10 Hidden Apple Watch Series 9 Tips and Tricks in 2024

Hey there! If you’re as excited as I am about the latest addition to the Apple Watch family, the Apple Watch Series 9, then you’re in for a treat.

This new iteration has some wicked features that will revolutionize your smartwatch experience.

Hidden Apple Watch Series 9 Tips


  • Share contact details instantly by bringing your Apple Watch close to an iPhone, enhancing networking experiences effortlessly.
  • Simplify interactions with a quick double tap, answering calls, managing alarms, and navigating widgets with ease for a more user-friendly experience.
  • Locate misplaced iPhones and Apple Watches accurately, aided by visual and auditory cues, ensuring you never lose your devices.
  • Enjoy Siri’s assistance even without an internet connection, enabling seamless voice commands and queries on the go.
  • Extend battery life by adjusting settings, ensuring your Apple Watch lasts longer, and optimizing performance for uninterrupted usage.

10 Hidden Apple Watch Series 9 Tips and Tricks

I’ve compiled a bunch of tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your Apple Watch Series 9, so buckle up, and let’s dive right in!

1. Name Drop Feature

Name Drop Feature
Name Drop Feature

The Name Drop feature in Apple Watch Series 9 allows users to exchange contact details with others effortlessly. By heading into the settings and navigating to Contact Settings, you can enable Name Drop.

Once activated, bringing your Apple Watch close to an iPhone initiates the sharing process. If the automatic sharing doesn’t work, you can manually share your contact card. This seamless integration simplifies the process of networking and sharing information, enhancing the user experience.

2. Double Tap Gesture

Double Tap Gesture
Double Tap Gesture

The Double Tap gesture is a versatile addition to Series 9, streamlining various interactions with the device. By enabling this feature in Settings > Gestures, users can answer calls, turn off alarms, capture photos, and navigate through widget stacks with a quick double tap. This intuitive gesture minimizes the need for multiple taps or swipes, making the Apple Watch more user-friendly and efficient.

3. Precision Finding and Track Your Phone

Track Your Phone
Track Your Phone

Series 9 introduces Precision Finding, a feature that assists users in locating their misplaced iPhones. By pressing the side button on the Apple Watch and tapping the phone icon, a visual and auditory guide helps pinpoint the iPhone’s location accurately.

Simultaneously, the iPhone emits a ringing sound, aiding the user in locating the device quickly. Additionally, the Ping My Watch feature enables users to find their misplaced Apple Watch effortlessly, enhancing the device’s utility.

4. Siri Offline

Siri Offline
Siri Offline

In Series 9, Siri gains the ability to function offline, allowing users to access various functionalities without an active internet connection. This means users can ask Siri questions, start workouts, and check health stats even when their iPhone is out of range. Enabling ‘Raise to Speak’ in Siri settings enhances the hands-free experience, enabling users to interact with Siri seamlessly.

5. Health Settings Insights

Health Settings Insights
Health Settings Insights

Exploring the Health settings reveals valuable insights like ‘Time in Daylight’ and ‘Wrist Temperature.’ Time in Daylight tracks sun exposure, offering insights into its impact on mood and health.

Wrist Temperature monitoring during sleep enhances sleep quality. These features contribute to overall well-being, providing users with essential health-related data and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.

6. Navigation Tricks

Navigation Tricks
Navigation Tricks

Series 9 introduces new navigation tricks, enhancing the user experience. Users can now access the notification panel within apps like Spotify by tapping and holding the top of the screen and swiping down.

Additionally, rearranging Smart Stacks becomes effortless, ensuring quick access to preferred widgets. These enhancements optimize navigation, allowing users to interact with their Apple Watch more efficiently.

7. Battery Optimization

Battery Optimization
Battery Optimization

To optimize battery life, users can disable Background App Refresh, turn off specific haptic alerts, enable optimized charging, and activate Low Power Mode through the Control Center. These settings prolong battery life, ensuring the Apple Watch lasts throughout the day. Adjusting these options according to personal preferences helps strike a balance between functionality and battery efficiency.

8. Must-Have Apple Watch Apps

Must-Have Apple Watch Apps
Must-Have Apple Watch Apps

Exploring innovative apps like AI Chat and Bring enhances the Apple Watch experience. AI Chat connects users with ChatGPT for quick answers to queries, utilizing the device’s voice capabilities effectively. Bring simplifies shopping by creating and syncing shopping lists directly to the Apple Watch, ensuring users never miss essential items while shopping.

9. Apple Watch Hidden Features

Apple Watch Hidden Features
Apple Watch Hidden Features

Series 9 boasts hidden ways to tell time, enhancing the device’s functionality. Users can enable Live Speech, allowing the Apple Watch to speak custom phrases by tapping the crown button three times. Additionally, Taptic Time and Chimes offer alternative methods of checking the time, adding a personalized touch to the device.

10. Live Speech and Favorite Phrases

In the accessibility settings of the Apple Watch Series 9, there’s a remarkable feature called Live Speech. Once enabled, users can tap the crown button three times to activate a Live Speech window. In this window, you can type any text, and the Apple Watch will articulate it for you.

This functionality is incredibly useful when you need your Apple Watch to communicate a message without speaking. Moreover, within the same settings, there’s an option called ‘Favorite Phrases.’ Here, you can pre-set commonly used phrases such as “I’m sick and lost my voice.”

By triple-clicking the crown and selecting one of these phrases, your Apple Watch will vocalize the chosen message. This feature is invaluable when conveying specific messages quickly and efficiently without uttering a word.

11. Super Bright Flashlight and SOS Feature

Super Bright Flashlight
Super Bright Flashlight

The Control Center of the Series 9 Apple Watch offers various flashlight options, each tailored to different scenarios. By swiping down and selecting the flashlight icon, you can access the flashlight settings.

Not only does it provide a standard bright light, but there’s also an SOS flashlight and a red light option. The SOS flashlight emits a signal that can be crucial in emergencies, helping you attract attention or signal for help.

The red light, however, is perfect for low-light situations, preserving your night vision. Being able to adjust the brightness of the flashlight by turning the crown adds a layer of customization, ensuring you have the right amount of light for any situation, day or night.

12. Battery Optimization Techniques

Preserving your Apple Watch’s battery life is essential for uninterrupted daily usage. There are several techniques you can employ to optimize battery performance. First, head into the general settings and disable ‘Background App Refresh.’

This prevents certain applications from running in the background, conserving battery power significantly. Next, navigate to the ‘Sound & Haptics’ settings and disable ‘Haptic Alerts,’ ‘Crown Haptics,’ and ‘System Haptics.’

Turning off these vibrations, triggered by various interactions, reduces battery consumption without compromising functionality. Another crucial step is to enable ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ in the ‘Battery Health‘ settings.

This feature slows down battery aging by reducing the time your Apple Watch spends fully charged, extending its overall lifespan. Lastly, utilizing ‘Low Power Mode’ from the Control Center can extend your battery life further when you need your Apple Watch to last a little longer.


There you have it, folks – a comprehensive guide to mastering your Apple Watch Series 9! With these tips and tricks, you’ll unlock the full potential of your smartwatch, making it an indispensable companion in your daily adventures.