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The best app to hide pictures and videos on iPhone: You may have a series of private photos on your iPhone that you don’t want anyone to see. And if your friend or your child asks you for the phone to play or read any news. It would be very uncomfortable.

Luckily, there are different ways to hide your photos in iOS albums on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And one of them is to use third-party applications available on the App Store.

Today we are going to take a look at some of those applications. These apps will allow you to hide or hide any photo on your mobile phone or tablet. And best of all, they are all free. To download has been said!

The Best App to Hide Pictures and Videos on iPhone

Best App to Hide Pictures and Videos on iPhone

Rare is the iPhone user who does not use his phone as a ‘holder’ photo camera. Which can cause you to have hundreds and even thousands of photos stored on the device, many of which, for various reasons, you would prefer not to be at the reach of anyone who picks up your phone?

Well, this has an easy solution, and for this, in Mobility, we have made a selection of the best iPhone applications to hide photos and videos. Our recommendations for download on the App Store are iVault, KeepSafe, Private Photo Vault, KYMS Secret Photos, and Photo + Video Vault-Hide Safe.


Best App to Hide Pictures and Videos on iPhone

It is an application through which you can create folders and put passwords to the files of the gallery of your iOS device to protect them from third parties seeing it, and thus only you will have access to them.


Sometimes you have to hide some photos on your phone from other people who could use it. KeepSafe makes it easy by locking them with a PIN, which allows only you to view private images, while the rest of your gallery remains public so anyone who wants to can take a look on their phone and be suspicious.

Best App to Hide Pictures and Videos on iPhone

Keep Safe, as was the case with the previous application, allows you to enter your own password to safeguard the privacy of your photos. Although in this case, it allows you to skip this step. If you decide to set a password, you can add an email in case you forget it.

Once this is done, with the Keep Safe: Hide Images application, you will have the possibility to import your photos from the iOS Photos application, from iCloud, from the Camera app, or from the Files app.

Keep Safe also allows you to select multiple photos to import them with a touch gesture and create photo albums with the name you want. With this app, you can also delete the photos from their original location. It also has ads that can be removed by updating to the premium version.

Private Photo Vault

We start with Private Photo Vault, one of the best mobile apps on the market in this sector. To start using Private Photo Vault, you will have to configure and set a password. Then, additionally, you can add your email in case you forget your password.

Best App to Hide Pictures and Videos on iPhone

Private Photo Vault offers the possibility to import your photos one by one from the iOS photo albums and even from your camera. It also allows selecting a setting to speed up the process. After doing so, the app will ask you if you want to delete the original photo.

The best app to hide pictures and videos on iPhone provides the option to create private photo albums and set passwords for each of them. An additional function that will provide you with an extra level of security when it comes to hiding your photos.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that it includes in-app purchases to eliminate the limit of album creation and remove ads, among other functions.

With Private Photo Vault, you can organize the albums and even hide others, which you consider should be hidden, with various options: access to the application protected by a password, lock by pin or pattern, intrusion report, etc.

KYMS Secret Photos

KYMS looks like a conventional calculator application, but it hides an impassable vault to hide and encrypt all your multimedia files, documents, passwords, and much more with military security systems (AES encryption ).

Best App to Hide Pictures and Videos on iPhone

Similar to SpuCalc, KYMS hides your private images behind a calculator. By hiding both videos and photos, you can directly play your private videos through airplay. This app is heavily encrypted in both its free and paid versions.

Private Photo – Protect Album

This application has a series of quite interesting features. Although, again, it offers a paid version that will allow you to access additional functions such as synchronizing content with iCloud, removing advertisements, and transferring photos via Wi-Fi from your PC or Mac.

Best App to Hide Pictures and Videos on iPhone

The application is very easy to use; it allows you to create a password and a false PIN. It also has a password and Touch protection. The application has a series of quite interesting customization features such as covers for photo albums and changing the icon of the app.

Also, it also offers the possibility of creating a trash folder to store the photos that have been recently deleted. Without a doubt, a highly recommended app to hide your photos.

Photo + Video Vault Hide Safe

Best App to Hide Pictures and Videos on iPhone

This application hides the videos and photos you want and also records any attempt to access private folders by taking a photo that will be stored next to the GPS location so that we know who and where you wanted to see them.

Hide Private Photos Album

We finish our selection of the best app to hide pictures and videos on iPhone to hide photos with this great app. Hide Private Photos Album allows users to protect their privacy with password, Touch ID, and Face ID (as long as it is compatible with the device).

Best App to Hide Pictures and Videos on iPhone

Also, the best app to hide pictures and videos on iPhone also provides unlimited storage of photographs completely free of charge. It also has a pretty handy feature with which you can teach secondary content to someone else by opening a completely different selection of photos than you want to hide.

As with Private Photo, this application has the option of customizing the album cover. And finally, it has its own built-in photo editor.


Best App to Hide Pictures and Videos on iPhone

The way Spycalc operates is somewhat different; unlike other applications, you can hide your images behind a normal calculator. This app works like any other calculator, only it has a secret, which can only be opened by placing a numerical combination to show your images.

Pic Lock

Your images here are secured with a pattern lock system. With a perfect user interface, you can easily secure your images with a strong password.

Best App to Hide Pictures and Videos on iPhone

And here ends our selection of the best app to hide pictures and videos on iphone and iPad. All of them are free, although it is true that most of them have a paid subscription plan to avoid advertising and access other functions.