12 Best Apps to Learn Programming or Coding of 2024

The Best Apps to Learn Programming or Coding: Want to join the ranks of programmers but don’t have time to sit at a PC? There is a possibility. Thesonftbest.com has compiled a list of 12 Best Apps to Learn Programming or Coding that will help you learn to program on the way to work or school.

The 12 Best Apps to Learn Programming or Coding

Mobile apps about the principles and methods of programming differ in the teaching method.

Best Apps to Learn Programming

You can available and install programs on your mobile device that introduce both the programming and apps theory that develops practical skills in creating programs. By combining different types of Best Apps to Learn Programming or Coding, mastering theory, and practice, you can quickly learn programming basics.

1. Udemy

It is hard to master practice without theory, so let’s start with video tutorials, tests, instructions, recommendations from teachers, and successful programmers of IT giants such as Facebook, Google, and other technology companies that are presented in the Udemy app.


The program includes online courses on web development, programming languages ​​(Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Swift, C # and others), game development, and coding basics. Attention is also paid to the study of innovative technologies (machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain).

All English lectures are structured to provide the most complete information about the course and receive feedback from the teacher. The constant availability of the Internet is not a prerequisite for learning. You can available several lessons to your device and use them on the go without a network connection. After each lesson, they are asked to complete homework with tests to check the assimilation of the material.

Available on Android. available on iOS. The course is paid. Full course $20.

2. SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free

The slogan is “Fresh content every day.” In the app, you can familiarize yourself with web development (JS, HTML, CSS, Jquery, PHP), Java, Python, C, C ++, Ruby, Swift, SQL, algorithms/data structures, machine learning, etc.

Basically, it is a whole set of the Best Apps to Learn Programming or Coding that will teach you how to program through specially designed games. As you can already guess by Swift’s presence in the list, the program is available for both Android and iOS devices. Available links on Google Play and iTunes.

3. Learn Programming

A mobile app with which you can learn 35 programming languages ​​(OPP functions) and a large number of frameworks in an entertaining way. It provides a complete list of elements that can be used in HTML5 with explanations, a demonstration in a browser, and source code.


A profile development system is provided, within which you can test yourself using statistical tables and write code in the sandbox that will be reflected in the browser. 19 languages ​​can be selected for training. There is partially paid content and ads that can be turned off.

Available on Android. The course is free.

4. edX: Online Courses by Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, IBM

The app allows you to study online programming courses for free. Classes are a sample of the curriculum for students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and specialists from Linux, Microsoft, and many other technology giants.

Free online courses from top educational institutions. Collected here are materials from experts from Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Microsoft, Linux, etc. Yes, the courses are not only about IT. But also materials on information technology (including programming) – the sea. It is enough to available the app from Google Play or iTunes and installs it on your mobile device.

The appendix presents topics that cover many areas in the IT field. Contains the most comprehensive introduction to programming and computer science fundamentals for Python.

Available on Android. available on iOS. Education is free. Certificate $ 99. Continuation of the course – from $ 365.

5. Programming Hub – Learn to code

Another app with a wide range of programming languages. There are also ads and paid content, but overall this is a very convenient set of educational tools: here, you can find courses, examples, and a compiler. Everything you need at hand. Java, C, C ++, HTML, JS, R, CSS, Python, and more are supported.

6. Lrn

Users who want to learn how to write programs in Python, Ruby immediately, and JS and master HTML and CSS web development will be interested in the Lrn app.


Learning begins with basic concepts, after which a gradual transition to more complex and complex topics is carried out. You can test yourself for knowledge of the main topics and tools in repetition mode in the program.

Available on iOS. Tuition is paid. Full course $2.99

7. Swift

From the name itself, it becomes clear that the app makes it possible to learn how to write program code in Swift. There are 12 chapters in the program, and each one tells how to write a separate part of the code – functions, classes, variables. Each interactive session includes 10-15 tasks, then several questions follow, which you answer on your own, and then check their correctness using the answers in the app.


The principle of teaching is based on the fact that before each practical lesson, the program gives you theory, basic knowledge, and the principle of the element’s operation, and then the task follows, which consists in the fact that you need to substitute this or that value in a real code example. The first two chapters are free to play, and the rest will cost around $ 3.

Available on iOS. Education is free

8. Swift Playgrounds

For even more practice in the Swift language, the Swift Playgrounds game tutorial offers. You will need to guide the game’s character through a three-dimensional world full of puzzles and tasks; for this, you will need to learn how to write the code that programmers use to create products.


There is hardly a person who has not yet heard of this handy iPad app. If you’re looking for programs that quickly teach you how to program in Swift, Swift Playgrounds is a real godsend. An intuitive, addictive game with high-quality animation will “tell” in detail how Swift works. No, you will not become a pro with this app, but you will perfectly understand the basics and quickly move on to your skills’ more serious practice.

After completing the basic scenario, you will be offered the next stage of training with a more advanced game task. You will write code based on the knowledge you have gained, and with each scenario, you will create more and more advanced code.

Available on iOS. Education is free.

9. Codemurai – FREE Coding Courses: Game, Web, Best Apps to Learn Programming or Coding

100 programming lessons, this is how this app can be characterized. It was created by professionals in web development, mobile apps, and game development.

Through interesting tasks, you will learn to program in JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, Angular 2, ES6, MongoDB, Node, React, Java, Android SDK, Swift, iOS SDK, C # object-oriented programming, Unity 3D and Phaser. Also, using the program, you can test your level of knowledge in programming languages.

available on Android. available on iOS. Tuition is paid $ 1.04- $ 10.46.

10. Mimo

In this program, you can choose the direction of your profile development yourself: a game developer, app developer, or website builder. Each branch of development has its own small tasks “for one bite,” in JavaScript, Ruby, Swift, C, C ++, and other languages, as well as feedback.


You can experiment with tasks, run code, and save your projects. Available to set your daily learning goal to develop your programming skills continually.

Available on Android. available on iOS. Paid education: $ 66- $ 64 per year. The trial version is free (7 days).

11. Encode

The app offers you to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python through short lessons that include interactive coding tasks.


By mastering the theory and solving one problem after another, you will advance in your learning of programming. The developers also provide an offline learning mode without an Internet connection. Available on Android. Education is free.

12. Grasshopper

The name of the program speaks for itself. With “Grasshopper,” you quickly and easily board to a novice programmer who can write simple codes.


Programming training is organized in a playful way through entertaining puzzles. The app is intuitive and easy to use. Feedback is provided in real-time. The program is supported on iOS and Android devices. Available on Android.


Yes, claiming that all these Best Apps to Learn Programming or Coding will teach you how to program is perhaps too promising, but if you spend at least 15-20 minutes a day working with the listed programs, your skills will improve markedly. Good luck!