Best Anonymous Chat Apps in 2020

The Best Anonymous Chat Apps: Many times we want to meet new people but without having an obligation to reveal our identity either for security or because it just seems more fun. That is why we bring you the Best Anonymous Chat Apps that will allow you to meet new people and talk about any topic you want without having to reveal who you are.

Best Anonymous Chat Apps

Whether for maintaining our privacy or for the morbidity of having conversations with strangers, The Best Anonymous Chat Apps are becoming more and more fashionable, and new and interesting proposals for our mobiles are still coming out.

Best Anonymous Chat Apps

Today we bring you some of these Best Anonymous Chat Apps, some of them are well known and are already perfectly settled, but we have also taken the opportunity to propose a couple of them that are not so well known.

Secret Chat

It is one of the applications that is hitting the strongest in the world of anonymous apps. With it, we can publish confessions completely anonymously so that some of the contacts on your agenda can read them, but without ever knowing who is the one who wrote it.

Once those friends like a confession and click on the “Love” button, that Secret will become a rumor and begin to share among that person’s network of contacts. Rumors fly, and with this app, we will realize how fast they do it.

Anonymous Chat – Teen Chat for Teenagers

This application has more than 1.5 million+ users, where the vast majority are teenagers. The different functions it has to allow you to say what you want without fear of being judged.

  • You can share your most intimate confessions in messages that self-destruct.
  • Participate in role-playing as truth or challenge.
  • You can record and send videos of 10 seconds.


This is the direct competition of Secret. But with the difference that this is not linked to the agenda of each. With Whisper, we will launch our whispers, and these can be read according to their category and their geolocation, giving the user the possibility to explore all the whispers that are published around him.

Each time a Whisper whisper is published, it generates keywords related to what has been written and proposes a background image that we can change. Users who read us can mark our whispers as favorites and answer them, but always maintaining anonymity.

Chatous, allows you to meet people with your same interests

The application works with the popular #hashtag that allows you to filter the topics of your interest and thus perform a more specific search of the people with whom you want to talk.

You can change your username whenever you want, and you will not be able to be searched, so it will be easy for you to finish chatting with a person without being able to find you again.


It is a simple application that will allow us to chat with complete strangers based on our geolocation. Once we open the app, we will see the last messages near the place where we are, and we will have the option to answer them or launch new messages.

There are no profiles or anything like that that can give you clues about who is behind the words that are published, which means that you cannot ask for more privacy from such an extremely simple application.

Moco, the most popular of all

With more than 35 million active users,  the app with the largest community on the list. You can search by age, sex, location, and even sexual preference and more.

The way of writing is similar to WhatsApp, with stickers, emoticons, among other excellent functions.


It is the Best Anonymous Chat Apps that also serves as Chatroulette. With Meow, you can talk to friends you already know or meet new ones. Its main attraction is its random chat option, which puts you directly in a group or in a personal chat with people you don’t know.

You will also have the option to geolocate contacts using a map where you can make random jumps around the world, all to establish conversations with perfect acquaintances anywhere in the world.

Scandal, Does not require any type of registration

To use the application, you do not need to register. You simply enter the chat room you want and start chatting in a group or private. It has a function that allows you to chat with people close to you without revealing your identity.

It is the simplest Anonymous Chat Apps on the list since it does not allow you to send any type of file or stickers, much like the old chat rooms.


And what better way to end this list with the application? Secrets are the national alternative to Whisper, and it works in virtually the same way. We can create a secret, add an image, and share it with other users of the application.

We can find the secrets of other users browsing popularity and geographical location, and we will have the possibility to subscribe to each user’s feeds so as not to miss any of their confessions.

Chask, Allows you to exchange photos in private

In Chask, the conversations begin anonymously, but if you keep talking after a while with the same person, the profiles of both open and allow the exchange of photos or images.

And if you don’t like what you see, you have the option of removing or blocking any user whenever you want. And if you don’t mind revealing your identity to meet new people.

How to start anonymous chat

If you want to send a private message to a community member who is not recorded in your address book, click on his photo in the community or select it in the list of participants on the community information screen.