10 Best Call Blocker Apps of 2021

10 Best Call Blocker Apps of 2021

Last Updated on June 20, 2021 by The Soft Best

The best call blocker app: This is a top with the best apps for block calls and text messages from unknown numbers on Android. These applications allow you to create a blacklist where you can add the contact numbers you want to block.

Similarly, some applications allow you to automatically block numbers that are considered spam and send them to voicemail, hang up and go off-hook, and simply a silent mode to avoid receiving calls at certain times.

One evil that has haunted mobiles since time immemorial is that of spam calls. Even today’s smartphones do not escape these annoying calls, which are usually made by companies or even by people who want to annoy you. Luckily, most smartphones already include an option to block calls by default.

The 10 Best Call Blocker Apps for You

App Android iOS Review
1. Truecaller – Android Caller ID and Block Yes Yes
2. Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker Yes No
3. Call Control Yes No
4. Hiya: Call Blocker, Fraud Detection & Caller ID Yes Yes
5. Mr. Number – Restrict Spam Calls Yes Yes
6. Should I Answer? Yes Yes
7. Drupe Yes Yes
8. Key Messages: Block Text Messages, SMS & MMS, Spam Blocker Yes No
9. CallApp Yes No
10. Call blocking Yes No

Best Call Blocker App

However, there are also many applications in the Play Store that allow you to block calls from a contact or spam calls effectively on your Android. The advantage of using these apps instead of the default mobile option is that these best call blocker app does not notify you of the call block. Therefore, they do not distract you and increase your productivity. Do you want to try them? Here we present you the best call blocker app on Android.

1. Truecaller –  Android Caller ID and Block

Two features of this call blocker app can be highlighted: it shows the image of the person who is calling, so it is not saved in the contact list. And the second is that it allows you to see when friends are free to speak, making the calling experience more intelligent and more helpful.

Best Call Blocker App

Truecaller is currently one of the most used best call blocker app to block calls and spam messages on Android. Like Call Control, it has a community-created spam list, which is updated continuously. In addition, it offers various options to block SMS or calls by name or by number series.

It is also capable of identifying the number of calls and spam messages, so you know who is bothering you. To make matters worse, it has smart messaging so that you can chat through the app with your family and friends. So install Truecaller and say goodbye to annoying calls.

This application is one of the best known and has 250 million users. This platform allows identifying calls from all over the world. The user can block any number to not receive more calls from him. It also includes the possibility of recording calls and storing them in the terminal. True Caller also allows you to identify SMS from unknown numbers. It is available for Android and iOS.

2. Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

Best Call Blocker App

This application has three blocking options: «Private numbers,» «Unknown numbers» or «All calls»; To add the numbers you want to block, you can do it from the call history or include them manually. The application allows you to silence the cell phone or totally ignore the call of a number that you have blocked.

3. Call Control

Best Call Blocker App

This app offers a “community blacklist” in which users can add spam numbers to be blocked. So if you use that community blacklist, your phone will block all calls that have already been reported as spam by other users. However, it also allows you to create your “personal blacklist” so that you can block some of your contacts that you don’t want to be called.

Call Control also blocks spam SMS and offers a Do not disturb mode to avoid receiving calls or voice messages at times when you need maximum concentration. But the best thing is that you will not know that the app has blocked calls, as it will not send you a notification about it. Without a doubt, the complete app to get rid of annoying calls.

4. Hiya: Call Blocker, Fraud Detection & Caller ID

This application has two special characteristics: integration with social networks Facebook and Linkedin; The second feature is that it allows you to share your location during the call so that in an emergency, they can easily locate you.

Best Call Blocker App

Unlike the apps presented above, Hiya is a completely free app that has no ads. It offers the features we can expect from an app like this: it blocks calls and spam SMS according to a person or community spam list. In addition, it can identify both calls and SMS that arrive on your mobile from unknown sources.

Hiya also offers an automatic alert system that is activated when you receive a spam call. Another of the best things about this app is its fairly simple and clean interface that is reminiscent of Google apps, making it very easy to use.

This app also allows you to identify calls. Additionally, users can block spam and automated phone calls by generating a blacklist containing phone numbers of vendors or scammers.

The app will direct calls from numbers on this blacklist to voicemail. The app informs the user of the type of call at the time it is received. This call blocker app is available for iOS and Android.

5. Mr. Number –  Restrict Spam Calls

Best Call Blocker App

With this application, you can block calls and messages easily. You can block numbers you don’t want to talk to constantly, you can even block an entire area code, or everyone, if you want to be alone for a while, you can also report SMS spam and calls that will help improve the application for other users.

6. Should I Answer?

Best Call Blocker App

This application filters all calls that come into your mobile. If it detects a call from an unknown number, it will check it with its database of numbers identified as spam. In case it is a spam call, it will notify you, and, also, it will give you the option to block it so that this number can never call you again.

Similarly, you can use this application as your default contacts app to manage your calls more securely. It is very simple and does not require the Internet so that anyone can use it without problems.

7. Drupe

Best Call Blocker App

Contacts and phone. This application allows you to identify calls and show if it is a commercial or a possible scammer. In addition, Drupe also includes the option to record calls automatically. The user can record incoming and outgoing calls. This application is available for Android and iOS.

8. Key Messages: Block Text Messages, SMS & MMS, Spam Blocker

It is a great application to block the spam SMS messages you receive, especially if you get a new number. It can be blocked by the sender, as well as by phrases and words, making it easier to block multiple numbers that send text messages on the same topics.

9. CallApp

Best Call Blocker App

CallApp: Identifier and recorder of calls. The operation of this application is very similar to the previous ones. It allows us to detect calls, block them, and record them. In addition, it offers the function of replacing the dialer and phone book of the phone with the dialer and guide of the app itself. The problem is that, at the moment, this app is only available on Android.

10. Call blocking

Best Call Blocker App

If you are looking for a call blocker app that simply blocks unwanted calls and does not offer unnecessary additional functions, this is your app. It weighs just 2.6 MB and fulfills its primary purpose of blocking spam calls and calls from contacts on your blacklist.

It has an option called “Start with” that allows you to block phone numbers that start with certain digits. The app also offers a Registry to see which numbers have been blocked and a White List where you can add the phone numbers you want never to be blocked.

How to Block Incoming Calls on a Smartphone Without Turning on Flight Mode

If it so happened that you would like not to receive or even see incoming calls for a while, there is a way to get rid of them without putting your smartphone into flight mode – this will allow you to leave the mobile Internet active. To do this, you just need to take a closer look at the capabilities of Android.

As an important note, on iPhone, you can use Do Not Disturb mode — always — or blacklist numbers one at a time.

How to Disable incoming Huawei

  • Go to “Phone”;
  • Press the button with ••• and select “Blocked.” It can also be located in the “Settings” – “More”;
  • Open the “Call blocking rules” section and enable “Block” all incoming calls;
  • You can also turn off calls from all unknown and hidden numbers.

How to Disable incoming on Xiaomi

  • In the Phone application, find the button with •••, select “Advanced settings”;
  • Now, in the “Other settings” tab, select “Call barring,” and then the SIM card, if you have two of them and wait for the network settings to be read;
  • Enable blocking of incoming and other settings, confirm the action;
  • Finally, you need to enter a four-digit password: usually, it is 0000, 1111, or 1234. If the combinations do not fit, you need to find out the password from the operator.

How to Disable Inbox on Samsung

  • In the system settings, find the item “Phone,” go to “Additional services”;
  • In the “Voice call” section, open “Call barring” and mark the necessary items;
  • Now you need to enter a four-digit password: usually, it is 0000, 1111, or 1234. If the combinations do not fit, you need to find out the password from the operator.

On other smartphones – with the Google Phone app

It will work on any model where “Google Phone” is installed as a “dialer.”

  • In the “Phone” in the upper right corner, click on the drop-down menu with •••;
  • Go to contacts settings;
  • Select SIM settings and Call Forwarding.
  • Enter some non-existent number and activate “Always” call forwarding.


These were the best call blocker app to block calls on Android. Choose the one you like the most or the one that best suits your needs and end annoying calls once and for all on your Android.