12 Best Adblock for Chrome of 2021

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The Best Adblock for Chrome: The ads are not only annoying, but they can seriously jeopardize your Privacy and security. But how to find the best ad blocker for you? In this guide, we will examine different ad-blocking options, from browser extensions to dedicated apps and hardware solutions, all to make your visa easier, not to receive as much publicity and protect your privacy at the same time. 

Why Need to Block Ads?

  • Privacy: From the point of view of Privacy, online ads are horrible. Ads are usually served through third-party domains (advertising networks) and contain sophisticated tracking. This tracking software embedded in the ads is used to build an intimate user profile that includes your interests, browsing activity, location, age, family members, friends and much more. Depending on your user profile, they will show you ads directed through the advertising networks of the websites you visit. The ads are basically digital surveillance cameras that continuously abuse your Privacy.
  • Security: The growth of malicious advertising is really alarming because your device can become infected simply by loading a page with ads, without the need to click! Ads can be used to serve malicious payloads that take advantage of security errors and can even take over your devices in exchange for a payment (ransomware). Bad publicity has even affected important websites and major media such as the BBC and the New York Times.
  • Performance: Ads are also problematic for performance in terms of bandwidth usage and CPU consumption, especially with mobile devices. An Enders Analysis study found that ads can consume up to 79% of mobile bandwidth! The use of a versatile and lightweight ad blocker can greatly improve the page loading speed.

Now that you have decided to block the ads, we will examine the different ad-blocking options in detail below. (This list is not in any sort order.)

Wha tare the Best Adblock for Chrome Extensions for Browsers

One of the best Adblock for Chrome for Browsers is to use free browser extensions but choose one carefully. As with free VPN services, many free browser ad-blocking extensions are also making money through data collection and advertising:

Adblock Plus does not block all ads but operates what it calls an “acceptable ads” program, in which ads that meet its placement, size, and distinction criteria are included in a “white list.” That is if the company that shows the ads is willing to divide the revenue earned through the white list with Adblock Plus.

Ghostery, another popular ad blocker, operates under a different model. As a user, you do not see ads and are not followed by annoying data trackers. The company, however, earns money by collecting anonymous data on what those trackers collect. Repack that data and resell it to publishers, websites, and other companies that, he says, can use the information to help improve the speed, Privacy, and performance of their sites.

In other words, many of these “ad blockers” are not good options for privacy-conscious users – the recurring problem with “free” products.

List of the Best Adblock for Chrome

Although I do not recommend using Adblock Plus or Ghostery, due to privacy issues, there are still some browser-based ad blockers, filters, and script blockers that you might want to consider:

1. AdBlock for Chrome

Chrome’s most popular ad blocker with over 200 million downloads. A version of Firefox was published briefly but was removed from Firefox on pages for unknown reasons.

Best Adblock for Chrome

AdBlock has acceptable ad options for YouTube and Google, but they are disabled by default.

2. Adblock Plus for Chrome / AdBlock Plus for Firefox

One of the best known and also one of the most controversial ad blockers, because AdBlock Plus has started the trend of introducing acceptable white lists of ads.

Best Adblock for Chrome

The AdBlock Plus site also has versions for Opera, Safari, Maxthon, Internet Explorer and even Android

3. AdBlock Pro for Chrome

AdBlock Pro is based on AdBlock Plus, but it has a simpler options interface and no acceptable advertising options.

Best Adblock for Chrome

The icon button is in the address bar instead of the normal addition to the area and has 3 simple options to disable, go to options, or create a filter.

4. Adguard for Chrome / Adguard for Firefox

Adguard is easy to use, and additional blocking scripts can be easily added. Adguard’s main product is a shareware desktop application that blocks ads in multiple browsers without the need for add-ons.

Best Adblock for Chrome

The beta versions of both add-ons are available for testers.

5. AdRemover for Chrome

AdRemover is based on AdBlock with the same number of options minus the support tab.

Best Adblock for Chrome

At first glance, most of the differences appear to be cosmetic and, although she doesn’t ask for donations, there are social media buttons by clicking on the icon.

6. Ghostery for Chrome / Ghostery for Firefox

Ghostery can block analytical scripts, widgets, web beacons, privacy scripts, and course announcements.

Best Adblock for Chrome

The good thing about Ghostery is the ability to enable or disable individual scripts per site. There are versions available for Opera, IE, Safari, and mobile operating systems.

7. uBlocker For Chrome

This has not been updated since 2014, and there are reports that some ads are not blocked, but they have blocked all ads on our test sites so that we can include them.

Best Adblock for Chrome


Just block the ads! (uBlocker For Chrome) is the easiest to use, and the only option is an opt-in to send usage statistics.

8. SuperBlock AdBlock for Chrome

This is another AdBlock fork and seems to be from the same developer as AdRemover. In addition to an additional entry in the filter list and some style changes, we cannot see much difference between the two.

best adblock for chrome

There may be other changes below.

9. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is an efficient and lightweight “general-purpose blocker” that filters ads and tracking. It is free, open-source, and available for Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Chromium browsers.

Best Adblock for Chrome

uBlock Origin is also very customizable and can be used with different filter lists.

10. Privacy Badger

It is different from your typical ad blocker in that it “learns” as you use it, instead of using filter lists.

best adblock for chrome

It will block ads and spy trackers and is available for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera browsers.

11. NoScript

NoScript is an extension for advanced users that lock scripts by default, including advertising services. This will take a lot of customization and time since NoScript breaks many websites by default.

best adblock for chrome

12. uMatrix

 Like the NoScript, uMatrix is ​​also for advanced users and blocks the execution of Javascript. The same people behind uBlock Origin develop it.

best adblock for chrome

Another option is to simply use the Brave browser, which blocks ads and default tracking. Brave is based on chrome and is well configured to offer Privacy and security from the start.

What are the Disadvantages of AdBlocker Extensions:

  • Ads may be being uploaded and consuming your bandwidth and resources, even if they are not displayed.
  • Advertising networks may be still collecting your data and making profiles of you, even if the ads are not displayed on the sites you visit.
  • Some ad blocker extensions still collect your data and deliver “approved” ads.

What are the Best Apps for Ad Blocking?

There are also several apps dedicated to blocking ads that you can use for different devices. A good (paid) option seems to be AdGuard. AdGuard offers dedicated Best Adblock for Chrome for Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS devices. They also offer browser extensions for major browsers. From your frequently asked questions page:

Generally, in AdGuard, we don’t want to rely solely on the capabilities offered by browsers. That is why our flagship products are independent programs, which allow you to block ads and trackers throughout the system.

There are other adblocking apps available, but AdGuard seems to be one of the best options I’ve tried for this category of ad blockers.

A dedicated ad-blocking application will consume resources.

Virtual Private Network (Vpn) With the Ad-blocking Feature

Another option is to use a VPN (a virtual private network) with a built-in adblocker. There are basically three ways in which some VPN services block ads:

  • Through the server network
  • Through the VPN client
  • Through a browser extension

The effectiveness of several VPN ad blockers can vary greatly. I’ve tried different options for the VPN ad blocker guide, and both NordVPN and Perfect Privacy were by far the best.

Of course, you can also use a VPN ad blocker along with browser-based adblockers to get a higher level of protection.

What is the Best VPNs With Blocking/filtering Features?

  • NordVPN
  • Perfect Privacy
  • Private Internet Access
  • CyberGhost
  • VyprVPN (offers a filter of malicious sites, but does not block ads; visit the website)
  • VPNArea (offers DNS adblocking; visit the website)

Disadvantages of VPN ad blockers:

  • It only works when connected to a VPN (but you will get protection on any device and network that connects to the Internet).
  • Requires the purchase of a VPN subscription

If you wish here, you can take a look to know which is the best VPN of the moment.

How Do I Block Ads on My Router?

Login to your router by going to the IP address of it in your web browser. By default, it’s usually (Router IP Address). Select “Block Sites” Change “Keyword Blocking” to “Always.”  Adblocking throughout the home network has some exclusive advantages:

  • You will not need to configure ad blockers on all devices.
  • Devices that do not natively support teen blockers will remain protected (smart TVs, video game consoles, etc.).

Now let’s see some good options.

How to Block  Ads on Router with Ad-blocking DNS Servers?

AdGuard offers free ad-blocking DNS that you can use on your router. This configuration page gives you the instructions (select router). All you have to do is enter the AdGuard DNS servers under the DNS option in your router configuration.


is also an excellent option for Asus routers running Merlin firmware. Finally, some router firmware options may support ad blocking, such as with DD-WRT and Tomato firmware.


Pi-hole is a fast and efficient adblocker for the entire network that will function as a DNS server for your system. It is completely free and open-source and can be run on a Raspberry Pi or other devices.

You can also run Pi-hole and a VPN together on a Raspberry Pi. PiVPN is an OpenVPN configuration designed for Raspberry Pi. The big drawback here is that it does not offer any privacy since the traffic goes unencrypted to your ISP, the Raspberry Pi is the endpoint.

What is the Best Adblocker?

The best ad blocker will depend on your situation and unique needs. In other words, there is no single blocker that is perfect for everyone.

Many people like browser-based ad blockers, especially since they are usually free. Although browser ad-blocking extensions may be popular, they also come with some notable drawbacks:

  • Ads can continue to consume bandwidth and resources (even if they aren’t shown).
  • Third-party ad networks may still track you.

If you are connecting many devices to your home network, it would be good to consider one of the ads blocking solutions across the network.

A dedicated Best Adblock for Chrome apps on your operating system, such as AdGuard, may also be a good idea, but it will also consume resources.


The use of a good ad blocker is a basic digital defense, especially if you take into account how invasive and dangerous online ads are becoming lately.

In addition to the privacy and security aspects, the active blocking of ads also:

  • Help websites load faster
  • Consume less bandwidth, which can make a big difference for mobile devices
  • Improve your online experience in general, without the mess and distraction of nasty ads.

The obvious drawbacks of some of these solutions are the cost and configuration requirements. But considering the risks and discomforts of the ads, the use of the best AdBlock for chrome every time you are online is definitely worth it.