10 Best Alternative to Evernote in 2021

10 Best Alternative to Evernote in 2021

Last Updated on June 8, 2021 by The Soft Best

The best alternative to Evernote: For many years, Evernote was the leader, it was the best of note services, but apparently, now, we see how the “giant elephant” has already outlived its best years. Then it will no longer be as before. Evernote experienced huge profits, mainly due to investments, but could not survive unnecessarily squandering (in the form of a free lawn mowing for workers).

In recent months, we have seen how the service closes a number of its products and leaves some platforms, as innovations made it only worse. The last straw was the news about the limitation of the number of devices used for free accounts. As well as the rise in prices on all tariffs.

What is Evernote, and what are its benefits?


  • It is very easy to use
  • The free version is very complete, 60 MB per month of storage.
  • The Premium version, you can access without an internet connection.
  • You can save text files, images, videos.
  • You can have a file with other collaborators.

This infographic shows a small summary of all the advantages of this application.


  • It doesn’t integrate as well with other services.
  • It is really bad at storing links.
  • Don’t import images from the web.
  • It does not have rich text.
  • It Doesn’t let you organize your notes well.
  • It also doesn’t let you work offline.

The 10 Best Alternative to Evernote

Best Alternative to Evernote

Of course, Evernote employees realized that they would lose a number of users, but the thirst for profit turned out to be stronger. Evernote outlived competitors like Catch Notes or Springpad (which few people already remember), it was the benchmark for many years, it introduced improvements that no one had.

Alternative to Evernote

Name Android iOS Ratings
Simplenote Yes Yes
Google Keep Yes Yes
Apple Notes No Yes
DEVONthink No Yes
Microsoft OneNote Yes Yes
SOHO Notes No No
Quip Yes Yes
Nevernote Yes No
Circus Ponies Notebook No No
Google Docs Yes Yes

I myself used Evernote for more than seven years, for several months I had a paid subscription, when I really needed to save large amounts of data and then use it, but at the same time, the free version with all its limitations suited me.

The moment when they began to limit the devices turned out to be decisive when I started looking for an alternative to Evernote. This is not the top, and all notes found are listed in alphabetical order, and it is up to you to decide which one to choose for yourself.

In this technological era,  apps that allow us to take notes play a fundamental role, since they allow users to store reminders on multiple devices, which allows us to always have at hand the list of tasks to be performed in a day, week or month. Evernote is undoubtedly one of the most used applications of this style, although fortunately, there are many interesting alternatives to Evernote that we recommend knowing.

With Evernote, we will be able to create notes and manage them from different devices, although it is an application that is only limited to text notes. This means that the current alternative to Evernote include additional services that Evernote users need to keep their lives organized, such as an example:

  • Take notes from computers equipped with different Linux distributions. It should be noted that so far, there is no Linux version of Evernote, which is a shame since many faithful users of this system would value this service to take and manage notes.
  • Take notes easily. Although Evernote only allows us to take textual notes, it is an application with a large number of features and scope, which prevents the user who is looking for a simple tool from taking notes quickly.
  • Most of the alternatives to Evernote are not easy to install since it is not necessary to download large installers to enjoy such a simple service, unlike Evernote.
  • Users could search for an alternative that is different and allows the user to make proper use of this tool.

1. Simplenote

If you are an Evernote user, you will quickly get used to Simplenote, since it is a note-taking application with a very similar graphical interface.

Although it only supports text-based notes, Simplenote allows us to share notes, synchronize the different notes taken on all our mobile devices, and even offer us a backup service to protect all the notes taken. It is a service created by the same creators of WordPress.com.


The application notes from the creators of WordPress. It has a web version, a bunch of applications for a variety of platforms, great features in terms of text formatting. Still, nevertheless, the notes are simpler in terms of features, compared to the above competitors.

Price: Free

Compatibility: we can use Simplenote from iOS, Macintosh, Android, and even Kindle. We can also synchronize our notes with third-party tools such as Notational, Velocity, nValt, among other extremely useful applications.

So if you are looking for a simple note-taking app, we recommend Simplenote.

2. Google Keep

Google Keep also stands out for having a simple design, to which anyone interested in taking notes can easily adapt. We highlight the color codes that can be used in the notes, the lists that can be made, the ability to share notes with our friends, and even allow us to include reminders within the notes.

Also noteworthy are the voice notes that are automatically transcribed and the compatibility of this application with Android Wear, which will allow us to review the notes from our Smartwatch or Smartwatch.

Google Keep
Google Keep

Another best note-taking app, but this time from Google. Appeared a few years ago, at first, it was only “for the show.” There were almost no changes and those that were related more likely to the appearance of the application. But in recent months, Keep has received a large number of innovations.

Now the Google Keep arsenal includes creating text notes, inserting images, creating lists, tooltips in lists (for example, by compiling a list of products. Google can tell you possible recipes), smart sorting, searching, link thumbnails, reminders, synchronization, and much more.

Unlike Apple Notes, Google Keep can run almost anywhere. There are applications for iOS and Android, and other operating systems can use the web version of the notes. There are several official extensions for Chromium browsers.

Price: Free

Compatibility: the application can be used on Android through its official application, as well as in the Google Chrome web browser through an official extension.

One of the reasons why users prefer Google Keep over Evernote is the existing compatibility with all the other Google services that the first of these applications offers.

3. Apple Notes

Apple’s standard note taking app. Apple was one of the first to realize that there should be a note app on any smart device. It’s like a calculator, you can use it not every day, but it is better to let it be in case of need.

The first note applications did not have a rich selection of features. iOS and macOS (back then called OS X) evolved, and Notes developed along with it. Current Notes boasts a rich arsenal of features, whether it be text notes, image insertion, lists, note search, reminders, formatting, and synchronization via iCloud.

Apple Notes
Apple Notes

The only drawback is the closedness of these Notes since they are available only to owners of Apple’s operating systems, which means that not everyone will approach them. Still, you can’t mention such a powerful tool.

4. DEVONthink

If you are looking for a much more complete tool than Evernote, we recommend you try DEVONthink, a personal assistant that allows us to manage our notes, documents, and even bookmarks.

We will be able to manage text notes, images, among other advanced functions that are enabled according to the plan chosen within this platform. DEVONthink also allows us to synchronize the documents and notes that we have on our Mac in a simple way.

Price: This is a premium service, so the cheapest license known as DEVONthink Personal is at $ 49.95.

Compatibility: Available only for Macintosh devices and for iOS.

5. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is an excellent option for those looking to take notes from different devices since it is a tool that stands out for its immediate synchronization. Also, it allows us to make web clippings and store them as notes, store emails in folders or notebooks, incorporate photographs, among other extremely interesting modalities that Evernote does not offer its users.

This application also has compatibility with third-party applications such as Chegg and Zapier. This time, notes from Microsoft. At first, OneNote was part of the Microsoft Office Suite and therefore was paid. As part of Microsoft Office, he remained, but a separate application appeared, and not one.

Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is free, has very great features in terms of formatting, and by the number of features, it can be called one of the most powerful tools. There are applications for macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, and if this is not enough for you, you can use the web version, which is part of Office Online, and everything will be stored in your OneDrive.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Desktop Windows, Windows Phone, Macintosh, iOS, Android, Amazon, and web browsers.

6. SOHO Notes

Through SOHO Notes, we can take text notes, although it will also allow us to take notes using images, voice recordings, PDF files, forms, videos, and even clippings taken from the Internet. We can access our notes from iPod, iPad, and even iPhone without any problem.

SOHO Notes has a calendar-based interface so that we can keep more order in our annotations. Also, this application offers us a label system that will allow us to organize the notes and even folders in which we can store the notes according to certain genres or classes.

Price: SOHO Notes offers us a single user plan for $ 39.99, and a family plan to use among various family members for $ 69.99. It should be noted that we must buy the application in iTunes separately.

Compatibility: iOS and Mac.

Although it is an expensive application, it is one of the most recommended alternatives to Evernote for its extraordinary functions, which are without place superior to many of the other current options.

7. Quip

Another powerful alternative. Create notes, format them, but most importantly – work collectively, Quip more than once will hint to you that you can work with notes not only to one.

An independent application, many have repeatedly called a good replacement for Evernote.

8. Nevernote

Despite having a name similar to Evernote, it is an application with great differences, as is the case with its compatibility with Linux. Being a tool developed by the Open Source community, it tends to be an extremely light utility and simple to use.

We can even login with our Evernote account, as it is an adaptation of this platform for different Linux distributions. We can take notes, use shared notes, take notes with color codes, among other functions highly appreciated by users.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Mac, Windows, and Linux.

9. Circus Ponies Notebook

Through this application, we can save simple notes within a very attractive user interface, which is based on a notebook to which we can add all the notes we need on each sheet.

We will be able to use all kinds of resources within this application, such as highlighters, decals, keywords, stickers, among other elements that will help us highlight the important aspects of a certain project.

Price: $ 49.95 for the individual version, and $ 99.95 for the family version.

Compatibility: Only compatible with Mac.

This is a solution for those looking for alternatives to Evernote that makes the task of taking notes more fun and interactive.

10. Google Docs

Despite the fact that it is not a tool exclusively for taking notes, Google Docs is, without a doubt the most complete application of this type, which allows us to have access to create, view, and modify all kinds of documents.

In turn, we give the possibility to store it in the cloud using Google Drive. We can even use our Google account to be able to log in and keep everything safely stored there.

It is an ideal tool for those who are used to using Google services frequently.


Price: Free

Compatibility: Web browsers, Mac, Windows.