20 Best Free Calling Apps of 2021

20 Best Free Calling Apps of 2021

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The Best Free Calling Apps: In the subway, the bus, the squares, and the bars, you can see people of all ages hooked to their smartphones’ screens. It is that these devices have become indispensable companions of travelers, businessmen, and students. Among its main advantages, a figure that you can speak for free on the phone anywhere in the world, something that just a few years ago was unthinkable, or at least extremely expensive.

The Best Free Calling Apps

Now, with the emergence of simple best free calling apps, this practice has become commonplace. If you have not yet dabbled in it, we present the best apps to make free calls from your cell phone.

Best Free Calling Apps

Worldwide, communication between people has been completely transformed. In such a way, at present, the possibility of making totally free calls has multiplied, and, therefore, more and more alternatives are found to comply with it.

In this sense, there are a remarkable number of Best Free Calling Apps that have grown in recent years. In other words, they have improved their functions to become the main rival of traditional calls with a cost. So it is expected that the latter will disappear as text messages have been doing.

However, many users do not know which are the most recommended Best Free Calling Apps to use to make free calls from any smartphone, be it an Android device or an iPhone. Thus, below, we will indicate a list of the most optimal solutions out there.

List of the Best Apps to Make Free Calls on Android and iOS

Now, it’s time to start with the best mobile apps out there to make calls completely free from your mobile. Being, most of these, alternatives available on Android and also on iOS.

1. WhatsApp

In its latest version, the popular messaging application has an option that allows users to send voice messages in a walkie talkie style.

In the first place, you could not miss this popular free calling app for android without credits which you can call whoever you want directly by just using an Internet connection and with that, it does not consume any of the voice minutes that you have in your phone plan. Being an ideal solution for Android, iOS users, and also for Windows and Mac.

To call through WhatsApp, it is necessary to have a real phone number in order to register. Now, among its main advantages, we highlight that calls work with any user regardless of where they are located, you can send and receive photos, videos, contacts, and the location of the other user.

2. Line

With more than 140 million users in the world, Line is preferred in 44 of the 230 countries in which it has a presence. It allows you to make quality voice calls for free.

Another of the most widely recognized free calling app for android to any number worldwide is Line, which, although it is mainly used to send messages through chat, is also recommended for making voice and video calls just by having an Internet connection. It also allows the sending of photos and different multimedia files.

Among other features, it supports group video calls with up to 200 users simultaneously. You can find and download it from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

3. Telegram

It is another free calling app for android to any number with which you can make free phone calls between registered customers since it does not provide any function with which you can dial a real phone number. But still, it is considered a great solution because it allows unlimited chatting and texting at the same time.

One of its greatest advantages is that it guarantees fully encrypted phone calls, for excellent security. Additionally, it works on various devices, thanks to the fact that it is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux and has web support.

4. Hangouts

Formerly known as ” Google Talk “, this is classified as one of the best solutions to make calls and video calls for free, just by having a good Internet connection. Which means that it guarantees the saving of minutes and mobile data.

The app even allows videoconferences with up to 9 participants at the same time. It also allows you to send and receive images, videos, and messages at no cost. Thus, it is an application available in the Google Play Store and the App Store, which offers an option to synchronize the conversations on all your devices automatically.

The Google platform, formerly Gtalk, allows conversations between two or more users and make video calls with up to 10 participants. Also, they can save conversations in the cloud.

5. Google Duo

Par excellence, this is the Google audio calling app that is available both in the Play Store and also in the App Store. From it, calls with other users are totally the best free calling app for android and it has a simple system to invite your contacts to use the application in order to have unlimited conversations.

For its part, Google Duo also allows you to make free and high-quality video calls and in case the other user cannot answer it, you can leave a video message for them to mark you later. In addition to this, it has a function called ” Knock Knock ” that allows you to preview the live video before responding.

6. Facebook Messenger

Another of the most useful best free calling apps to call for free from your Android device, iPhone, and Windows 10. It is an excellent way to make free calling app for android without credits to any user anywhere in the world, especially because it can be run from cell phones and computers.

Additionally, this solution supports video calls but does not allow calling real phone numbers. Well, the two recipients must be ” friends ” in the social network Facebook, since it is a part of said messaging service. Even so, many prefer to use it for its simplicity of use.

7. Talk Box

It syncs with your Facebook account to import all your contacts. You can exchange voice messages and files of all kinds.

8. textPlus

Only available in the Google Play Store, this is an app with which you can call whomever you want for free, as well as send them text messages. Which has been presented to the world as the future of telephone companies, since it offers such services without any restrictions and even without the Internet.

In this sense, the app does not require contracts or commitments of any kind to use it, much less additional costs. Therefore, you can simply download the app, register and with it, obtain a new phone number different from the one you use, to use it only within Nextplus and communicate.

9. Vonage Mobile

All Android, iPhone, and iPad users can use this alternative to talk on the phone, free of charge, with other users of the same free calling app for android to any number. If you want to call landlines, you can also do it while you earn free calling credits that the app provides.

In addition to this, you can also get unlimited individual and group text messages and even free video chats if you want to see other users from anywhere in the world. It should also be noted that Vonage Mobile makes it easy to find your contacts, you can have a section dedicated to it.

10. Tango

It is synchronized with the cell phone book and allows free calls between phones with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry systems.

Another best free calling apps that can be run on Android and iOS mobiles, but does not have a desktop application. Thus, you can make free calls between users as many times as you want and at no cost, regardless of the distance at which the interlocutor is located.

For its part, it also supports sending text messages and making high-quality video calls. Among other details, it is characterized by being an extremely easy-to-use application, but it has a major drawback and it is that you will not be able to call another person if they are not using the app at that moment.

11. Snapchat

An also effective solution for the users of these operating systems is Snapchat, which has a massive user base, and apart from allowing you to chat on the phone at no cost, it also has photo and text message sending capabilities.

For its part, these famous best free calling apps have compatibility with video calls and other extremely fun functions to share images with filters that characterize the app from many others of this type. However, it can only be used between registered users and not to call mobiles that do not use Snapchat.

12. Viber

Due to its simple interface and use, this application has gained great popularity in recent times. It already has more than 90 million users who communicate daily for free.

It refers to an application that gives you all the voice calls and messages that you want to make and send, for free with other active users. Taking into account that, to the advantage of many, it is supported on both mobile devices and computers.

Added to this, Viber Messenger stands out for helping users find other existing ones in their contact list, so it can simplify communications in a way. It even also allows calls to real phone numbers, but these are not free and it has another payment function that adds a local number in several countries to a user, in order to receive calls and SMS.

13. WeChat

It is considered the fifth most used messaging application in the world, being the main one in China (it is also known as the ” Chinese WhatsApp “). In this sense, it can be installed on any Android and iOS mobile, free of charge, to be able to make calls and video chats easily, just by having an Internet connection.

In this way, it is also considered an excellent alternative to carry out other types of actions, such as: Paying bills, ordering a taxi, requesting medium consultations, posting texts and images, etc.

14. Skype

It is the best known worldwide in its field with more than 600 million users. You can make high-quality calls and video calls, as well as chat and share files with other users.

By default, this is another of the most recognized mobile apps for making calls anywhere in the world, thanks to the fact that it provides this function for all users. Also, if you want to call real phones, it also exhibits the ability to support it, as long as you pay a rate that is considered very cheap.

For its part, it has support for both Android devices and the iPhone. In addition, it is widely used in computers to chat, make calls, and also video calls or video conferences. It also allows you to add contacts directly in the app as long as you know their username.

15. Libon

An app is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store that allows you to enjoy international calls at the best price to more than 140 destinations around the world, both in Europe and the Middle East, Asia, Africa, etc. Taking into account that, it guarantees a remarkable economy. But if you want to call for free, you can do it with other Libon users.

In this sense, it is also compatible with text messages, just like it is used to share photos and videos. Likewise, the best free calling apps have a very pleasant interface, and for those who pay a certain rate to dial international numbers, it reveals a great advantage due to the fact that the minutes never expire, and it has no hidden costs.

16. TextNow

With this application that can be installed perfectly on any Android device, you have the ability to call real numbers for free. Since the same app gives you a real phone number, so you can use it like a conventional phone line to send and receive phone calls. Like, send and receive text messages.

However, you must bear in mind that, to make telephone calls to landlines, it is necessary that you buy credits or obtain redeemable credits within the same application. Among other features, we highlight that it supports various customizations, adds a voicemail mailbox, has a very striking interface, and can also be run from the web and on Windows and macOS computers.

17. Globfone

We also recommend this best free calling app that you can download for free from the Google Play Store and the App Store. It is possible to make calls instantly, make video calls, and send text messages. However, it should be noted that Globfone limits call, and therefore sometimes, you will only be able to speak for a few minutes.

Even this best free calling app also restricts a certain amount of text messages to send each day. On the other hand, if you use the computer version, you will not be able to receive text messages, but only send them. But, it also exhibits certain advantages, and one of the most important is that it can hide your identity during the phone call.

18. TalkU

Worldwide, Talku is an alternative available for all devices that operate under Android and iOS, so it is considered an advantageous app, thanks to the fact that it allows you to make completely free and unlimited calls between the same users, as well as to broadcast texting instantly.

For its part, you can also dial any phone number in the world, without even paying a euro for it. Considering that it has no roaming cost, it is perfect to call even when you are outside of Spain or your country. One of its greatest benefits is that it guarantees calls without interference and with HD voice technology for higher quality.

19. Facetime

If you have an iPhone 4 or higher than this, we advise you to use the free calls and video calls service that Apple offers to its users (even through a Mac). By default, this is pre-installed on these devices, and you can use it to your advantage to save minutes on your rate.

In this sense, Facetime broadcasts videos in high definition, which means that you can receive video calls in HD up to 720p and enjoy a good conversation with the best quality. Apart from that, you can schedule all the contacts you want within the best free calling app for iPhone and thus add a list of favorite people to dial them more quickly whenever you want.

20. KaKaoTalk

Of Chinese origin, this application can also be downloaded from its official website with Android support and to make free calls from iPhone. So, it is a multiplatform solution with which you can make voice calls and video conferences for free. Taking into account that it has a differentiating factor and it is the ability to add voice filters and videos while you chat.

For its part, it allows you to send various types of files, such as photos, videos, documents, voice, and zip files, without any complication. It also contains chat rooms in which you can customize the font and size, but it is a feature available only for PC. It is worth noting that it has a blocking mode for privacy protection.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Mobile App to Make Your Calls?

Before proceeding to know, in detail, each of the best apps available today to make calls to whoever you want for free, it is important to know the benefits this reveals to users.

So, so you can motivate yourself to try this new communication mechanism, here are some of the most notable benefits that exist in this regard :

It’s free

Without a doubt, the main and most important advantage when it comes to calling directly from a mobile app is the possibility of doing it without paying absolutely anything. Because, thanks to the Internet, these calls are completely free.

Even apart from the fact that you can do it for free through any operating system, most of these apps allow you to make phone calls to any number. That is, both to mobile phones and landlines that do not use the application in question.

You save on your rate

Although it is true, with conventional telephone operators, it is required to pay a monthly fee in order to have the possibility of making calls, sending text messages, and having a mobile data plan.

But, if you use these types of apps to make free calls from Android, you can save on your monthly rate. Since, even when you use up all the available minutes you have to talk, you can continue calling from the comfort of your cell phone and best of all, without paying additional costs compared to the plan you have selected.

Better call quality

On various occasions, when you make traditional calls directly from your mobile, you can get a bad phone signal. Either because of the place where you are, because at that moment, the operator is not providing the best service due to certain breakdowns or for any reason.

However, as long as you use a mobile application to make phone calls, you can count on excellent quality. This, thanks to the fact that they use the powers of the Internet to transmit the voice in the best way and, in addition, avoid connection and coverage problems.

Ability to call anywhere in the world

Currently, there are few operators that have a plan that allows calling to another country and if they admit it, it is very possible that it is paying really expensive rates for users.

But, when you handle an application of this kind, you can make use of its capacity to make calls to any place in the world, regardless of the distance at which the interlocutor is. This reveals greater coverage for people who constantly want to chat with loved ones who are far away.

They are multiplatform solutions

As these Best Free Calling Apps have been created to provide a good service to all people who have a mobile phone, the developers guarantee projects that are multiplatform, in the vast majority of cases.


In this way, you will not have to worry about the operating system with which your device operates, before downloading and installing the app that you like the most to make free calls with the best free calling apps. Many of them even have computer support and completely online web services.