7 Best Project Management Software for Marketing of 2021

7 Best Project Management Software for Marketing of 2021

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Yes. We know that the day-to-day best project management software for marketing is frantic. Thousands of tasks to be carried out, pending deliveries that are being delayed, human team to manage, coordinate. The effectiveness of managing a project at times depends on a thread, and having everything under control is what brings us closer to success.

Best Project Management Software for Marketing for You

Best Project Management Software for Marketing

How to achieve this purpose is complex. Managing all ideas and resources requires hours of dedication and, above all, supervision. This need to organize can be achieved through the best project management software for marketing, inspired by the most traditional to the most innovative methods, with which you can assume, simplify, and optimize the results.

What is the Best Project Management Software for Marketing? A Resounding Yes to Achieve Your Goals and Be More Productive

To maintain the productivity of our companies and projects, we will discover in the following lines of what tools we can benefit, what use to give each one, what they can offer us, how to work with the information of the projects, and achieve that desired efficiency.

1. Trello, the classic that never fails

The organization and monitoring of tasks to the smallest detail. In Trello, you can manage all the information in a structured way for marketing, being very useful for managing personal and business projects. The operation of Trello is very simple and can help you take your company to another level.

Best Project Management Software for Marketing

The project management is completely hierarchical using boards that can be both personal and public, can even calendarize. The point in favor of Trello is found in the teams since boards can be made by teams in which several people from a department or a work team have access to each of the boards.

In this way, within a team, you can create several boards, and then add members or users to each corresponding board. Once inside each board, you can create lists, and inside each of the lists, add cards. This can be very useful for brainstorming, for marking a list of pending tasks to be done or for tasks already completed. Each Trello list will have its description, and on each card, you can add more members, more tags, with checklist options, due dates, and follow-up of activities in detail through comments.

One of the latest features of Trello templates is classified by categories highlighted, such as business, design, education, engineering, marketing, human resources, productivity, and sales, among others. Within each of these categories, we will find different template options with very original creatives to be added to our boards.

2. Asana, the king of optimization

If this is the first time you hear this best project management software for marketing and its name only sounds like the mythical yoga postures, what we will tell you next will surprise you! With the motto that Asana has as a cover letter, you will understand it better: organize yourself, keep up to date, and meet the deadlines.

Best Project Management Software for Marketing

Asana is an ideal tool to plan the work structure in a personalized way, based on priorities and assigning tasks from the same site. For each of these tasks, there is the option of keeping track stage by stage, so in just one click, you will be able to know what situation each project is in and if the KPIs that were marked in the day were correct.

The point in Asana’s favor is found in the temporary visualization of the work so that if time is progressing and we are not fulfilling the objectives, we can make changes in the work so as not to deviate from the line. This is achieved through the schedule that offers that works from the Gantt Chart. Like Trello, in Asana, you can create boards and lists, to control each of the work’s progress, managing the project from beginning to end.

3. Intervals, the best reports at your fingertips

Although it is not yet well known, it is an ideal project management software for small businesses and companies with different needs. One way to control all the time invested in each project, manage and direct the work so that each task leads to success, that is the basic premise of Intervals.

Best Project Management Software for Marketing

How do you intend to achieve it? By tracking the time to know precisely how many hours are dedicated to each project, which can be very useful to measure the ROI and see the profitability of the project in question.

In addition, it offers very useful reports and analytics of each one of the tasks carried out, so that you can make the corresponding decisions with knowledge of the cause whenever you need it. In fact, these reports are completely flexible and very detailed.

The transparency is one of the maxims of Intervals. This means that through its interface and each of its options fosters confidence in the client provided that allows you to track the personal budget spent. In addition, its customer service is perfect for serving users as long as they need it in record time.

4. Wrike, more visibility and more collaboration

“Adapted solutions for marketing, creative, project management, developer or IT teams, for all teams.” With these expectations defined by Wrike, what else can they offer?

Best Project Management Software for Marketing

From  Wrike, the information can be completely centralized through very visual control panels, a functionality very similar to that found in Asana, since it also works based on the Gantt Chart to check the evolution of the projects.

For this, it allows establishing new tasks for each planning, accompanied by a timeline that measures its progress, which is very useful for working in teams, since in this way everyone has access to all the information. This fosters coherence and coordination.

In short, Wrike is an intuitive tool that is characterized by an interface that, through three views, allows you to know the status of the project. The subtasks that are in progress, those that are complete. Those that remain on hold and those that have just been launched.

5. Smartsheet, success at your fingertips with Gantt

Smarsheet promises to be an ally of the execution and management of the work, which gives added value to each project. Best of all, it offers a real solution based on the size of the company, the type of economic activity to be performed and managed, the role of the user (business leader, teams), and the department in question that will benefit from this best project management software for marketing.

Best Project Management Software for Marketing

Therefore, being so segmented, with Smartsheet, you can assign tasks, as well as check their compliance and progress. Another advantage that Smartsheet has as a solution to project management is that it can be integrated with other applications to share data, such as Microsoft Excel or CRM.

At the same time, Smartsheet also has templates based on the Gantt Chart, so that the tasks assigned will always have an associated creation date and an end date of delivery or fulfillment.

6. Basecamp, the perfect place for collaborative work

They already say it from their website: “Work better, together.” Basecamp is a perfect best project management software for marketing, organize by default, and be more productive. The efficiency he proposes when communicating greatly facilitates meetings. How do you get it? Dividing work into projects, so each project maintains the common and main objective.

Best Project Management Software for Marketing

In this sense, it offers a messaging tool to communicate ideas, project progress, and have good feedback. Also, it allows for a to-do with a list of all the work that should be done on delivery dates. A scheduled schedule with delivery dates and events to be shared; documents and files shared with spreadsheets.

A group chats about working on a day-to-day basis and remaining communicated without the need to meet in person — automatic check-ins for recurring questions. In short, through Basecamp, you can mark all the objectives and achieve them effectively through fully collaborative work.

7. Holded, where integrations make a difference and your results

This best project management software for marketing is only available for the iOS system, so this restricts its use. However, there are more points in favor of Holded than against him. Why do we say this? Because each day improves each of the utilities and functions that it has to the maximum.

Best Project Management Software for Marketing

The visualization of the projects graphically will allow you to obtain a global perspective of the project’s scope. Still, the best thing will be that once stopped in each area or functionality, and you will be able to interpret all the data perfectly.

With Holded, you can work from different views, such as tasks, resources, calendars, networks, styles. At the same time, Holded helps us focus on those tasks or projects that have priority. To the extent that there are tasks that can be hidden in terms of content or, for example, delivery dates, so team members can optimize their work betting on what is relevant and the objective to be achieved in the first instance.

The best project management software for marketing also works with Gantt Diagrams. It offers users the management of each resource, of the budgets, so that the investment, costs, benefits can be monitored at any time and of the objectives, fulfilled or to be fulfilled.


Taking into account the specifications of the commented best project management software for marketing, we are going to buy them among them to know which one of them may interest us most based on our particular needs and our project.