11 Best Antivirus for Pc in 2021

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Read what is the Best Antivirus for Pc Free and Paid: The immense growth of technology and computer systems has raised the creation of software and many programs. Some of them are helpful, while others are considered “malicious” due to the damage they cause to devices, stored information, and much more. These malicious programs are called viruses, and, so far, the best way to detect and eliminate them is with the presence of the Best Antivirus for Pc.

The Best Antivirus for Pc

As a method of protection for electronic devices, antivirus programs have advanced in recent years. Previously they were only responsible for removing viruses. Today they are responsible for the maintenance of operating systems, encompassing countless functions.

Best Antivirus for Pc

Today we will explain everything regarding antivirus that you should know very well, in addition to showing you a detailed list with the best you will find in this 2019, both free and those that are paid. Are you ready? Let us begin!

What is an antivirus?

An antivirus is a program or software that is responsible for tracking and detecting the presence of viruses in the operating systems of computers, phones, tablets, and other devices.

Its function is very similar to that of radar. As viruses enter freely and without notification, antivirus programs are continually scanning the operating system to detect when one appears. Later it is responsible for removing it before it damages any program or infects the files.

The origin of this type of computer program dates back to the 80s. With the passage of time and democratization of the Internet, many viruses were created to hack information of different kinds. Their evolution has led them to become different types. Among the best known are:

  • Malware
  • Spyware
  • Ransomware
  • Trojans
  • Worms

However, in the same way, that these evolved, the programs that fight them did too. Today it is possible to find several types, which guarantee numerous benefits for operating systems.

Types of antivirus

The best way to differentiate antivirus is by the functions they perform when installing them. Between them we have:


They are those that carry out a scan by the different sectors of the operating system in search of viruses. They analyze the files, review documents, and, if they find a problem, they eliminate it. Usually, these types of programs are kept installed on the device.


They are usually stored in the memory of the device. Its function is to prevent the entry of a virus and activate a protection protocol. So that it does not try to return, this advance is of great help because there are viruses whose removal is complicated.


They are responsible for recognizing the viruses that will be installed in the system. Its analysis of files, byte strings, and programs is very beneficial, as it helps determine the possibility of damage to the device.

In addition, some antivirus programs analyze the system in real-time without the need for in-depth reviews. They are convenient. Some do not require installation, as they work through the Internet.

Threats That Eliminate Antivirus

Antivirus provides various solutions while using a device.  It is not even noticeable in some cases, but in reality, they are the ones who work to prevent the appearance of malicious programs or threats that damage internet browsing. The removal of spyware is one of the most recent. Antivirus uses antispyware tools to prevent viruses that want to know our bank information from entering.

Blocking the entry of malicious programs, through the use of firewalls, also helps. In this case, they use a firewall that prevents them from entering the operating system. Avoid the spam generated by the appearance of constant notifications, promotions emails, and notices that try to reach the inbox so that, when opened, they go to the system. Antivirus redirects them directly to trash cans or the spam section.

Prevent the appearance of pop-ups that may seem annoying and cause damage while browsing the Internet. These are unwanted ads or pop-ups that can hide viruses or malware that try to infiltrate when the user clicks.

Finally, some repair damaged files that were infected by the virus. They can be quarantined or deleted. There are even antivirus programs that create operating system simulations to see which viruses can attack them and thus learn to protect themselves.

The Best Antivirus for Pc Free and Paid

Due to their full demand, antivirus is part of the computer market, being much in need. There are currently numerous companies dedicated to designing them.

Payment versions are paid in installments or periods indicated by the companies that prepare them. They have advanced features, such as scheduled reviews and analyzes or specialized protection against highly dangerous viruses, among others.

However, there are also completely free versions. Usually, they are created by the same companies, but their functions are tighter.

In any case, the options are many. There is a great variety, and here we present the best opportunities for this year, whether paid or free, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. Avast

It is an antivirus that can be obtained in a free version, but also premium packages. It is advantageous and is positioned among the best there is today.

In the free version of Avast, it is responsible for detecting malware, viruses, and other harmful programs that try to access the devices. It eliminates them, generating very reliable protection, especially when there is a massive flow of data that enters or leaves via internet connection.

However, its functionalities increase if you purchase some of the Premium versions that appear on its website. With them, you can have alerts when accessing pages with dangerous content. Spam is also eliminated, and much more secure protection is carried out, mainly of personal data.

An advantage of the free version is the possibility of managing passwords.

2. Norton Security

It is a software designed by the company Symantec. It is one of the most complex and safest antivirus. It is focused on protection and surveillance against malicious programs and threats. Norton is the ideal antivirus when transactions involving personal data are made. Its resistance to phishing is excellent.

It also has a very resistant Firewall and generates alerts every time you browse through deceptive websites. Despite this, it works silently, only drawing attention in cases of danger. It is also enabled for Mac.

It has tools that analyze the hard drive, search engines, or the Facebook wall to make sure there are no threats. It also stores passwords and personal data in an encrypted way in the cloud. And, in case of sharing the devices with children, it offers the option of parental control.

3. Bitdefender

It is the most important and, until 2018, the best antivirus designed for all types of devices. It has been tested in numerous technology laboratories for a long time, and its protective capacity remains highly active. It has a shield that secures all types of personal information from external threats — advertisements,  links, etc.

Help in the execution of the programs, create alerts in case of outdates or configuration problems, make available a browser designed for banking or security transactions, improve experiences when viewing multimedia content online. All this quickly and effectively.

One of the main features of Bitdefender is that it does not make the devices work slowly. It consumes few resources, and its presence while performing the analysis, clean the hard drive and delete malicious files is almost invisible.

Your customer service is quite active, without becoming perfect. As for the user interface, it could be said that it does not have many complexities; it is rather simple to use.

It also has a free version that you can download here.

4. McAfee

McAfee is the only antivirus that, with a single subscription, the company guarantees the protection of all the devices owned by the client. It is perfect for protecting against phishing since it has real-time protection against threats. Another antivirus creates security protocols only by databases. In your case, when you detect any attempt to steal personal information, you delete it.

Another of its advantages is the massive amount of tools it has. It allows the automatic cleaning of files and browsing the history, permanently removes any document, filters emails, and prevents spam, facilitates the connection of several devices so that everyone benefits from the software.

It is also responsible for notifying when it is necessary to update a program, generate reports of the achievements, and alert about hacking attempts.

This antivirus adapts to different devices: Android, Windows, Mac. It is an excellent option to connect and secure everyone at home. Your password generator is capable of designing one that is used in all accounts but being completely inviolable.

5. Kaspersky

Kaspersky is highly recognized for its effectiveness in preventing access to malicious programs. It protects the devices from any threat and can report if there are damages generated by cryptocurrency mining. It is a protection program that is present at all times. Analyze the behavior of the websites that are visited, check the open or closed files, and investigate if the links shared in chats have threats.

In addition to the above, Kaspersky also collaborates in the review of files uploaded to the cloud and creates warning protocols. When there is a vulnerability in specific programs, it can configure the browser and makes available a virtual keyboard to prevent keyloggers.

The program has a free version that, while not adding all its features, does guarantee adequate protection against any threat. One of its decisive advantages is the possibility of placing infected files in quarantine and the Kaspersky Rescue Disk option. The latter helps clean the disk, leaving the device as new.

6. Panda

Panda is of Spanish origin, and its participation in the market is increasingly important. It has excellent protection against malware and phishing threats. It consumes few resources and can work in the background, without the need to stop the work being carried out at that time.

It does not offer a wide range of tools, but the ones it has are effective. Its ability to adapt to Windows and Mac is effortless, being the version of the latter the best benefits. Unlike other programs of this type, it has a pretty friendly interface and even with pretty attractive design to navigate through.

It also provides a VPN that allows browsing in incognito mode, using a fake location. It is capable of protecting Wi-Fi networks and other devices that connect to the PC through the USB ports. It is a product that was created by a company with more than 27 years in the market. They are experts in this type of software and continue to grow.

7. Avira

Avira can be obtained in a free version and is very useful in preventing malware. It works if you want to avoid some companies dedicated to advertising to get personal data online while browsing the web.

In the tests carried out in virtual laboratories, the antivirus was able to generate a result of 100% by preventing the passage of malicious programs. It has analysis systems that indicate when browsing websites with threats, in addition to cleaning contaminated files.

As an advantage in its free version, Avira can be configured to create a periodic scan; the range is defined by the client.

The company makes the software available but also invites you to purchase the premium versions. Their most important tools are them. However, its free version generates a level of security comparable to many others in the market.

8. Baidu

Baidu is one of the fastest in the market. Its interface is very comfortable and has regular update periods that allow maintaining the current database against new threats. One of its tools allows you to access the hard drive and clean it of numerous files that only take up space, without being used. Due to its characteristics, it is one of the favorites for those who enjoy multimedia content or have many games.

Best Antivirus for Pc

Among its advantages is the possibility of allowing the computer to function as a Wi-Fi connection center for mobile devices. It also has a virtual store to download games and applications.

It does not cause problems when installing with other programs and can adapt several versions of the Windows operating system, starting from XP to the most current versions.

9. AVG

AVG is a simple but effective option. It has good grades in the tests performed and, although it does not dazzle in the use of exceptional tools, it is capable of protecting any device. This program generates a shield to prevent malicious programs from entering, working correctly against malware and, sometimes, preventing phishing actions.

Best Antivirus

It can be found in a completely free version, and, in it, it will work without being noticed. You can easily clean and analyze incoming files, those that are contaminated, and eliminate threats. In the case of email communication, AVG is responsible for detecting when any file received is dangerous. Your privacy helps prevent personal data from being shared.

10. ESET NOD32

Probably one of the best known internationally. It can be obtained on operating systems of all types, including Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, and Novell. Not to mention that it has versions for mobile devices. Its success lies in its possibility of detection. ESET NOD32 can crack the codes of malicious programs before they access the systems. This destroys them and updates the database.

Best Antivirus

It also works perfectly when downloading applications or files. The software can detect strange behaviors during the download, preventing viruses from entering fraudulently or hiding.

In the case of versions for mobile devices, it creates security systems against theft. You can also divert or block calls and messages. During transactions, it eliminates phishing actions that attempt to steal personal data.

It is not possible to get it for free. However, your purchase is worth it. You can download its different versions here.

11. Windows Defender

This list could not be finalized without first naming the Windows antivirus itself: Windows Defender. It is included in versions 8 and 10 and, although it is quite simple, it does not lose its effectiveness. Also, it comes in the system’s package, so you don’t have to pay anything else to use it.

Best Antivirus

His way of working goes unnoticed, to the point that it is not noticeable when performing any analysis, unless necessary. In its protection against malware, it may have some failures, but unless it is a highly dangerous virus, the PC will remain safe.

This program is ideal when you don’t have a premium version. The only thing to do is verify that their functions are enabled since it is common that they are not.

Why Is It Essential to Have an Antivirus for Your Computer or Mobile Devices?

The reality is that currently, viruses appear everywhere. Every day they multiply, and this can be seen in the constant advances in methods to steal data or in hacks to specialized and renowned centers.

For this reason, companies update their databases regularly. It could be said that there is not one without hundreds or thousands of viruses explicitly designed for each device. They enter as fraudulent messages, emails, links, files, etc.

Its distribution due to the Internet is increasing. For this reason, and because it also increases daily time spent on the network. It is necessary to have systems that help defend the device in case of an attack.

Not only does it serve to protect identities and prevent the loss of money, but they also help prevent important information that is stored from being erased or, even worse, from being stolen. Antivirus, in its different presentations, proposes an alternative to avoid this.

What Attributes to consider when choosing antivirus?

With all of the above, it is essential to think about what attributes the chosen antivirus must-have. The highlight could be a defense against phishing practices, complete protection against malware, deep and periodic analyzes, and threat alerts during navigation.

Of course, others show other tools, such as creating passwords or freeing space on the hard drive. However, to stay prevented, the ideal is to attack the serious problems that may arise during network explorations. In any case, it will also be necessary to consider the characteristics of the device that is possessed. Some antivirus is more substantial than others or requires specific capacities in terms of RAM.


Finally, the protection should not fall solely on a desktop or laptop. Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, or iPads also need an antivirus.

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