control.

10. SEGA Forever

SEGA has created a separate SEGA Forever series, which includes classic retro games previously created and ported to mobile platforms.


These are, for example, Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2, Altered Beast, Kid Chameleon, and Phantasy Star II. Most of these titles support controllers and will appeal to fans of old-school gameplay.

11. Skateboard Party 3

Skateboard Party 3 is not a bad mobile sports series, which provides support for controllers.


In all games in the series, players will find a career mode, multiplayer support, interesting stunts, events, and achievements. The graphics here are not the most outstanding, but the games themselves are made with high quality and thoughtfulness.

12. Games from Square Enix

Square Enix has created a ton of games for the Android platform, and many of them support controllers.


These are titles from the Final Fantasy series, Secret of Mana games, Tomb Raider I and II, and many others. Most of these developments are ports of popular console projects. They are very close in quality to their originals but are often very expensive.

13. Steam Link (beta)

Steam Link is not a game but an application for streaming PC games to your smartphone or Android TV set-top box.


This will allow you to play your favorite games on your TV or phone, naturally with gamepad support. While this application is at the beta testing stage, so it does not work quite correctly, his mother is a promising idea.

14. Stickman skate battle

Stickman Skate Battle is another decent sports game with controller support. It is also dedicated to skateboarding but offers arcade gameplay instead of the more challenging and realistic Skateboard Party 3.


In addition to skateboarding tricks performed by a drawn stickman, players get several modes, weekly tournaments, and the possibility of offline play. The title supports Android TV and Nvidia Shield.



This shooter is considered to be one of the best FPS on mobile platforms. It features a ton of content: 300 campaign missions, online PvP battles, smart gamepad-enabled controls, realistic graphics, and a wide range of weapons. The developers from MADFINGER have in stock other, no less high-quality projects, which provide for control using controllers – these are Dead Trigger 2 and Shadowgun.

16. Nvidia Games

Nvidia has managed to port far from one well-known title, but, unfortunately, only for Android TV.


Of course, they all support control using gamepads. These are Portal, Half-Life 2, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Resident Evil 5, and many others. The downside is that these games work only with Nvidia Shield controllers, and the plus is that they are of the highest, almost console quality.

17. Morphite

Morphite is an action-adventure game that allows you to fulfill your dreams of colonizing deep space. In the role of a girl-astronaut, the player will explore the planets, each of which has a unique look and its own difficult secrets, every now and then throwing up problems. 


The existing equipment and costume can be improved during the game, opening up new opportunities. The randomly generated planets make Morphite replayable, and the unpretentious storyline dedicated to the protagonist’s past is simply fun to follow. It is no less pleasant to watch the deliberately primitive but stylish graphics that enhance the impression of a really fantastic adventure. It will also work to shoot at local animals and participate in full-fledged space battles.

18. Beach Buggy Racing

A complete list of Android games with a gamepad can hardly do without perky arcade races, the role of which is perfectly suited to Beach Buggy Racing.


Behind the wheel of a fast buggy, you have to rush along the twisted routes of unfriendly islands, through sand, water, lava, snow, and everything that the developers came up with. During the race, you can activate various special effects that will help you get rid of obsessive rivals. But do not forget that they can do the same so that the weapon can turn against you.

Bouncy gameplay, the presence of several characters, different buggy models to choose from, and their simple tuning allow you to while away a few pleasant hours in Beach Buggy Racing. It is doubly pleasant that it can be played by two people directly from one device – the game supports up to four gamepads on a split-screen.

19. Unknown Fate

Puzzle games are a great way to stretch your brain and test yourself for attentiveness, and any riddles are even more interesting if a good story complements them.


Unknown Fate meets all of these criteria at once. In it, you will have to get used to the role of a hero who has lost his memory and is forced to travel through fantastic worlds, collecting his memories bit by bit in order to understand what is happening around you.

The mysterious atmosphere of Unknown Fate is enhanced by excellent graphics that look no worse than many titles on consoles. The game is tailored for a gamepad, without which it is frankly inconvenient to control the character; it is also desirable to have a powerful smartphone since the toy is quite demanding on the hardware. If the conditions are met, you will get a lot of pleasure from the passage of Unknown Fate.


Badland is a platformer game from indie developers in which the player will have to help one of the inhabitants of a mysterious forest to move forward.


This task is not as simple as it seems at first glance because strange creatures, gigantic moving mechanisms, falling trees, and other creations of the developers’ violent imagination are blocking his path. The game has a good challenge so that some moments will make even seasoned gamers sweat.

What really sets Badland apart from other platformers is its visual style. Characters and moving parts here are inkblots against a background of almost static but very bright backgrounds. And this combination creates an amazing atmosphere. If you think about what games support the gamepad on Android and like interesting platformers, feel free to install Badland. You can’t go wrong.

21. Space Marshals 2

Space Marshals 2 is a successful attempt to cross space and westerns in a top-down shooter format. Marshal Burton’s mission is to eliminate the most notorious villains from all corners of the galaxy, and you are here to help him in this.

Having started playing Space Marshals 2, the player will quickly realize that going ahead is a direct path to defeat. Space Marshals 2 has a tactical component and encourages the player’s strategic thinking with a good variability of the passage. 

Sneak up to enemies, eliminate them one at a time, lure them out of cover or flank them, throw in fragmentation and flashbangs grenades, plant them undermines, and fire carefully placed turrets. The number of game possibilities and situations arising from them is great. And twenty exciting missions will be enough to fully reveal these opportunities.

22. Xenowerk

Games on Android with gamepad support are complemented by another top-down shooter – Xenowerk. If you have already rated the game Space Marshals 2 above, you will find a lot in common between it and Xenowerk.

This is a similar pleasant graphics, and recognizable shooting physics, and a tactical component. The similarity here is not accidental because both games have the same developer. And then the differences begin.

The plot of Xenowerk revolves around a failed scientific experiment, the result of which was the emergence of hordes of aggressive mutants. The player will have to deal with their elimination. Compared to Space Marshals 2, the gameplay is less tactical and more dynamic – there are much more enemies, and they move much faster. But shooting is still fun. Fortunately, there are no problems with the arsenal in Xenowerk. Recommended to all fans of Alien Shooter on PC.

23. BombSquad

BombSquad is a gamepad compatible game that reimagines the iconic Bomberman series. Up to eight players are on the field with the sole purpose of annihilating everyone else using explosive devices and various situational bonuses. All this with perky mini-games like capture the flag and soccer, a ticking bomb instead of a ball.

BombSquad is just made to play by a noisy company because it supports multiple gamepads on one device. If a gamepad is not at hand, then another phone will do it instead, which can easily turn into an additional controller with the free BombSqaud Remote app. Playing BombSqaud can spice up even the most rotten party, tested. 

24. Fortnite

The game that needs no introduction is Fortnite. One of the most popular battle royals, and indeed games in general, has long been scattered into memes. And there is a reason. Fortnite has the potential to offer players a gigantic battle on a massive map with completely destructible environments, tons of weapons, and interesting mechanics. 


Unlike competitors, in Fortnite, you can blow the exterior to shreds and erect it. We found ourselves in an open field under fire – build walls, there is not enough tactical height – build a huge tower. If you get the hang of it, you will spend many pleasant hours fighting in Fortnite. And if you are also a fan of collecting skins, then write it up.       

25. Hello Neighbor

Hello, Neighbor is a horror game with an unusual concept. Instead of gloomy night locations, monsters, and screamers – bright graphics and a suspicious neighbor, no less suspicious things are happening in whose house.

As the main character, you have to get into a neighbor’s dwelling and find out what is the matter. This task seems simple only at first glance. There is a real labyrinth in the neighbor’s house, full of riddles and various traps.

And the neighbor himself does not sleep; he pursues the player and learns from his actions. We got used to entering the house through the windows – next time a trap may be waiting under the window, hiding in the same place – it will be checked first. Hello, Neighbor perfectly builds up the atmosphere. The feeling of constant pursuit tickles your nerves so that you want to look around and check if there is a sinister neighbor behind you right now. 

26. MadOut2

We continue to review games that support a gamepad on Android. The next project at the top is MadOut2. This is a 100-player GTA-like online game set in a fully open world.

Immerse yourself in a crime story about an unlucky criminal and complete missions or simply cut across the city, steal and tune cars, shoot with cops, take part in races and find out who is cooler, competing with other players. 

In the sandbox, nothing limits you. And all this with high-quality graphics, five dozen car models, among which there are creations of the car industry, good physics of their damage, and a variety of guns. You can play both from the first and from the third person.

27. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is a soulful platformer that takes you on a journey through various scenic spots.

Soar over the dunes, sweep through canyons, jump on balloons against the backdrop of the night sky and distant forgotten cities – there is truly something to admire in Alto’s Odyssey. Meditative gameplay is deceiving in its simplicity; in order to elegantly cope with obstacles, you will have to build complex combos. 

This is the very case when there is nowhere easier to start, but it is difficult to become a master. Playing without music in Alto’s Odyssey is a bad idea, as the soundtracks are integral to the atmosphere here. There’s even a dedicated Zen mode with minimal difficulty to enjoy a relaxing journey after a busy day at work.

28.  Asphalt 9

If you have a gamepad, then there can’t be much arcade racing. Asphalt 9 is one of those. The quality of this game can be seen as soon as you start it. Here you will find almost console-level graphics with picturesque landscapes, a huge fleet of cars with real prototypes, and just furious gameplay. Don’t expect a driving simulator from Asphalt 9; it’s more of a survival race in which it is more profitable to have the skill of knocking the enemy off the track well than to drive fast. 

Racing without tuning is a waste of money, and Asphalt 9 allows you to customize everything – from the filling to the car’s appearance. And when everything is ready, then you can try your hand at the co-op, competing with other players. Friends can be invited to the team to race and progress together.

29.  Grimvalor

The third place in our top games for Android with a gamepad is occupied by the action platformer Grimvalor. Its developers were clearly inspired by the Dark Souls series and a dozen other popular RPG games, of which Grimvalor took the best. These are intense fights with monsters, large locations, interesting quests, character leveling, and, of course, grind in search of new equipment. 

The main feature of souls-like games is also present – battles with bosses, from the complexity of which you really want (but should not) break the gamepad. Spice it all up with nice graphics with high-quality animations and quite interesting gameplay designed for thoughtful passage – and the recipe for an excellent game is ready. The plot of Grimvalor is designed for 10 hours of exciting adventure, which is a lot for mobile games. 

30. CoD: Mobile

If you’re looking for gamepad-focused games, check out Call Of Duty: Mobile, a first-person shooter that sets the bar for the genre. The mobile version continues the tradition of the most popular series of games:

  • Top graphics
  • Advanced shooting physics
  • A wide selection of weapons and equipment
  • Pumping
  • A bunch of skins for a wide variety of tastes

CoD fans will be pleased to be on familiar maps now on the mobile platform.

The variety of game modes will also please, among which there is a confrontation with hordes of zombies, breathtaking sniper duels, and even a royal battle in a classic format for a hundred players. In the process of character development, the player will acquire new trunks, items of equipment, and new perks. If you choose a high-quality online shooter, few will compete with Call of Duty: Mobile.  

31. Undertale

Download: the game is not in the market; search in Google.

Topping the rating of the best Android games with a gamepad is a very unusual and, therefore, a beloved project by a huge number of gamers – Undertale.


Its plot begins with the fact that the child, for whom you have to play, falls into a pit and finds himself in a mysterious place inhabited by monsters – the Dungeon. The gameplay will be based on interaction with monsters. You will have to fight with the hostile, and make friends with the loyal ones, discovering the peculiarities of the local universe and completing extremely exciting quests. 

Each choice will definitely affect the plot and will be woven into a beautiful, coherent story. The storyline and characters of Undertale are fun to watch, and after a few hours of play, it’s clear to you why Undertale has so many loyal fans. Do not be intimidated by the simplest pixel art; this is one of the best RPG games on mobile platforms that capture and does not let players go until they complete the game. 


That’s all. We hope our top helped you decide which best android games with controller support for a gamepad on Android. Well, with a joystick in hand, any game will bring even more positive emotions; enjoy your time!