10 Best Family Organizer App of 2021

10 Best Family Organizer App of 2021

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The Best Family Organizer App: Maintaining a productive and orderly home requires some dedication. For many people, it is cumbersome and heavy to perform household chores. But not always because of the laziness of cleaning the kitchen or bathroom but because of the lack of organization on the daily agenda.

Family Organizer App to Maintain Family

Today, thanks to technology, there are several applications that are tools that help plan, distribute, and remember household chores to keep it clean and tidy. They are the Family Organizer Apps that allow you to keep track of what should be done, who, and when you should do it.

Also, they allow you to keep track of the performance of the tasks, the inventory of what you have, and the shopping list (weekly, monthly, annual) up to date in a more simple and orderly way. Technology can help you to schedule the distribution of household chores in advance and delegate responsibilities to all members living under the same roof.

If you want to start organizing better, try downloading one of the following best family organizer app. The following Family Organizer Apps are ideal for the load of household chores to be balanced between the different roommates, by programming in advance and enjoy a clean house with a great supply.

The following best family organizer app will allow you to make lists, receive reminders, or have an interactive inventory on hand with pending tasks or purchases to be made.

The Best Family Organizer App for You

Best Family Organizer App

Available in English, it is designed to organize and prepare house cleaning routines with your roommates, setting reminders by month, day, or week. Scheduled in advance, you will automatically receive on your smart device an alert about the task of domestic hygiene that you have to carry out.

Ideal for floors with different schedules and recommended for clueless people. Find out about some of the applications that will help you manage household chores on a daily basis.

1. OurHome – Best for Parents

This application allows having the tasks under control, helping to organize, manage, and distribute them. With it, you can create lists of chores, select the periodicity in which you have to perform them. Also, the app sends reminders if one did not execute a certain task.

OurHome is perfect for people living alone but also for homes with several members. The app has an interface that allows assigning tasks to all members of the house. Thus, it is ideal if one shares an apartment, lives as a couple, or there are already children of age to take responsibility for some task. Besides, it has complementary functions to organize purchases and keep communicated to household members.

Also, this Best Family Organizer App has a special system of rewards, designed to motivate children to collaborate at home, giving them responsibilities to improve their development and self-esteem.

2. Cozi Family Organizer – Best Family App

Cozi Family Organizer is a complete app that has functions to organize and distribute tasks such as making the shopping list. It allows planning for multiple users.

This app integrates a calendar where you can write the activities to be carried out throughout the day and thus find a space for household chores. Thus, you can make lists of cleaning routines, integrate Google Calendar, or prepare the shopping list.

In the recipe section, Cozi Family Organizer allows you to keep all the recipes in one place, in addition to adding the ingredients to the shopping list with a single click.

This cross-platform app covers a large part of your needs around household chores. With it, you can make lists of cleaning routines, integrate Google Calendar, or prepare the shopping list. In this way, each family member can complete the functions that correspond to him.

3. Clean House – Best for chores schedule

This app is in charge of controlling the list of tasks and remembering the cleaning routines of the different sites in the house. For example, you can set a monthly reminder to “clean the terrace,” and instead, the task of “sweeping the house” may have a daily or weekly reminder.

Upon entering the application, you will immediately see a list of the things you should do that day to keep your home tidy. Also, the Clean House is perfect for those who live in continuous stress or who spend a lot of time away from home. Even for students who share an apartment and have to divide their housework every week.

4. Wunderlist – Best to-do list app

The daily obligations and routines of various household members can make you forget about any missing commitments or items in the home. However, this Best Family Organizer App allows you to make, for example, lists of chores, purchases, family commitments, and even work tasks as an agenda.

The lists can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly and also be shared with coworkers and family members to whom some task is delegated to any of the lists.

Wunderlist syncs instantly between your phone, tablet, and computer so you can access the lists from anywhere. The app is available for Android and iOS. It also allows you to send and receive messages, notices, and reminders, so you don’t lose any commitment.

5. Out of Milk- Best Grocery Shopping List App

Out Of Milk is the most used Family Organizer App in its sector. With it, you can create the shopping list with all kinds of detail: price, units, or places where you can buy everything.

In addition to this totally free version, the app has another pro version. One of the most complete alternatives on the market destined to elaborate Shopping Lists, Pantry, and Pending Tasks in a light, intuitive, and easy-to-use Family Organizer App that synchronizes directly from your smartphone or browser.

You can order the products you want to buy by category – for example, cleaning supplies, delicatessen or pharmacy, etc-. You can add annotations about duty-free products or supermarkets. It works in the web version, iOS, and Android.

This application allows you to sort what you need by type or category, such as drugstore, butcher shop, drinks, pharmacy products, beauty, and others. All this can be accessible to as many people as one wants.

Also, Out of Milk allows you to create an inventory of the things you have at home and update it, and the app will notify you when you think you need to buy a certain product.

This app works on Android, iOS, and any web browser.

6. Any.do – Best Planner App

Any.do allows you to see all the pending tasks to perform on the day. The application will ask task by task if it will be done today and at what time. Thus, you can add an alarm at any time, delay it to another day or remove it if it was done.

You can organize the plan of the day from the application menu and from the configuration say what days of the week and at what time you want the mobile to make a notification.

7. BigOven – Best Meal Planner app

BigOven is the Best Family Organizer App to have recipes and inventory organized. It does not matter if it is the easiest or most complicated recipe to make because it makes it seem much simpler than it really is.

This application allows you to perform a whole series of actions, thanks to the tools available to you. For example, plan all meals for the weeks, search by type of food: breakfast, lunch, dessert, dinner, etc.

Also, it generates a shopping list from recipes. But it generates a list only of the food that is needed, thanks to an inventory that can be done previously.

8. Dommuss – Best free app to organize family

With this Family Organizer App, you can generate a family organization, build teams responsible for different tasks, and have information instantly and synchronized. Create shopping lists, appointments, calendars, and more.

Also, it allows you to have a list of important contacts for everyone: doctor, bus driver, or others.

9. Mothershp – Best Parenting App

It is focused on the smallest of the house, delivers reward for the objectives met, encouraging responsibility in a more playful way.

An easy way to teach children simple and routine tasks such as brushing their teeth after each meal, picking up the table, or feeding the pet.

10. YNAB – Best Budget App

This useful application is designed to prepare household personal budgets and record expenses, something ideal to control the accounting in your home, pay bills on time and calculate the cost and availability of E household members to make the purchase.


Just as you can find in the best family organizer app on the market software designed to help you with the decoration of your house, maximize your household savings, or to prepare delicious dishes for your diners. There are also ideal solutions to distribute and manage household tasks in a more fluid way, saving time and improving coexistence and reconciliation between your personal and work life.