13 Best Note Taking App for iPad in 2021

13 Best Note Taking App for iPad in 2021

Last Updated on December 26, 2020 by The Soft Best

Hello! I continue to dig the App Store in search of the best note taking app for iPad. Today will be the top best note taking apps for iPad. The top is based on personal and experience.

Selection of the Best Note Taking App for iPad

Best Note Taking App for iPad

Every day we see more students take their iPad tablets to schools and universities in order to take notes and annotations; this makes writing and studying much easier. Today, at TheSoftBest, we have compiled some applications that will improve the experience of taking notes in class.

We hope that these best note taking app for iPad will help you, and now that the exam season begins in many schools, academies, and universities from here, we take the opportunity to wish you all the luck in the world. As always, if you know any interesting app related to this topic, you can recommend it from the comments section located at the bottom of this article. Thanks for participating!

1. Apple Notes – Best Ovarall

For good reason, the standard notes that are part of the iOS operating system. Notes for several years have undergone such global changes for the better that most users of this program are enough for the eyes.

Their biggest advantage is that all the functionality is free. The disadvantage is that if your computer is not on Mac OS, then working with notes is not so convenient. They have folders, password protection, photo insertion, an image editor, tables, lists, etc.

2. Evernote – Best Notes Organizer

A very old and well-deserved application. With it, you can be sure of one thing – the program will be supported and updated by developers. Over the years, Evernote has overgrown with a bunch of useful features and has become almost the most functional note service.

Evernote is the iPad app for taking annotations par excellence on iOS. It offers us the possibility to create notebooks, add labels, search for texts and images, create task lists, manage data. But it also allows us to collect ideas from the web, edit PDF documents and use its iOS 8 widget from the Center of Notifications to save us a lot of time.

But you have to pay for all the good – if you make the application the main one, you will have to fork out for a subscription. The wife uses it as a backup program for ideas, so she has enough free functionality.

3. Penultimate – Best free Note app

This free application combines the natural writing mode with the insertion of drawings and images. Penultimate integrates seamlessly with the digital pen and gives us the opportunity to write down the lessons thanks to very pleasant user experience.

It has stroke recognition, synchronization with Evernote, and offers in-app purchases.

4. Pages – Best Documents App

The word processor of the Apple iWork suite, Pages, also allows us to write all kinds of annotations during classes.

Among its different functions and features, we will find compatibility with multi-touch gestures, 60 templates, insertion of statistical graphics, for taking videos and images, thumbnail display, support with Bluetooth keyboards, and much more.

5. Bear – Best flexible notes app

One of those applications that I tested, but never tested. A couple of weeks used Bear as an alternative to standard notes.

The application is great. Here I have no complaints against the Bear app. There are all the goodies of notes – cataloging, an editor for drawing, lists, multi-platform, etc. But I could not justify for myself – why do I need it by subscription, if there are built-in notes from Apple with approximately the same functionality. But I recommend you to try. What if you fall in love?

6. Notability – Best Easy note-taking app

But I bought Notability a very, very long time ago. And it’s nice that the program is still being updated and does not introduce any subscriptions. This is another cool alternative to sticky notes. The program has most of the functions of standard notes but differs by additional options, which I described in the review.

Of the spectacular functions: the conversion of handwritten inscriptions into a printed text, support for audio notes. The ability to write beautiful handwritten lines when writing, notes in PDF, etc. This is one of the best note taking app with the stylus.

A powerful tool that allows us to write annotations in documents make diagrams and even record classes. A complete word processor that offers us the possibility of taking photographs on the board, for example, and adding them to our texts. It also offers support for iCloud, audio recording, reminders.

7. MetaMoji Share – Best Document Editing App

MetaMoji Share is a very interesting annotation app that offers us the opportunity to use the keypad or stylus to write our notes.

In addition to the insertion of images, it also allows us to save our notes in PDF format and then send them by e-mail. But one of the most outstanding features of this app is the option to share our texts with friends and classmates to be able to synchronize all the data.

8. Microsoft OneNote – Best Notes Capture App

OneNote is an app developed by Microsoft, especially for taking notes. A digital notebook that allows us to capture our moments of study and inspiration. But it can help us write writings, reminders, or even errand lists. It is also free.

An application that is included in the Microsoft Office suite. Since 2014, it has become absolutely free. The product appeared in 2003 in connection with the appearance of the first tablet computers because Microsoft wanted to make handwritten notes convenient.

In addition to the popular recording features, there is an option for general notes. Suitable for office suite fans. The fact is that the interface in One Note is made exactly the same as in the usual for many Excel or Word.

9. PDF Expert – Best PDF and notes app

An application for professional work with PDF. There is a file cataloger, adding pictures to PDF, filling out forms, annotations, and other options.

The application is expensive. For full functionality, you need to pay $20 (read the description in the App Store carefully), and another $59 will be released for a license for 3 Macs.

10. MyScript Nebo – Best text writing app

The program uses advanced MyScript Interactive Ink technology for writing. The app has a prerequisite for Apple Pencil.

MyScript Nebo can convert handwritten notes into text, has a nice built-in editor.

11. Whink – Best Notes & PDF Markup app

Whink allows you to write handwritten texts very beautifully thanks to its special technology. The lines and all kinds of figures are very smooth.

Besides, Whink, like other applications, allows you to add external objects to the circuit. Thanks to this, various schemes and sketches look very attractive. The program is 2 years old, and it is updated regularly enough.

12. LiquidText PDF Reader – Best Annotatatione documents app

This is another great PDF note-taking tool. The program is sharpened to work with a stylus, emphasizing all its advantages in work. Apple recognized the application as the most innovative in 2015.

The uniqueness of the program is that it allows you to combine different notes into a single space. Linked objects can be from different documents and will work on the basis of footnotes. You can try the program for free and, if desired, activate the PRO version through built-in purchases.

13. iFontMaker – (Bonus!)

And this application is a bonus to the previous. Indeed, this is not a program for taking notes, but something unique. iFontMaker allows you to create your own handwritten font, which can then be installed on Mac OS or Windows.

The user will need to register all the letters and numbers manually, and then export the finished font file. The program is very specific.


Did you like our best note taking app for iPad? Remember that you can find other very useful guides in this section. We have tried to include the best, but the App Store has hundreds of them. As we mentioned at the beginning of this publication, we would love to write in the comments those applications to take notes on the iPad that you usually use in your studies. Thank you!. Great notes for everyone! 🙂