6 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission of 2020

6 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission of 2020

The Best phone tracker app without permission: Although it seems like a difficult task, tracking a person’s cell phone without them knowing about this action is a simple task. Thanks to technology, many apps can now be registered to locate people without them knowing. For this reason, if you need to know someone’s whereabouts, look at their messages or even record calls from your mobile in a quick way, without any difficulty, but above all, from a mobile device, read the following recommendations that can help you:

Top Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

There are many apps to locate people without them knowing that they can be obtained for free; some of the most used are:

Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

1. Google Find My Device

This is a free best phone tracker app without permission that is available to anyone at the time they want. With it, you can track an Android device by cell number without the owner of the phone knowing it.

All you have to do is download the phone tracker app without permission or the program on the cell phone that you intend to have located and ready. The same will be done on the mobile of the person who will investigate so that the operation can be performed from a GPS locator.

Google Find My Device
Google Find My Device App

This app is recommended for those who want to investigate and for those who want to be investigated, since among the functions that this application performs is the alarm, that is, a kind of signal that will be activated when the cell phone is missing.

2. FamilyWhere

This is an excellent app to locate people without them knowing and to be more precise, especially starting from your children’s location. With this modality, you will be able to know the exact location of your children, thus knowing if they tell the truth of the place where they say they are. With this app, you will be able to know if the children have already left school, giving peace of mind to the young people’s stay.

The ways to know in detail the location of the little ones will be through a map that will specify the moment and real-time of the location. It also allows you to find out the GPS location of each family member or partner without them realizing it. Although it offers all these advantages, you can still pay for the Premium version of the program that allows the person more options to start.

3.MobiStealth Pro

It is a very complete application that can be perfectly installed on a cell phone that you want to track. From the internet, you can have access to emails sent from that device. Through the number, you can know the location of the person in real-time.

You can read WhatsApp messages, contacts registered on the cell phone, call history, and also internet browsing. Although it is a paid application, there is a trial period at the beginning of the installation that can be used for free.

4. Spyzie App

It is a monitoring solution that is reliable for iOS and, in turn, is compatible with Android devices. In itself, with this, you will not need to download any tracking application, only with the help of the iCloud ID of the person you want to spy on.

In case of locating a person who owns an Android device, it is necessary to install a plugin on the device to investigate. It is important to note that to use the Spyzie service, the person must register an account before. With the applications of this service, you can see the monitored data of the device to spy on.

A question that people who have created an account on this platform almost always tend to ask is that if you can install or uninstall the application remotely, it can’t. The best phone tracker app without permission is installed manually and uninstalls on the target device. The disadvantage of this wonder is that the spy must have access to the cell phone to be tracked.

5. The mSpy

Another one of the apps to locate people without them knowing that it can interrelate is El mSpy. It is a brand of software that serves to monitor parental control of phones, computers, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, and macOS. With this application, you can have a record of what the person investigated does.

This app is almost always used by parents who want to know the whereabouts of their children and know the browsing history, images, videos, and texts stored in the memory of the device.

How does this mSpy app work?

To make the app work, you must buy it from the official website of the application, after which it will be installed and configured to start the monitoring of the person you intend to investigate.

6. Flexi Spy

Finally, we find Flexi Spy the tool used to investigate the whereabouts of someone. This application is not only software for monitoring Smartphone devices, but also comparing them with others; it is one of the simplest in terms of installation. In other words, the process will only take a few minutes, and the live support offered by the app page contributes to the proper installation of the process.

It is an application that, if used on an iPhone, should jailbreak the device. When Jailbreak is mentioned, he is referring to a process that makes the iPhone able to install millions of applications that are not available in the App Store. Among the iPhone devices that are related to this app are all versions up to 9.1 as well as iOS 9.2 – 10.3.3, but in the latter, compatibility is given under a tethered.

People may ask

How to track someone’s location without them knowing?

Currently, people can be located through their mobile phones, and currently, there are many methods to perfectly complete this operation. The most convincing ways for someone’s finding will be detailed below 3 ways.


Many people have Android cellular equipment, and the advantage of them is that from their manufacture, they install devices that are activated from the factory for the location of someone, in this case, the owner of the device.

By Telephone Number

Another way to locate someone without them knowing is through the use of the best phone tracker app without permission; these have become the best options to locate an individual. For this, only the international area number and code will be needed. With this, the tool will be the only one that will work in the location process through the use of an online map.

By Google

Google! Who knows, knows that in Google, you can get everything, including people without them knowing. With this form of tracking, only the email associated with the company server will be needed. In this case, Gmail is almost always used. With this tool, the whereabouts and access of the person’s equipment will be immediately known.


In the case of Android, the app can be installed on the device without complications. However, in this case, you will only have access to a limited number of functions. In case you want to enjoy all these functions, you must root the cell phone. This app to locate people without them knowing is also compatible with Android OS 4.0.3 – 8.1.