15 Best Android Camera App of 2021

15 Best Android Camera App of 2021

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The best android camera app: Taking a picture with your smartphone is simple. You point, observe, press, and go. But there are many elements and factors that alter an image and allow you to improve or change the result with small adjustments.

best android camera app

Thanks to the expansion of smartphones, today we are all little photographers, and weird is the day we do not take a picture or record a video with the camera of our smartphone. However, the quality of the photos we take depends on several factors:

  • The camera of our smartphone,
  • Our knowledge and talent,
  • And the applications we use to make the photographs.

Regarding the talent and the quality of the camera of our phone, it is what there is. Unfortunately, we can do little about it. However, we can increase and improve our knowledge, while significantly improving the quality of our snapshots using some of the Best Android Camera App that we propose today.

The Best Android Camera App for Smartphone

In analog photography, you could play with the shutter, with the exposure time and with different objectives. And it seems that in digital photography, or rather, in mobile photography, this is not possible, but yes.

The photograph on Android gives a lot of play, especially in the post and the photo retouching, but third-party applications can change the behavior of the camera to get a different picture than usual at the time of the shooting.

Let’s see some examples of Android apps to make your photos better without editing or retouching the photos.


The  ‘Google Camera’ is the App for everyone; the GCAM, however, is the version for Google Pixel with better processing, an excellent portrait mode, and, of course, the famous Night Sight as night mode.


You will not find it in the Google Play Store, but you can download it from the following link for some mobile devices. And the differences, in terms of quality, are really remarkable.

Google PhotoScan Photos

Take your photo, and it will be scanned in seconds, improving its brightness and automatic edge trimming, so you don’t waste time editing.

It is the best camera apps to scan your old photos and save a backup in Google Photos. 

Cameringo + Filter Chamber

In addition to having more than 250 incredible customizable filters, this application also has several types of lenses to take great photos.

Also, you can use the mini planet mode, and in the videos, you can make drawings in real-time while you are recording in slow, normal, or fast motion.  

Bacon Camera

Who said fear? When photographing with our smartphone, all parameters are preconfigured, that is, we don’t have to touch anything. But with Bacon Camera, we can take advantage of everything that manual mode offers.

Manual focus, white balance, exposure time, ISO speed, manual exposure compensation … This and much more from the Bacon Camera interface. As additional functions, we have histograms and luminance in real-time, delayed photographs, support for RAW and DNG formats, etc.

Bacon Camera also has options for recording videos, such as HDR effect or Slow Motion recording.

Bacon Camera offers a clean interface, reminiscent of the iPhone camera, with many manual controls, of course. This is what you get:

  • Full manual focus
  • Full manual white balance
  • Full exposure compensation Manual
  • Semi-Manual ISO speed
  • Complete Exposure Time Manual
  • Bayer RAW and DNG support
  • real-time histogram

And it is not only manual controls, but this application is also based on basic controls. It offers interesting features, such as the panoramic, virtual horizon, multiple exposure shots, time-synchronized shots: lapses, and GIF.

Open Camera

If you need to have your Android camera controls at hand, Open Camera will help you adjust what you need to get good pictures.

Among other things, it has automated options such as noise reduction, GPS labeling, multi-lens magnifying glass or support for external microphones, and recording videos with HDR.

On a manual level, you can control the ISO values, exposure, enable or disable the flash, take a timer photo, white balance, apply color effects before taking the picture, etc.

Google Camera

In addition to developing Android, Google often publishes additional best android camera app that improves the performance of its mobile operating system.

An example is Google Camera, an app to take pictures and videos in a more professional way.

Among other things, it allows you to apply bokeh and HDR effects to photographs, record slow-motion video, or make a burst of photos to create a GIF or simply to find the moment instantly.

Camera MX

For both photography and video, Camera MX offers very interesting functions, such as the timer, grids, manual exposure, filters and effects in real-time, GPS to tag images, etc.

To improve our images, Camera MX has optimized autofocus, adjustable JPEG quality, automatic optimization, and HDR or the ability to create Live Photos, as in iPhone.

In addition to filters and effects that are seen in real-time before taking a picture, Camera MX also allows you to edit a picture later: crop, brightness, contrast, color, video cutter to shorten it, slow-motion effect.

We return with this to the free options. Camera MX is visually attractive, with a clean, pleasant interface and with all kinds of functions at our fingertips. It has real-time filters, photo recording to capture the best moment, stickers, and advanced options for recording videos in slow motion, highlighting the important moment in the recording.

Footej Camera

Another good tool to squeeze the best android camera app is Footej Camera, which with the help of its controls, which barely interfere in the photography we want to take, allows you to customize aspects such as exposure, focus, or shutter.

It is a relatively new app, but it has features that are up to the most popular apps. The idea for enthusiasts or photographers who are looking for manual controls.

  • Simple and clean interface.
  • It offers manual ISO control, focal length, shutter speed, as well as exposure of
  • your photographic capture needs.
  • You can capture RAW, with much more data.
  • Display illumination for selfies.
  • Slow-motion video recording, photo bursts, and photo histogram.
  • Download Google Play ( free or Pro for $ 2.99 )

More functions: timer, grid to help us focus, histogram, and support for RAW and JPEG files.

Along with photography, Footej Camera also serves to obtain videos and GIF animations.

Sweet Selfie

Selfie madness is not only limited to hardware innovations, but also to applications. This App offers you everything to beautify your photos and create funny photos with your friends.

Effortlessly you can capture selfies and then edit it with the smart auto-beautifier mode, add Emojis, stickers, and typical Instagram filters. Social touch is added to all the fun, in the form of special contests among its users.

Camera 360: stickers and filters

Use the beautification tools of this application to fine-tune nose, add lipstick, base, concealer, shadows, eyeliner, eyelash.

In addition to fun stickers, eye-catching filters, and a collage function to group all your photos into one, download it now!

Foodie – A delicious camera

An application that has professional editions and more than 26 filters to make your food photographs look spectacular.

The photo app features timer functions, flash, dimensions, and much more. 


With more than 350 million users of satisfied users, or at least that is what they say in the app’s tab,  Retrica is one of the most popular Android camera applications in the Play Store, and it is not for less.

Its strong point is the filters, yes, because Retrica offers more than one hundred filters that you can apply in real-time so that you will see how your photo looks before taking it. Also, you can create collages, gifs, videos, and share them on your favorite social networks.


In the case of VSCO Cam, it does not stand out so much at the time of taking photos as in its subsequent editing work.

Because it has countless adjustments to edit the photo and leave it just as we want: saturation, temperature, apply a wide variety of filters, add grain to the photograph, and much more.

A Better Camera

If you are looking for “a better camera,” possibly  A Better Camera is the answer, and not just by name, but because it is one of the complete camera applications you will find. It has two versions, free and paid.

Still, the free one will surprise you with white balance consumption, its color effects, its exposure setting, ISO, the countdown, the type of shot, its flash mode. The possibility to eliminate those elements that shave your photo, including people, panoramic photos up to 360º, sequence shooting, pre-shooting to capture the before taking your photo, and many more features.


And as far as payment camera applications are concerned,  ProShot is one of the most prominent. Among its main functions, we cannot forget that it allows automatic, semi-automatic, and manual exposure settings.

White balance, flash, aspect ratio, night mode, shutter speed, ISO, DSRL, zoom delay, RAW, and JPEG formats… I still?

Do not forget that the previous applications are hardly a minimum proposal of how many exist in the Play Store for Android, both paid and free. Of course, none of them will work miracles alone, but is one of the above your favorite, or do you usually use any other to capture the world around you?


Do you want to install the Google Pixel camera on your Android? We recommend you read the following article. Greetings and see you, next future photographers.