7 Best PDF Editor App of 2021

7 Best PDF Editor App of 2021

Last Updated on December 31, 2020 by The Soft Best

The best PDF editor app: The PDF format is one of the most versatile and practical to share documents, instruction manuals, invoices, or delivery notes by email or through different online channels.

Become a professional standard, and nowadays, we can create a PDF of any document simply by clicking on the print button since modern operating systems, both desktop, and mobile, allow us to convert a PDF file from virtual printing.

Top 7 Best PDF Editor App for Mobile

Best PDF Editor App

Once you have a PDF, it is not so easy to deal with it, since editing PDF is not as easy as viewing or creating it. Here we have a selection of best apps to edit PDF from your Android Smartphone or tablet or from your iPhone or iPad. No matter the size of your screen, with your fingers, you can annotate things, sign, delete objects, and much more of any PDF that falls into your hands.

1. Xodo PDF

Available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer in the form of a web application and for Android and iOS in the form of an app, Xodo PDF is a tool used to perform different tasks in a PDF document.

Best PDF Editor App

Sign documents, fill out forms, add annotations, draw or write freehand, highlight fragments. Xodo PDF helps us edit a PDF, adding elements easily.

Among other things, Xodo PDF also allows working with PDF documents saved in Dropbox or Google Drive. What’s more, the web version of Xodo includes the possibility of merging PDF documents, adding or removing pages, reordering, rotating them, etc.

Document formats appear, disappear and evolve at a slow pace, but they do, and yet PDFs have prevailed since the dawn of time. The format created by Adobe in 2008 is still with us more than a dozen years later, and it is very likely that you will end up finding it while browsing from your mobile phone.

That is why we have thought that this is as good a time as any other to collect what we consider the best apps to measure with Adobe PDFs from your Android phone. Apps to be able to read them and also apps to be able to edit them, although some serve a dual purpose. Shall we start?

2. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Of course, since Adobe was the creator of the format, it is logical that we go to its own best pdf editor app to be able to handle PDF files. The best PDF editor app is free, although we have purchases available within it that extend the experience.

Best PDF Editor App

However, the free version is quite complete under the circumstances. With it, we can open (logically) PDF files to read them but also use colored markers to highlight different parts of the text, add notes as comments, and it also syncs with Google Drive.

3. DocuSign

Best PDF Editor App

Another history of editing PDF documents despite not accumulating as many downloads as others from the competition. Of course, DocuSign has the impediment that not all its functions come unlocked in the free function, and you have to pay them separately, that each user decides if it is the most convenient for their use and way of working. However, it deserves to be among the options when reading and editing PDF documents from Android, and here it is.

4. Foxit PDF Reader Mobile

Foxit is a popular name for a PDF document viewer, but it also has editing capabilities today. One of its most recent versions is Foxit MobilePDF, a PDF viewer for Android, iPhone, and iPad that also allows you to edit the document.

Best PDF Editor App

Specifically, we can make annotations, comments, fill out forms, extract data from those forms, sign documents. And if you have a document in another format, Foxit MobilePDF turns it into PDF in no time.

The app also integrates with Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive to manage our PDF documents, and allows you to organize and view PDFs from emails and other best pdf editor app.

Yes, in the name, we find the word “Reader,” but this should not worry us, because, with Foxit PDF, we can also edit files directly from the mobile.

This best pdf editor app has in its favor the fact that it is quite light, so it will not take up much space on our phone, nor will it need too many resources to function. We can also make annotations, sign documents, and everything desirable in a format such as PDF. And yes, it is free.

5. PDFelement

Also available for desktop, PDFelement is the best pdf editor app to deal with them from any Android device and iPhone/iPad.

Best PDF Editor App

The list of available functions is very varied: change the text sources, add annotations, freehand drawing, delete elements, sign and fill forms, convert documents of different formats to PDF, etc.

More options to consider: convert camera captures to PDF, import documents from Dropbox, Google Drive, and the like, organize, or delete PDF pages.

In short, PDFelement is one of the most versatile and complete options to download them with PDF documents on your Smartphone or tablet.

Another best PDF editor app to be able to deal with PDF documents, although it is perhaps less known than the previous ones despite having more than 100,000 downloads to its credit. With PDFelement, we can read and edit documents in PDF format, and in the latest updates, support has been added for manual writing with a stylus or with your finger, which also allows us to sign documents, whatever is said. Again, PDFelement is a free application.

6. Adobe fill & sign

Adobe is responsible for the PDF format, and for years its Adobe Reader application was the most popular PDF reader.

Best PDF Editor App

In his eagerness to innovate and adapt to new times, he has created specific apps to carry out specific tasks, such as Adobe Fill & Sign, an app for iPhone and Android that serves to fill out forms and sign PDF documents.

Adobe Fill & Sign detects the form fields when you put your finger on it and allows you to write what you want by selecting the font size. In addition, it will enable you to import paper documents with the camera of our smartphone or tablet.

Signing a document with this app is also a piece of cake since it expands the available space, and we only have to slide our finger on the screen to sign.

Adobe Fill & Sign also makes it easy to send PDF documents by email and integrates with your own Adobe Cloud.

7. Polaris Office

Best PDF Editor App

When we talk about Polaris Office, we do it being aware that we are dealing with a fairly complete office suite that is capable of replacing Microsoft’s own Office, but it just so happens that it integrates a PDF document editor, so it automatically enters our radar. Additionally, Polaris Office is completely free, albeit with ads, earning you even more points.