300+ Emoji Faces With Meaning of 2022 – (People and Smileys)

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Emoji face Meanings With Meaning: WhatsApp emoticons are very varied, aren’t they? Surely you have wanted to find the perfect icon to describe how you are feeling, but you have no idea which one best suits what you want to express. Just relax! Next, we will tell you the meaning of all of them.

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Emoji face Meanings With Meaning

Emoji Faces With Meaning

😀  Smiling face Meaning

This happy emoji with a wide smile is one of the most used and has a universal meaning: you want to say hello, add enthusiasm to something, or give a cheerful character to the text. U + 1F600

😃  Smiley face Meaning with open mouth

Classic emoticon with open mouth and oval eyes. She is in a good mood and smiles happily, showing her teeth. Express enthusiasm, from a cheerful greeting to boundless happiness. U + 1F603

😄  Laughing face Meaning with open mouth and smiling eyes

This is to laugh out loud! This emoticon laughs loudly with joy and enthusiasm. The eyes also show a laughing expression, unlike the classic emoticon. It can also be used with sarcasm. U + 1F604

😆  Smiling face Meaning with open mouth and closed eyes

I can’t help but laugh! The emoji has a laughing fit because something is ridiculous or extremely funny. It can be used to laugh at someone else’s evil or something that has happened to another person. It is equivalent to the “XD” and “> <” text icons. U + 1F606

😉  Winking face Meaning

Naughty emoticon winking. Express humor, a joke, a flirtation, or that someone has ulterior motives. It can be used to take away the seriousness of a message: “don’t take it seriously; it’s just a joke.” U + 1F609

😊  Smiling face Meaning with smiling eyes

Shy and embarrassed smile. Red cheeks express joy, but also shyness. It represents luck, satisfaction, joy, and gratitude. Text variant: “^^”. U + 1F60A

🙂  face Meaning with a slight smile

A slight smile on the lips indicates that this emoji is satisfied with itself and with the world. It can make a message friendlier than it first seemed. It can also have a sarcastic meaning in a situation where a smile is irrelevant. U + 1F642

☺  Smiley face Meaning

I’m happier than a few Easter! Expression of happiness. A shy smile in reaction to a nice compliment or something great has happened. U + 263A

😳 Flushed  face Meaning

One is surprised, in an awkward situation, or has made a mistake. Express shame: something is very ridiculous. It can be used as a reaction to a compliment or compliment that we would rather not have received. U + 1F633

🥵 Heated  face Meaning

It’s so hot, and I’m going to get heatstroke right away! Intense redhead, with the tongue sticking out and beads of sweat on the forehead. The warmest place in the world is in Iran. In 2005, the highest temperature was recorded in the Lut desert: 70.7 ° C. U + 1F975

🥶 Frosty  face Meaning

It’s so cold that you’re about to freeze to death. Your smile is already a little cold. Completely blue face Meaning with a cold and haunted facial expression. You need a cup of tea or coffee or a hot bath. U + 1F976

😁  Smiling

face Meaning with smiling eyes Happy face Meaning with a mischievous smile. It represents carefree and joy. It represents great excitement due to an event, although it can also be used if you are upset or a little embarrassed. U + 1F601

😬  face Meaning that makes a face Meaning

I find it embarrassing! Expression of nervousness, discomfort, or embarrassment. Terrified and guilty smile: someone has done something stupid and is trying to resolve a tense situation by making a joke. U + 1F62C

😏 Smug  face Meaning / mischievous

smile Half smile expressing self-sufficiency. Symbol of irony, coldness, or joy. Caution is advised: someone could be up to something. It is used as an attractive look for flirting or sexual innuendo. U + 1F60F

🙃  Upside down face Meaning

I’m not serious! The message is ambiguous, ironic, or joking. You have said something silly or react to a joke. U + 1F643

😍 Smiling face Meaning with heart-shaped eyes Beaming happy face Meaning with heart-

shaped eyes. His heart is racing, and he is insanely in love with a person, a place, or a thing. Express a high degree of love and affection, as well as gratitude. It is usually part of romantic messages. I don’t think I’m that lucky! U + 1F60D

🥰  Smiling face Meaning with closed eyes and three hearts

You are madly in love. This romantic emoji indicates that something or someone has stolen your heart. U + 1F970

😧  face Meaning in pain

Something unexpected happened! face Meaning with raised eyebrows and open eyes and mouth. A mixture of shock and disappointment. It represents fear, frustration, horror, and negative surprises. U + 1F627

😵 Dazed  face Meaning

I’m very dizzy! This cross-eyed, open-mouthed emoji is completely in a daze and doesn’t know what’s up and what’s down anymore. It also symbolizes strong emotions or being drunk. U + 1F635

😲 Shocked face Meaning

It’s amazing, and I had no idea! Shocked face Meaning with mouth and eyes wide open: overwhelmed with surprise, in shock, or full of disbelief. I can’t believe what just happened! U + 1F632

😦  face Meaning with a frown and mouth open

I can’t believe you did that! This emoji expresses horror, fear, worry, and mistrust. It is used as a reaction to a negative surprise. You have been caught cold, and you have been stunned. U + 1F626

🤮 Open Mouth Throwing Up  face Meaning

To say “I feel like throwing up” or describe how drunk you got last night. With this vomiting emoticon, you can also make clear what you think about something. U + 1F92E

😷  face Meaning with a protective mask

The mask is used to protect yourself or avoid infecting others. This emoji indicates that someone is in the hospital, has to go to the doctor, or has become ill. The use of masks is widespread in Asia. U + 1F637

😱 face Meaning frozen with fear

face Meaning that screams in fright and puts both hands to his head. It is frosty frightened or has received shocking news. This creepy emoji can also be used ironically or as a symbol for Halloween. U + 1F631

😨 Scared face Meaning

The emoticon is scared, scared, and stunned. You appear to be deeply shocked and surprised by a troubling event or intense experience. U + 1F628

😭 face Meaning crying to seas Desolate

and desolate face Meaning with tears that fall from his eyes like a waterfall. Represents damage, pain, or defeat. It is also used ironically, or if something is so funny that it makes us cry with laughter. U + 1F62D

🤯 Exploding head

Used to express “I can’t believe it” or “This will surprise you.” Indicates that something is very exciting or surprising. The exploding head can also be used to express shock or amazement. U + 1F92F

🤩  Smiling face Meaning with stars in the eyes

This emoji is very excited and full of joy. You may be spellbound and speechless after meeting someone you really like or fascinated by the glory and stars’ world. U + 1F929

🥳  face Meaning with a trumpet and a party hat.

“It was a wild party” or “That has to be celebrated!” No matter what the occasion is, it has to be celebrated properly. It can also be used to symbolize Carnival. U + 1F973

😰  Open-mouthed face Meaning and cold sweat

I’m shocked! Anxious face Meaning with cold sweat on forehead indicating concern. Her mouth is open and speechless. You are sweating due to stress. U + 1F630

🤭  face Meaning with hand over mouth

Expresses shock, surprise, or that you have suddenly realized something. A typical gesture to acknowledge that the other person is not telling the truth. You can see that she is lying. U + 1F92D

😢 Tearful face Meaning

A sad face Meaning with a tear sliding down your cheek. It indicates that our interlocutor is hurt and upset. More than sadness in general, it represents pain for a specific thing or a memory of the past. U + 1F622

🤬  face Meaning with symbols on the mouth

The symbols on the mouth represent curses or bad words. This angry looking emoticon is really upset and blurts out expletives. Represents sudden anger or frustration. U + 1F92C

😥  Disappointed but relieved face Meaning

You are relieved that something has ended, but at the same time you are disappointed or heartbroken. You have experienced a stressful event with a negative result, such as a test. You have overcome a difficult or delicate situation, but have not escaped unscathed. U + 1F625

😓  face Meaning with cold sweat

Stress or worry about a bad experience. Things didn’t go the way they should. I have a lot of stress at school or a lot of work at the office. You are tired, but you still have a lot to do. U + 1F613

😅 Smiley face Meaning with open mouth and cold sweat Sweaty

smile. Indicates relief that a situation turned out well or had a positive outcome, eg. eg, an important appointment. An important moment is approaching and you are nervous. U + 1F605

😂  face Meaning with tears of joy

I can’t help laughing! Something is so funny that it makes you laugh out loud. He has given you a laughing fit and you can’t stop This emoji is the most popular and was named “Word of the year 2015”. U + 1F602

😪  Sleepy face Meaning

This emoji is tired and would like to go to sleep. The bubble coming out of the nose is a typical manga sign to indicate that a character is asleep. It can be used to express that a conversation or a trip is extremely boring and makes us sleepy. U + 1F62A

😘 face Meaning that sends a kiss

This emoticon blows you a kiss. Express affection in a friendly or romantic way. It can be used to detract from a sarcastic response or as a reaction to a rude message. It is common to use it to flirt and show gratitude. U + 1F618

😗  face Meaning that gives a kiss

face Meaning that sends kisses to another person. By having your eyes open and not having a heart, it is not an intimate kiss, but rather a kiss for a friend or family member with which to say “thank you”, “hello” or “goodbye”. It can also mean “whistle” or the typical “duck face Meaning” that some put when taking selfies. U + 1F617

😙 Kissing face Meaning with smiling eyes

Relaxed facial expression, with smiling eyes and kissing lips. It is a friendly kiss for friends and family, it can be a farewell: “I send you a kiss and a hug.” It can also be used to represent a whistle. U + 1F619

😚 Kissing face Meaning with closed eyes

Adorable face Meaning with closed eyes and rosy cheeks. Sent as a thank you for a tip or a favor. It can also be a loving kiss for friends, family, and other loved ones. U + 1F61A

🤪  Crazy face Meaning

Something is incredibly funny. You are in an excellent mood, wanting to make jokes and crazy things. Totally freaking out and full of enthusiasm or joy. It can also indicate that someone has made a bawdy joke. U + 1F92A

😶 Mouthless face Meaning

This mouthless emoji means silence. Someone cannot or should not speak on a particular topic. Used in difficult, embarrassing, or confidential conversations. Imagine what he could say if he opened his mouth! U + 1F636

😮  Open-mouthed face Meaning

Oh, I’m impressed! This emoji is shocked and amazed. It can be both a positive and negative surprise, from mild amazement to overwhelming concern. U + 1F62E

🙄 face Meaning with rolling eyes

Emoji rolling eyes: You find the situation or a person boring and annoying. You will no longer participate in this conversation. U + 1F644

🤔  Thoughtful face Meaning

The typical thinker’s pose: pensive face Meaning with one hand resting on the chin. It represents a statement, the intelligence of a person or the questioning of an idea. You are pondering or thinking of a brilliant idea. U + 1F914

😑  Expressionless

face Meaning An expressionless face Meaning with closed eyes and mouth. Our interlocutor is tired, upset, lacking in patience and has reached his limit. Can’t find the right words to continue the conversation. U + 1F611

🤐  face Meaning with a zipper on the mouth

The zipper instead of the mouth indicates that your lips are sealed. The secret is safe and will be kept silent. It can also mean that you keep quiet because you don’t know what to say about something. U + 1F910

🥴 face Meaning with uneven eyes and crooked mouth Half-

open eyes, crooked mouth and red cheeks. This emoji shows a confused expression, which may be due to tiredness or that you are in a confused emotional state. It can also represent being drunk. U + 1F974

🤒  face Meaning with thermometer

A sad face Meaning with a thermometer in its mouth expresses illness. You have caught the flu or other illness associated with fever, or are worried about getting sick. U + 1F912

😴  Sleepy face Meaning

Good night and happy dreams! In comics or cartoons the zZz above the head represent that the character is asleep. This emoji indicates that our interlocutor is tired, wants to go to bed or is about to fall asleep out of boredom. U + 1F634

😋  face Meaning enjoying delicious food

Emoji licking lips with pleasure. You’re hungry, you’ve just cooked something delicious, and you’ve left your plate empty. It is often interpreted as a stick-out grin and is used after a joke or message that is intended to be funny. U + 1F60B

🤨  face Meaning with a raised eyebrow

Reminiscent of the inquisitive gaze of actor “The Rock” (Dwayne Johnson). It can be used to express skepticism, disbelief, or disapproval. U + 1F928

😜 Tongue Out Winking face Meaning Emoticon sticking

out its tongue and winking. Your interlocutor has made a joke or wants to flirt with you. He describes a carefree frame of mind and what he says is not serious. U + 1F61C

😛 face Meaning with tongue sticking out

It is used when joking with friends and making an ironic comment to make sure that the other does not take it. You tease others in a loving way. U + 1F61B

🧐  face Meaning with monocle

A monocle is a visual aid with only one lens. At the end of the 19th century it was considered a symbol of distinction. Something is fishy! This emoticon warns that we must pay attention to our surroundings. It is the “upper class” version of the brooding smile. U + 1F9D0

😝 face Meaning with tongue sticking out and squinting eyes

This emoji is used to tease someone, joke or offend someone. It is common to see it in messages of flirtation, black humor or to express joy in general. U + 1F61D

🤑  face Meaning with money in the eyes and mouth

This emoticon has dollar signs in its eyes and one banknote per tongue. You may have won something or anticipate a good financial opportunity. It implies a feeling of wealth. U + 1F911

🤓 Nerd face Meaning with glasses

Big glasses, awkward smile and buck teeth. It is used humorously or ironically to refer to nerds or to express how smart you are. She represents the stereotype of a “nerd”, an intelligent but strange person with few social skills. U + 1F913

😎  face Meaning with sunglasses

Look how cool I am! You are completely sure of yourself, you have done something very well and you are proud of it. It also symbolizes the sun, summer vacations, and the beach. U + 1F60E

🤗 Hugging face Meaning Smiley

with rosy cheeks that spreads its hands and wants to hug you. It is an open and close gesture that expresses warmth and kindness. U + 1F917

😇 Smiley face Meaning with halo

I want to look innocent ( pretend ). Someone has done a good deed, he is very sweet, innocent and behaves in an exemplary way. The angelic face Meaning can also be used ironically in connection with acts not so in good faith. U + 1F607

😯 Dumbfounded face Meaning

OMG! This negatively shocked face Meaning has been left speechless due to shocking news. It is used in response to bad behavior or a rude message. I have nothing to add to what you have said. U + 1F62F

😕 Amazed face Meaning

This emoji is confused or at odds with something. He is insecure and dissatisfied in a situation and imagined that things were going to be different. U + 1F615

🙁  face Meaning with a frown

“I’m sorry to hear that” or “It bothers me a bit what you’re saying.” A frown can indicate rejection or that a person is surprised. U + 1F641

☹ Disgusted  face Meaning

Sad face Meaning with tilted mouth. This emoji is sad, unhappy, and shows disapproval. It can denote dissatisfaction with bad weather, having made small mistakes, or a person’s behavior. U + 2639

😟  Worried

face Meaning Worried looking face Meaning due to a complicated situation or an important event. You feel anxious, insecure, and uncomfortable. U + 1F61F

😐  Neutral

face Meaning Poker face Meaning: expressionless face Meaning with a neutral gaze. He’s not at all impressed and he’s indifferent. U + 1F610

😞  Disappointed face Meaning

This sad emoji closes his eyes and looks down. He has a frustrated and disappointed expression. It represents sadness and regret. U + 1F61E

🤫  face Meaning asking for silence

“Pssst!”, You have to be silent. It is often used when someone confides a secret that should not be told to anyone else. It is a friendly way of telling our interlocutor that he should shut up. U + 1F92B

😔  Thoughtful face Meaning

A thoughtful expression. The emoji looks down and needs time to think. Represents melancholy, frustration and general dissatisfaction. U + 1F614

😌  Relief face Meaning

Everything went well! Relieved smile and happy expression showing satisfaction that something unpleasant has ended. Relaxed, calm, grateful and carefree. U + 1F60C

😒  Dissatisfied face Meaning

This grumpy and sullen look expresses dissatisfaction. She isn’t excited about one thing and she shows it. It is also used as an expression of disinterest and disapproval. U + 1F612

😣 Suffering face Meaning Helpless emoji

that is tormenting and suffering. I’ve had a rough day and he’s ready to throw in the towel. but he knows he must face Meaning the situation and get over it soon. U + 1F623

😖  face Meaning of consternation

How could this happen? This emoticon is extremely shocked and puzzled. It can also mean that you are very angry – this is the last straw! U + 1F616

😫 Tired face Meaning

Emoji with narrowed eyes and open mouth that is tired. It may be due to lack of sleep, what is happening around you, or a boring person or situation. It is exhausted and worn out. Now you need peace of mind once and for all. U + 1F62B

😩 Apathetic face Meaning

Leave me alone! Emoji with raised eyebrows and tilted mouth complaining about exhausting and unpleasant things, but inevitable. His eyes are watery, he is upset, and he is completely mentally or physically exhausted. U + 1F629

🥺  face Meaning with pleading eyes.

Big eyes that sparkle, expression of devotion: This emoji is asking for something, like a loan of money or that you leave the car. When you want something, putting on a helpless puppy face Meaning is an infallible weapon to achieve it. U + 1F97A

😤  Triumph face Meaning

This emoticon has white smoke coming out of its nose. A dismissive snort that can be interpreted as a sign of superiority. He is proud and triumphant over a success. U + 1F624

😡  Bad face Meaning

Bad face Meaning that expresses displeasure with a person or a situation. Warning, danger of explosion! He’s upset, enraged, and his face Meaning is burning. U + 1F621

😠 Angry face Meaning

Grumpy and angry emoticon. It is used as a reaction to something unfavorable or as a sign of rejection. It would probably be best to get out of their way. U + 1F620

🤤 Drooling face Meaning Drooling  face Meaning, drooling

. Indicates a desire for a person, a delicious meal, a new car, or enthusiasm for an event. Expression of extreme interest and desire. U + 1F924

🤣 Falling on the ground laughing

It’s very funny, I’m dying of laughter! face Meaning that starts with laughter. The emoji version of the acronym “ROFL” which means “rolling on the ground laughing.” U + 1F923

🤥  Liar emoticon

As with Pinocchio, this emoji’s nose lengthens with each lie he tells, leaving him in evidence as a liar. Symbol of falsehood or that we have been told an unlikely story. U + 1F925

🤠  Cowboy hat face Meaning

What’s up, stranger? Typical American emoticon with wild west cowboy hat. It represents freedom, nature, and hard work. U + 1F920

🤢 Disgusted face Meaning

This emoji has a green face Meaning, is sick and looks like it might vomit. It can express dislike and aversion or represent a disease. U + 1F922

🤧  Sneezing

face Meaning A sneezing face Meaning with closed eyes and a tissue in the nose. I have a cold! Express that someone is sick or not feeling well. U + 1F927

🤕  face Meaning with head

bandage Sad face Meaning with head bandage: Someone is sick, has had an accident or is in the hospital. The bandage symbolizes health problems. U + 1F915

🤡 Clown face Meaning Stop fooling around

! Clown face Meaning made up of the circus world. It can be used in connection with fun and entertainment, but it can also be scary for some people, as it is reminiscent of the clown from Stephen King’s horror movie “It”. U + 1F921

💩 Pile of Poo Emoji

Oh no, wrong! What a ***! The cartoon version of an excrement. It can describe a situation, substitute for a curse or criticize something that our interlocutor has said. U + 1F4A9

👿  Imp

An imp that frowns, looks angry and is not joking. It is recommended that you be careful. Represents malicious acts or comments, as well as treason. U + 1F47F

😈 Smiley face Meaning with horns Smiley imp

with little horns. Express a desire to cause trouble or that you are up to something bad. U + 1F608

👺  Japanese Devil

Tengu (literally: sky dog) is the name of a Japanese mythical creature. It has supernatural powers and produces misfortunes. The red mask has eyebrows, a beard, and a remarkably long nose. U + 1F47A

👹  Japanese Ogre “Namahage”

The Oni represents a demon and a spirit of hell in Japanese mythology. He is an ugly character, with horns and who chases evil souls. It is a traditional costume on New Year’s Eve to ward off evil spirits. U + 1F479

👻  Ghost

This funny ghost is too adorable to scare and cause fear. It is a symbol for Halloween or for spooky things in a joking tone, p. eg horror movies. U + 1F47B

💀  Skull

This is extremely dangerous! The skull emoji symbolizes death and danger. It can pose a real threat, but it can also be used in a sarcastic or humorous tone. U + 1F480

☠  Skull

Be careful! The skull with two crossed bones symbolizes death. A warning sign of toxic substances and dangers. U + 2620

👽  Extraterrestrial creature

Aliens are here! Symbol for an alien creature. However, she smiles kindly and comes in peace. U + 1F47D

🤖  Robot

face Meaning The mouth of this robot face Meaning looks like a doll. It expresses that something or someone is remote-controlled and works like a robot. It can also be used to symbolize insensitive people or refer to artificial intelligence and science fiction movies. U + 1F916

🎃  Halloween Pumpkin

Trick or Treat? An empty pumpkin with holes to simulate a face Meaning and a candle inside. Irish immigrants brought the Halloween tradition to the United States. Usually this emoji is sent as a Halloween symbol. U + 1F383

😺  Smiling Cat face Meaning with Open Mouth

The smiling cat face Meaning is an expression of happiness and joy, mainly used by cat lovers. The feline could represent femininity. U + 1F63A

😸  Cat face Meaning that smiles with smiling eyes

Cat face Meaning that is in a great mood. His eyes and mouth are smiling and he is very satisfied. The interlocutor can have fun with him. U + 1F638

😼 Cat face Meaning with wry smile

This sassy cat laughs wryly with a lopsided smile. She makes fun of you, is sarcastic or has played a practical joke on you. It can also indicate a flirtation. The best thing is that you be careful. U + 1F63C

😽  Cat face Meaning giving a kiss with closed eyes

Cat with flushed cheeks and closed eyes. She has rounded her lips and wants to kiss you. Cats have a reputation for being very fussy and do not usually show affection. U + 1F63D

😻  Smiling cat face Meaning with heart-shaped eyes

Extremely happy cat face Meaning that laughs and has hearts in its eyes. You are deeply in love or very grateful for a very friendly favor. He likes something very much and expresses admiration. U + 1F63B

🙀  Exhausted cat face Meaning

The cat is tired and exhausted. It has blank eyes and its paws are raised to its open mouth. You need a break as soon as possible. It can be used as a reaction to something outrageous or shocking. U + 1F640

😾 Pouting cat

A grumpy cat with an unfriendly face Meaning. Her mouth and whiskers are tilted downward. He is in a bad mood, frustrated and angry. “Grumpy Cat” is a grumpy-looking cat who became an internet phenomenon. U + 1F63E

😿  Crying cat face Meaning Cat

face Meaning with downward slanted eyebrows and mouth. She is sad and a tear is running down her cheek. You have received bad news. Expression of empathy U + 1F63F

😹  Cat face Meaning with tears of joy

This cat emoji has squinted eyes and an open mouth. He is unable to stay still and laughs out loud. Something is very funny or funny, you feel relieved and cry tears of joy. U + 1F639

🤲  Hands with palms up

“I pray that everything goes well today” or “Can you lend me some money, please?”. The palms facing up represent a form of prayer or asking for alms. In American Sign Language, they represent an open book. U + 1F932

👐  Open

hands Two open hands that reach out to hug the interlocutor. They represent affection and sincerity. It can also represent a hug. U + 1F450

🙌  People celebrating something and raising their hands

Hallelujah! Let’s raise our hands to celebrate. It represents a party, a happy dance, a good mood and fun. It can also mean “Banzai”, a Japanese vitor that brings 10,000 years of happiness and joy. U + 1F64C

👏  Hands clapping

Bravo! Well done! This emoji shows two hands that are clapping It means approval and appreciation. It can also be used in a sarcastic tone if something doesn’t deserve any applause. U + 1F44F

🤝  Handshake

Give me your hand! A handshake can signify a greeting or indicate that an agreement has been reached. It can also simply refer to two people holding hands or, figuratively speaking, who have made peace. U + 1F91D

👍  Thumb up symbol

Well done! Thumb up hand signifies approval and agreement. Caution: in Arab countries this is equivalent to raising the middle finger. U + 1F44D

👎  Thumb down symbol

That was really wrong! Thumb down signifies rejection, disapproval, and dislike. Also known for its meaning in the false myth of the death of Roman gladiators U + 1F44E

👊  Hand with a clenched

fist The extended fist means “You can!” and is used as a stimulus. It can be used as a greeting between friends or a gesture to show that you agree. It can also be interpreted as a threatening fist. U + 1F44A

✊ Fist raised

I can handle this! The raised fist implies power and strength. It represents something you believe in. It can be a gesture of political struggle or a symbol of defiance, solidarity and resistance. U + 270A

🤛  Fist to the left

This does not hit or glue! Along with other emojis, it indicates a hit. It can also be used as an informal greeting. This gesture is known as a clenched fist, fist salute, or colloquially “fist bump.” 🤜🤛 U + 1F91B

🤜 Right fist

A hand clenched into a fist that points to the right. This hand gesture is used to greet friends, as a sign of respect, approval or congratulations. U + 1F91C

🤞 Cross-fingered

hand A clenched fist with interlocked middle and index fingers is used to wish someone luck. Children generally use this gesture when making a promise or an oath. U + 1F91E

✌ Victory gesture

Don’t be angry! Symbol of peace, popularized by hippies in the 60s. It is also the gesture of victory, which represents a triumph. In England it can be seen as an insult depicting a woman with his legs spread. U + 270C

🤟  “I love you” gesture

In American Sign Language, the fist with the little finger, index finger and thumb extended means “I love you”. This gesture primarily conveys a positive message. U + 1F91F

🤘  Hand with the horns gesture

Long live rock! The little and index fingers are raised to represent horns. The “horns” are a characteristic gesture of the fans of heavy-metal. It can have many meanings: infidelity (horned husband / wife), sign to avoid misfortune, devil salute, or sacred gesture in Buddhism. U + 1F918

👌  Symbol to indicate that everything is in order

The thumb and forefinger form an O. It represents the word “Ok”. Gesture to indicate approval, agreement or that everything is fine. Be careful, in some countries it is considered an offense or insult. U + 1F44C

👈  Hand pointing to the left

This way! The index finger points to the left. It can indicate a direction, point to something, or underline the important part of a message. U + 1F448

👉  Hand pointing to the right

Index finger pointing to the right. It serves to draw attention to what is coming next or to remind something. It can also represent a warning touch with the index finger. U + 1F449

👆  Hand with index finger pointing up

This hand raises the index finger as a warning or to emphasize a statement. It can also mean “I have time” or “I’m signing up.” You want to draw attention to something. U + 1F446

👇  Hand with index finger pointing down

Hand with raised index finger pointing down. You want to draw attention to something – don’t miss what’s next! It can also indicate that someone is not feeling well or is “down.” U + 1F447

☝  Index finger pointing up

The raised index finger poses a threat: Be careful! It can also be a gesture to give an order. Someone has to announce something or say something important. U + 261D

✋  Raised hand

This emoji shows a raised hand with outstretched fingers. It can be used as a greeting or a farewell and also to express “Stop, I’ve had enough.” “High five” to congratulate or celebrate a success. U + 270B

🤚  Palm Raised

A raised hand shown in an inverted position (palm of the hand). Someone wants to attract attention, p. For example, to ask something or signal their participation. U + 1F91A

🖐  Raised hand with fingers spread

This raised hand with fingers spread can mean the number 5 or “High Five”, but it can also be used to say “Not one more step” or “Wait!”. U + 1F590

🖖 Vulcan salute

The fingers extend between the ring finger and the middle finger in a “V” shape . This hand gesture has its origin in a Jewish blessing. Also, he is famous for the series “Star Trek” (Vulcan salute) and Mr. Spock. Have a long and peaceful life. U + 1F596

👋 Waving hand

Hello and see you! Good trip! This friendly hand gesture can be used as a greeting and as a farewell. It can also be sarcastic, if you want someone or something to go away. U + 1F44B

🤙  “Call me” hand gesture

The closed fist with the thumb and little finger extended is shaped like a telephone. It can be used to say: “Call me” or “We call each other these days.” It is similar to the typical surfers salute, the shaka sign. U + 1F919

💪  Biceps tense

“You can do it!” or “I feel strong!” Arm with tense biceps. It is also used in connection with sports activities, such as in the gym. U + 1F4AA

🖕  Hand with raised middle finger

In Western culture, the raised middle finger emoticon is used as a rude and insulting gesture. U + 1F595

✍  Hand writing

Right hand holding a pen. It is related to writing. “I’ll write you a message.” I have a university exam pending. I am going to write a poem dedicated to my love. U + 270D

🙏  Person with joined hands for prayer

Two joined hands with a golden halo. He is closed in on himself, says a prayer or prays that everything goes well. It is also used to say thank you or to “high five.” U + 1F64F

🦶  Foot

At last I fly to walk barefoot. Indicate that you are going somewhere on foot, or that you would like to receive a relaxing foot massage. Some like feet, some hate them, some have a bad smell and some take great care of them. Our feet carry us from one place to another and are, symbolically, the base of our body. U + 1F9B6

🦵  Leg

“You have great legs” or “Tomorrow it’s time to train legs.” In the course of our lives, our legs travel 130,000 km, a distance equivalent to going around the Earth three times. Man is the only creature that walks on two legs. In the legs are the largest bone, the largest joint and the largest muscle in our body. U + 1F9B5

💄  Lipstick

I’m going to look pretty! The lipstick beautifies millions of women’s lips around the world. The color red is associated with passion, liveliness and attractiveness. It is used in connection with parties, fashion and fun. Often combined, p. eg with a dancing emoji 💃💄, to represent a night out. U + 1F484

💋  Mark of a kiss

Mark of a red and sensual kiss. I’d like to kiss you and leave behind the lipstick mark. It can mean “You are a sun” or “Thank you very much!” U + 1F48B

👄  Mouth

A slightly open mouth with thick red lips that has an intense and attractive effect for both sexes. “I send you a kiss” or “I’m going to sing at a party tonight.” U + 1F444

🦷  Tooth

I have a toothache or want to bite into something. It can be used as a reminder to brush your teeth or to indicate that a baby is teething. Tooth enamel is the hardest material in the human body, and 22 million bacteria live in the mouth. U + 1F9B7

🦴 Bone

The cold penetrates me to the bone! It can indicate that someone is very thin, symbolize a bone for dogs or refer to the bones of our body. The human skeleton is made up of 200 bones that are equivalent to about 15% of our total weight. U + 1F9B4

👅  Tongue

Sticking out your tongue is a naughty gesture and a childish way of challenging someone. It can be used to reinforce a joke or to provoke. I’m in a very good mood and want to joke around! U + 1F445

👂  Ear

The ear emoji can mean “I’m listening to something” or “You have my full attention”. Also, the ear is an erogenous zone for some men and women. U + 1F442

👃  Nose

The nose generally represents the sense of smell. This emoji can be used to indicate that something has an especially strong smell. Depending on the context, this can be a good or bad thing. U + 1F443

👣  Footprints

The two footprints indicate difficulties that you will soon be able to overcome thanks to your own efforts. They are also used as a symbol of a baby’s feet or to say: I’m on my way! U + 1F463

👁  Eye

I have my eye on you! Something is interesting or is being watched. In ancient cultures it is often a religious symbol, such as the Egyptian Eye of Horus or the eastern evil eye. U + 1F441

👀  Eyes

Attention! Someone is watching you. Two eyes looking to the left. Something is being observed and verified. You are under surveillance! U + 1F440

🧠  Brain

“I have to think!”, “It doesn’t enter my mind” or “You have been brainwashed”. It is the most important organ, which controls our body and our personality. The human brain weighs approx. 1.3 kg, is made up of 60% fat and consumes 20% of our basal metabolic rate. U + 1F9E0

🗣  Talking head

The silhouette of a head that is speaking. It can refer to the existence of rumors or a person who likes to talk a lot. Also to say: “I have fresh news!” U + 1F5E3

👤  Silhouette of a bust

Silhouette or shadow of a person. Represents anonymity, a secret or unknown identity. It is often used in software and computers as a symbol to refer to a user or a guest profile. U + 1F464

👥  Silhouette of two busts

The silhouette of two people. A friend you can trust has your back. It also symbolizes a community or group. U + 1F465

👶  Baby

A baby face Meaning with a curl on the forehead. This emoji can represent an impending pregnancy or the desire to have children. U + 1F476

👧  Girl

face Meaning of a smiling girl with pretty pigtails. It represents youth and a happy childhood. It is also used to say: “Don’t be a girl” or “Girl for everything.” U + 1F467

🧒  Child

I want to have many children in the future! The gender neutral variant of a child’s face Meaning. It can define someone who behaves in a childish or immature way and must urgently grow up. U + 1F9D2

👦  Child

Male child, between eight and twelve years old. It is related to children, childhood and the family. It can also be used to indicate that someone is immature. U + 1F466

👩  Woman

She is a wonderful woman! This emoji shows a female face Meaning in adulthood. It refers to gender and can be used for mothers, as well as for co-workers or neighbors. U + 1F469

🧑  Adult (s)

Today adults are in the majority! The gender-neutral version of an adult person. It refers to a group or an individual whose gender does not matter. U + 1F9D1

👨  Man Male

face Meaning in adulthood with mustache. Simple and common emoji. It is generally used for men, eg. eg, when talking about someone you don’t know their name. U + 1F468

👩‍🦱  Woman with curly hair

Woman with curly hair. This emoji represents the appearance of oneself or another. It can indicate that you come from the hairdresser or that you want to curl your hair for a party. Whether someone has straight or curly hair is genetic. U + 1F469 U + 1F9B1

👨‍🦱  Man with curly hair

Man with curly hair: the typical image of an Australian surfer or a guy with a toupee. This emoji can be used to represent the appearance of a new friend, coworker, or neighbor. Only 15% of people of European descent have curls. U + 1F468 U + 1F9B1

👩‍🦰  Red-haired woman

Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman or Pipi Langstrumpf. Worldwide, there are only 1% natural redheads, the rest are dyed. This emoji can indicate that you are proud of your hair color or that you have been to the salon. U + 1F469 U + 1F9B0

👨‍🦰  Red-haired man

Prince Henry, Vincent Van Gogh, Boris Becker or Robert Redford. Being redhead is rare: less than two percent of the world’s population has hair of this color. It usually occurs in combination with fair skin and freckles. At 13% Scotland has the highest proportion of redheads, followed by Ireland and Wales. U + 1F468 U + 1F9B0

👱‍♀️  Blonde woman

Marilyn Monroe or Britney Spears. Blonde hair symbolizes innocence, but also sensuality. It is the most popular hair dye of all. Only 2% of people are natural blondes, the rest use tints. U + 1F471 U + 2640

👱‍♂️  Blond man

The attractive Swedish, the stereotype of a surfer, Daniel Craig or our nice new neighbor. Only 2% of the world’s population is blonde. Most of the blond people come from Northern Europe. Men rarely stay blonde, their hair tends to darken with age. U + 1F471 U + 2642

👩‍🦳  Woman with white hair

“I am starting to get gray hair!” or “I need to dye my hair!” Gray or off-white hair represents wisdom, goodness, and happiness. The “granny hair” or raised dye has become a trend, although having white hair for gray is still a taboo. U + 1F469 U + 1F9B3

👨‍🦳  Man with white hair

Represents aging with dignity or having gray hair prematurely due to stress. Hair turns gray and white due to genetic factors or external influences. According to surveys, 8 out of 10 women find gray-haired men attractive. Brings maturity and experience. U + 1F468 U + 1F9B3

👩‍🦲  Bald woman

Sinéad O’Connor or Britney Spears. Shaving your hair may be due to a fashion or sexual preference, but it can also be an indicator of a serious illness. In social networks there is the trend #boldandbadchallenge. U + 1F469 U + 1F9B2

👨‍🦲  Bald man

I am going bald little by little! Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis or Jason Statham – many action heroes are bald. Represents strength and dominance. 66% of men over 35 years of age are affected by hair loss. It is a symbol of aging, but hair loss can also be the result of a serious illness. U + 1F468 U + 1F9B2

🧔 Bearded man

“I’ve grown a beard” or “You look like a hipster.” Beard, goatee, mustache or three-day beard. Symbol of maturity, masculinity and wisdom gained through experience. U + 1F9D4

👵 Older woman

You can tell your grandmother about that! An endearing older woman with glasses and a bow tie. It can refer to a family member or that nice old neighbor. U + 1F475

🧓  Senior person

This is from the past generation! He is not old yet, but he is not young anymore. Gender neutral version of an older person. Refers to people of mature age in general, regardless of gender. U + 1F9D3

👴 Elder Man Elderly gentleman

man of friendly appearance with wrinkles and bald spot . It symbolizes aging in general, a father figure, grandfather or a teacher. This emoji can express how you feel after a hard day or to call our interlocutor old-fashioned. U + 1F474

👲  Man with Chinese hat

This Asian man wears a traditional Chinese hat, called Gau Pi Mao. It was used during the Qing dynasty 1616-1912, the last dynasty in China. It symbolizes China: the culture, the people, the country. U + 1F472

👳  Man with a turban

. The tales of “Thousand and One Nights”! Several long strips of cloth wrapped around the head with a special technique. Symbol of eastern and Muslim countries. The turban is a fashion accessory and it also protects against sand and sun. U + 1F473

🧕  Woman with a headscarf

Triangular fabric or appropriately folded to cover the head. It is used for practical, religious, cultural or fashionable reasons. The inventor of this emoji is a 16-year-old girl from Vienna, who was later included in the list of the most influential teenagers of 2017. U + 1F9D5

👮♀️  Policewoman

You’re dumber than the law allows! The woman in the police uniform is in charge of fighting crime or conducting private investigations. Watch out! Here, order is watched and maintained. U + 1F46E U + 2640

👮  Police officer

The police: always looking out for your safety. It is often used in the police context. You go faster than the police allow! It may also indicate that our own investigations are ongoing – we are investigating the matter! U + 1F46E

👷  Obrero

This emoji shows a worker with a helmet and a reflective vest. It is used in connection with hard physical work. U + 1F477

💂  Guard

I’ll stay on guard! The guards in bearskin caps and red uniforms are a symbol of England. The changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace is as popular with tourists as trying to elicit a response from the stolid guards. U + 1F482

🕵️‍♀️  Woman detective

I’m looking for the truth! Trench coat, hat and dark glasses: This woman is secretly investigating. Reveal secrets and expose bad intentions. Secrets are over! U + 1F575 U + 2640

🕵  Detective

A detective dressed in the characteristic coat and hat. Sometimes he uses a magnifying glass to closely inspect the evidence. The masked face Meaning represents that something is secret or confidential. I will solve the mystery! U + 1F575

👩‍⚕ Healthcare worker

This medical study is really exhausting! The woman in a white coat and stethoscope symbolizes health care. It can indicate profession or represent health or illness. U + 1F469 U + 2695

👨‍⚕  Health sector worker

“A demi-god in a white coat.” It symbolizes healthcare and can represent a doctor, nurse, therapist or surgeon. It is used to indicate that someone has health problems or a doctor’s appointment. U + 1F468 U + 2695

👩🌾  Granjera

We are on holiday in a farm! Nature, animals, meadows and fields. This woman in a straw hat and overalls works in agriculture, grows fruits and vegetables, or is a nature lover. U + 1F469 U + 1F33E

👨‍🌾  Farmer

Let’s go to the field! This man wears a straw or cowboy hat and overalls. It is dedicated to rural life, agriculture, horticulture or livestock. Represents nature or self-reliance. U + 1F468 U + 1F33E

👩‍🍳  Cook

I’ll show you my culinary skills tonight! This woman in the signature uniform of a chef is a star cook or hobbyist, works in the restaurant industry, or may not have a talent for cooking! U + 1F469 ‍U + 1F373

👨‍🍳  Cook

Many cooks spoil the broth! This man in a chef’s jacket and hat is in charge of preparing a tasty meal. Although men often cannot “cook” more than a fried egg at home, there are more men than women in professional kitchens. U + 1F468 U + 1F373

👩‍🎓  Student girl

The hours of study were worth it, now it’s time to celebrate! It indicates that you have successfully completed your studies at college, institute or university. Represents education and knowledge. U + 1F469 U + 1F393

👨‍🎓 Student boy

A recent college graduate! Following the American model, some universities wear gowns and caps for graduation ceremonies. Education symbol. U + 1F468 U + 1F393

👩‍🎤 Singing woman,

I can sing you a song about that! Under the shower or on a big stage: the singer loves the show and enjoys entertaining the audience with microphone in hand. It can also represent the joy of living and a carefree time. U + 1F469 U + 1F3A4

👨‍🎤 Singing man

You are a born artist! This man with a microphone is a pop star, he sings in the shower or he is the king of karaoke. Depending on the version, he is similar to the singers David Bowie or Prince. U + 1F468 U + 1F3A4

👩‍🏫  Teacher

A woman with class: the teacher A woman in front of a blackboard ready to teach a class. 2 out of 3 educators are women. Hardly any other profession is so prejudiced. U + 1F469 U + 1F3EB

👨‍🏫  Teacher

You should be a teacher! The students are very happy with the new teacher or professor. It symbolizes any type of educational institution. It can also be used as a joke, if someone likes to give lessons or is ready to go. U + 1F468 U + 1F3EB

👩‍🏭  Factory worker

My hobby is DIY! This woman is wearing safety glasses and clothing and is holding a live soldering iron in her hands. You work in industry or metallurgy, you are interested in physics and chemistry, or you just like fixing things. U + 1F469 U + 1F3ED

👨‍🏭  Factory worker

This is something that brings us together! When the pieces are welded, they are permanently connected. To protect yourself when doing this job, wear special glasses and sturdy clothing. This man works in industry, in a factory, or is an amateur handyman. U + 1F468 U + 1F3ED

👩‍💻  Computer Science

You spend too much time online! Computer geek, student, blogger, or online shopping enthusiast. Due to her hobbies, her education or her profession, this woman spends a lot of time in front of the computer. U + 1F469 U + 1F4BB

👨‍💻  Computing

New technologies fascinate me! A man sitting in front of a computer or laptop who works as a developer or computer expert. It can also refer to someone who spends a lot of time playing video games online. U + 1F468 U + 1F4BB

👩‍💼 Office worker

I’m staying at the office later today! This businesswoman in a business suit works as a clerk, businesswoman, assistant, or office manager. U + 1F469 ‍U + 1F4BC

👨‍💼 Office worker

Man in shirt and tie. It can be an employee, manager or businessman – your clothes indicate that it is an office job. It can also be a man who dresses for an elegant occasion and wears a new suit. U + 1F468 U + 1F4BC

👩‍🔧  Mechanics

“I am a self-sufficient woman!” or “I have to take the car to the workshop!” This woman wears blue overalls for work or wants to emphasize her ability to repair things. U + 1F469 ‍U + 1F527

👨‍🔧  Mechanic

“I’ve been trying to repair the car all day!” or “I can fix everything!” This man in blue overalls could be an electrician, craftsman, plumber, or mechanic. Represents manual skills or their non-existence. U + 1F468 ‍U + 1F527

👩‍🔬  Scientist

I’m going to do an experiment! It may refer to a change in hair color, a new dish in the kitchen, or a science experiment. Goggles and lab coat indicate that she is a biologist, chemist, physicist, or scientist. Shows an interest in science or indicates that you are investigating to find a solution. U + 1F469 U + 1F52C

👨‍🔬  Scientist

What will come out of this experiment? This man wears safety glasses and a gown because he works as a scientist or researcher in a laboratory. It can symbolize that something is still in the experimental stage, but a solution is already being investigated. U + 1F468 U + 1F52C

👩‍🎨  Painter

“I’m taking painting classes.” A woman with a characteristic beret and a brush in her hand. You are an artist by profession, have discovered a new hobby, or are painting your home. It is an expression of creativity and self-realization. U + 1F469 U + 1F3A8

👨‍🎨  Painter

Do not always paint everything in black and white! A painter with a brush and palette in hand. Represents creative talent, originality, and self-fulfillment. U + 1F468 U + 1F3A8

👩‍🚒  Firefighter

Firefighters come when there is a fire. It can indicate that a heated discussion is taking place, refer to the job we dreamed of in childhood, or alert that there is a fire somewhere. U + 1F469 U + 1F692

👨‍🚒  Firefighter

What is burning? Fire protection clothing protects the firefighter from high temperatures. The fire department puts out fires, saves lives, and sometimes brings cats down from trees. This emoji is used in connection with security, fire fighting, and professions. U + 1F468 U + 1F692

👩‍✈️  Pilot

Welcome aboard, today I will be your captain! Woman in uniform, striped shoulder pads and visor driving an airplane. Represents dreams, change and freedom. In 1988, a co-pilot sat in the cockpit for the first time, in 2000 the first captain. U + 1F469 ‍U + 2708

👨‍✈️  Pilot This

is your captain speaking, we are about to land. This man in uniform, badge and hat is a pilot. It is used to talk about flying, sailing or aircraft in general. U + 1F468 ‍U + 2708

👩‍🚀  Woman astronaut

Discover new things, reach unexpected heights or leave everything behind! The astronaut goes on an exploration trip to space. This is the childhood dream of many. It is often used in relation to space. U + 1F469 ‍U + 1F680

👨‍🚀  Astronaut man

As a child I wanted to be an astronaut! The astronaut in a spacesuit explores the universe in a spaceship. It is also used to express interest in travel to space and planets. It represents the desire to discover something new and increase our horizons. U + 1F468 ‍U + 1F680

👩‍⚖️  Judge women

A woman wearing a black robe and holding a judge’s hammer. The task of judges is jurisprudence. It can be used in connection with the courts or the judiciary. “You have to make a decision!” or “Justice must prevail!” U + 1F469 U + 2696

👨‍⚖️  Judge men

“The accused is guilty!” or “The judge has the last word.” The judge defends justice and the law. U + 1F468 U + 2696

👼  Baby Angel

“I am innocent” or “You are an angel!” The baby angel emoji has a halo on the head and usually represents a wish, a hope or a belief. U + 1F47C

🤰  Pregnant woman

Someone is waiting for a visit from the stork. Pregnant woman holding her belly. You are having a baby! A round belly can also represent weight gain or that you have eaten too much (“food baby”). U + 1F930

🤱  Breastfeeding

Tonight my baby woke up every two hours! A woman breastfeeding a baby. According to a study, around half of mothers in Spain breastfeed their children for approx. 6 months. Breastfeeding children in public is a controversial topic and sparked a trend on social media in 2017. U + 1F931

👸  Princess

A beautiful, elegant and noble princess with a crown or tiara. Every little girl’s dream. Be happy if a boy sends you this emoji, as it means that you are his princess. U + 1F478

🤴  Prince

A prince (from Latin princeps = the first) with a crown. Title of nobility that corresponds to the descendant of a king. The emoji is also used ironically to refer to rich and handsome men. The prince is regarded as a symbol of happiness and embodies reason, intellect and masculinity. Your wishes will come true. U + 1F934

🦸‍♀️  Superhero

With superhuman powers, fight evil and protect humanity. They use the suit to be recognized, but also to protect their real identity. They are characterized by their high morality, great courage and sense of justice and by their unconditional commitment to others. Of course, superheroes are also vulnerable and have weak points. U + 1F9B8 U + 2640

🦹‍♀️  Supervillain

The supervillain is the evil adversary of the superhero, for example Lex Luther in Superman or Joker in Batman. They generally have superhuman abilities, high intelligence, and suffer from megalomania. The villain enjoys doing evil. U + 1F9B9 U + 2640

🤶  Mama Claus

This friendly old woman with glasses and a red and white hat is the wife of Santa Claus. It appears for the first time in the short story “A Christmas Legend” (1849) by James Rees. It represents Christmas and the pre-Christmas period. U + 1F936

🎅  Santa Claus

Merry Christmas! This plump and friendly old man with a white beard and a red cap lives at the North Pole. Christmas Eve slides through the chimneys to leave presents under the good children’s Christmas trees. U + 1F385

🧙  Magician

“This is just a fantasy!” or “I’m a bit of a witch!” Someone wants to watch fantasy movies or has an idea for a carnival costume. Whether you’re a real wizard or a magical personality: this emoji refers to supernatural spells. U + 1F9D9

🧝  Elf

My favorite movie is The Lord of the Rings! These small, graceful, pointed-eared nature spirits act as mediators between nature and man. They are mythological creatures that have supernatural abilities, they can fly and become invisible. They stand out for their shyness, their tenderness and their connection with nature. U + 1F9DD

👰 Girlfriend

“I’m getting married !” It refers to the bride herself or that there is going to be a wedding soon. It can be used for invitations, for the wedding day, to plan a celebration or to search for a wedding dress. U + 1F470

🤵  Man in a tuxedo

Today is a great day! The tuxedo is made up of a jacket, vest and pants. It is an especially elegant suit and suitable for sophisticated occasions. This emoji symbolizes an official occasion or celebration, such as a banquet or a wedding. U + 1F935

🧛  Vampire / that

“I’m a creature of the night” or “I’m going to suck your blood!”. Dark Cloak and Pointed Fangs: These human-shaped undead leave their grave at night, preferably to drink human blood. They have supernatural powers. The most famous vampire is probably Count Dracula. U + 1F9DB

🧟  Zombie

“I’m going like a zombie”, “Let’s see Resident Evil or The Walking Dead”. Fictional creature from horror movies: an undead stripped of his soul. Most of them are angry, afraid, and seek revenge. Represents unselfish or dependent people. U + 1F9DF

🧞  Genie

Represents the stories of “The Thousand and One Nights” or the story of “Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp”. He is a character from eastern fairy tales: trapped in a bottle or lamp for punishment, this spirit must grant three wishes to anyone who releases him. It is a metaphor for self-inflicted danger. U + 1F9DE

🧜  Mermaid

This mythical female creature lives in water and is a mix of a woman’s torso and a fish’s tail. Only the true love of a man frees the mermaid from her curse. The best known is the little mermaid Ariel, from Disney. U + 1F9DC

🧚  Fairy

“I’m like your fairy godmother” or “I love Peter Pan movies.” The most beautiful mythical creatures have magical powers. They can be both women and men, good or bad. They symbolize magic, purity and childhood. U + 1F9DA

🙇 Deep Bowing Person

A person bowing to you. He wants to thank you for something and bows deeply in appreciation. It can also be a tribute or a praise. U + 1F647

🙅  Person in pose “not okay”

No, not like this! Woman with crossed arms and defensive attitude that shows that something is not in order and is bothering her. A signal to stop doing something. U + 1F645

🙆  Person in “all in order” pose

Everything is fine! The woman holds her hands above her head in a circle (OK sign). This means that everything is in order. Represents agreement and approval. Due to the posture, she is also known as a ballerina. U + 1F646

💁 Information desk clerk

How can I help you? The friendly and helpful woman at the information desk answers a customer’s question and makes a hand gesture. It can be used at the end of a message to ask “What do you think?” or say “I don’t care.” U + 1F481

🙋  Cheerful person with raised hand

The person is cheerful and raises a hand. You want to get attention and ask a question or give an answer. U + 1F64B

🤦  Man with his hand on his face Meaning

The “face Meaningpalm” (putting the hand to the head) describes a gesture that became popular through the Star Trek series. “I can’t believe it!” Thinks one to himself due to the stupidity of others. It can also be used to express embarrassment. U + 1F926

🤷  Person who shrugs

“I don’t know how to help you” or “That’s life.” Shrugging your shoulders indicates that you have no idea about something, or that you are not interested. Text version: ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ U + 1F937

🙎 Morros  person

I’m not satisfied! This emoji is upset and shows his discontent It can be a sign that someone is angry or upset. U + 1F64E

🙍  Person frowning

The emoji shows a woman with a frown. The expression on her face Meaning is one of annoyance and discontent. It can indicate sad news. U + 1F64D

💇  Person whose hair is cut

I have to go to the hairdresser! Indicate that you are planning a makeover or preparing for a big event. Men go to the hairdresser more often than women, women pay more than men. Symbol of beauty and vanity. U + 1F487

💆  Person receiving a massage

At a hair salon appointment, a visit to the esthetician or a spa day: This person enjoys a facial or hair massage. Maybe the day was stressful, your head hurts a lot and all you want is to relax. U + 1F486

🧖  Person in a steam sauna

Relax! The steam sauna is heated to a temperature between 80 and 105 ° C. A visit to the sauna serves to relax and promotes good health. In Scandinavia and Russia, it is even a way of socializing. U + 1F9D6

💅  Nail polish

The woman who paints her nails is getting ready for a special occasion or getting pretty for a party. This icon can represent beauty or femininity in general, or used specifically to refer to a manicure appointment. It symbolizes carefree. U + 1F485

💃  Flamenco

The woman who dances in a red dress is usually associated with flamenco or salsa and usually indicates “I want to party” or “I’m very excited!”. In general, it represents fun and joy. U + 1F483

🕺  Dancing man

I had a great time at the party! Someone had a lot of fun or wants to go dancing at a disco. It symbolizes any type of event in which you can dance. U + 1F57A

👯  Women with bunny ears

Two Playboy bunnies with bunny ears. These models represent the American men’s magazine Playboy and are famous throughout the world for their attractiveness. This emoji is also used as a symbol for ballet and to say, “Let’s party!” U + 1F46F

🕴  Man in suit floating

Man in hat and suit floating. It is a mix of an exclamation point and the logo of the 1970s band “The Specialists”. It can be used to symbolize a ghost. U + 1F574

🚶  Pedestrian

A person who is walking or going for a walk. It can also be used to signal others to slow down or slow things down. U + 1F6B6

🏃  Runner

This is a very athletic person who goes out for a run often. It can also indicate that someone is late, is in a hurry, and is running to get from one place to another faster. “I’m on my way!” U + 1F3C3

👫  A man and a woman who go hand in hand

With you I forget all the problems! Couple in love walking side by side. Men and women clasp their hands and radiate happiness. U + 1F46B

👭  Two women who go hand in hand

Two women who go hand in hand, could be best friends or sisters. However, this emoji also represents love between women of the same sex. U + 1F46D

👬  Two men hand in hand

We are a great team! Two men shaking hands. It can mean friendship or represent a gay couple. U + 1F46C

💑  Couple with heart

A couple in love (man and woman) side by side. They are both happy and smiling. The heart represents love. U + 1F491

💏  Kiss

The man and the woman have narrowed eyes and rounded lips. They want to kiss. The heart in pink represents love. U + 1F48F

👪  Family It

can refer to the “classic” family of father, mother and child or symbolize a strong attachment to the family, that we want to create our own family or that we are invited to a party in which only the closest ones will be there. U + 1F46A

👩‍👦  Family: woman and child

My little brother gets on my nerves! The woman is the sister or mother of a small child. Represents family ties. It can mean that the woman is a single mother. U + 1F469 U + 1F466

👩‍👧  Family: woman and girl

“My daughter is just like me” or “I like spending time with my sister”. Used by the mother, it can refer to the daughter or vice versa. Represents family ties. It can mean that the woman is a single mother. U + 1F469 ‍U + 1F467

👩‍👧‍👦  Family: woman, girl and boy

The man works, the wife spends the day alone with the children. It can refer to a mother with her children in particular, a single mother, or maternal love in general. U + 1F469 U + 1F467 U + 1F466

👩‍👦‍👦  Family: woman and two children

“My children are great” or “I am a mother of twins”. It can represent maternal love in general or family relationships. U + 1F469 U + 1F466 U + 1F466

👩‍👧‍👧  Family: woman and two girls

Nothing like a house full of women! Mother of two daughters or twins. It can also be the aunt with the nieces or sisters. U + 1F469 U + 1F467 U + 1F467

👨‍👦 Family: man and boy

” Like a stick, like a splinter” or “He looks a lot like his father. It symbolizes a family (father and son, brothers, cousins) and a close bond. It can represent a father-son outing, sibling love, or a single parent. U + 1F468 U + 1F466

👨‍👧  Family: man and girl

“I raise my daughter alone”. Or “I adore my little sister.” People are related or closely related to each other. U + 1F468 U + 1F467

👨‍👧‍👦  Family: man, boy and girl

Single father or who takes care of his children while his wife is away. A proud father who spends time with his children or an older brother who takes care of his siblings. U + 1F468 U + 1F467 U + 1F466

👨‍👦‍👦  Family: man and two children

Father of the family with his children or the older brother with the two younger ones. Whether they are blood relatives or not, there is a close emotional bond. It represents the love of a father, an excursion with his children or a single father. U + 1F468 U + 1F466 U + 1F466

👨‍👧‍👧  Family: man with two girls

I take care of my daughters with my life! Girls are often the eyes of their parents and they would like to put the world at their feet. The father spends time with his daughters or is a single father. U + 1F468 U + 1F467 U + 1F467

🧶  Ball of yarn Unravel

the mess you have in your head! Wool is made from the fur of sheep, goats, and camels. If rolled into a ball, the wool does not tangle. It is warm, soft, and used for crocheting or weaving. It is a nickname for fluffy puppies. U + 1F9F6

🧵 Thread spool

“I have lost the thread!” It can refer to sewing or indicate that something is fragile. The thread for sewing is wound on small spools. This emoji symbolizes crafts, such as sewing or knitting. U + 1F9F5

🧥  Coat

It’s raining, I’m going to put on a coat! The days are getting colder or it is already winter. The coat is a fashion accessory that protects against rain and cold. U + 1F9E5

🥼 Lab coat

I have to go to the doctor! This knee-length, lightweight white fabric gown is used as workwear in the chemical or medical industry. It is a symbol of cleanliness and purity. U + 1F97C

👚  Women’s blouse

Today I’m going to look pretty! The feminine blouse emoticon can be worn on many occasions. Both casually in free time or formally at work. The blouse can represent fashion and femininity. U + 1F45A

👕  T-Shirt

It’s hot again, you can go short-sleeved. You need new shirts, you have to go shopping with your partner. In what are known as “wet t-shirt contests,” participants are soaked with water while wearing the shirt. U + 1F455

👖  Jeans

These cult pants are extremely popular for both genders. Due to their robustness and flexibility they are suitable as work pants or for leisure time. The jeans icon can represent fashion, a casual outfit, or shopping. U + 1F456

👔  Shirt with tie

A shirt with a matching tie is often worn for work and formal occasions. There is a celebration and the man is dressed up. U + 1F454

👗  Dress

Symbol femininity. From summer sundresses, to evening dresses for gala events or party dresses for the disco. This emoticon represents fashion, shopping or beauty. U + 1F457

👙  Bikini

I want to go take a bath and sunbathe! The bikini symbolizes summer, sun and fun. It can also be used to say, “You look gorgeous in that sexy bikini!” U + 1F459

👘  Kimono

Traditional Japanese garment. The kimono is worn by both men and women. It is a symbol of Japanese culture or cuisine, as well as travel to Japan. U + 1F458

🥿  Ballerinas

To go for a walk in the city I prefer to wear shoes! Ballerinas are a flat shoe, typical of girls. The name comes from its visual resemblance to the footwear used in ballet. Ballerinas are very popular and comfortable shoes that can be combined with many styles. U + 1F97F

👠  High-heeled shoe

Attention, here comes a fatal woman! Red high heels are an icon of sensuality. They represent the desire to go out and have an exciting experience. U + 1F460

👡 Women’s Sandals Fashionable  women

‘s sandals can only be worn in spring or summer. They represent hot, beautiful days, warm summer nights, or vacations. U + 1F461

👢  Women’s

boots I have some new boots! o Today I’m going to be pretty! The cold arrives and it is time to wrap up some boots again. Perhaps our interlocutor wants to go buy some new boots. On average, women buy six pairs of shoes each year. U + 1F462

👞 Men’s shoes

I bought some new shoes! These men’s shoes can be worn for work, going out or at leisure. On average, men have 8 pairs of shoes and women 17. U + 1F45E

👟  Sneakers

Let’s go running! A special shoe for sports activities, for example, for the gym or for a run, and also as a fashion element. This emoji symbolizes a healthy and active lifestyle. U + 1F45F

🥾  Hiking boot

Let’s go hiking! Sturdy boots protect and stabilize the foot, as well as provide cushioning and slip resistance. Hiking was once considered boring, but now it is becoming a fashionable sport. Let’s explore nature! U + 1F97E

🧦  Socks

“Here they steal your socks without taking your shoes off!”. Socks protect feet from the cold and prevent blisters. Until the Middle Ages, they were a status symbol, today they are mass-produced. If you’re not careful, they may be swallowed by the washing machine or the dog! U + 1F9E6

🧤  Gloves

It’s cold, I need my gloves! Accessory that protects from the cold in winter. Gloves protect hands from cold, moisture or dirt. U + 1F9E4

🧣 Scarf Wrap up warm

, it’s cold outside! Garment for winter days. The scarf protects against the wind, is soft and keeps the neck warm, and at the same time it is a fashion accessory. U + 1F9E3

🎩 Top hat

In England, the top hat is worn on traditional occasions, such as a wedding. He is also known for the board game of Monopoly. U + 1F3A9

👒  Women’s

hat The hat is, on the one hand, a sunscreen and, on the other, a fashion accessory. Straw hats with a wide brim and a ribbon are the most common. Symbol of summer and vacation. In many cultures, it is a symbol of social status. U + 1F452

🧢 Baseball cap

We are watching a baseball game! Visor cap is a fashion accessory that protects against the sun. In its origins it was part of the clothing of baseball players in the United States, but now it is a typical garment of casual fashion. U + 1F9E2

🎓  Mortar Board

Tomorrow is the graduation ceremony! The mortarboard, a square black hat with a tassel, is often referred to as the graduation hat or academic hat. At the graduation ceremony, the students collectively toss their hats in the air. It is a symbol of the end of studies or exams and of education in general. U + 1F393

⛑  Rescue Team Helmet

In Japan, the white cross is used as a safety notice on construction sites. This helmet may refer to rescue workers or people working in emergency services. U + 26D1

👑  Crown

“That’s great” or “You are the best!”. The jeweled crown represents power and luxury. It is also known as the emoticon of the king. U + 1F451

💍  Ring

Do you want to marry me? Or also “I’m engaged!” This ring is adorned with a diamond, the most valuable gemstone of all. It is often used to indicate a love relationship or commitment. U + 1F48D

👝  Handbag

Let ‘s get out tonight! A small and elegant bag that is carried in the hand and has space only for the essentials. This elegant accessory is perfect for parties, business events and other important celebrations. U + 1F45D

👛  Purse

I’ve spent everything shopping! This accessory saves pocket money, but also credit cards or makeup. It can refer to purchases and money or represent femininity. U + 1F45B

👜  Handbag

I need a new handbag! Very useful fashion accessory to carry personal items. Women spend 76 days of their lives looking for things in their purse. The bag also represents privacy. U + 1F45C

🎒  Backpack

Back to school is coming! o We’re going on vacation! There is this backpack there is room for books, notebooks and lunch. This emoji is used primarily in connection with school, but also for travel. U + 1F392

🧳  Suitcase

I pack my suitcase and leave. A trip is coming! Symbol of wanderlust, freedom and vacation. Generally, suitcases are used only during the holiday season. Some organize with a list and spend a lot of time packing, others leave it until the last minute. U + 1F9F3

👓  Glasses

I have to see this closely! Glasses help people with vision problems to see the world around them clearly. Some also use them to have an intellectual appearance. Symbol for bookworms or nerds. U + 1F453

🕶  Dark glasses

Look how “cool” I am! Symbol for hot and sunny days, but also for modernity or secret agents. If you wear dark glasses, you can observe other people without them noticing. U + 1F576

🥽  Protective goggles

“I need some ski goggles” or “In the lab you have to wear goggles”. These glasses protect the eyes from dust, water, dirt, chips and other harmful influences. U + 1F97D

🌂  Closed umbrella

It’s going to rain, don’t forget your umbrella! This emoji can refer to the weather (the sky is cloudy) or the umbrella itself. The umbrella was invented 1,000 years ago and originally served to protect against the sun.

What does this emoticon 🤗 mean?

📚 Meaning and Description

Can express upset, nervous, and surprising emotions. The meaning of the emoji symbol 😬 is facing making a face Meaning, it is related to face Meaning, grimace, it can be found in the emoji category: “😂 Emoticons and emotions” – “🤐 face Meaning-neutral-skeptic”.

What does this emoticon 😍 😍 😍 😍 mean?

This emoji means joy and is used to express that something was so funny that it generates laughter and laughter until crying. It can also be understood as that something caused a fit of unbearable laughter. It should not be confused with the face Meaning emoji that expresses a much more intense laugh.

What does the face Meaning with teeth emoticon mean?

Showing teeth

This “emoji” is used as a grimace or mockery when, without malicious intent, we laugh at someone or in some situation. However, the original meaning is different: he is someone very happy.