10 Best Apps for Writing a Book of 2024

The best apps for writing a book: If you are looking for the best apps to write books, take a look at the search engine to see an endless list of the best writing app. Some will be more useful than others, depending on the use you want to give them. On this occasion, we want to save our authors some work, and we have reviewed some of the ones we consider most remarkable.

Top Best Apps for Writing a Book

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Best Apps for Writing a Book
Apps for Writing a Book

The choice of the best apps for writing a book with which to write your book will depend mainly:

  • What operating system you use: I  already tell you that, unfortunately, in the Windows environment, the panorama is quite ugly.
  • What kind of book you want to publish: you need a different tool if you’re going to post a simple plain text novel or a technical book in which you need to add illustrations, references, and so on.
  • Where do you want to publish: some best apps for writing a book will make your life easier depending on whether you are going to publish, for example on Amazon, or on Google Play.

Best Apps to Write Books Easy to Use and Free

Surely when you think of a program to write your manuscript, the first thing that comes to mind is Word, but there are many best apps for writing books, some of them free, which may be more helpful than Word.

1. Wattpad

It is perfect for writing articles, novels, essays, and making them known to everyone. You have to open a profile and start sharing everything inside of you.


Believe it or not, the renowned Margaret Atwood also shares stories through Wattpad, one of the world’s largest social media writers. From the app, you can write and publish chapters of your book for users to read, share, and comment on. This is a great way to attract readers and measure the reaction of the public. The publication is free, as is the app.

2. Google docs

Maybe it’s the best alternative apps to Word. It is a desktop application for writing books or other documents. It has an interface very similar to Word, and the best thing is that everything is saved in the cloud.


So you can write whenever you want from the place you want. In fact, it is one of the best apps to write books on Android. If you are making a multi-hand text, this is the perfect best apps for writing a book for collaborative writing.

Best Apps for Writing a Book – To structure a story

If chaos is your best friend, these best apps for writing a book will come great to organize your ideas before you start writing and even while developing your text.

3. Scrivener

It is a payment program, but it is very useful and worth every penny it costs. With it, you can manage and plan each part of your project and even set goals.


You can organize the information in folders, and you always have everything in sight. Also, you can try it for free for 30 days.

4. Freemind


This application is for creating mind or concept maps. It has a non-linear approach so you can add ideas as they arise.

5. Writer Plus

One of the most used apps for writers for its simple and intuitive interface. Writer Plus is a word processor that you can carry on your Android device.


You can organize your documents in folders and edit the text as you type.

6. Write Only

If you remember what it was like to work on a typewriter, then you understand how to use Write Only, an app where you can write everything you want, but not edit.


It is ideal for creating the first draft of your work and letting out all the ideas without distracting you from deleting or correcting as you write. Once you finish, you can export your work in a PDF and then copy, edit, correct, and finish your work in the word processor of your choice.

Best Apps for Writing a Book – To write notes and ideas

Who has not happened: you can think of a great idea when you had no place to point it, and then you forgot it. It won’t happen again if you have any of these applications on your phone.

7. Evernote

Imagine that you are sitting quietly in the subway and suddenly you have an idea to start, continue or improve your book and you have no paper and pencil; Well, this application can help you.


You can use it both from your mobile and from your computer, and it offers you other functionalities such as the possibility of saving content directly from the web, if you are doing research, or sharing your notes through links.

8. Jotterpad

It is a text editor that can be used to take simple notes or write ideas to write our book. The best thing about this application is that everything we write will be saved without having to do anything.


Best Apps for Writing a Book that motivate you to continue writing

You sit down to write, but, almost immediately, something distracts you, and you don’t achieve the goal you set for yourself. That will happen to us again if you use any of these applications.

9. Write or die

This application is perfect for those who are distracted, even with a fly. If you stop writing, you will receive a punishment that can be from deleting the last sentence to a pop-up window reminding you to keep writing.


Nothing like a little risk to encourage you to achieve your daily writing quota.

10. Focuswriter

This other application will help us stay focused. For this, its interface is completely clean, and there is no toolbar or other elements that can distract us. It also has timers and alarms that allow us to set our goals.


If you work with production methods like Pomodoro, this application is perfect for you.


We hope that all these best apps for writing a book help you achieve your goal, and you can finish your work. Now you are one step closer to publishing your book, remember that in Bubok you can find all the editorial tools and services you need to get your project going. Do not hesitate to contact us to speak with one of our editorial advisors.