4 Best Free Cabinet Design Software in 2021

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Here is the Best Free Cabinet Design Software: Nowadays, there are a lot of Best Free Cabinet Design Software to calculate all the required cabinet sizes for your home correctly. The best cabinet design software is not only a tool for a professional cabinet collector and manufacturer. Any person who decides to arrange an apartment or a house with their own hands can discover a lot of useful functions in this software.

Best Free Cabinet Design Software

Both paid and Best Free Cabinet Design Software have a trial period of use. If you are making an individual project of the home cabinet, this free period should be enough for you.

What Types and Varieties are Available for Cabinet Design Software

The cabinet manufacturing process includes several basic steps.

  • Creation of a sketch and design project of a piece of the cabinet, development of its appearance, selection of materials, finishes, decor and accessories, construction of a 3D model.
  • The process of placing the necessary parts on a sheet of material so that as much useful area as possible is used and the least number of scraps remains.
  • The final cutting and accurate cutting of all parts strictly according to the drawings, to avoid chipping edges and not violate the aesthetic quality of the material.

Each stage of work has its own program. Using appropriate software allows you to speed up the process of creating a cabinet, avoid the most common mistakes, take advantage of ready-made package solutions, making your own adjustments that will make your piece of cabinet individual.

In total, there are three main types of Best Free Cabinet Design Software of such a plan:

  1. Software for designing the cabinet and creating their 3D models. Most often, they combine the function of fully Designing the interior and creating a three-dimensional image of the room.
  2. Software for precise cutting of sheet material. They are in great consumer demand, as they perform more practical than an aesthetic function. Allow economic and competent use of material.
  3. Software that controls the cutting process, guided by the data of the loaded cutting cards. Most often used in small and large cabinet factories, in small workshops. Demanded by the owners of specialized equipment.

Large software companies specializing in the design, design, cutting, and manufacturing of cabinet often offer batch versions of their software products. When one shell and a single interface supports different modes and add-ons, it’s convenient, first of all, because you don’t have to solve the issue of compatibility and reading formats again. Such batch software offers automatically reads data without asking unnecessary questions.

All applications that are aimed at designing cabinet are designed in such a way that you can enter all the coordinates and dimensions of your room. As well as separately place and change every detail. In any case, you can find the program on the Internet and choose the one that you like. There are also online services for these purposes.

What Is The Best Free Cabinet Design Software For You?

The rating is based on the reviews of consumers, amateurs, and professionals who use this software to achieve specific goals – the creation of a cabinet for private use or on order.

1. Astra Cabinet Designer – a Simple Program for Designing a Cabinet

One of the most famous cabinet design software is Astra cabinet Designer. Such a program will serve you for the design of the cabinet, as well as interior design. She uses tools that are very easily mastered by ordinary users.

Free Cabinet Design Software

Astra Cabinet Modeling

Using even the Best Free Cabinet Design Software, you can eliminate all sorts of construction mistakes that are usually made with a pencil on paper.

Astra Software Product

A large developer of design and engineering software offers a whole set of software consisting of separate stand-alone modules. Each client can choose exactly the set that he needs. Available modules for cabinet design, interior design, cutting of sheet materials, and parts of arbitrary shape. Additionally, modules and macros for excel are presented, allowing professionals to simplify the work – to automate the process of controlling the cutting process on professional machines. A bonus is the ability to export information in the correct format from Excel to the software interface.

The Working Window of the Program Astra Constructor

This program is endowed with two types – axonometry and perspective. The workspace is usually divided into four or two parts so that you can set up a separate projection. It will allow you to rotate the entire scene, as well as view it at the angle at which you wish. This program is so simple that it will be very easy for you to explain to your master exactly what you want.

2. Professional Program PRO 100

This application combines a high professional level and ease of maintenance. This is one of the best software for designing cabinet, as it is equipped with all sorts of additional functions, and is also constantly updated, following the latest trends in the world of interior and design. Polish programmers and engineers developed this program.

PRO100 Benefits

Compared to the more versatile Arcon and Autocad software, this application is characterized by greater simplicity and flexibility. An intuitive interface without complex add-ons allows you to properly master the work in this program in the shortest possible time. In terms of visualization, the application is not inferior to competing applications. It is worth noting the realism of the picture.

For professionals, it will be interesting to create custom libraries of materials, elements, and cabinet.

Great convenience and functionality are characteristic of the calculations and reports of the application. In particular, with the help of adjusted prices for cabinet parts and materials, you can calculate the total cost of the finished project, as well as the total costs of individual components.

Also, the Pro 100 allows you to create and edit materials with great convenience. A photograph, drawing, or scan of the target material will be processed using the Best Free Cabinet Design Software, and the user will only need to indicate the actual dimensions.

Disadvantages of the Pro100 Program

The main problem is the rather high cost of software, which, in principle, is lower than that of competing products, but not by much. You can download for free and try the demo version of the program to understand whether it suits you for work or not.

At the same time, the decision to save money using the demo version will be overshadowed by the inability to print or export your project. The demo version does not even allow you to save the developed project.

If a specialist is seriously involved in cabinet design, then the Pro100 is worth the money. This easy-to-learn program allows the designer to realize his creative potential fully.

3. bCAD Furniture

Software for cabinet professionals and semi-professionals. With the help of separate modules, it allows not only to create a detailed project of a future piece of a cabinet, cut and cut but also to calculate its cost, prepare a package of official accounting documents.

Free Cabinet Design Software

A huge advantage of the standard batch installation will be the Mebel Universal base of finished projects and editable blanks. bCAD-cabinet maker and bCAD-designer – the minimum necessary set of modules for the implementation of a full cycle of cabinet manufacturing.

Visualization Software

Their functionality is the creation of a visual 3D model of the cabinet. The most common versions will be:

  • Google SketchUp
  • K3-cabinet Design;
  • PRO-100;
  • Woody & Sayer.

These Best Free Cabinet Design Software are distinguished by ease of use, an intuitive interface, and automation of most processes. Even a layman can easily create a future cabinet and consider its model in detail. The main control is carried out with the mouse, and the dimensions are set using the keyboard. For the convenience of users, there is a large library of ready-made solutions, each element of which can be optimized for your own needs.

4. Kitchen Draw – a Free Program for Designing Cabinet for the Trial Period

Kitchen Draw is another Best Free Kitchen Design Software that has now become possible for easy use – it has been translated into Russian. This is a fairly easy to use the program, and it was specially created for ordinary people who are not professionals in the field of construction and architecture.

Free Cabinet Design Software

Kitchen Draw Program Interface

Free software for cabinet design, which can be downloaded from the developer’s website, will be available within 30 hours. If you need to make your simple individual project of a home cabinet, then this time is quite enough for you.

This program will guess your wishes – it is equipped with everything necessary, taking into account the most diverse needs of consumers.

Kitchen Draw Window

In Kitchen Draw, you can easily create your own unsurpassed, and exceptional design, interior, and the image will delight you with the best photographic quality. Here you can also use manual and automatic dimensioning, create specifications and estimates, and Kitchen Draw will easily import into other Best Free Cabinet Design Software known to you. This program contains everything that has not been fully taken into account in other developments.

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Software for Solving Specific Problems

These include software that is designed to create and design a highly specialized cabinet.

  • Kitchen Draw will create the kitchen of your dreams. Its functionality will help not only to develop and carve out a separate cabinet or headset element but also to recreate the model of the entire kitchen at once. The software can work both with kitchen units and with a built-in cabinet.
  • Kitchen Designer
  • Similar functions as in Kitchen Draw, but a simpler interface, without extra options.
  • Three-dimensional kitchen planner IKEA
  • The advantages include great features, a simple interface, the ability to work online, without installing software on your PC. There is one drawback: the program operates only with goods from the Ikea store.
  • Base cabinet
  • The program is designed for the design and cutting of a variety of cabinets. All the functionality necessary for the full cycle of a piece of the cabinet is available.
  • eXponent cabinet Designer
  • The program is designed for the design of wardrobes. A large library of templates and an emphasis on the specifics of wardrobes.

Regularly, new products appear on the market for software products both from large companies that offer paid software and from enthusiasts in their field who create software for open-source people. Both the first and second options can be equally convenient or failed projects.

How to Correctly Design and Build a Kitchen?

Before you start designing, the most important thing is to understand how a kitchen is going to be used. This is the basic approach that any architect has to do. Because the kitchen cannot be the excess space or simply a space that will be defined at the end of the project; You have to understand that it has flowed different areas of work, and that must be carried out within the general project.

Beyond the style or design required by the client, it is important to define a certain modulation that allows optimizing its performance and thus minimizing the manufacturing costs of its different elements. In this way, the measurements of all the components of a kitchen have to be understood and internalized before defining the space that will house them.


Choosing a really high-quality Best Free Cabinet Design Software that meets your needs is possible only after a personal acquaintance with the interface, functions, and working in the demo version.