8 Best Apps to Open Xlsx Files of 2023 – (Excel App)

How to Open Xlsx File – The Best Apps to Open Xlsx Files: We will tell you what programs can open tables in the .xlsx format on Android and iPhone. We have collected for you the best Apps to Open Xlsx Files that you can download for free.

How do I open an XLSX file on Android?

Apps to Open Xlsx Files

Schoolchildren, students, and representatives of the adult generation sooner or later come across tables – files that conveniently contain various information.

For example, school timetable, vacation timetable, income, and expense tracking, and sales orders for the outlet.

We can talk endlessly about the benefits of spreadsheets since they are also quite comfortable to work in, but we will not talk about that.

Can we open Excel file in Mobile?

Yes, you can open Excel files on your mobile device, such as Android phones. You can download the Microsoft Excel app from the Google Play Store to do so. Simply search for “Microsoft Excel” in the Play Store and proceed to install it. Once installed, you can use the app to open and work with Excel files on your Android phone.

8 Best Apps to Open Xlsx Files

What to do in a situation when a computer with Microsoft Excel is not at hand, but you urgently need to open or work with a table?

In the article, we will tell you what, in fact, you can open an Excel spreadsheet on an Android mobile phone. The xlsx format, which appeared in 2007 and is a more perfect, functional version of xls, fell under our sight. In human terms, this is the modern standard for tables.

We will consider special Apps to Open Xlsx Files that are designed to open an xlsx file and office suites, in which the described feature is just one of many functions.

1. Microsoft Excel App for opening XLSX file

Let’s start with the most obvious – a proprietary application from Microsoft, which invented these tables. Their Android phone app has a similar name, but it’s free to download. However, you will still need to subscribe to a paid Microsoft 365 subscription to access the full functionality.


Microsoft Excel allows you to open files and edit them and create your own from numerous templates on the go. You can use all the same formulas and functions for calculation on a smartphone as in the computer version. There is also the ability to visualize data (for example, in the form of graphs and charts), and on devices with touch input, a drawing function is available, which helps to take notes and highlight any areas quickly.

But even such an undisputed leader has its drawbacks. To use the application requires a Microsoft account and access to all functions – paid subscription program 365. Microsoft weighs a little (65 MB) but demanding of RAM (1 GB or more), OS (Android 6.0+), and processor ( ARM or Intel x86 based).

Despite its shortcomings, the App to Open Xlsx Files remains the most popular for opening xlsx files (over 1 billion downloads), and we also recommend installing it.

2. Google Sheets to view Excel files on Android

Google Sheets is another popular program among users, as measured by 500 million downloads. It also allows you to open and edit tables, format cells, enter formulas into them, and save files. True, unlike the same Microsoft Excel, there is no data visualization capability.

What makes Google Sheets clear is that it works both online and offline. The computer version allows you to create tables and work with them, roughly speaking, on the “Internet,” or rather, in the cloud storage.

There are significant advantages behind this – you can open access to tables to colleagues for collaboration, leave comments, and the file itself is stored in the cloud and saved automatically, which negates the likelihood of its loss or non-saving. The Apps to Open Xlsx Files inherits all of these features.

Also, Google Sheets can work offline with xlsx files that are stored in the smartphone’s memory. The advantages also include a simple, user-friendly interface and relatively low system requirements (Android 5.0+).

3. XLSX viewer: XLS file viewer & Reader

Unfortunately, the programs described above are two “titans” that do not leave even a ghostly chance to their competitors. But we did find a couple of other apps from lesser-known developers that do their job as well. One of them is the English-language XLSX viewer.


A cluttered interface can scare the user away, but everything falls into place after a little digging. The program automatically searches for xlsx files and allows you to open them in one click—no editing capabilities.

XLSX Viewer’s advantages are:

  • Small size (19 MB).
  • Low system requirements (Android 4.4+).
  • The fact that all functions are available for free, without any subscriptions.

The program can also open files of other formats ( pdf, doc, ppt ), but its main purpose is to work with tables.

The disadvantages are not the most attractive design, as well as the presence of advertising that interferes with work.

4. Xlsx File Reader – Xlsx file Viewer

We got to the most minimalistic and less popular collection app. XLSX File Reader, like XLSX Viewer, is intended only for opening (not editing) xlsx files. The program will also automatically collect all the tables that you have on your Android smartphone and display them in a convenient window.


What XLSX File Reader should be commended for is its nice design. It is not overloaded with unnecessary functions, and although advertising is there, it does not distract from work. This program is the least demanding in our collection – it is only 7.9 MB in size and requires Android 4.1 to run. Therefore, if you have a weak smartphone and are looking for open xlsx on Android, we recommend this program.

This subsection presents programs that are designed to open not only xlsx files but also other documents (text, presentations, and so on).

5. WPS Office – Free Office Suite for Word, PDF, Excel

WPS Office is the most popular Apps to Open Xlsx Files in this category, with over 1.3 billion downloads. It turns your Android smartphone into an online office and lets you work with all kinds of documents, including Excel spreadsheets.

As for the latter, WPS Office opens such files and allows you to edit them, use formulas, and so on. A rich toolkit is available to solve almost any problem.

IT Opens WPS Office xlsx tables quickly, and the design of the window is nice and not overloaded with unnecessary things. Moreover, it can be configured between the mobile interface and the familiar desktop one. Also, if you try, you can link the Apps to Open Xlsx Files to your PC for easy editing. You can save files both in the phone memory and in the WPS cloud service.

Of the minuses – an abundance of advertising, the presence of a paid subscription (although it is not required to work with tables). The program is quite “heavy” (119 MB), but its system requirements are average (Android 5.0+).

6. Office Document Reader – Docx, Xlsx, PPT, PDF, TXT

Another “pocket office” will delight you with a rich toolkit – in addition to the format under consideration, the best Apps to Open Xlsx Files is able to open CSV (also tables), epub ( e-books ), and many other files.


With xlsx, Office Document Reader copes with a bang – the program quickly finds them (but, it should be noted, not all) and opens without problems. True, there is no editing option, and the design is the same as that of the XLSX viewer.

The advantages should be noted “compactness” and convenience – the files found are neatly folded into categories that personify formats. Even an unprepared user will not get lost here. Also, note the small “weight” of the xlsx viewer apk – only 28 MB.

There are also disadvantages. The most unpleasant of them is the abundance of advertising, which interferes with comfortable work. The interface can be outdated since, in most of the selected candidates, it is much nicer.

7. Document Viewer – Word, Excel, Docs, Slide & Sheet

The Document Viewer is another “prefab hodgepodge” capable of opening Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft products. The functionality of the program is minimal, as is the design. But this is only a plus since the interface is not cluttered with unnecessary functions.


As for working with xlsx files, the xlsx viewer app finds and opens them all. There is no editing option in the basic version – for this, you need to download the plugin, which the Document Viewer itself will offer to do.

Benefits include ease of use, nice and uncluttered design, and excellent performance. The disadvantages are the same advertising. However, you can get rid of the latter by purchasing a paid subscription.

8. OfficeSuite + PDF Editor

OfficeSuite is another great candidate in our collection, which helps open xlsx files and edit them using the standard toolbar. In this regard, the xlsx file opener app copes with a bang in the same way as its counterparts.

The program has a number of other features that make it easier to work with tables in general. So, you can get 5 GB of cloud storage for free and store files there. Cross-platform capabilities allow PC and Android to link for easy editing.

The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. The program has been translated into more than 65 languages ​​- including Russian. OfficeSuite has average size (60 MB), but it will work on weak smartphones (Android 4.4+).

Advertising can spoil the impression of use, but the authors offer to make a paid subscription, which will remove this drawback and give the user various bonuses (50 GB of cloud storage, more than 20 additional functions will open). However, no one forbids using the program for free.

What Android free app opens Excel?

To open Excel files on Android, you can use the Google Sheets free app. It allows you to open Excel files and edit and save them, making it a valuable tool for collaborating with team members and sharing files with ease.


Our selection of 8 programs for opening xlsx files for Android – and they are all good in their own way. If you look at the best apps to open xlsx files for opening tables that only allow you to view them, then pay attention to XLSX Viewer and XLSX File Reader. If you are used to working with online documents, then Google Sheets will be your indispensable assistant. Well, Microsoft Excel is a universal and win-win solution.

As for office suites, they will all go to open xlsx tables, but not to edit, which we certainly mentioned in the description.