9 Best Apps to View Ig Stories Anonymously of 2023

9 Best Apps to View Ig Stories Anonymously of 2023

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The best Apps to view IG stories anonymously: Unlike the Instagram feed, you appear in their list of views whenever you see someone’s stories. And the truth is, we don’t always want someone to know that we are watching their stories. So it would be nice if Instagram allowed us to see them without leaving a trace. As long as that doesn’t happen, the idea is to use some Apps to View Ig Stories Anonymously.

Best Apps to view ig stories anonymously

Although interacting on Instagram is key to gaining new followers, we don’t always want to be so obvious, so it would be interesting to be able to view the stories anonymously. After all, sometimes we don’t want to leave traces and show too much interest in that person we met through dating apps, right?

view ig stories anonymously

To help you with this, we have chosen Apps to View Ig Stories Anonymously. In this way, you can see your favorite user without looking like you are harassing him, although that is really what you are doing.

Check out our list below and see which app to view ig stories anonymously is the best for you!

1. Repost Story for Instagram Save Download Stories

Although this application’s main objective is to repost the stories on your profile, it also works as one of the apps to view Instagram Stories anonymously.

Repost Story for Instagram

Besides seeing the stories, you can download them to your cell phone. In other words, Repost Story for Instagram is also a good option for those who need to make a backup of the posts they create on the social network. It is important to mention that the application does not save Instagram lives.

The application can be used on both Android and iPhone.

2. BlindStory – Watch, Download Stories for Instagram

Blindstory was specially created to help you view Instagram Stories anonymously. This application offers the ability to search for any user and view their content without leaving traces.

Download Stories for Instagram

On the other hand, its use is a bit limited in the free version, so you need a premium subscription to see and download the content in an unlimited way.

The advantage that this is not a free App to View Ig Stories Anonymously is that the download of high-quality content is guaranteed. In other words, it is very useful for reposting without losing the quality of the original content.

Created especially to help you view stories without your knowledge, it offers the ability to search for any user and verify their content. On the other hand, its use is limited in the free version, which requires a premium subscription for unlimited views and downloads.

The advantage of not being a free App to View Ig Stories Anonymously is the guarantee that the Stories will be downloaded in high quality. That is, it is very useful to republish without losing the quality of the original content. You can link your Insta profile and have a great dashboard of the user who has recently followed and posted Stories.

With this App to View Ig Stories Anonymously, you can link your Instagram profile to see the content of all the users you follow.

3. Ghost Story Viewer for Instagram

With Story Ghost, you can browse any public Instagram profile and view your stories without having your name listed. This is because you don’t have to log in at all – that is, it’s not like you’re accessing your profile and using it to check Stories.

Story Viewer for Instagram

Also, the application also allows you to save these Stories on your mobile phone and schedule the forwarding on your own profile. Story Ghost also allows you to bookmark profiles and content.

That way, you can view a story that you liked more easily. Click the link to download Story Ghost on your iPhone.

4. Story Saver for Instagram – Story Downloader

Story Saver is an exclusive alternative for Android. Besides the possibility of becoming an invisible ninja of the stories, this application also allows you to download videos from Instagram, regardless of whether they were published in the feed or in the stories.

While Story Ghost allows iPhone users to view stories unnoticed, Story Saver is the alternative to Android. That is, it is the second option among the Apps to View Ig Stories Anonymously on Android.

Along with the ability to become an invisible Stories ninja, this app also allows you to download Instagram videos, regardless of whether they were posted to feed or Stories.

To start exploring Instagram Stories anonymously, click the link to download Story Saver for Android.

5. IG Stories for Instagram

Unlike the apps for viewing Stories anonymously so far, Storiesig is not accessed through an Android or iPhone app. It’s great for reviewing stories without revealing yourself on the computer.

However, its operation is very similar to the Apps to View Ig Stories Anonymously shown here. Since it doesn’t link your Insta profile to the site, just look up the username, and you’ll have access to the Stories you’ve posted.

The process is simple and fast, as well as allowing you to download this content to republish it in your own Stories. Storiesig also allows you to download content that appears in Stories.

6. StoriesIG

Unlike the other alternatives that we have shown you so far, StoriesIG is not an Android or iPhone application. This website is ideal for viewing Instagram Stories anonymously from your computer.


StoriesIG works in a similar way to the apps we have listed, and since you don’t have to link your Instagram profile to the website, then you don’t leave any traces. You just have to enter the username, and you will have access to the stories they published.

The process is simple and fast and allows you to download the content, including the featured stories, for reposting.

7. Hiddengram

Finally, we introduce you to Hiddengram. If you are a Google Chrome user, you may prefer to download this extension that allows you to view the stories anonymously. The extension will not leave any traces, even if you are logged in, so it will appear that you have not done anything with your Instagram account.

Hiddengram is an extension that is installed like any other, and with it, you will be able to view the stories without leaving evidence; that is, they will continue to be shown as unseen.

8. Twitly

This app offers various functions for Instagram users, although we highlight the one that allows you to view others’ Instagram stories without them being able to see it in the app.

You will have to log in with your account to be able to view Stories anonymously, in addition to being able to download the content or see who has recently unfollowed you, among other information.

9. Story Post Saver – Incognito Mode

The Android application shows public stories posted in the last 24 hours, as well as archived stories ( Highlights ). It contains ads, and you can pay for a paid subscription to remove them.

Did You Know About These Apps to View Instagram Stories Anonymously?

What do you think of the applications that we chose for you in this article? Have you already tried them? Keep reading our articles on AppTuts to learn all about Instagram!

Websites to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

  • StoriesIG: A website in which you only have to write the username of a person, and all their stories and the outstanding stories they have in collections appear. Also, it allows you to see them all online or download them. Web: storiesig.com.
  • WeInstag: A website designed to download Instagram content in a simple way by just entering the address, but also has a section to search for the stories of an account and download them, although sometimes it does not show them all and the highlighted ones do not appear. Web: weynstag.com/instastory.
  • StoriesWatcher: Another website designed to be able to view the stories that Instagram users currently have, it has no problem showing all the current ones, although without actually showing the highlighted ones. Web: storieswatcher.com.

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Among the three alternatives that we have given you, we are going to use StoriesIG because it is the most complete of all. The first thing you have to do is enter storiesig website. Once you are on the web, write the name of the user whose stories you want to see in the field in which username is written. When you type it, hit Enter.

After a few seconds of loading, you will go to a page where you will see the content of that user. At the top, you will see the latest Stories published by their profile, and if there are any, at the bottom, there will be a Stories Highlights field with the collections of highlighted stories that that same user has created. Here, click on the stories you want to see to proceed.


Doing so will take you to a page where you can see all the stories currently on the profile you have chosen. If they are video stories, the page will show you a player, and if they are photographic, you will only see the photo. In none of the cases will you be able to interact with stickers such as surveys and others. Below each story, you will see how long it was published and a Download button to download them in case you want to have them on your device.

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