5 Best Medical Billing Software for Home Based Business of 2021

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The best medical billing software for home based business should come up for the work of home medical billing professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for medical billing and coding experts is growing. A 15% increase between 2014 and 2024 clearly shows the importance of healthcare technicians and doctors today.

5 Best Medical Billing Software for Home Based Business for You

Best Medical Billing Software for Home Based Business

Medical billing experts can also earn large sums of money by working even for insurance companies, an independent doctor, pharmacies, government agencies, etc. It does not require as much educational training except to understand how to use the best medical billing software for home businesses. This article, therefore, explores the top best medical billing software for home based business.

Who Can Use This Medical Billing Software Solution?

  • Medical and health professionals
  • Receptionist or managers
  • Work with home medical billing professionals
  • Insurance companies
  • Patients with medical bills

List of the Best Medical Billing Software for Home Based Business

Therefore, medical billing services have created great opportunities for medical coding and billing professionals to work from home for healthcare companies. An expert in medical records can earn an average of $35,000 to $45,000 per year, which is a relatively good payment.

1. NextGen Medical Billing Software

It offers a complete and integrated technological tool for the best medical billing software for home based business services. Nexgen healthcare is designed to meet the needs of outpatient practices. This is used in the identification of claims and eliminates denials or rejections.

Its revenue cycle management system guarantees ease of billing and collection with the option of automated invoice generation.

The software helps manage cash flow through the processing of overdue payment reminders and account for online payments.

Key features:

  • An advanced tool for CACHE rejections
  • Easy to track and process the characteristics of the claims.
  • Automatic invoice generation
  • Multiple billing options through electronic account statements, paper prints, calls or text
  • Fast and efficient claims processing
  • Offers 835s and electronic remittances
  • Web-based cloud solutions.
  • Clinical solutions such as mobile solutions, consulting services, population health, HCE, etc.

2. Drchrono medical billing software

The Drchrono Medical Billing Software has a robust feature for claims management. Some of the innovative functions allow Drchrono software to carry out multi-location functions. These functions include EHR customization, revenue recycling, etc.

The billing software contains innovative features that facilitate the introduction, processing, tracking, and recovery of claims history.

Key features:

  • Submission of electronic claims by users in the list of insurance payers for the solutions directory.
  • Cloud-based electronic claims solutions.
  • Secure messaging and electronic payment solutions.
  • Demographic centralization for the registration of patient records.
  • Multiple insurance claims plus batch payment features.
  • The billing engine allows the update and correction of claim errors.
  • Classification of claims based on appointments, ERA denied, and billing status.
  • Exact submission of claims – errors in claims can be identified and corrected before they are processed.
  • Billing rules engine that helps correct errors in claims denied by payers.
  • It allows the notification to the user of the rejected claims.
  • Easy to manage collection systems with high collection volumes.

3. Kareo: Medical Software

Billing software Kareo makes your independent medical practice very rewarding. It is a cloud-based clinical management technology tool with a not-so-simple graphical interface, but that offers users mobile and web applications.

It allows medical technicians to locate, manage patients, and issue insurance bills for clients. It uses advanced tracking, claim processing, and payment solutions to ensure that the client’s medical records are processed successfully.

The process in which Kareo medical billing software operates includes patient scheduling, insurance verification, account management, and billing processing. You can also manage complex medical records, store patient details, develop customizable reports, etc.+

Key features:

  • The best medical billing software for small and medium-sized billing companies and practices.
  • Text message functionality incorporated between the patient, the billers, and their employees.
  • ICD-10 compatible software makes coding easy to use. As part of the capture, Kareo medical billing software easily enters patient data, uploads them, and verifies the eligibility of each document. Manage patient alerts, customize the schedule, and send reminders.

4. Carecloud concierge billing software

This modern revenue cycle management software is designed to meet all the needs of medical practice, especially in four main areas. As an MCR, Carecloud concierge guarantees specialized medical billing, appointment scheduling, bill collection, and sending each payment cycle. It is considered the best medical billing software for home based business due to CareCloud’s easy-to-use interface and efficient service.

Carecloud concierge fully integrates the Central PM, Breeze PMX, and Charts EHR, making patient concentration a better priority. This is the right option for a comprehensive billing program. Your combination of practice management software and revenue cycle management service is a combined package.

Powered by an innovative web-based platform, it improves efficiency and productivity. It is a unique selling point for the best medical billing software for the work of medical experts at home.

Key features:

  • Cloud-based medical billing and programming solutions.
  • Exceptional rule management and data mining functionality.
  • Medical analysis function.
  • Cash for NPIs and multiple corporate medical companies
  • Web and OS based application

5. Practice Suite Medical Billing Software

It is a complete cloud-based medical practice platform. It is a complete end-to-end platform that supports 61 EHR and 150 medical billing software specialties.

As one of the best medical billing software for home based business, it incorporates advanced web-based revenue cycle management systems. The internship package allows a single login for all practices, which facilitates the login from anywhere and not necessarily from an office workstation.

The practice suite can be adopted by any group, from individual practice to third-party billing or a broad staff base. Organize all activities in one place for the patient: CRM, commitments, workflow, etc.

Key features:

  • Interactive control panel
  • Monitor claims, denials, ERAs, and KPIs.
  • Extended EHR connectivity to laboratories, HIE networks, pharmacies, etc.
  • Application easy to install and use
  • Performance key of the configuration key (KPI) reporting a custom dashboard
  • A CRM patient participation portal and
  • Complex programming scenarios
  • Centralized screen for patient records
  • Fixed programming systems (reminders)
  • Multiple account capabilities
  • User training/training guide included

How to Start a Medical Billing Business

The care of a doctor should focus on patients, not money, but how to help medical professionals focus on their basic skills with a medical billing service?.

Even though the health care industry is growing in the United States, most doctors and other health care providers have no idea how to charge quickly and efficiently.

Instead, doctors are overwhelmed by the maze of complicated claim forms and insurance policy procedures. As a medical claims biller, you can earn a good income by handling claims for doctors and other health care specialists, in addition to the initial costs being minimal.

The Business Vision of a Medical Billing Business

Working from home as a medical biller involves working closely with doctors to help them complete their claims with insurance agencies and patients. It consists of keeping a record of the different insurance claims, as well as sending invoices and billing statements.

You can easily do this work from home using a computer and a telephone line, as well as special software designed for this purpose.

Once you have taken the necessary classes and obtained a certification to understand the basic language and coding, you need to start finding clients. References are very useful for building a customer base that trusts you to handle your billing.

This is an excellent business opportunity. It is increasingly difficult for medical service providers to keep their internal billing.

There are many changes in the billing procedures and many requirements of the insurance company. It makes sense that they have an “expert” to handle billing, so they don’t have to deal with changes and requirements.


  • Stay updated on medical terminology
  • Data management
  • Preparation of claims to insurance companies
  • Accurate record-keeping
  • Mail patient statements
  • Track all unpaid insurance claims
  • Resolve resources
  • The possibility of collecting unpaid bills
  • Management of all patient billing consultations
  • List of common business skills

Consideration of the Employee and Work During the Initial Phase

  • Collections Specialist
  • Medical transcription
  • Common positions of personnel needed to run some companies

Approximate Daily Hours Needed

You must be available to work during the general business day from at least 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, as you will spend a good part of your time on the phone with different medical offices, insurance companies, and patients.

The Approximate Minimum Start-up Cost

Essentially essential: Counting the education you will need, your starting costs could generally range between $ 3,000 and $ 5,000. Much of this depends on both the level and quality of the education you are pursuing. And the type of software you decide to buy for your company.

Suggestions and Considerations

  • These services require knowledge of both complex medical terms and the software used by different hospitals and insurance agencies. Certification programs are available to anyone who wants to enter this business.
  • Have a plan when you meet with your clients. Know what you are going to offer them how you are going to help your business, and especially how they will save money and receive the best possible service.
  • You can ask your own doctor’s office manager if he/she would allow you to sit down and observe what is required. Most will agree to do this because it demonstrates to their employer that they have the ability to train others!

Advantages and disadvantages

  • This job is easy to do from the comfort of your own home.
  • The market for this job is growing rapidly, giving you many opportunities to succeed
  • Once the fundamentals are mastered, this is a job that can be easy to perform and enjoyable.
  • It usually requires that classes become familiar with the different medical terms used in work.
  • It may also require considerable start-up costs with computer software and licenses.
  • Finding clients can be difficult

Customer type

Medical facilities, private doctors, hospitals, dentists, and anyone in the medical field.


With an increasing number of providers and the growing number of patients, the health care industry continues to grow. According to a recent study, the costs of national medical care were more than $ 1.5 billion in 2017, and Medicare spending was more than $ 240 billion of that amount. There is no doubt that health care is a big business.


Apart from medical billing software, here are other tools necessary for the success of home-based medical billing service, including:

  • Medical bill clearing house
  • Internet-enabled computer systems
  • Telephone services
  • Medical billing software
  • Reference tools such as CPT, HCPCS Expert 2000, ICD-10, etc.

Using the best medical billing software for home based business will improve performance and give a competitive advantage.

Each of the most important medical billing and coding software offers excellent solutions for medical billing experts. However, not all would be applicable to the needs of each user. Users can also take advantage of online courses to learn about medical billing before delving into practice.