16 Best Alternatives for Google Play Store of 2023

16 Best Alternatives for Google Play Store of 2023

The best alternatives for google play store: Google Play is one whole online to try the latest and greatest Android apps. There are several reasons for this. Or maybe the application developer performs a phased deployment when not all users can access the applications at the same time.

How to Get These Google Play Store Alternatives Anyway?

This is not a very big problem. The huge Android user base and ecosystem diversity offer plenty of places to try out Android apps. Moreover, sometimes the following alternatives for google play store offer free premium applications that would otherwise be paid on Google Play. So, first, let our device allow the installation of these alternative app stores.

What are The Benefits of Using Third-party App Stores (Alternatives to Google Play Store)?

Well, there are a number of advantages, here are some of them

  • Installing third-party app stores means that you have more choices by application type.
  • Ability to download applications that are otherwise not available in your country.
  • Get premium / paid apps for free due to discounts.
  • The ability to discover something new that you might like.
  • Great deals on paid apps from time to time.

Top 16 Best Alternatives for Google Play Store

Best Alternatives for Google Play Store

Now that we have a look at the settings and benefits, let’s look at the Top alternatives of google play store: –

1. Amazon App Store

In popularity, it is located next to the Google Play store and is the main application store on the Kindle and Fire Phone sites. Also, Amazon offers a free one-time paid application every day, which is a pretty good deal.

In the first place, one of Google’s greatest competitors is Amazon. Amazon has its own mobile devices, such as the Kindle Fire or Fire Phone (based on a modification of Android OS – Fire OS). Despite the fact that the devices work on their own operating system, many Android applications are supported quite normally. If your application is not supported, then this will probably result in just a few settings to make it work.

You can also publish HTML5 and web applications to the Amazon Appstore. It currently contains over 240,000 pieces of content. All the necessary information to get started is on the Amazon developer portal.

And the user interface looks familiar in the early iterations of the Google Play Store. Applications are organized by category, as you would expect. Download and installation procedures are fairly standard for users transitioning from the Play Store.

2. ApkMirror

ApkMirror is popular among people who want to try the latest releases of their favorite applications, which appear from time to time on Google Play after they are downloaded here. However, there is no official app in this App Store, and users need to log in to download the app. The site claims that all of their offers do not contain malware. In this store, you will not find paid applications.

The site is well designed, and the process of finding and downloading apps is also noticeable. You can view the latest downloads or search for specific applications using the search bar. When searching for a specific application, you are presented with a list of application versions arranged in chronological order. You can visit the download page of the version you want to download and click the download button to download.

 3. APKPure

Externally attractive store. Many popular apps are available. The free application allows you to download via apk file. In the lists of applications, you can find paid applications and games, but they link to Google Play. By the way, the Google Play Store itself can also be tried to download from APKPure. From the pool of the free applications I use, apart from the Google ones, in APKPure, we managed to find almost all the necessary ones.

4. GetJar

Quite an unusual app store. There are many games on it, and the set of applications is quite peculiar. Due to the fact that among applications someone published infected analogs in the past (and possibly the present), some browsers and web protection systems may show the store as unsafe, but this is not a problem of the store itself.

In general, alternatives for google play store have a worse application verification system compared to Google Play. However, infected applications are found even on Google Play itself, which is often reported in the media recently. Otherwise, GetJar is a rather interesting alternatives for google play store if you want even more applications, but it will not become a full-fledged replacement for everyone.

The app’s overall experience is decent, as the app seems to rely on older Android APIs. Applications are categorized, and this is similar to using the GetJar website in a Chrome app. The download process is fast but looks outdated according to the latest Android standards.

5. Blackmart

Another popular alternative for google play store. He does not have a web version, and it is available only as a mobile application. Able to download and update applications and games to the latest versions. The market has three major drawbacks; by default.

Still, it can be fixed by installing a crack, quite a few displayed ads, so there’s the option of either tolerating or searching the network for modified analogs without advertising. There is a problem with the servers. As for the servers, it often happens that it is impossible to connect to them and download anything.

6. SlideME

One of the oldest Android app stores, even older than Google Play, is SlideME. It is installed on more than half of Android devices without Google Play. SlideME charges a fee of 20% of your profits and offers a wide range of payment systems, including PayPal, which Google Play does not support. In some cases, by placing your Android app for sale on SlideME, you can get even more downloads than you get on Google Play, so it’s definitely worth a try.

7. Samsung Galaxy Store

Samsung smartphones, in addition to Google Play, are also equipped with their own application store Samsung Galaxy Store. In the store, you can find a huge number of applications and themes for the company’s devices. If desired, you can find on the network and the store version for other devices, not from Samsung, but the vast majority of applications from it will not work on third-party devices.

8. AppBrain

If you’re looking for free premium apps, the App Brain is your destination. Paid app developers make their apps free on this site for a limited time, and in turn, AppBrain publishes them for them. AppBrain offers both an application and a website so that users can access their catalog.

The AppBrain application is designed with the fact that the user must have full control over what the application does. That’s why after installation, you are asked if you want the application brain to track your installed applications and offer updates. AppBrain works a little differently, although if you try to install the app using the AppBrain app, it will redirect you to Google Play.

As soon as we receive answers to requests, we will be greeted by a familiar user interface in which you can search for applications, filter them by category, etc. Once you find the application you want to try, click the download button.

9. Huawei AppGallery

By analogy with the Samsung Galaxy Store, this application store already works with devices from Huawei. Unlike the Galaxy Store, AppGallery can be downloaded from the official site as an apk file. There are not many applications, there are popular applications and services, but for some reason, some of them refuse to work if they are not downloading on a device from Huawei.

10. Aptoide

Aptoide is popular among users of the Google Play Store. Although the authenticity of paid applications is sometimes in doubt, since most of them are filled with advertising.

By visual standards, UX Apptoide surpasses all other alternatives. The app was developed in accordance with Google standards. And the experience is almost the same as in the game store. When you install, you will see a welcome screen so that you can get started with the application features.

Tabs and categories look like a visual review of the Play Store. The application also detects your installed applications and offers updates, if any. This is, of course, a full replacement for the Google Play Store.

11. 1Mobile Market

1Mobile Market accepts only free applications, but this does not mean that you should refuse it as an alternative to Google Play. Downloading applications is free, but unfortunately, there is a validation process that the application must go through.

12. Opera mobile store

Opera, also offers the application market in its browser. There are no other means of access for this application store, and the user interface is also not good enough, but its application directory is endless and it sees huge traffic due to the installed Opera browser base on Android.

You can view applications from the Opera Mini browser and install applications of your choice by clicking the download button.

13. Mobile9

Mobile9 has over 40 million active users, so this is another option worth considering. Users can share and comment on the applications that they install, all this forms a social network for applications. Another plus is that publishing applications is free. With over 200 million downloads per month and only 30,000 developers, this site is definitely worth a try.

14. Mobango

Publishing an application on MOBANGO is also free. The audience is several million users and produces thousands of downloads every day. In this regard, MOBANGO is another good choice for publishing your application. Currently, the store has 100 thousand applications.

15. Soc.io Mall

The slogan Soc.io Mall is the phrase “Android-store that loves developers.” It offers a high share of revenue, 80/20, and allows you to host your application for free. Currently, the database has a little less than 10,000 applications, but the market is not limited to applications; users can also buy games, e-books, and soon music, video, and audiobooks. The number of active users is not as high as that of other app stores, but competition is also significantly lower.

16. F-droid

F-droid contains only free applications. You can download them through the official website or through a special F-droid application. F-droid automatically updates everything installed by you. The platform is supported by volunteers and operates through donations. Each F-Droid application must be licensed under an Apache or GNU license. Applications that include paid add-ons or advertisements are allowed but not displayed by default (available in the search).

Last Words

There are many other stores that can be added to the list, but we focused only on those that offer experience and security, as in the Google Play store. When trying to use third-party application stores, as there are stores that offer pirated applications at the cost of violating their privacy and security.


There are many alternatives of google play store where you can sell your Android app and each shop has its pros and cons. Although none of them can replace Google Play, they can certainly attract additional downloads and showcase their applications to more potential customers. Since publishing applications in these stores do not require investment, it will be useful to consider these alternatives.

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