What is Archibus Software?

Know What is Archibus software? Archibus software will be the software for the administration of institutional assets. In order to keep assets under control, receive reliable reports, measure returns, and have a global overview of institutional assets in the TEC, training was given on software management: Archibus software.

What is Archibus Software?

Archibus software is a computer tool that helps to obtain the profile of assets from an operational and financial point of view. Its integrated applications are designed to improve operational efficiency and help make the best strategic decisions about equipment.

What is Archibus Software

This tool allows the visualization, planning, analysis, and creation of reports and thus obtain the best operational knowledge and better control over costs. In addition, it helps maintain an accurate inventory of movable and equipment assets.

But How Does the Tool Work?

Archibus software is an internet-oriented client-server platform, so users will only need a web browser and an internet connection to access the system. The system contains the following domains and functions:

It also works collaboratively through a role-based scheme in which each has permissions and access only to specific functions.


According to Jorge Mario Tobón, local representative of the tool, the TEC will obtain the following benefits. It minimizes unnecessary capital expenditure, improves the strategic decision-making process, optimizes service levels and operational efficiency, allows you to control assets effectively, standardizes and automates processes, creates reports with consistency and speed.

He also points out that at the same time, applications that have meeting rooms or other infrastructure spaces can be managed.