10 Best Platformer Games on Android & iPhone of 2024

Best Platformer Games on Android & iPhone: Platformers are one of the oldest game genres, with a history spanning over 40 years. With the development of smartphones, it is experiencing a slight renaissance.

10 Best Platformer Games on Android & iPhone

Best Platformer Games

Powerful hardware allows you to run cool games from consoles on phones, and a lot of high-quality projects are being done directly for mobile phones. Our top, which contains the best platformers on Android, will tell you about the most interesting of them.

1. Oddmar

If you feel warm somewhere around your heart from Viking games, then you simply have to try the free platformer Oddmar. Together with a brave Viking named Oddmar, you have to go through 24 picturesque and rather long levels inspired by Scandinavian mythology.

We’ll have to jump, and fight, and collect bonuses, and even use magic skills that are given when eating magic mushrooms. But the game can be pleasantly surprised not by the gameplay alone. Oddmar simply has the coolest visuals, combining hand-drawn elements with modern 3D graphics. 

2. Ninja Arashi

No less classic and interesting theme than the Vikings is a ninja. The creators of Ninja Arashi resorted to a very interesting graphic solution – they left the background color and well-developed and made the characters and the land on which they move in the form of dark silhouettes.

It turned out quite a Japanese aesthetics. The gameplay here is also on a level. Elements of RPG and character leveling are organically interwoven into it. In the course of the passage, your hero will receive new weapons and acquire skills, such as throwing shuriken. What’s even more enjoyable is this bunch of decent difficulty levels that will challenge even the most experienced players. 

3. Forgotton Anne

Another platformer in Russian, whose good graphics are catchy from the very first seconds. Forgotton Anne is like a quality cartoon with a fun and kind plot. The girl Anne puts things in order in a parallel world, where forgotten and useless objects come to life and gain their own will.

Many of them, like Ann herself, dream of returning to the real world, but not all living things are satisfied with non-existence and the most recalcitrant revolt. Forgotton Anne’s platforming elements are balanced in the right proportions with story scenes and puzzles to create a very enjoyable and memorable experience for the player.

4. Grimvalor

Those looking for new platformers on Android should take a closer look at Grimvalor. The main difference between this offline game and its competitors is the bet on furious action with a bunch of weapons and skills and boss battles in the style of Dark Souls.

Not without RPG elements, so the style of passing completely depends on the pumping of characteristics and the choice of a weapon for killing enemies.

The mobile format usually doesn’t have cool graphics, but Grimvalor is ported to Android from PC, and the picture is simply gorgeous. By the way, in the vastness of the network, you can find a lot of guides and instructions for pumping if the passage turns out to be too difficult for you.

5. Badland

Badland is an extremely atmospheric platformer set in a magical forest. You will have to play as one of its strange but pretty inhabitants.

Once the serene life of the forest comes to an end – deadly mechanisms appear in it, capable of grinding all living things into dust.

These mechanisms in the form of huge rotating saws, lasers, and presses will become the main obstacles on the hero’s path to the finale. Badland is very popular with critics for its meditative gameplay and original graphics that immerse you in a magical but, at the same time, disturbing world.   


Sometimes igrostroy creates such unusual projects as pixel horror. And although the “horrors” from DERE EVIL EXE turned out to be dubious – the game is frankly not terrible, the platform component was a success.

As a little knight, you will have to walk through surreal levels and challenge creatures that personify the greatest human fears. And then face to face with their creator, step by step, luring the hero into their networks.

DERE EVIL EXE is an elegant combination of a retro platformer with a plot level of the best creepypastas. Recommended for amateurs of both. 


Side view games for Android can look like real works of art. The platformer GRIS, for example, has amazing visuals. Here, no one will load you with tons of text – it is not in the game at all.

Music and incredible artistic performance levels will tell you everything you need, in which gentle pastel tones replace the monochrome background.

In GRIS, you will guide the heroine through a storyline associated with the acquisition of psychological calmness. It is divided into five stages of accepting the inevitable: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance. If you like peaceful and meditative games more than primitive action, then GRIS is exactly what you need.

8. Dead Cells

Contrary to the previous game, Dead Cells is a solid feast of pixelated action. In this 2D platformer, everything revolves around leveling, picking up items, and battling various enemies.

The game has a lot of elements from the classic roguelikes, so you never know which of the hundreds of monsters can wait for you on a new level and whether a random will throw an excellent weapon or leave you with nothing.

In general, Dead Cells has a lot of replay value, and it’s completely normal to die here to unlock new levels. The game, by the way, with the support of a gamepad, so if you have the opportunity to pick one up on your phone, then we advise you to do it. 

9. Mad Dex 2

Mad Dex 2 is almost an analog of the infamous Super Meat Boy. A simple, at first glance, a game with unpretentious graphics of the level of flash projects. But do not let the picture confuse you because the gameplay is central here.

Or rather, the high difficulty of passing. Get ready for the fact that some of the local levels will bake you just below your back, and a smartphone in your hands from an excess of emotions can easily fly into the wall. And the game is full of such levels.

Therefore, Mad Dex 2 can only be recommended to people with strong nerves. Well, or hard-core connoisseurs of free platformers for Android, who cannot be scared away by a challenge.

10. Limbo

Limbo is the crown jewel of our top platformer games for Android. This is a very beautiful game that relies on the atmosphere and the rather dark tone of the storytelling.

The plot of the plot is simple – the boy descends into the limb to find his deceased sister. In the world of Limbo, there are no bright colors, only black and white landscapes, eerie creatures, and dangerous mechanisms.

The hero will have to jump, run, and try to survive, and solve various puzzles. However, there will still be a story in the foreground, the finale of which I really want to get to. The only downside is that the game costs money, so google the hack if you don’t want to pay.


This completes the selection. Hopefully, the best mobile platform games will keep you busy for a long time. Please write in the comments your favorite games that we forgot about.