9 Best Apps to Add Text to Photos of 2024

The best apps to add text to photos: The right word or phrase can make any photo a thousand times better. And if its choice depends only on you, it is better to choose the fonts, size, and appearance using the applications created for this.

We have selected Apps to Add Text to Photos that make the text on photos cool, and they are all either free or have a minimal cost.

9 Best Apps to Add Text to Photos

A correctly selected phrase in the photo will allow you to highlight almost any image from the rest, to make an emphasis, to summarize the essence of the publication so that the user is at least interested and read the post. Many bloggers and commercial accounts use this when designing their feed and stories for Instagram.

Best Apps to Add Text to Photos

And if a word or phrase depends only on your imagination, then the appearance, font, and other design elements – from a well-chosen app for adding text to photos and a sense of beauty.

We have made a selection of the best apps to add text to photos: each of them is individual and different from the previous one so that you can choose the one that suits you.

1. Word Swag

It is very easy to insert text using Word Swag. For setting, only 3 buttons are given that change the color, transparency, and background of the image.


Gestures change the size of the text, and you can also tilt it. An excellent application, and if you are not confused by its price, we recommend it!

2. Phonto – Text on Photos

Phonto is one of the first, if not the first, text-adding app. Its advantage is free and simple.


However, there are also downsides – in-app purchases. If the standard font base is not enough for you, but it’s worth saying that it is large enough, you can purchase additional fonts for a fee.

3. Typic – Text on Photos

Not a bad app that exists in both paid and free versions. They are distinguished only by a small advertising bar below.


In general, Typic will satisfy any experienced instamographer. There is a large set of fonts and the ability to edit them.

4. Over: Add Text to Photos & Graphic Design Maker

Perhaps I would make Over the favorite of this review. At least, this is the application I use. Over is very simple, but functional nonetheless.


After entering the text and choosing its color, a ring appears in front of us, twisting which, you can choose between different styles of text, each of which is very cool.

With the help of in-app purchases, you can buy an additional set of fonts, but even standard fonts are enough!

5. Font Candy Photo & Text Editor

Font Candy is a more professional Apps to Add Text to Photos that allows you to work with text and layers. Of course, this is not Photoshop, but some operations can still be done.


For example, put an additional layer with a background image under the text. Not for an amateur, but if you understand the application, you can take photos that are different from all others!

6. Rhonna Collage

Rhonna Collage allows you to overlay text on a photo and make a real postcard or collage out of it.


I didn’t manage to do anything sensible, but this is more my problem than an application problem. If you want to make something special, then BubbleFrame is perfect for this.

7. Piclab – Photo Editor

PicLab deviates a bit from the concept of adding text and also offers various filters and image editing.


In addition, it can also be used to draw on photographs, and it is done quite quickly, and it turns out well. The app is free. However, if you want to get rid of the watermark below, you have to pay $ 0.99.

8. WordFoto

Sometimes the name alone is enough to tell you that you don’t like the app. And despite the fact that the word “photo” is misspelled here, let’s write it off as a marketing ploy.


WordFoto has a large collection of fonts, but the fact that the application has not been updated since 2011 makes you think and choose a better option.

9. Stickr!

Stickr allows you to add stickers and stickers to your images, and they look really cool!


A bit hipster, but still. If you want to add some style and uniqueness to your photos, then Stickr is a great choice.


Some of the Best Apps to Add Text to Photos listed above copy each other, but there are also unique ones. Which ones do you use?

The disadvantage of the application is that the font inside the ready-made templates cannot be changed. Also, some text formatting is available .