6 Best Calorie Counter App for iPhone of 2021

6 Best Calorie Counter App for iPhone of 2021

Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by The Soft Best

The Best Calorie Counter App for iPhone: Yes, friends, nowadays, people want to know how many calories it represents to go to your table. So this is not a joke! And so, today I want to tell you about the application of the calorie and food counter in the field and sector that interests you: the restaurant business.

Top Best Calorie Counter App for iPhone

Best Calorie Counter App for iPhone

As well as for Android, and calorie counter app for iPhone, there are also a series of calorie counter applications that you can have on mobile devices in your restaurant. The idea is that you can offer your customers the possibility of accessing information from your restaurant in real-time. And these best calorie counter apps for iPhone will help you:

1. Calorie Counter

Best Calorie Counter App for iPhone

It is a database that contains a good amount of meals and recipes already introduced by the developer and by users. Therefore it is a source of information on the calories of thousands of dishes.

2. Meal Snap

This is a calorie counter app free for Android that is already on the market and can be installed on both Android and iPhone.

Best Calorie Counter App for iPhone

With this calorie counter app, you will give your customers the opportunity to take a photograph of the food, and she will be in charge of calculating the number of calories in the food with great accuracy.

3. FatSecret

This is another iPhone calorie counter that allows access to a large number of foods and dishes to know nutritional information.

Best Calorie Counter App for iPhone

Therefore it allows the user to find the number of calories of the dishes that you offer in your restaurant. Like MyFitnessPal, when FatSecret is first opened, you are asked for your goal and some personal details and the weight you would like to gain. Once you complete that, it will take you to your journal immediately.

  • A daily log of your calories
  • Add Foods that consume all day.
  • report with calorie charts. Along with the macronutrients.
  • Link with Google Fit and Fitbit.
  • Export your journal in PDF.

4. Calorie Mama AI

With this calorie counter for iPhone, you can make an automatic calculation of calories just by taking a photo of food.

Best Calorie Counter App for iPhone

In fact, it has the ability to recognize the most complete dishes in a restaurant. Imagine making it available to your customers so they can photograph the dishes and find that the calories announced in the menu match those identified by the application.


YAZIO calorie counter app works like a personal one, with the ability to offer you a good plan for a diet adjusted to your goals.

Best Calorie Counter App for iPhone

But it is also ideal for restaurants, as it is capable of scanning food barcodes to give the result in relation to the calories it contains. So you can adjust it to use it in favor of your restaurant and give your customers experience positive.

6. Runtastic Balance

It is another of the multifunctional calorie counters. However, the function that is of interest to your restaurant is the one that allows you to find up to 600,000 meals and ingredients in the database, including national and international meals.

Best Calorie Counter App for iPhone

So it will allow you to give your customers the opportunity to verify the number of calories in the dishes on your menu.

5 Reasons to Use a Calorie Counter in Your Restaurant

As I have explained, a calorie counter is really special, and it has a great utility in restaurants because it becomes a tool to offer a differential factor in your restaurant.

Below, I’ll introduce you to the reasons why you should use it, and how to get the most out of it:

Reason # 1: Help the customer with their decision

I mentioned this reason previously, but I want you to keep it in mind as it will allow you to make orders flow faster in your restaurant and, at the same time, make sure that your client does not leave the restaurant without asking for the main course because he sits down. Unsafe.

When you make the purchase decision easier for the customer, when you help them to break down barriers and jump obstacles, it is easier to build customer loyalty. You will not only be making a purchase but a loyal customer.

So help him make the decision by facilitating the order with a calorie counter that helps him know how many calories he will consume at all times so that he can choose more wisely.

Reason # 2: Give you more confidence

An American formula states that if a customer does not trust you, they will not buy from you. In the case of restaurants for a customer to trust you, they must know exactly what they are eating. And I don’t mean that I have a photo with the menu item to have a reference.

The issue goes. Further, it is deeper, the customer needs to trust that what he will eat will not be detrimental to his count, and that is why you need to facilitate access to calorie information, and with a counter, you can do it.

Reason # 3: Convey a feeling of comfort

Trust and comfort are not the same. A customer can trust the methods of treatment and preparation of dishes in your kitchen, but that will not be enough to be 100% sure.

When the waiter attends the customer and shows them the menu, but not only shows them the ingredients but also allows them to have a calorie count with a device, it is generating a feeling of total security.

The customer likes to be in control, and the more information they have about a product, in this case, the menu and the dishes, the more possibilities you have to make a purchase and be very satisfied.

Reason # 4: Differential factor

I have also mentioned it, but it is very important that you understand this reason in all its dimensions. The local market is probably full of options for your potential customers, they know they can get a restaurant a few meters above where you have yours, so you need to show them why your restaurant is a different option.

You can serve very good food, others do, but your restaurant will be “the restaurant of good food and the calorie counter.” And all you need is a mobile device with an application and make it available to your customers.

Reason # 5: Make your restaurant more technological

Technology constantly revolutionizes all niche markets. It is important that your restaurant is not left behind. With a calorie counter, you have the opportunity to give your restaurant a technological aspect.

Companies that offer services through web pages have a chatbot, for example. You can count on an application that offers customers the opportunity to know the calorie content of the food they are going to consume in real-time.


These pocket best calorie counter app for the mobile with calorie counter will allow you to keep track of what you eat daily. Learn which foods are more or less caloric depending on your goal and combine them with apps to make your purchase healthy in the supermarket.

If you are on a diet, they will help you to control the calories you consume a day much better, and if you also cross it with other training and fitness apps, it will be much easier to change your lifestyle towards a healthier one.