14 Best Calendar App for Android of 2021

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The best calendar app for android: If you still use the default calendar apps on your mobile, you don’t know what you’re missing. In Google Play, there are hundreds of the Best Calendar App for Android, each with its unique functions and tools designed to allow us to organize our day-to-day life perfectly, no matter how busy our lives are.

The Best Calendar App for Android Mobile

Using a calendar app for android has many advantages over keeping a lifelong agenda and is practically an obligation for every entrepreneur or entrepreneur worth his salt.

There are so many best calendar app for android that exist, that it can even be difficult to choose one above the rest. For this reason, in this article, we want to select the best that exist in Google Play, highlighting the most interesting functions of each of them, so that opting for one or the other ceases to be a headache.

Best Calendar App for Android

The first, and most obvious, is that you can take it anywhere without it occupying you in your purse, purse or backpack. You can have it on your mobile and check it whenever you want with a couple of keystrokes. You can not leave it at home or want, because even if you do not take your mobile with you, it is in the cloud and you could keep an eye on it from another device or equipment, such as a PC.

Another benefit is that you can configure the best calendar app for android to notify you with alerts and notifications. So you can know when you have something pending with some advance notice, in case you have clueless or forgotten. That can be done by a secretary, but never a paper agenda.

Calendars for Android: the Best You Can Download

Unlike these, calendar apps also often have features to be used in a shared way. Thus, members of a team or department can visualize everything that concerns the group or business, add events, or view changes in real-time.

Mentioned some  advantages  of these tools, these would be some of the most useful best calendar app for android:

1. Google Calendar

For those who don’t want to get complicated. The Google calendar is the option chosen by millions of users around the world, for its simplicity and ease of use, combined with a clean and intuitive design, and the ability to synchronize all events associated with our Google account.

The application has just received a redesign to adapt its interface to the Google Material Theme design lines. In addition, thanks to the fact that it is a multiplatform service, it will be possible to access events from any device, and with a few simple tricks, it will be possible to squeeze this useful tool even further.

One of the jewels in the crown of Google, which is also linked to most of the services of the Mountain View giant. If you have a flight or a pending meeting that has reached you in Gmail, for example, Google Calendar will also be aware of that. Your synergies with Google Drive are also a point in favor.

In its side tab, you can see which appointments are marked for the current day, the next three days, the week or the month. In addition, the application benefits from the full power of Google searches and its constant improvements in its products. Not to mention that it’s totally free.

Another of the most significant advantages of Google Calendar is its integration with many tools. This allows an appointment or event created on another platform or best calendar app for android to be quickly and automatically incorporated into your calendar.


Monday is a complete tool not only for the calendar but also for productivity. It stands out for its clear and clean design and for its use of colors to mark each event. All can be added in the calendar, but also in a timeline that is quite revealing.

The My Week section shows you all those tasks that you have pending in the next few days so that you can prioritize the most important ones and postpone those that are not. It even has a time monitoring option, so you know exactly what you are investing in.

This app allows you to get smart notifications when the deadline for a task or job is closed. Besides, allows integration with other calendar tools, such as Google Maps.

Some 70,000 work teams already use the software. You can try it for free, but then you will have to checkout. There is a Basic plan, another Standard and another Pro.respectively.

3. Simple Calendar

At the time we selected Simple Calendar and other apps from the same developer as one of the best calendar apps for android that exists on Google Play. It is a very simple calendar app – as the name suggests – with a customizable design and synchronization with the Google calendar. Simple Calendar – You choose how to view your appointments.

calendar app for android

As the name promises, this option is simple. But not because of its interface, taken care of in detail, and with a multitude of possible views, but because at the level of usability, it is really comfortable. It is very similar to Google Calendar, but with some fewer options and a less convincing cloud synchronization system. But it has interesting advantages such as its widgets. Here it stands out against other options.

4. Calendar – Agenda and reminders

Next to the Google calendar, Calendar – Calendar and reminders are one of the best free calendar apps for Android that we can find. Its design is somewhat different from other apps in the category, although it only took us a few minutes to familiarize ourselves with the controls. Once configured, it will be possible to organize all our events and reminders, either manually or automatically synchronizing calendar accounts of other services.

calendar app for android

Some say that this creation of the Appgenix Software company is the best calendar app for Android devices. The truth is that Google Play has more than five million downloads.

Calendar Business Agenda is complete. You can change date or time events just by dragging them, copy an event to several days, make multiple selections, include individual souvenir sounds for different calendars, and enjoy more than twenty themes and styles. The font size can also be customized.

The application can be used for free, but it has a PRO version with some interesting features, such as adding documents, photos or voice recordings to your events or tasks, choosing files to incorporate from local storage or your Google Drive or Dropbox account and share the attached documents of the participants.

From one of its latest updates, the application has a dark theme, a detail that not all apps in its category can boast.

5. Fantastical 2

The purchase of Sunrise by Microsoft and its subsequent closure left a certain void in the calendar apps for iOS, but that does not mean that there are no good tools to organize the agenda in the Apple ecosystem. Fantastical 2 of Flexibiitis is, perhaps,  the best of all.

One of its most striking aspects is that you can create appointments or events semantically. For example, you can do it with phrases like “Eat with Carlos tomorrow” or “Buy bread tonight” and will automatically add it to the schedule, notifying you when the time approaches.

You can even use it with voice dictation to save yourself from writing these phrases (and do it all from an Apple Watch). Similarly, you can talk about “Reminder” or “homework” or ask him to notify you of something using expressions of this style. Surely, the best of all is that the application is proactive and can warn you of something if it detects by GPS  that you are in the right place. Have you reached the super? He will immediately tell you what you had pending to buy there.

Fantastical 2 also stands out for incorporating a system of cards or tabs that can slide vertically to move from one appointment to another.

6. Cal: Calendar

At the time, it was considered as the calendar app for Android with the best Google Play design. Today, it continues to stand out for its appearance, but it is also a complete tool with which to organize all our events, reminders, and appointments in a simple way.

It has support for the vast majority of existing calendar servers, with the ability to synchronize calendars in real-time. Besides, it allows combining both work and personal agendas. The only negative aspect of the best calendar app for android is that it has not received an update since February 2016.

7. Calendar+ Schedule Planner

Another great alternative to the default calendar that includes your mobile is Calendar + Planner. It is a simple tool to use, with automatic synchronization with the Google calendar and the possibility to customize the display of events to our liking.

calendar app for android

It does not include too many extra options, but it is undoubtedly a fantastic option for those who only want to have control over their day to day as quickly and efficiently as possible.

8. aCalendar – Android Calendar

Downloaded by more than 10 million people, and with a score of 4.4 out of 5 stars, aCalendar is placed as one of the most popular and best-rated calendar apps in the store. And it is not for less, because despite appearing to be a simple tool with the naked eye, it has dozens of customization options and calendar management.

calendar app for android

It allows you to modify the calendar display – day, week, month, year, or calendar mode – and your customization options will allow you to modify virtually any section of the interface. In addition, it uses the Android native calendar synchronization system and offers the possibility to synchronize our Google calendar.

9. Business Calendar – For business

Calendar Business is focused on productivity, and maybe that’s why it offers us no less than 22 different themes, 7 widgets to place on our main screen, and 14 other themes with which to customize each of this widget.

The amount of information that can hold in a compact view is extraordinary and allows us to see both by month and by week and by day, with all kinds of details.

10. One Calendar

Since it is found on virtually all mobile platforms, One Calendar is a good alternative for those who change devices frequently, or who use iOS and Android simultaneously.

calendar app for android

In addition, it offers support for synchronized calendars in services such as Google, Live, Outlook, iCloud, Exchange, Office365, Facebook, and others.

11. TimeTree – Free Shared Calendar

TimeTree is perhaps the most special calendar app for android of this selection since it is a calendar based on shared agendas, wherein each calendar several users can participate, led by an administrator. Thus, it becomes one of the most interesting apps for families or work teams.

calendar app

Among its functions, it includes the possibility of creating – of course – shared calendars, integrated chat with support for messages and images, reminders with notifications for all group members, and synchronization with other calendars.

12. Today Calendar

Before the Google calendar was completely renewed and rose to the height of its main competitors, Today Calendar was one of the most popular apps in its category and was virtually unrivaled.

best calendar app for android

Today, although its moment of fame has passed, it is still a fantastic alternative, with a great design and interesting functions, although its last update came more than three years ago. Mind you, and it’s still as customizable as ever.

13. OneView Calendar

Another most original calendar app is OneView Calendar. It stands out from the rest by completely forgetting the classic day, week, month and year view formats.

We only have at our disposal a view with a clear and orderly summary of the next events, in addition to offering fast and fluid navigation between the different days. It is advisable to watch the video on these lines to familiarize yourself with its operation.

14. DigiCal Calendar

The  ‘DigiCal Calendar’ starts on the same basis as any other, but with a simpler and more readable compact view. And also, combining the general monthly view with the detail of all the events of the month listed by different colors.

best calendar app for android

On the other hand, it has powerful productivity tools such as the option to copy and paste calendar events, which will save us having to rewrite similar or identical appointments, for example.

The last option that we propose – which does not mean that it is worse than the previous ones – is DigiCal. The publishers of Google Play have chosen it as one of the best apps in its category, and today accumulates more than 5 million downloads. It has synchronization for Outlook, Google Calendar, and more servers. It is one of the best calendar apps for android that can be found in the store, in addition to offering various customization options.


Among its most striking details, we find access to more than 560,000 calendars of shows, sporting events, and other important events, as well as various display options and widgets for the home screen.