29 Best Apps to Edit Photos for Instagram of 2021

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The best apps to edit photos for Instagram: There are Instagram accounts that give even courage to how perfect they are, right? Well, that is called life-long envy. If you want yours to be an object of love-hate for being Instaperfect, download these essential best apps to edit photos for Instagram.

Best Apps to Edit Photos for Instagram

As we know that getting the perfect photo for Instagram has more homework than Rafael’s card, we have decided to lend you a hand. We have started from the crowd of existing apps to edit photos for Instagram, to make the life of the amateur photographer easier. We have selected the best apps to edit photos for Instagram.

Best Apps to Edit Photos for Instagram

If you want to stand out on Instagram, you will have to create professional and different photographs. Do you want your Instagram photos to have a more professional touch? Instagram has nothing more and nothing less than with more than 500 million users and, although it is hard to believe, more than 60 million photographs are shared daily on it.

And, at first glance, it seems difficult to draw attention to a social network in which so many images are uploaded and where photographic tweaks and filters are the order of the day.

How to Make Instagram Aesthetic Photos

If you want to differentiate yourself in an ocean of photographs, the first step is:

  • Use the right size for your photos, videos, and Instagram Stories.
  • Use the best apps to edit photos for Instagram.

Photography and social networks are inseparable companions. Social networks without photos would be like a tumaca bread without oil, nonsense, so put the batteries and start tuning your photos with these applications that you should be downloading now. And yes, they are all available for Android and iOS that we are not racist here.

Currently, there are a variety of best apps to edit photos for Instagram that will be your best allies to retouch, create, and succeed by positioning your images as dictated by the Instagram algorithm.

You will only need a little ingenuity, and your Instagram profile will become one of the most irresistible. 

Take note of all the best Apps!

Instagram: Apps to Edit Photos

You will not need to have experience in photography to take spectacular photos with the applications that we will tell you below. You can retouch your photographs as you like.

The vast majority of our list of the best apps to edit photos for Instagram is available for both iOS and Android. Also, almost all are free and divided as follows:

  • Applications to edit photos and tweak them on Instagram
  • Applications to design
  • Apps to make photo collages

Pay attention to all of them and unleash your imagination. Taking professional photographs and images without being a photographer will be a piece of cake with these apps to edit photos for Instagram.

Apps to Edit Photos on Instagram and Photo Retouching

With these best apps to edit photos for Instagram, you will have more options to edit and retouch your Instagram photos. In this way, you will not have to stick to the preset filters, and you can get the most out of your images.

The photo editor on Instagram offers many features, but sometimes it falls short, so here is where to choose.


We mark an “invention” and dare to tell you that it is the best photo editor on the web. It has some presets and photo editing software that turns any photo into a worthy of framing. When you try their filters, you won’t use an Instagram one again in life.

The application itself also allows you to take photos, save them on your phone, share them and keep all the information in the photo: where it was taken, the date, the filters we use, everything.

This application is for the vast majority of Instagrammers, who are looking for the best photo retouching apps for Instagram. Such is the popularity of this app, that brands fight to get their own filter palette in the application.

VSCO is one kind of touch-up tool. They have achieved such popularity that many brands fight to have their own filter palette for Instagrammers to use. All standard editing tools are also available, including exposure, saturation, grain, sharpness, etc. But the key is in their filter collections.

In addition to its famous filters, it also has standard editing tools, such as; exposure, sharpness, saturation, and grain, among others. It’s free and available for both iOS and Android!

A Color Story: App for Instagram Image Editing

If you want to enhance the color of your photographs, this is undoubtedly the best apps to edit photos for Instagram you are looking for.

Do you want to know the secrets to get the perfect photo on Instagram? This is one of them.

More than 300 filters, 100 effects, and 20 tools so that your Instagram account feed has cohesion through color. What do we like most? it’s curves tool. With this application, lighting will never be a problem again.

One of my favorites in terms of punctual use: get photos with true color. It enhances whites and contrasts and gives a very particular look to the photos.

This photo editing apps for Instagram manages to enhance targets and contrasts to give a very personal touch to the images. It is free but only available for iOS.


It is Murphy’s law, you have taken the perfect photo of the holiday, but something has been leaked to you. A lady with an evil face in the background who looks directly at the camera with a menacing face.

The remains of a dog that has made a belly, the device from which he took the photo or the grain that came out there in the middle of his forehead. If you don’t understand Photoshop, this meant keeping a picture that has lost all the charm, right?

The TouchRetouch app puts an end to this torture. It is an application that allows you to remove objects and people from your photos. It is all in English, and also it is very intuitive.

Afterlight: Photo and Light Touch Up Application for Instagram

This application is based on points of light, allowing you to apply more than 20 filters. Apart from this, you can also choose the color intensity, the flashlight touch, and the color temperatures that you want to bring to your photos. This application is available for iOS and Android.

With more than 20 filters where you can choose the color intensity, you want to give the photo, the touch of the flashlight, and the color temperatures.


Are you worried about the small imperfections that your photos may reflect? You will not need Photoshop to hide them. With these best apps to edit photos for Instagram, you will achieve it easily and quickly. Say goodbye to that granite that comes out in all your selfies!

After taking a picture, many times, we wanted to correct a small defect, a brand, a grain, some shine, etc. With Facetune, we can modify all these small imperfections of our portrait photos.

Of course, everything good has a price, and that of this application is paid. A price, which for the quality of the application, is worth paying.


The mobile version of Adobe Lightroom is the best apps to edit photos for Instagram. It is the favorite of many photographers for being the extension of their desktop version.

What makes it different is that it allows you to work with RAW files. With this app, you can edit the photographs by means of the curves, play with the white balance, adjust the contrast and exposure, and modify the perspectives.

All this in a more professional way than doing it directly from Instagram. With Lightroom, you can take the photos, retouch them and catalog them.


One of the current successes that will freak you out if you have a new iPhone with dual camera. Spotlights allow us to use all the benefits of the dual camera as far as focus is concerned, blurring the image in the area we want once the photo is taken.

Thus, it will allow us to play with the blur, major or minor, in post-production.


Already have the edited photos? Do you want to put a little bird on them? Here is Canva. Canva is the mother of the montages for the stories of your Instagram. Trimming and adjustment tools and the possibility of adding texts with all kinds of styles and shapes.All in formats designed to share directly where we want, with the dimensions for what you need. It offers a huge amount of predefined templates for those who do not dare to design alone.


If you like black and white photos and retro style, with this Instagram application, you can make the most of your photos without complications. It has a wide variety of presets that will make your life easier, and its filters resemble the traditional Fuji or Kodak reels.

One of the best apps to juice black and white photos. In the style of the vast majority, it has presets that make our lives easier. Filters that emulate traditional reels like Kodak, Fuji, or Ilford.

The only downside to this application is that it is paid and is only available for iOS.


One of the most veteran photo editors that exist and has managed to reinvent itself and keep improving over the years.

We really like your «Brushes» tool to be able to illuminate, darken, or blink through specific areas of the photo. Come on, you can wear brunette legs with this app, but what we like most is that it also allows you to create collages with double exposure to do very cool things.


Are you one of those who is always taking pictures of food? Then this app comes as a ring to your finger. It is designed to take pictures of dishes and highlight them. It is available for Android and iOS and is totally free. 

Line’s app for taking food photos is THE app when it comes to taking perfect pictures of amazing dishes.


We were not going to forget your masks. This editor is thinking for selfies lovers.

Correct imperfections put on a little makeup, whiten your teeth and outline the contour of your face — pure fantasy.


Do you want to have totally different photos? With this photo editor application for Instagram, you can edit your photos and images, providing them with originality and effectiveness. Surprise your followers with this peculiar app! Yes, unfortunately, this application is not free, but its price is only 3.99 and is only for iOS.

If you want to give your photos of effectiveness and a new dimension, Enlight is one of the apps that will allow you to do quite differential things, and that will surprise your followers.

It has one of the most powerful editors we have seen in apps, although for the vast majority, it will escape from what they need on a day-to-day basis.


Edit images by transforming unedited photos into posts for Instagram. With this application available for Android and iOS, you can create collages as well as edit your photos with filters, text, borders, or by resizing your images.


This another best app to edit photos for Instagram for you because there is a lot of influencers out there recommending it. We do not know if they will be paid to do it or not but you already know that we do not sell here and we recommend it because we have already moved it and it works.

VSCO aside, Snapseed is one of the most complete and well-known publishers. It allows you to do what you want with a photograph. It has all kinds of editing capabilities and is very simple to use. It offers various functions that are summarized in two categories: manual editing and filtering.

Personally, I use it, and I like it for three of its many features: white balance, brush, and corrective band.

It is one of the most recognized and complete editors that you can find today. It is so simple to use that its large number of functions is summarized in 2 categories; Filtering and manual editing. You can do everything you want with your photographs!

It is also free, and you will find it available for both iOS and Android.


This app is triumphing in recent months thanks to its striking artistic filters. In addition to being able to retouch your photos, you can also give it one of the predefined styles of the app and enjoy the result.

We warn you that it is addictive! It is totally free and accessible for iOS and Android.


Do you want to customize your photos with some beautiful designs? With Over, you can add texts, graphics, and shapes without having to resort to a design program. It is easy and intuitive! It is free but only available for iOS.

If you want to personalize your photos with text, graphics, or shapes, one of the apps that I like the most is Over.


This is an app to create animated gifs (although better called by name: Boomerang) directly from Instagram. It allows you to shoot a burst of and turns it into a loop.


There are thousands of apps to make loops, but Phhhoto is one of the ones I like the most since they create a loop in low fidelity to give a very interesting retro style.

Slow Shutter Cam

How do people manage to take a long exposure photo with their cell phone where, for example, the headlights of the cars look brighter, or the beams of light flash?

With this app, you can do it very easily. Shoot at low speeds and emulate the camera’s shutter controls to capture images similar to what we would do with a DSLR camera.


Another option to add shapes to your photos is Mocadeco. It is paid but allows us to customize our photos with a very modern style giving it a very modern touch.

If you want to add original forms in your images, this app is undoubtedly for you. Unlike Over, this application is paid, and you can give a more modern touch to your Instagram photos. Only available for iOS.


It helps stabilize videos and modify the playback speed to achieve a fun timelapse effect. With it, you can trim the recorded video and remove those frames that do not fit and that you do not like.

I prefer Hyperlapse than the native iOS app because I can change the speed and thus give the effect that I want to timelapse.


If the previous have not convinced you, here is another alternative to add texts and forms to your Instagram photos. This application has much more time than the previous ones, which allows you to have a great variety of customizable forms. It is also free and only for iOS.

The third in discord as far as text, forms, and photos are concerned. It is one of the oldest and has thousands of customizable shapes.


You were getting frustrated because you have Android and had a crush on the previous Design applications that are only for iOS? Then Quick is for you because it also allows you to superimpose text on your photos and contains a wide selection of fonts and colors.

It allows you to superimpose text on your photos with a wide variety of fonts and colors to choose the most suitable one. The application has a free version and, in return, adds a small watermark in the corner of the photo. Like other apps, this watermark is eliminated in your paid version.

This tool is perfect if you use your Instagram as a showcase for selling products. It is free, but if you want the company’s watermark to disappear, you have to purchase the paid version of the app.


If you want to turn your content on Instagram, surely, this app fits with what you are looking for. This application will recreate a new world of all your photos.

It is an app that allows us to make our photos become a totally new world. Literal. It has different parameters to give more or less realism to the photo.

You just have to take a look at the image that we put below and draw your own conclusions of what awaits you with this app. At the moment, you can only find it for iOS.

1 Second Everyday

Do you want to mount a daily video? This original app allows us to make a diary with videos of a second so we can see the passage of time.

Best Photo Collage App for Instagram Stories

Choosing to make your Instagram profile a real photographic collage is something that is increasingly in trend. So if you are interested in this option, do not lose detail to the following applications to create your own collage on Instagram.


This application is comfortable when creating a collage. Why? Besides that, it is an app of Instagram itself. The process is very simple.

When you open the application, your entire image gallery is automatically opened. This way, you can generate the template that best suits your photographs and what you are looking for.


With this app, you have more than 200 ways to create your own photo collage. How is it used? It’s as simple as choosing the type of collage form you’re interested in and adding the pictures inside it.Once you have your images well placed, you can give your personal touch with texts. That easy!

Would You Rather Create a Mosaic Photo Editor for Instagram Instead of a Collage?

Well, that has an easy solution. You will need to download one of the following applications:


It is the quintessential iOS application to create mosaics on Instagram. It is totally free, and the result is impressive.


If you have Android, this is the application you need to create your mosaic. It is also free, and best of all, do not insert the app’s watermark.

When you think it is one more editor, it comes and surprises you. With this application, you will be able to mask parts of the image to apply to edit selectively. Besides, it has its own “clone buffer” similar to Photoshop so you can get rid of those flaws that affect the image.

Essential Instagram apps

Most of these applications are available for both iOS and Android, and most are free, although we have compiled some interesting payment options.

We divide them into different categories:

  • Photo editing/retouching
  • Design
  • Video
  • Collage
  • Apps for Stories
  • Analytics and Management

What Applications Do You Have Hidden There?

Are you as obsessed with Instagram as we are? If the answer is yes, get ready. In addition to these apps. Have we left any photo retouching application in the inkwell? Tell us, and we add to the list of applications to edit photos for Instagram.