9 Best Billing Software of 2021

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The best billing software: Billing and accounting software is an essential tool in any business today. Regardless of the size of your company, it helps you manage your finances by tracking money: what you receive, what you owe, and what you owe.

The issuance and accounting of invoices are one of the tasks that all companies, from the smallest to the largest, must perform. It is usually an ungrateful task, and, especially in small companies with few resources, it is a task that takes time to perform other actions that can grow the business.

Best Billing Software

Despite this, the business must receive payments from its customers and also to legally account for all expenses generated by its activity. That is why having a good billing software is presented as essential.

Best Billing Software

That is why we have carried out intensive research work in search of the most affordable, easy-to-use billing and accounting software designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

From the beginning, we wanted them to be based on the cloud and have mobile applications so that you can access your business data anytime, anywhere. We have paid special attention to the “time-saving” functionalities, such as bank reconciliation, the generation, and presentation of tax models, or automatic payment reminders.

Below you can see our list of the best billing and accounting software along with a detailed explanation of our selection methodology. We hope you like it!

In the following lines, we review the Best Billing Software. With them, you can issue and post all invoices faster; Even with some, you can quickly generate quarterly taxes to waste as little time as possible with the obligations with the Treasury.

The Best Billing Software

There are currently lots of billing solutions in the market. Some of the programs that you will find in the list must be installed on a computer to be able to access, others work from a web page, and you will also find options that you can access from a mobile app from iPhone or Android.

Here is a summary of the list of the best online billing and accounting platforms for the year. After the list, you can find the explanations about the methodology we have used to select, analyze, and position each of them within the list.

1. Quipu

Here is a summary of our best billing software and explanations of how we choose them.

Best Billing Software

Bank reconciliationYes
Model GenerationYes, it depends on the plan.
Presentation of TaxesYes
Free trialYes, 15 days.
OwnerQuipu App SL
Mobile ApplicationsYes. IOS, Android

2. Holded

Here is a summary of our Best Billing Software and explanations of how we choose them. Holded is another online tool that offers several modules, among which one is billing. From it, you can issue specific, recurring invoices and manage your entire “life cycle”.

Best Billing Software

You can charge directly from the tool with a credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. In addition, it offers bank reconciliation with which to automate the process of accounting for invoices collected. It also has tools to manage expenses and purchases, expiration control or customer history among others.

Holded is another online tool that offers several modules, among which one is billing. From it, you can issue specific, recurring invoices, and manage your entire “life cycle.”

You can charge directly from the tool with a credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer. Also, it offers bank reconciliation with which to automate the process of accounting for invoices collected. It also has tools to manage expenses and purchases, expiration control, or customer history, among others.

3. Billin

Here is a summary of our Best Billing Software and explanations of how we choose them.

Best Billing Software

Bank reconciliationYes
Model GenerationDo not
Presentation of TaxesDo not
Free trialYes, 30 days
OwnerMy Expenses SL
Mobile ApplicationsYes. IOS, Android.

4. PhpInvoiceScript

InvoiceScripts is available for installation on a computer, on a web hosting, and also under the SaaS model by contracting the service from your own cloud. The main difference with the rest of the recommended options is that it is a free software solution.

Best Billing Software

Thanks to this, it is a very powerful tool that does not stop growing thanks to the community and the plugins that they create to add new functions. As soon as you install it, you will have all the necessary functions to issue invoices, post received ones, check to account, etc.

But with the plugins, you can make the Software have many more features. You can create a complete CRM and ERP, connect it with virtually any eCommerce manager to automate the issuance of invoices. These are just some of its possibilities. But the reality is that the list continues to increase thanks to the popularity of the Software.

5. Quaderno

Here is a summary of our Best Billing Software and explanations of how we choose them.

Best Billing Software

Bank reconciliationDo not
Model GenerationDo not
Presentation of TaxesDo not
Free trialYes, 7 days
OwnerRecrea Systems SL
Mobile ApplicationsDo not

6. Sage One

Sage One is the tool for SMEs and freelancers of Sage, one of the best-known and reputable business management software firms.

Best Billing Software

With it, you will have all the tools you may need to issue and post invoices. Also, you can visualize different types of graphs to check the billing status and get a quick idea of ​​the situation in which the business is.

It also has a bank connection to automate the accounting of collections and payments, allows inventory management, offers multi-user capabilities, and other functions that make it a very important option.

7. Reviso

Here is a summary of our best accounting programs and explanations of how we choose them.

Best Billing Software

Bank reconciliationYes
Model GenerationYes
Presentation of TaxesDo not
Free trialYes, 14 days.
OwnerSoluciones Cloud SL
Mobile ApplicationsYes. IOS, Android.


8. Visionwin

Visionwin is billing software that must be installed locally on the user’s computer. It has very interesting functions such as the possibility of issuing electronic invoices for sending through FACE quickly and easily (very useful if you usually work with the public administration, for example).

Best Billing Software

Besides, it also has functions that are not included in other solutions (except for additional payment), such as the possibility of managing the billing of more than one company or access to multiple users.

It also has tools for time control, liaison with accounting, document management, integration with Excel. Without forgetting, of course, the usual functions of issuing invoices, accounting for receipts, etc.

9. Debitoor

Debitoor is another cloud billing solution, easy to use, very useful, and powerful. It offers the usual tools for issuing invoices, accounting for expenses, and also integration with third-party tools.

Best Billing Software

With this tool, you can also automate certain tasks. For example, you can connect to your bank accounts and monitor all income to reconcile collections with invoices issued automatically. It also offers a mobile app from which you can issue invoices and view the state of business finances from anywhere.

What Would You Expect From a Best Billing Software?

Ease of use and improvement of the learning curve

Virtually all of the companies that develop accounting and billing software have realized that many of their users are owners of small and medium enterprises, and therefore, that these users do not have a great experience in accounting. Ease of use and good documentation is an indispensable piece of any billing software.

Use of AI and machine learning

Some software is beginning to use Artificial Intelligence technology to automate the task of data collection by eliminating repetitive tasks and reducing the need for “data chopping” manually.

Smart classification

Related to the previous point, following the investigation, we could see how some applications came to recognize how to classify things automatically with a high degree of success, always with the possibility of subsequent manual correction.

Subscription service and cloud storage

The subscription service reduces costs to a minimum and makes the integration of technical and accounting support simple together with the price of the Software.

On the other hand, cloud storage allows access from any device or place to your accounting and billing system, increases security, and makes the delivery of updates immediately.

Cross Integrations

The implementation of Software in the company’s operational processes remains one of the main concerns of entrepreneurs.

The interconnection of the Software with other third-party tools that the employer may be using is almost an indispensable requirement.

For example, the synchronization of data with the sales terminals or with email marketing services eliminates the need for export, data adaptation, and import into the other application.

Functionality and Prices in a modular way

Last but not least, would be the functionality and fees per module. A good accounting and billing suite should facilitate the use of third-party applications and, at the same time, should offer you a solution so you don’t have the need to do so.

Which accounting and billing system is the best?

Based on our research, we can say that, in general, Quipu is the best accounting and billing software for small and medium enterprises.

However, depending on the specific needs of your business, some other software on the list may be more appropriate. Some of them are really good.

A clear example would be if your company is a SaaS and offers online services to customers from various countries, Quaderno could be the best option for you due to its automated billing system.

Analyze the results of our research and evaluate among all the possible options taking into account your needs and our recommendations to know which Software is the most suitable for your business.

What Features Should You Value in a Billing and Accounting Software?

If you need Software that allows the display of inputs and outputs, as well as invoices pending payment and collection, you may need Software with accounting functionality (and not just billing).

Automatic downloading of transactions, which allows bank reconciliation of accounts and credit or debit cards, is an important element that you should value.

If your business is based on services, you may require project management tools or even some type of sales management functionality that allows you to manage the history and milestones through which each one passes.

If your company sells physical products, you may need inventory management functionality with a sales forecast that allows you to see when you should make your purchases.

Ideally, as explained above, the Software can be connected to other third-party applications that you are already using, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), or any other application.

If you are not currently using any third-party tools, making use of Holded would be a very wise decision, as it has numerous modules that can cover any need you may have now and in the future.

What Other Features Might You Need?

There is an excellent diversity of accounting and billing programs and applications, each one focusing its services in a different area. You should not worry too much. Your business will let you know what you need at all times.

Some of them focus on accounting, data collection processes, and the categorization of transactions, reconciliation of accounts, and the generation of financial statements that both you and your advisor can use for the subsequent tax return.

Others are more focused on payroll management and their respective taxes. The most complex, on the other hand, provides high-level accounting services, such as audits, planning, financial analysis, or analytical accounting.

Search, Selection & Research Methodology

In order to determine which are the best billing and accounting software for small and medium enterprises, we have followed a careful methodology, based on 4 fundamental pillars:

  • Location
  • Choice
  • Investigation
  • Analysis

In addition to the methodology, numerous hours have also been needed for investigating the best applications.

This has been our selection process for the best billing software:

Location of the Best Billing Programs

The first step was to start by asking colleagues and well-known business owners what billing and accounting software they used, with special emphasis on what they liked best, and why they thought it suited their needs.

The second step was to investigate online: we looked at which billing software was the most popular, as well as the accounting and management platforms that other reputable sites recommended.

At the end of the localization process, along with a list of dozens of applications. We were ready to move on to the next step, the choice.

Choice of the Best Billing Software

Having an extensive list of billing and accounting software we made in the previous step, we made the first pass to reduce the list based on:

  1. Use cases.
  2. The monthly cost of the application.
  3. Most common and necessary features.
  4. Limitations

Likewise, as part of the election process: we review a multitude of user comments, view a large number of video tutorials, and carefully study the resources offered by each software provider, such as knowledgebases, blogs, and guides.

Research of the Best Billing Software

At this point, with the list reduced to just over two tens, we signed up for each and every platform, thanks to the free trials or demo accounts they offer.

The fact of testing each Software by ourselves has been of great importance. We have been able to understand how each feature or functionality of each provider works. In addition to checking if the Software is really worth it with respect to its price.

During the investigation, we carefully evaluate the ease of use, explanations, and internal documentation.

As the last step of the research process and with the aim of better supporting our decisions, we went a little further and contacted each provider by telephone to be able to evaluate the quality of customer service.

Analysis of each Best Billing Software

Although we began the process with a list of dozens of software products billing and accounting. Only 10 of them have been selected to be part of our list, which are: Quipu, Anfix, Holded, Billin, Quaderno, I check, invoice Direct, Quantum, Debitoor and Sage One.

As a final result, you can see the comparative tables of each Software in this article. However, we can determine that the best cloud billing software for the market is: Quipu, Anfix, and Holded.

If you would like your Best Billing Software to be included in this list in our next iteration of reviews, please submit your request through the contact section.