13 Best Driver Update Software of 2021

13 Best Driver Update Software of 2021

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The best driver update software: Having the right drivers for your devices is very important for the proper functioning of a computer system, as well as the connected hardware devices.

The Best Driver Update Software

Best Driver Update Software

However, They are not updated correctly or do not do so automatically. In these cases, you have to make use of different programs that will help you update it correctly. That is why we have selected some applications that can help you download and update these drivers on your computer.

As well as make backup copies of the drivers that you already have installed so that your system can work in optimal conditions and solve any problem that may arise. Have when connecting peripherals or hardware.

Free Best Driver Update Software

Here is a list of the best driver update software and keep your Windows PC running smoothly. This software allows you to update device drivers easily without any difficulties. It is especially useful for those who do not want to visit the manufacturer’s website to download the Driver or check for updates manually. List of the best software and tools to keep drivers updated in Windows

Currently, many programs will help you update the drivers in Windows in a much easier way. In this way, we can be sure that everything will work well and thus not have any type of problem in the equipment and avoid the blue screenshots.

Today there are many programs of this type available for Windows, some of them have a free version, while others have limited options and the gold version. However, the free versions are more than enough to keep your computer’s drivers in top shape. That is why here we leave you a list of the best free tools so you can renew and keep your drivers updated without any problem.

1. Double Drivers

Best Driver Update Software

Double Driver is a free driver update software to back up Windows drivers. Some drivers are not readily available online, and there are times when we don’t have the driver CD and want to back up an important driver installed, this is where Double Driver helps you. It is a very simple and useful tool that not only allows you to consult detailed information about the drivers installed on your PC but also helps you to easily backup, restore, and save the chosen drivers.

2. Snappy Driver Installer

Best Driver Update Software

Snappy Driver Installer is a useful driver update software that allows you to install and update drivers on your Windows PC. It is the best application to use if you have recently formatted your PC or updated the operating system, as it can work offline, and you don’t need an internet connection to work. If the option is selected, this software also lets users know when an update is available.

It is another program that will allow you to update these devices for free. It should be noted that in terms of its operation, it has a similarity to DriverPack Solution. Which has already been mentioned above? It will allow you to download several drivers for different types of devices simultaneously. Once it has been downloaded, the program will give you access so that the corresponding updates can be installed with or without an internet connection.

Snappy Driver Installer does not need to be installed to be used. This means that it can be used as an external hard drive to install and transport the downloaded drivers to any other computer. This program does not have any type of ads compared to others, nor do they limit download speeds. It has two versions, the full version that is 14 GB and is ideal to be used without the need for an Internet connection and the alternative version that also works without a network but does not have suitable network drivers installed.

3. Intel Driver Update Utility

Best Driver Update Software

Intel driver Update Utility automatically identifies, finds, and installs updated drivers for your computer system and keeps it up to date. The best driver update software thoroughly checks the systems, suggests the required driver updates on your PC, and downloads them only after obtaining your permission. It does not collect personal information and can be installed very easily. The simple and easy-to-use interface makes it worth adding to the list of free driver update software for Windows machines.

4. Device Doctor

Best Driver Update Software

Device Doctor is a free driver update software for Windows PC that scans the hard drive of the computer and checks if there are new updates available for the drivers. The software is best known for its detailed scanning, as it can locate unidentified drivers that are generally not detected by the default Windows Device Manager. Device Doctor’s database includes almost all major hardware device manufacturers and currently has drivers for more than 13 million devices and PCs.

One of the easiest and simplest programs to use, it allows you to download a regular software or a portable one that does not need to be installed. You can also schedule scans to check if there are any drivers that are outdated, once it has been detected, the program will send it to a website so that it can be downloaded manually.

Device Doctor does not have automatic updates, so you have to download the updates outside of the program. Sometimes it is necessary to unpack the driver files before using them.

5. AMD Driver Autodetect

Best Driver Update Software

AMD Driver Autodetect scans the entire operating system as well as the graphics card of your Windows machine and sees if any updates are available. The software also allows you to download the official update with a single click. Easy installation and automatic detection tools are the main features of the AMD driver automatic detection tool.

6. SlimDrivers

Best Driver Update SoftwareThis tool allows you to install, uninstall, and update the drivers on your computer in a simple and fast way. Also, every time it detects a driver that is working in poor condition or with an already obsolete version, it searches for a replacement by itself. It offers the opportunity to download it from the program’s own interface.

In the event that you mistakenly delete any device or component, the program will warn you. In the same way, it will offer you to uninstall the obsolete drivers that are still on your computer so that you can free up space and keep your computer optimized.

7. Driver Booster

Best Driver Update SoftwareIt is considered one of the best specialized free programs in this area. Also, it is compatible with all versions of Windows. Driver Booster allows programming so that it can automatically find all those drivers that are already out of date. It also notifies you when there are new updates so you can start downloading them from the same program, and you don’t have to go looking for them in the browser.

Before installing a driver, you can compare the new version with the one already installed on your computer, which is very useful. This free program allows you to create a restore point in case something goes wrong during installation. It also offers you an option so that you can configure and install drivers in the background, which hide pop-up messages and the installation wizards, this is very useful, so you don’t have to click as many windows when installing a new one.

8. DriverPack Solution

Best Driver Update SoftwareThis program has a user interface that is much easier to use. It only has a few buttons and has no confusing options. It also allows you to do mass downloads and automated installations, so you don’t have to be using any of the installation wizards.

When using this DriverPack Solution for the first time, you can choose to install and download all the drivers automatically or simply select which ones you want to install on your computer. It also includes basic information about the DriverPack Solution system and a software downloader with which you can install the recommended best driver update software on your computer.

9. DriverIdentifier

Best Driver Update SoftwareThis is one of the easiest programs to use, this being one of its great advantages. This program is basically responsible for finding and installing that Driver that you need in your Windows, as well as all the functions that you need. You can work without the need for an internet connection, which is great if your network card doesn’t work. Also, DriverIdentifier will save all drivers in an HTML file.

After this, all you have to do is open the file on a computer that has an Internet connection so that the website can cross-reference the database. Those drivers that require an update will have a link to update them next to them. It has a very simple and comfortable interface, which will not cause any kind of problem when using it. Also, it is a good option, so you can have your computer system updated at all times.

10. Free Driver Scout

Best Driver Update SoftwareFree Driver Scout is another one of the free applications that will be of great help to you when updating each of the drivers of your operating system easily and completely.

With this application, you will be able to update, uninstall, and detect all those obsolete drivers that are no longer favoring the system’s performance to the maximum. This tool also allows exporting all the drivers in a completely safe way.

11. DriverMax

Best Driver Update SoftwareIt is a free program for Windows that allows you to update drivers that are already outdated, but unlike other programs, it is limited in some areas. DriverMax can also make backup copies of all the drivers that are already installed on your computer. As well as restore those that are backed up and undo those that are no longer useful.

12. Drivers Cloud

Best Driver Update SoftwareIt is a totally free web service where you can find detailed information about your software and hardware, including all those drivers that are already out of date. This can be done by downloading a program that allows your browser to collect all the information from your computer.

From the website, you will be able to get categories like Autorum, BSOD Analysis, network settings, and other areas to explore. You’ll also find the version number, name, manufacturer, INF file date, and hardware ID.

13 Driver Easy

Best Driver Update SoftwareThis is another free program used to check for driver updates in Windows. This tool will allow you to carry out a scan to verify if there are outdated drivers and thus be able to download the update. These scans can be scheduled, weekly, monthly, or every time your PC is turned on. It also allows Driver download from the program without the need to use an external browser.

How to Know if All Drivers Are Up to Date?

To check if you have the updated drivers for a peripheral you just have to follow the following steps. The first thing is to go to Cortana and ask for the Device Manager. Here you will find all the connected devices according to the family to which they belong.

What is a Driver, and Why Do You Have to Update It?

A driver or controller is a small file present in every component, accessory, and hardware on your computer. Its function is to act as a ‘link’ between the operating system you have installed and the hardware or peripherals installed, both internal and external. To do this, these files have information with which your operating system knows what is connected, how to get to the component to use it, and how it works or what it can do with each one.

It is, therefore, a very important type of information for your computer to function properly. Windows 10 will always try to identify each component you connect and automatically download their drivers to make it work properly. Without these drivers, the components would not work, and if they fail, you will have problems when using them.

But what happens when Windows is updated, and some change in your code causes the drivers to stop working well? What if a flaw is discovered in a controller code that allows an attacker to take control? In these cases, both for maintenance and safety, manufacturers are updating their drivers to ensure that they are always as safe as possible and that they work correctly.

In general, Windows takes care of automatically updating the drivers through Windows Update. In fact, it is always the safest and easiest alternative when it comes to doing so. However, if you are experiencing a problem updating drivers, you may need a little help from third-party applications.

How to Update Your Drivers With a Third-party App?

Next, we are going to teach you briefly, but step by step, how to update your drivers by hand with two of these third-party applications that we have recommended. To do this, follow the links we have given you to download its installer or executable file, and then start the application and follow the steps below.

How to Update Your Drivers With Drivers Cloud?

To use this tool, first, go to the page of your driver detector. In it, click on the Install button that appears in the Detect my settings field. It will download a program that you must install and run in order to continue.

When you launch the application that you have downloaded, you will reach this start window. In it, click on the Detect button for the application to identify your computer’s hardware. It may take a few seconds, and when it is finished, it will open a website with all the information about the components on the PC.

Once on the information website about your computer, you can browse each and every one of its components in the right column. However, to download the drivers, you have to click on the My Drivers option that appears at the top of the screen.

You will enter a screen where you can see all the drivers available for your computer. In it, first select the drivers you want to install (1), looking at the level of reliability that appears on the right. When you have done it, click on the Install button (2), and you will download an executable with all the drivers.

When you run the new program that you downloaded with your drivers, the window that you see in the screenshot will open. In it, click on the Install button, and the application will download and install all the drivers you have chosen.

How to Update Your Drivers With DriverUpdate?

As we said at the beginning, when you go to install DriverUpdate, be very careful in the installation process and click on Reject when it asks you if you want to install another application from the same company. It will not happen by clicking there, since you will continue installing the application without installing another one you do not need.

Once installed, run the application, and you will arrive at its home screen. In it, click the Start Scan button to tell it to scan your computer for drivers that may be incorrect or out of date.

Now, the application will take a few seconds to analyze your computer. Take it easy, and don’t touch anything unless you want to stop the analysis. In that case, click on Stop Scanning, a small button that appears below the bar. But if you want to detect your drivers, let the analysis finish until the end.

And that’s it, and once it’s finished, it will tell you which drivers you need to update. Then, click on the Download buttons to download them one by one, although you can also select several of them and click on Update the selected drivers, the other button that you have at the bottom in red.

Last Words

Drivers are a fundamental part of our system. They are files that are responsible for informing the operating system on how to use the different devices, components, and peripherals that your computer has connected. This will help us to make the equipment work correctly.

In some cases, the operating system drivers may not detect some hardware components or attached peripherals, or they simply will not know what information to send you to make it work. That is why it is important always to keep them updated and in very good condition so that the computer can function correctly. Using an incorrectly installed or incorrect Driver can cause the system to work in an unstable way, causing problems.