5 Best OBD2 Apps of 2021

5 Best OBD2 Apps of 2021

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The Best OBD2 Apps: There is an infinite OBD2 App for smartphones that can be very useful in your daily life and also, to help make driving much more comfortable and safe.

However, today we want to tell you about the Best OBD2 Apps that will help you detect faults in your vehicle by installing an OBD port in the car. And it is that more and more drivers are interested and venture to discover the world of mechanics in order to understand better how their vehicles work and to anticipate problems before they happen and can cause greater ills.

What is an OBD Port, and How Does It Connect to the Mobile?

The OBD (On-Board Diagnostics), is an existing connection in the vast majority of vehicles that currently circulate on our roads and that we will usually find in or around the fuse box. It is the same connection that they would use in a workshop in order to connect the diagnostic machine to the vehicle.

Through this connection, it is possible to read the fault data that remains recorded in the ECU, as well as check different parameters that professionals specialized in mechanics will use to know the status of certain elements and systems of the vehicle.

In order to read the information of the control unit through the connector and without the need for a diagnostic machine, you can use special OBD ports that will transmit the information directly to your mobile phone via USB, Bluetooth, or Wifi. Of course, to be able to see, understand, and interpret this information, we will need some of the apps that we suggest below. Also, depending on the developer of the app, you will have to acquire a universal OBD port or one associated with the application itself.

The Best OBD2 Apps for You

Now is the time for you to get to know these fantastic OBD2 App and everything they can offer you with regard to fault diagnosis and the prevention of failures associated with them:

Best OBD2 Apps

1. Torque Lite and Torque Pro

We start with the best-known app, Torque. This application is one of the best rated in the Google Play store by users and has two versions, one free (Lite) and the other paid (Pro).

Torque, by connecting to the OBD port of our car, offers us different graphs from which it is possible to track different parameters related to the operation of the vehicle, such as power or the level of gas emissions.

Best OBD2 App

It also offers real-time data, such as engine speed, speed, or acceleration, among others. However, the feature that makes the Torque application even more interesting is that it allows us to check the different errors or breakdowns that our vehicle may have.

To access the vehicle faults and breakdowns section, it will be necessary to access a section found in the application called “Fault Codes” and click on the magnifying glass icon. After the diagnosis, we can review the error codes, their explanation, and the technical data associated with them.

As expected, the free version is less complete than the paid version, where the features and details are greater. You can download the application in the Google Play store: Torque Lite and Torque Pro.

2. OBD Fusion (Car Diagnostics)

OBD Fusion is available for both Android Smartphones and IOS terminals. Therefore, to download it, we will have to go to the Google Play store or the Apple Store, depending on the operating system that our mobile phone uses.

Best OBD2 App

This application is simple and very easy to use since it has a much more careful interface than the previous app and is much more intuitive.

It is generally compatible with all gasoline models sold in Europe from 2001 onwards and diesel marketed from 2004. However, there is a way to check if this application is compatible with our vehicle, since surely in our car, we will have a sticker similar to this:

If you want to know more about OBD Fusion, you can visit its official page: OBD Software.

3. DrivePro

DrivePro currently (02/13/2019) is only available for IOS and Android, it also has two versions, one free (DrivePro APP) and another paid (DrivePro PREMIUM). In this case, the two versions are quite differentiated in terms of functionalities, since, with DrivePro APP, we can obtain information about our routes, locate our parked vehicle, have an efficient driving manager, and obtain discounts or promotions for our vehicle.

Best OBD2 App

On the other hand, the paid version DrivePro PREMIUM, which has a cost, is the only one with which we can obtain data related to the diagnosis of faults or failures that are registered in the vehicle. Collect data in offline mode (without direct connection with our mobile phone), make an emergency call, or receive alerts related to the position of speed cameras installed on the road network.

One of the advantages that we would like to highlight about DrivePro, apart from the functionalities of the application, has a telephone number and a support service that will help to solve any doubt or incident that may arise during use. If you want to know more about this fantastic application, you can visit its official website: DrivePro.

4. DashCommand (OBD ELM App)

DashComand is quite similar to Torque, although it also has a much more careful, intuitive, and professional interface. It is available for Android in Google Play, in the Apple Store for IOS devices. Also, through the online store of the company that has developed the application, it is possible to download it to the desktop version for Windows.

Best OBD2 App

The DashCommand download is completely free, although access to all its features has a cost. Like the previous OBD2 App, it offers fault and fault diagnosis, control over certain vehicle parameters, the possibility of eliminating errors, and even saving different profiles, something very useful for those who own more than one vehicle.

Another advantage of DashCommand, which can be really interesting for drivers who decide on it. It is that it has a community or forum where it is possible to chat with other users of the application and share experiences, ask questions, or read tutorials that will serve to get better performance from the app and get the most out of it.

5. Other Similar OBD2 App That Could Be Interesting

Surfing the net, we have found two more OBD2 Apps that can be interesting and that receive good feedback from users who have downloaded them. These are ScanMaster for ELM327 OBD-2 ScanTool and OBDLink, but we have not yet had the opportunity to test them to tell you a little more about their operation, advantages, disadvantages, or added costs.


Do you use any of these Best OBD2 Apps, or have you ever used them? What is that you like? Do you know of others that do not appear in this article? Have you experimented with the ScanMaster or OBDLink App? Leave your comments!