12 Best Cooking Apps for Beginners in 2021

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The best cooking apps for beginners: Your personal trainer on the mobile, the seven-minute daily routine that will sculpt you like Adonis, the definitive exercise without leaving home (and without equipment, eye), legs like Ionic columns, tablet in thirty days. The app store, that virtual Telethon in which we do sting, every time it looks more like the dream version of yourself.

Best Cooking Apps for Beginners

Assume it. You are not going to define your abdomen by taking three jumps every morning, even if the shouts of Hulk Hogan come out of the speaker of your phone. 

Best Cooking Apps for Beginners

If so, surely you have searched for recipes on the Internet or videos on YouTube to learn from those who know the most, but you may not yet know everything that mobile apps offer you. Because it is like this: there are many apps related to the culinary world that can perfectly act as a kitchen assistant, with their recipes and tools, their ideas, and inspiring photos. The possibilities are endless, and preparing the perfect dish can be a real adventure.

For all those potential cooks, we wanted to make a list of some of the best cooking apps for beginners to get the chef we all have inside.

My Cookbook

If we want to follow in the footsteps of Ferran Adria himself, the first thing we need is a good recipe book. My Cookbook is the ideal application to start storing our favorite recipes. We have three options: we can create a recipe from scratch, add a recipe that we have seen on a website, or even import a digital cookbook.

best cooking apps for beginners

My Cookbook is the perfect way to organize all your recipes in one place. Also, if we decide to acquire the premium membership, we can access other useful features such as the food organizer, the shopping list, or the possibility of accessing the recipes of our friends.

An essential cooking app for beginners for both beginners and advanced users.


best cooking apps for beginners

Cookidoo allows you to plan shopping lists and personally modify the recipes you save to add notes to your liking. His repertoire for Thermomix is ​​fantastic too.


In Cookbooth, the important thing is the images. Have you never heard the expression “eat by the eyes”? This application encourages us to create photo sketches and save all our favorites within the best cooking apps for beginners, which is a perfect opportunity to gossip about what our contacts are cooking.

best cooking apps for beginners

If we are fascinated by the world of photography and cooking alike, Cookbooth will convince us right away. It is an application with a neat and elegant design and endless appetizing recipes to discover.

We can follow chefs and foodies from around the world and be inspired to prepare the best dishes.


best cooking apps for beginners

10,000 to 200,000 and throw because it touches you. Cookpad is one of the most extensive cooking apps for beginners to which you can contribute by uploading and sharing your own creations with users. 

Kitchen stories

best cooking apps for beginners

It presents recipes from around the world, classic, fast, or elaborated, with step-by-step tutorial videos that are renewed every week. The shopping list and measurement converter facilitate the work.

Vegan Recipes Free

best cooking apps for beginners

The healthy prevails in the app store, by now, we have already noticed. You can look for elaborations by type of dish, difficulty and by different varieties of the diet (lactovegetarian, cereals and grains)

Cooking with Ana Sevilla

best cooking apps for beginners

Among the most sought after is always Ana Sevilla, the furious food blogger. 

Nestlé Kitchen

Nestlé Kitchen is a very complete and easy-to-use best cooking apps for beginners that we want to highlight a specific functionality. If our primary concern is the organization and planning of meals, now we can do it without problems.

best cooking apps for beginners

Thanks to the ‘Menu Planner ‘, we will no longer have to think about what we prepare tomorrow or the next day, and we will not wonder if we are consuming enough protein or calcium. Nestlé is responsible for planning every one of our meals. In addition to including, of course, recipes and suggestions of favorite dishes.

Nestlé Kitchen has a wide variety of functionalities and allows us to access its immense catalog, browsing the dish of the day, the most popular recipes, dishes for special occasions, or even the children’s kitchen section.


If what we are looking for is to share our passion with other chefs around the world, SideChef is just what we need. This application can make you feel like a true professional thanks to its wide community, where you can follow your favorite chefs and become a very popular chef.

best cooking apps for beginners

Click on the top menu to choose the type of dish you want to cook and add each recipe to your weekly list or plan. The photos are incredible, and the design of the best cooking apps for beginners invites you to continue discovering new dishes.

With SideChef, you can improve your culinary skills and plan your week, as well as organize your shopping list, so you don’t have to worry about each meal.


best cooking apps for beginners

It is not for children, although it seems by name, to discover the little chef in you. Petitchef has a variety of well-explained recipes (over one hundred thousand) and a daily menu to make your daily routine easier. Although its interface is not one of the most elaborate, the culinary base is tremendous and without unnecessary complications.

Egg Timer

And we go to the tools. Have you ever wanted to prepare the perfect egg? Egg Timer is a great application that advises us how to cook eggs according to the size and time they have been taken out of the refrigerator.

best cooking apps for beginners

To use it correctly, we just have to include information about the egg that we are going to cook and click on “Quickstart” when we throw the egg into the boiling water. Then, the application will notify us when it is time to take it out of the pot according to how we want to prepare it.

A simple and essential tool if we want to cook hard-boiled or water-boiled eggs.


Do you know how to cook meat to the point? Sometimes it seems impossible. Well, with Steak Mate, we will no longer have that problem: this application guides us through the process thanks to clear instructions and effective mechanics.

best cooking apps for beginners

First things first: indicate the type of meat, the type of cooking, the size, and the point at which we want to eat it. With Steak Mate, we will have the possibility to cook several types of meat at the same time and add each process to our favorites so as not to have to start over each time.

What is the best app for storing recipes?

Cooking is an art that not only professionals can practice but is now available to everyone. Women, men, and even children can learn to cook by following cooking recipes through mobile applications or watch the videos posted on their YouTube channels by renowned professional chefs.

What is the best cooking app?

In a country with 120 billion inhabitants, of which 35 million have their own car, positioning Mexico City as the second place with the most traffic worldwide, we cannot afford to prepare a laborious breakfast before arriving. To work, less than returning to eat at our houses during our lunch hour.

A curious and essential app for lovers of a good steak.