9 Best Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone or iPad of 2020

9 Best Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone or iPad of 2020

Last Updated on September 16, 2020 by The Soft Best

Discover the best alarm clock apps for iPhone or iPad: Despite the fact that the native application of Clock that incorporates iOS works perfectly as an Alarm. It is necessary to know that in the App Store, there are dozens of more complete alarm clock tools that stand out for exclusive and different functionalities that put other ways of serving the user wakes up.

At Mobility, we have made a selection with the best alarm clock apps for iPhone, and our recommendations for download in the Apple virtual store are Sleep Cycle, WakeUp Challenge, Wave Alarm, Wake N Shake, Get out of bed!, Wake-up Light and Alarm Clock Free, etc.

If you have trouble getting up in the morning, try these alarm clock or alarm apps for your iPhone A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. There was a world where alarm clocks were used every day to help millions of people all over the planet get up and go to their places of work and study. It was all happiness for alarm clocks, who knew that only they were capable of bringing people from the need to the world of dreams.

What’s the Best Alarm Clock App for iPhone?

One day everything changed because the iPhone came into our lives with thousands of possibilities, applications, and functions, among which was the “alarm clock” function. From that moment, conventional alarm clocks stopped reigning, leaving the “throne” of alarms to Apple’s iPhone.

Discover The Best Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone

Best Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone

Although it sounds like the introduction to a movie (which we all know), the reality is that in few, very few homes are conventional alarm clocks still being used. And is that having an iPhone, who needs an alarm clock?

Although the native Clock application that comes with iOS indeed fulfills the alarm function very well, we have to say that in the App Store, there are many alarm clock tools that are more complete and have exclusive functions. These applications, in addition to having some very striking designs, make available to the user other ways to get out of bed.

So today, we want to show a list with the best alarm clock apps for iPhone or Ipad, which we can download from the App Store (some of them for free).

‎1. Alarm Clock HD

Best Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone

This is a complete application that will allow us to use the songs from our music library as an alarm, and that also includes weather information, notifications from our social networks (such as Facebook and Twitter). Flashlight, off timer, possibility to control the brightness of the clock and the battery level from the application itself. A very complete and very interesting alarm clock apps for iPhone that we can download for free.

2. Sleep cycle

Best Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone

This interesting application analyzes our sleep and wakes us up in its lightest phase, which is the natural way for our body to wake up rested and relaxed. Sleep Cycle analyzes our movements while we sleep through the accelerometer of our iPhone, looking for the most optimal time to wake up, during a period of 30 minutes from the end of the time in which we have configured the alarm.

Sleep Cycle monitors your movements while sleeping using the iPhone’s accelerometer, and then finds the optimal time to wake you up for a 30-minute period that ends at the time you set the alarm.

3. WakeUp Challenge

With the WakeUp Challenge, you will have to turn off the alarm clock while playing. Complete any of the four different challenges with up to three levels of difficulty: Couples, to try to match all the cards; Sequence: memorizing and repeating the sequence; Calculation, is the equation correct or incorrect ?; and Tap! Touch the balls before they explode.

Best Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone

This interesting application will make us have to turn off the alarm by playing. Yes, you heard correctly, by playing. To do this, we must overcome any of the four different challenges that are proposed to us with different levels of difficulty: search for the pairs of cards, memorize and repeat a sequence, solving a mathematical equation, or touching some balls before they explode. Without a doubt, a very fun (supposedly) way to start the day.

4. Wave alarm

Wave Alarm comes integrated with motion control technology, a new way to wake up in the morning. With this application, you do not touch your phone to silence it, since it will be enough to make a sign.

Best Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone

This application is integrated with a motion control technology, which is a new way to wake up in the morning. With Wave Alarm, you won’t have to touch the phone to put it on silent, since it will be enough to signal it. Easy no? Best of all, you can download this application for free from the App Store.

5. Wake N Shake

Instantly wake up this original alarm whose only way to turn it off is by shaking the iPhone hard. It has no buttons. You can’t turn down the volume. There is no mercy with Wake N Shake.

Best Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone

With this original application, you will have to get up immediately, since the only way to stop the alarm is by shaking our iPhone with force. There are no buttons, and there is no way to turn down the volume. Wake N Shake will have no mercy on us.

6. Smart Alarm – Jump!

This app forces you to get out of bed and take several steps to stop your alarm. Or another alternative is to use the step counters, and when you have given enough, the alarm will automatically go off.

Best Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone

This is a very original alarm that will force us to get out of bed and move around the house to turn it off. After starting to sound, the application will ask us to take a photograph of a certain place: bathroom, kitchen, living room, terrace. It also has another mode, which will count the steps we take with the iPhone in hand, turning off only when we have given enough.

7. Wake-up Light

Best Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone

Wake-up Light produces a combination of soft light and sound that gradually increases to gradually wake you up. The intensity of the screen gradually increases for 30 minutes before the time you set to wake up when you will begin to hear the natural song of a bird, first at low volume, and then increase its level.

8. Uniqlo Wake Up

This application is very simple and, at the same time, different from the other alarms that we can see in the App Store.

Best Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone

Unlike conventional alarms, this application will wake us up with beautiful experimental music by Japanese artists Cornelius and Yoko Kanno. Best of all, depending on what time it is, what the weather is, and what day of the week we Let’s find, Uniqlo will play a totally personalized song and inform us of the weather conditions. We can also share this information through our social networks.

9. Rise Alarm Clock

This magnificent application will not only help us wake up, but it will also do it in the sometimes difficult task of falling asleep. With Rise Alarm Clock, we can configure a playlist with different options, which will play the songs that we choose best to sleep.

Best Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone

This application is one of the simplest and has a gesture-based interface, through which we can configure the alarm time, activate it, deactivate it, etc. In addition to being able to choose the tones preset by the application to wake us up. We can also choose a song from our library.

Last Words

Have you already decided which alarm clock app for iPhone you will use from now on? The options are very varied! As we can see, the options to wake up and start the day are many, and we can choose the one that interests us the most or fits our needs. So we no longer have an excuse to fall asleep in the morning. And you, do you know any alarm best alarm clock apps for iPhone or iPad that is not listed and should be?