6 Best Apps to Learn English for Kids of 2021

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The best Apps to learn English for kids: World is continually evolving, and the levels of demands are also important, it is important to be prepared to face competitiveness when it comes to entering the world of work and even in everyday life.

Modern parents have understood this and prepare their children from an early age to reach their goals. Acquiring another language is essential. That’s why we are going to present to you the best Apps to learn English for kids for free children that exist in the market.

6 Best Apps to Learn English for Kids

Remember to parents that the best age to learn a language like English is that of childhood, do not miss the opportunity for their children to achieve it, it is the best training they can provide. So here we leave you a series of alternatives that will help you make that learning fun and free.

Best Apps to Learn English for Kids
Apps to Learn English for Kids

Here are the best Apps to learn English for kids for free.

1. Learn English Playing

Through this educational game, your children will develop the mind, space skills, self-esteem, sagacity, and memory. They will know a basic vocabulary of more than 1000 words in a totally fun way.Best Apps to Learn English for Kids

In it, children between 3 and 15 years can hear a word in English and associate it with its corresponding image and navigate the map completing the different games.

2. LearnEnglish Kids: Tell your child a story and teach them English

Considered as one of the best Apps to learn English for kids for free, endorsed by the British Council Institute is a very useful tool aimed at children between 5 and 11 years old.

Best Apps to Learn English for Kids

It offers you a very original and extremely attractive way for children because, through videos of the most traditional stories, both the narrator and the characters speak in English. This allows children to adapt their hearing to the language, in addition to being able to see the texts so they can be fixed as they are written.

It also offers a guide for parents, referring to how to optimize English language learning in their children. On the other hand, it gives you:

  • Activities for reading comprehension.
  • Activities to acquire oral comprehension.
  • Activities to improve pronunciation.
  • It offers you more than one hundred songs.
  • It gives you a guide to follow all assigned activities from the tranquility of the house.
  • And as if that were not enough, it is easy and fun.

The application developed by the British Council offers ten well-known animated stories in English. In addition to hearing the voice of the narrator and the characters, children with reading ability can follow the stories through subtitles.

In this application, you will find stories like Goldilocks and the three bears, Jack and the Beanstalk or Little Red Riding Hood. Include a guide for parents with information on how to help your child learn English. For children from 5 to 10 years.

3. Duolingo: It’s educational, fun, and friendly

It is an interactive App and highly recommended for learning English in children, the only requirement is that they already know how to read and write, so it is appropriate for children older than five years and up.

Best Apps to Learn English for Kids

It is essential to highlight that everyone imposes the pace of learning according to their ability or time; it is an easy-to-use, entertaining tool. It is beautiful for children, and as long as the levels will not be taken into account because it adapts to each knowledge.

This recognized app to learn languages ​​can help our children with English. The only requirement for them to use is that they know how to read and write. Also, it allows each child to learn at their own pace, and, thanks to the interaction, they can continue working with it daily. In this case, the level does not matter since the app adapts to the knowledge we have. They are recommended for children over four years.

Duolingo offers you the opportunity for your child to acquire a taste for English in a fun and friendly way. You can also get these advantages so that your children learn another language:

  • Levels with attractive themes and easy to understand.
  • Written and audio classes to reinforce pronunciation.

Duolingo is completely free, compatible with your device, and you can download it both from the Apple Store and Google Play.

4. ABC English: An appropriate App for your child to learn English

This app has 36 games to study vocabulary. Each of the themes (letters of the alphabet, numbers, colors, verbs, animals, clothes, human body) has different possibilities of play. There are listening games in which they have to guess the word heard and others in which the words appear written. Or join in pairs the concept learned and its spelling. Recommended for children over three years.

Best Apps to Learn English for Kids

It is one of the best Apps to learn English for kids for free, with which your child will acquire a useful English language vocabulary, and this tool will also allow you to put into practice the knowledge acquired while having fun and entertaining.

It presents options that allow the child to have various activities:

  • Through the identification of images, you can select the correct answer.
  • You can read and write the correct word according to the image that corresponds.
  • And you will learn the correct pronunciation of the meaning shown in the image.

On the other hand, it offers three levels of learning:

  • Basic level: with which your child can learn the names of foods, numbers, letters, and colors.
  • Intermediate level: Children will already be familiar with the App and will be prepared a little more to acquire other vocabularies that include the names of the animals, the days of the week, the different names of the garments, and the different parts of the body.
  •  Advanced level: the child will be able to acquire more knowledge about vocabulary. You will learn songs, the names of different sports, household objects, among many other words.

5. Pili Pop English: It is one of the best Apps to learn English

It is a tool to learn the English language aimed at children between six and twelve years of age, with which the little ones will begin to quickly and amusedly familiarize themselves with this language.

Through approximately 40 activities, all of them different, children will be able to acquire a considerable vocabulary every day through games, learn colors, numbers, days of the week, names of food, clothing, household appliances, among other words.

Best Apps to Learn English for Kids

This application, winner of several awards, helps children from 2 to 10 years in the practice of English. The goal is to learn new vocabulary and develop pronunciation with 40 different activities. You will discover, through speech and listening games, numbers, colors, kinship relationships, body parts, clothing, food. A fun way to increase your knowledge of a foreign language.

The App aims to keep children constantly motivated to make progress in their learning. For this, they base their program on fun and very educational games with which they can practice vocabulary and correct pronunciation and are rewarded every time they do it properly.

One of the most outstanding features of this application is that children can adopt a Pili they should take care of, and this allows them to interact with their Pili by receiving answers in English.

Ah! And so that parents are aware of their children’s progress, they will receive in their email a monthly report detailing the vocabulary learned and any other necessary references.

6. English for Kids: The best way to learn English for kids for free

Undoubtedly, the best way to learn any activity is to play, and that is why this tool is considered one of the best Apps to learn English for kids for free children that prevail in the market.

Best Apps to Learn English for Kids

It has a wide range of options that make your child have fun while learning the language. English for Kids offers you the possibility that the smallest of the house acquire a wide vocabulary comparing situations with issues of everyday life.

  • It will allow your children to learn English words through images
  • It will teach you multiple phrases with which you can communicate quickly.
  • Through games, the child can learn the basics of spelling.
  • It teaches them to read, spell, and then speak.
  • It is aimed at children between 4 and 12 years but also integrates adults.
  • With each of the lessons taught, the child will have the possibility of acquiring new vocabulary.

Your child will learn numbers, names of people, plants, countries, flowers, colors, animals, days of the week, planets, and more. In the same way, it offers activities such as riddles, memory-type game. And, at the end of each level of evaluation to know how much your child has learned.

How to Learn English for Kids?

When the holidays approach, the school comes to an end, and the holidays begin, the teachers try to hide their joy, the children do not hide it at all, and the parents (and grandparents). Well, what am I going to tell you? do not suffer in your meats!


We are happy with all these tools that we have had the great pleasure of selecting for you. We do not doubt that they are the best Apps to learn English for kids free that you can find in the market. They are suitable for your little ones, and if that were not enough, they are fun and entertaining.

We are pleased because we also know that you will also learn with the little ones in the house and you will also have fun.