8 Best Podcast App for iPhone of 2021

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If you are looking for the best podcast app for iPhone and iPad, you are in the right place. We bring you the most downloaded and most-used apps in the world in this category.

The podcasts have become, for a time now, the travel companion, work, walking the dog. They are ideal for all those people who, in the conventional radio, do not find the content they like best, or they cannot hear it when it is broadcast live. Most stations offer all their programs in this format.

Best Podcast App for iPhone

Apple was one of the first to adopt this format, whose name derives precisely from the iPod and broadcasting, although it was not really who invented this name. It was a journalist for The Guardian who made such a mixture of names, which ended up settling among Internet users.

The Best Podcast App for iPhone

If you have always been curious to enter this world, from which you will not be able to leave, then we show you which are the best podcast app for iPhone. We are going to focus on apps available in the App Store, although some are also available on Android. Although the podcast format is usually, for the most part, audio, we also have video podcasts at our disposal.

The big problem with podcasts is that if we search for content in other languages, we will hardly find it. The reason is none other than monetization. Nowadays, Apple does not offer any system that allows obtaining income for making this type of content, something that YouTube does offer.

1. Apple Podcast

Apple’s native app was true, of course, one of the first to reach the market. But as usual, it is not the best app we can find today in the market; At least if you want to have full control of all the content you hear, a function that other apps have. Nevertheless, it is an excellent way to begin to enter this world.

One of the advantages offered by the Apple Podcast app compared to the rest is that it has a desktop app through iTunes. Synchronize all the content we have pending listening and the position in which we have stayed in the podcast. That we are currently listening to.

Apple podcast is available by default on iOS.

We have to recognize that the native Best podcast app for iOS devices has improved a lot in recent years. But even so, it doesn’t satisfy the needs of many podcast lovers.

That’s why a compilation of the best podcast app for iPhone you can find in the App Store. They are the most used and best valued by users around the world.

To make this selection, we have based on our own experience and the valuations that these apps have in the App Store.

2. The Podcast App – Podcasts

It is the most downloaded best podcast app for iPhone in countries like the USA. Reading the reviews that your users leave in the App Store. We can get to the idea of ​​how good it is. We have tried it, and the truth is that it is one of the best we have ever tested. A perfect choice in case you stay with her.

3. Castbox – The Podcast App

Possibly the podcast player with the interface and navigation system more refined and straightforward. An excellent choice. Based on reviews, it is the app in this category with more reviews.

4. Overcast

This is one of the best known by all. It is the one I use personally. Surely there will be better, but when you get used to its interface and how well it works, it is lazy to leap at another player. Very good.

Behind Overcast is developer Marco Arment, one of the essential developers within the Apple ecosystem and whose opinions are usually taken into account by both Apple and the community. Marco was one of Instapaper’s developers; One of the references for storing items for later.

Overcast was one of the first apps that came to the iOS platform to stand up to Apple Podcast. Over time it has expanded both the operation and the number of functions. Today it is one of the best alternatives, if not the best, available on iOS.

Also, it not only offers us access to Apple’s Podcast platform, but we can also use it to download content from other platforms through the link system it provides us. Overcast is entirely free but includes ads. If we want to avoid the ads, which by the way, hardly bother us, we can donate to the developer, which will also allow us to unlock other functions.

It also allows us to import the playlist of other podcast apps; This way, it will be much easier to leave the app we use now. Overcast is available for both iPhone and iPad and Apple Watch.

5. Podbean Podcast App & Player:

All a surprise. An app that we had never used and that after trying it to make this article, has fallen in love. Excellent interface, a navigation system, and a player.

Sincerely. It has captivated us. It is the one that gets the best score of all the ones we have talked about in this article.

6. Castro

Along with Overcast, Castro is one of the great alternatives available in the Apple App Store, as is Overcast. Castro also has been with us for a while, but in the last two years, he has improved a lot, positioning himself as one of the best options.

Most podcast apps show us the pending episodes within each podcast, in chronological order, so that the last podcast that has been downloaded is always shown first. Castro simplifies this organization of a much simpler one. Since he places them in the inbox so that at all times we know which are the last podcasts that we have pending to listen to.

Once they reach the inbox, we can listen to it or send it to the file where all the episodes we have heard so far are stored. If we are looking for new podcasts similar to those we hear, the app allows us to discover new content through the Discover section, a section that shows us content related to the theme of the podcasts to which we are subscribed.

Castro is available for download for free, but to get the most out of it, we must check out and make use of in-app purchases offered in subscription format. Also, it is available for both iPhone and iPad and Apple Watch. It is also available for the Android platform.

7. Pocket Casts

One of the best-known podcast apps. Excellent interface and an outstanding player. But it has a great impediment. It is paid. Some users have bought it. Still, if we see that there are very similar and even better apps at zero cost, we see this app as an alternative only for people who really like the interface and operation of this podcast player.

Without further ado and hoping to have cleared your doubts as to what are, for us, the best podcast app for iPhone, we say goodbye until the next article.

Of course, but not before commenting that if you know any app that exceeds those mentioned, tell us in the comments of this post.

Another of the great apps to listen to this audio format is Pocket Casts, an app that shows us a very standardized interface so that we know at all times what are the last podcasts that have been downloaded. The files that are pending playback, which we are listening to, all the files we have downloaded, and which are audio or video.

The filter system that offers us allows us to search through the different categories where all the content that we have downloaded in the app is classified, this being one of the strengths of this app compared to the rest.

As for the configuration options, Pocket Casts offers us a dark theme, with which we can reduce the battery consumption of our iPhone X, XS, or XS Max. Thanks to the OLED screen since only the necessary pixels are illuminated to show colors other than black. Pocket Casts is compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad, in addition to the Apple Watch, with which we can control the playback of our favorite podcast.

It’s not free, but you won’t regret it

Unlike Overcast and Castro, Pocket Casts is not available for download for free, but we have to invest 4.49 euros in enjoying it, a purchase that you probably won’t regret. It is also available for the Android platform. All the apps that we show you in this article offer us the possibility to subscribe so that all the new content generated is automatically downloaded to our device. These subscriptions have no associated costs.

All podcasts are available for download completely free, the only money you will have to invest, if you want, is in the app that can best suit your needs, tastes, or preferences.

8. PodCruncher

Finally, a full-featured podcast app that works – no hiccups or crashes. Download and stream episodes, manage subscriptions, create playlists, discover new podcasts. It is crafted with love – extremely fast, smooth, and easy to use.

Where do I begin for podcasts on the iPhone?

Content in podcast format is of all kinds, especially in English, although the content created increasingly covers more topics, so we can satisfy our curiosity about virtually any subject by entering the world of podcasting. If you don’t know where to start, you can do it through our 9000-bit podcast, the technology podcast, where we analyze the latest news from the technological world.

You can also take a look at the Kernel podcast, a podcast by mixx.io, in collaboration with Omicron and Android Free.

If you like movies or series, podcasts are an ideal platform to get to know all the details of your favorite series or movies, being The Orbit of Endor, Meat of Video club, or Almighty some of the best. On the other hand, if you like history, we have at our disposal Histocast, a podcast where, as a gathering, they tell us historical events and geopolitical news.


If you have been able to listen to your favorite radio program, through this platform, you can find it, since, as I said at the beginning of this article, all radio stations offer them through this platform.