19 Best Weather App for iPhone of 2021

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The Best Weather App for iPhone: Checking time has become one of the most used functions of smart mobile phones. Because like it or not, the Weather conditions our lives. Before, we depended on the weather forecast of television, but with an app, the experience is customized to the maximum, adding our exact place of residence.

Top Best Weather App for iPhone

If you don’t know which is the best application, here is a list of the best iPhone weather apps. One of the most consulted apps on the iPhone around the world is the Best Weather App for iPhone. Everyone we take a look to see what the Weather will be like tomorrow, the day after, what the temperature is when it will stop raining, right?.

Before the appearance of mobile phones. We made these queries via the web from our computers or by watching the weather section of the newscast on television. Today we have all this information at your fingertips is very well developed apps and with a high percentage of correct forecasts.

And that is the percentage of success in the weather forecasts, which makes the apps more used or less. That is why we bring you the compilation of the most used weather apps in the world.

The Best Weather Apps for iOS Devices

Next, we will name them in order. The first will be the most used of all and the last the least used. This does not mean that the one we called in fifth place is not used. We remind you that we show you the five most downloaded apps in the weather category.

CARROT Weather

Carrot WEATHER is possibly the most special weather app you can install on your iPhone, as well as being one of the best. Not only does it have an excellent user interface, but it provides a lot of weather-related data loaded with a great personality. And it has a kind of artificial intelligence that mixes fun with evil in equal parts. However, comments can be deactivated from the app settings.

One of Carrot WEATHER’s strengths is customization. It has a widget that, depending on our needs, can be configured in one way or another.

As if that weren’t enough, Carrot WEATHER has 12 layers on its radar screen: future forecast, tropical storms, lightning strikes, visibility, wind speed, snow depth, and more. Some of these layers need an “Ultra-premium” subscription.

Carrot WEATHER is available in the App Store at 5.49 dollars. However, it contains two additional subscriptions that are optional: The Premium Club, which adds more configuration options, daily notifications, and better experience with Apple Watch for 0.49 dollars per month or 3.49 dollars per year. The other, The Ultrapremium Club, further enhances the options discussed above for 1.49 dollars per month or 10.49 dollars per year.

Weather line

The greatest charm of Weather Lines is simplicity and simplicity. Its interface is very clean and has the same data provider as Carrot Weather. However, its main drawback is the lack of notifications.

It is available in the App Store for 2.29 dollars.

Hello Weather

Another good alternative to the previous ones is Hello Weather, which is direct to use and without complications because, on its main screen, all the data that most users need is exposed.

It has many themes to customize the interface and is probably one of the most attractive on the list. As a Weather Line, you don’t have the possibility to send notifications.

Unlike Carrot WEATHER and Weather Lines, Hello Weather incorporates different sources: Dark Sky, Weather Underground, AccuWeather and The Weather Channel (some are paid). Thus, you make sure that if there is one that does not work especially well in your area, another surely will.

Hello, Weather is in the free App Store, although with subscriptions. You can use it without paying, but its functions will be very limited. The annual subscription costs around 5 dollars.

Weather – The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is one of the most popular apps in the App Store for iPhone. Surely it is the second choice of many users after the Apple native. The forecasts are quite accurate, but the design leaves much to be desired. For some, radar is as if it were an embedded web application. However, it solves it with many notifications and a beautiful main screen.

It is free, but if we want to eliminate the ads, we will have to pay an amount that exceeds 4 dollars per year. This is the most downloaded weather app worldwide. Its accuracy in the forecast, interface, information.

Make this application one of the best in the entire category. It goes without saying that the native iOS app of the time, is based on the forecasts of this application.

Weather Live°

Possibly this is the application with the most beautiful interface of all. It provides a lot of information framed within a high graphic level in the funds.

Also, its accurate forecasts make it one of the most downloaded weather apps from the App Store. In the App Store, we can find it as Live Weather – Forecast. And depending on the country, to download it we will have to pay for it or not.

It has functions that deserve to be considered and valued, such as the possibility of adding the current temperature to the app icon. In addition, the notification system is also fantastic. Like The Weather Channel, Weather Live sins in the design. Although it is not horrible, it could be better.

Integra hurricane tracker, blizzard alerts, and information from the National Meteorological Service.

NOAA Weather Radar Live

The strong point of this application is the real-time reproduction of the rain forecast on an interactive map. You can see where it is raining and see the progress of the storm in real-time. In addition, it offers all kinds of weather information for the next days.


WeatherBug has a long way in this of the apps of the Weather, since its journey began in the era of Windows XP, adding the temperature in the status bar.

However, it is quite expendable, because it offers nothing remarkable if we compare them with the previous ones. It is free, and if we want to get rid of the ads, we have to pay something more than 3 dollars.


AccuWeather had a dark episode last 2017. Will Strafach, a security researcher, reported that the application shared the exact user data and the device from which a third-party company was used, even when data traffic is disabled.

Now that the problem is solved, AccuWeather is an option to consider. The interface is decent, the maps clear, and the functions many and diverse. If we upgrade to the paid version, we remove the ads and get a 25-day forecast. An app that we loved since it appeared in the Apple app store. In fact, we dedicate an article to talk about Accuweather.

An excellent option to be informed of the time you are going to do during the next few days. Its simple interface and the information it provides make it one of the best-developed apps in its category.

Yahoo Time

A classic that we always have to keep in mind. Winner of the award for the best design app in 2013, we are facing a time app that has adapted perfectly to the design change that this type of application has undergone. Yahoo Weather combines spectacular photos with accurate forecasts.

A proposal from the Californian giant that has given much to talk about. Yahoo! Weather, is perhaps the most peculiar and innovative application on our list.

The information on current temperature, cloud levels, and possible occurrence of storms in the area, achieves its representation through images that were taken by Flickr users near our location. The best part is that Yahoo! Weather automatically updates the weather variables as we move from one location to another.

Well, these are the most downloaded Best Weather App for iPhone. Now it’s your turn to choose the one you like best. We are clear, but we will not say anything to avoid conditioning.

Apple Time

Apple’s native iPhone app is useful but simple and, therefore, lacks many features that may be essential for some. The data provider is The Weather Channel, so at least the results will be accurate.

Apple Time

However, his greatest asset is the integration with Siri, who just by asking him will keep us informed at the moment.

Living Earth

Living Earth is a “Swiss army knife.” If we install it on our device, we will have, of course, guaranteed information about the weather, but also multiple alarms, forecast for the whole week, and an interactive graphic to know how You see our planet Earth from space.

The application also includes radar maps to keep us up to date on the current temperature and humidity conditions in our location.


Swackett is made for practical people because it dispenses with detailed information, and simply suggests the clothes that we should wear according to the weather conditions. The above does not mean that this application should not be taken seriously.

Still, quite the opposite, the unusual interactive experience is supported by specialized reports and accurate calculations about atmospheric phenomena that may or may not influence our way of dressing.

Weather Neue

Our special suggestion for those people who apply the maxim that time is money. With Weather Neue, the information is accurate and straightforward. Without being overwhelmed with unnecessary details, the application will show the temperature, and a representative symbol for the predominant condition in our area (rainy, cloudy, sunny, etc.).

We can also know the level of precipitation, wind speed, and a forecast for the next three days. Perfect for a quick and easy consultation.

Weather Underground

Similar to The Weather Channel, but more community. Weather Underground is committed to the disinterested support of its users to keep updated the information on the weather conditions of each corner of the planet. This may not sound very good at the beginning.

Still, the reality shows that the impact of this application has been phenomenal, as users can even share photos of their surroundings, which will complement the information and provide a much superior experience.

Weather +

Weather + simplifies our browsing experience by proposing all possible information on a single screen. This allows the user to get a sense of the weather conditions at a single glance. The way in which the information is displayed can also be configured to our liking.

In general, Wheater + represents a perfect marriage between the availability of information and the visual section, also composed of very fabulous animated backgrounds.


The alternative for experts and meteorology enthusiasts. RadarScope goes beyond simple atmospheric parameters and seductive graphics. Your data so exhaustive and accurate, may not be liked by those who only need to know what is necessary.

But if we mention that this application gives you access to the information of NEXRAD (the most complete radar network in the world), there will be a group of users who will be more than excited to acquire it. And you can be one of them.


The strong point for this proposal is its magnificent integration with the Calendar application on our device. In this way, we will be able to know if that visit to the dentist will not be affected by a torrential downpour, or if our trip to the beach will be accompanied by a sunny day.

In addition to this innovative feature, WeatherCal complements minute-by-minute weather forecasts and a wallpaper that varies according to the position of the Sun.

What is the best weather app for the iPhone?

Carrot WEATHER is possibly the most special weather app you can install on your iPhone, as well as being one of the best. One of the strengths of Carrot WEATHER is customization. It has a widget that, depending on our needs, can be configured in one way or another.

What do the weather icons mean on the iPhone?

The icons indicate different weather conditions, such as rain or wind. Here we show you a list with some of the icons and their meaning.


There is much Best Weather App for iPhone, and there are none perfect. It’s a matter of trying and finding the one that best suits our needs. Greetings, and if you found this article interesting, we encourage you to share it on your favorite social networks and messaging apps.