7 New Samsung OneUI 6.0 Features You Should Know

Samsung OneUI 6.0 Features

Samsung OneUI 6.0 Features: In the ever-evolving world of smartphone technology, Samsung has once again captured our attention with their latest software update, the One UI 6.0. Boasting a plethora of new features and improvements, this update promises to enhance the everyday smartphone experience for users across the globe. 

7 Samsung OneUI 6.0 features

Here, we’ll dive into the top seven features that are set to transform the way we interact with our Samsung devices.

1. Revamped Emojis: Adding a Splash of Personality

Samsung OneUI 6.0 Features - Revamped Emojis
Source: Jeff Springer

Who doesn’t love a good emoji? One of the first things users will notice in Samsung’s One UI 6.0 is the revamped emojis. With a fresh, updated look that might remind some users of the Windows emojis, these new icons aim to inject more personality into your messages.

While some users might have strong feelings about emojis, this change is a testament to Samsung’s commitment to improving the overall user experience, catering to enthusiasts and everyday users.

2. Weather Widget and App Redesign: A Clear Forecast Ahead

Weather Widget
Source: Jeff Springer

The weather app and widget are staples on any smartphone’s home screen. With One UI 6.0, Samsung has breathed new life into these features, offering a visual redesign and a more streamlined user experience.

The removal of unnecessary video autoplay and a cleaner layout ensures that users can quickly access the weather information they need without any distractions.

3. Redesigned Quick Settings: Finding Balance in Change

Change can be challenging, especially when it comes to user interface alterations. One of the most polarizing changes in One UI 6.0 is the redesigned quick settings panel.

While some enthusiasts might have mixed feelings about it, the new layout, reminiscent of other popular smartphone interfaces, offers a fresh perspective on toggles and settings organization.

A diagonal swipe gesture adds a touch of convenience, making the panel more user-friendly for one-handed operation.

4. Enhanced Camera Controls: Focus on Precision

For photography enthusiasts and casual snappers alike, the camera controls are critical to any smartphone. Samsung has refined this experience in One UI 6.0, introducing a more intuitive layout for resolution and mode selections.

Additionally, the inclusion of advanced intelligence options within the camera settings offers users more control over post-processing, ensuring that they capture the perfect shot every time.

5. Camera Widget: Capturing Moments in an Instant

Samsung OneUI 6.0 Features - Camera Widget
Source: Jeff Springer

The camera widget is a handy addition that simplifies quick access to your device’s camera functions.

With One UI 6.0, Samsung has improved this widget, allowing users to customize its behavior and appearance.

Whether you’re an enthusiast or an everyday user, launching specific camera modes directly from your home screen adds a level of convenience that many will appreciate.

6. Chromecast Screen Sharing: Sharing Moments on the Big Screen

In a world where screen sharing and streaming are the norm, Samsung has embraced this trend by introducing Chromecast support in One UI 6.0.

While enthusiasts might quickly adopt this feature, it’s likely to become a hit with the general audience.

The ability to mirror your screen to a Chromecast device opens up new possibilities for sharing content, presentations, and more.

7. Gallery Labs: Exploring Hidden Treasures

Gallery Labs
Source: Jeff Springer

One UI 6.0’s Gallery Labs feature is a hidden gem for those who love to tinker and explore. Enthusiasts will enjoy the ability to access an album on a remote device within the same Wi-Fi domain.

Although tucked away, this feature provides an exciting opportunity for users to interact with their Samsung devices in unique and innovative ways.


As we eagerly await the stable release of Samsung’s One UI 6.0 in October, it’s clear that the update caters to both enthusiasts and everyday users. With improvements in emoji design, weather widgets, camera controls, and more, Samsung is demonstrating its commitment to enhancing the user experience across the board.

So if you’re a casual smartphone user or a tech enthusiast, there’s something to look forward to in this latest update.

So, get ready to experience the next level of smartphone innovation as One UI 6.0 arrives on your Samsung device.