13 Best Gif Apps for Texting of 2021

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The Best Gif Apps for Texting: Gifs are called internet kings. Do you want to express something, but you lack the words? Pull them. Don’t complicate yourself. And do not think that there are missing apps to edit, create, and search. The closure of humor is open.

Top Best Gif Apps for Texting

It was this same day in 1987 the gifs were created, the so-called short-lived animated images. Or what is the same: the language we use on the internet to express what we feel. Not for nothing are the kings of the network of networks and have meant a before and after in online communication.

Best Gif Apps for Texting

And surely, if you are a user of social networks, you will have the typical thing of wanting to use that perfect Gif for that situation and not find it.

GIF Maker

Select a video or several images from the gallery of your device to create a gif.  This Best Gif Apps for Texting allows you to easily create Gif from videos that you have on your Smartphone, whether they are your own or downloaded.

The app gives you the option to cut the video in your favorite section before creating the Gif. You can also use the “Rafaga” option of photos on your phone to create Gifs from images, accepting, in this case, up to 200 images.

You can add text, other images, and stickers to your Gifs, and when it’s ready, you can save it and share it on your social networks like Facebook,

Twitter, Tumbler, and also on special Gifs platforms like GIPHY. The Best Gif Apps for Texting is available for Android devices.

PicsArt Animator: Gif & Video

Look, Manuel. I do not want trouble, I want an app for four things, and that is cute. That’s it.” If you thought that (or something similar), don’t worry since what comes next is what would be known as something “super cute.” PicsArt Animation: Gif & Video  is an app recognized in the Play Store with a good score (like its rivals) that at first glance looks like  the Instagram of the gifs since its casual and whiter design than me in winter would attract even the toughest of the “influencers.” Okay, stop, let’s go mess.

If the above seemed complete, PicsArt takes this concept to a more accessible level. All the options are simple, efficiently integrated within the interface. And with a lot of capacity to adjust even taking into account the public to which it is apparently dedicated. To those users who want an editing application and who download the first one they find.

And eye, it is not bad, since apart from being free, PicsArt compensates its good design with much freedom to the user to be able to make true works of art. What are you waiting to hit it on Telegram?


The widespread Best Gif Apps for Texting to create animated gifs on your Android and iOS devices now launch a camera application to create gifs from the recording of a short video or use a succession of photographs.

 If you are in good spirits, you feel creative and want to spend a fun time doing Gifs, Giphy is the solution. With these Best Gif Apps for Texting, you can use your saved gifs, apply filters, stickers, and photos. Also, create one from scratch, combining them with stickers, texts, frames, among other options that the application gives you.

From the app, you can record directly and convert that video into Gif, adjust the speed, and customize it. If you think your Gif is great, you can upload it directly to the app platform, and the rest will see it of the users. 

GIF Camera

You just have to open the app, start recording, and voila. We started this top with one of the most used Best Gif Apps for Texting by Android users. Gif camera will allow you to create animated gifs in a simple way and in a short time. How can I create them? Easy, point the camera of your Smartphone towards the objective you want to convert into Gif, record, and, after this, you will have it quickly on your finish.

The Gif has a duration of 10 seconds, and you can get it immediately in the gallery of your phone. You can share it on different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and additional messaging services such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

Also, the application allows you to select photos from your gallery and create Gifs from these files.

Imgur: Awesome Images & GIFs

Imgur is perfect for both uploading an animated GIF file from the device and shares it with a simple link. 


Give a fun and original touch to your conversations through Giffer, an exclusive Best Gif Apps for Texting for iOS, where you can make animated gifs easily and quickly. It also gives you the possibility to download all those Gifs that you consider funny or simply get the attention of the other users who use this great app.

A plus of this application is its harmonious and straightforward interface to create gif accounts without access to any format: stop-motion, cinemagraphs, text overlays, timelapse, wiggle, etc.

Use the bursts of photos on your phone to create them or also the video option, the videos you have on your Smartphone are also useful as long as you edit the part you want to convert and adjust the speed according to your need.

The application has more than 25 thousand filters, with the option to add texts, labels, and frames. Giffer gives you the opportunity of the round-trip playback mode, Forward Loop, Reverse Loop, Single Play Forward, and Single Play Reverse. The application is paid and has a cost.

Video and GIF Memes

This is an application to create your Gifs. The app allows you to import a GIF or image file and then add the meme source with a message of your personal choice.

If we talk about gifs, we can not forget the memes, another way to “express” the users of the networks. An image, a text, and everything that your “potato” tells you will be reflected in a jocular image that you share with your relatives.

And surely some application called Meme Generator from Zombodroid will have come to mind. What do memes have to do with this? That they not only devote themselves to them. Yes, Video & Gifs Memes is your name, and yes, it generates gifs just like your sister’s application. And yes, the name has not been cured much.

Yes, it is not the most beautiful app in the world, but it fulfills its mission perfectly. You load the meme, you put your ingenious and bold prayer, and you increase the level of “Corradino” of your favorite meme to more than 9000%. You can resize the letters, change the color, change the speed of the Gif, it’s quality.

It is not exactly beautiful to the eyes but allows you to create the best memes in a moderate amount of time. And how could it be otherwise, completely Free. With a lot of publicity,  but free.

GIPHY for Messenger

Recently appeared on Facebook Messenger. Which is good, since it is undoubtedly, there are a lot of people using this service, but they limit it only for Facebook users, which can be annoying.

Gif Me! Camera

That’s all you have to do. This is undoubtedly one of the easiest applications to use when it comes to creating a GIF file on the spot.

This application gives you the option to create a short video in the GIF style in the simplest way. It allows you to record 14 seconds of video and use color filters in real-time.

You can also combine your video with images and make a GIF-style presentation with your own watermark (If you want, if not, you can go to the settings part and modify this option). Share your creations on your social networks and apps for instant messaging.

Tenor GIF Keyboard

 It seems to be a little simpler than the official Giphy application. It is a pity that this is another application that only appears to support Facebook Messenger.

Still, we assume that Facebook users now have something else to entertain themselves while communicating with their friends.


Both to create and to search, 5SecondsApp allows you to have fun for a while in this world of Gifs, has for you various categories, themes, occasions, with the possibility of downloading them on your device or sharing them directly from the application.

Do you want to create your own? Go ahead. You can do it with your photos and videos from your gallery. Add text, frames, colors, and filters, regulate the speed of your gifs and finally, upload it to the app by tagging the categories, and it will be shared worldwide.

You can also share it via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many more! This application was created to be easy to use. There is no pressure to join a social network. Just do and search animated gifs! Available for Android and iOS.

Gif creator

The best for the end? It may be, Gif creator is perhaps one of the most used and strong applications in this field of Gifs, where you can directly use the camera or images to create them and send them directly to your friends. One of the features that this application has is the possibility of creating animations with a duration of up to 30 seconds, not only with that.

You can add one of the 10 filters that the application has for you, add text and manage the speed you like or make it reverse. Add the gifs of your preference to the favorites section, comment, and rate the ones you like. It is a complete application, made for lovers of these little funny videos.

GIF Maker, GIF Editor, Video Maker, Video to GIF

This application is slowly becoming the pioneer of animated gifs. With it, you can share, comment, and enjoy gifs made by the hand of your creativity and your Smartphone. You just have to create an account in GifBoom. You can use your Twitter, Google Plus, or Facebook profiles, where you will also have the option to share them.

From your account, you can check the Gifs of other users, mark as favorites, and if they are to your liking, download them. The application’s interface works somewhat similar to Instagram, where you can interact with other users, comment, and enjoy the community that loves these funny micro-videos.


With this little top, we have for you the best Apps to make GIFs, which one would you like to try? Do you already have any of these in use? Let him know in the comments.