Best Yoga Apps for Free in 2021

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The best yoga apps for free: It is time for you to start solving these problems, thanks to the best yoga apps for free! This discipline is THE ANSWER to all your evils.

Best Yoga Apps for Free

  • Do you have a relatively sedentary life, and are you tired of spending the day sitting in front of the computer?
  • Does your back hurt at the end of the day?
  • Do you suffer from stress?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping at night?

That you know that it is not necessary to go to yoga classes in a yoga school with a teacher because you can organize your own sessions at home or take yoga classes online. A personal yoga trainer is indeed the best person to start in this ancient practice; However, the resources that we have at our disposal incorporate images and advice to avoid injuries and progress little by little, even tracking our progress.

Top Yoga Apps for Free

Currently, we use our electronic devices (Smartphones and tablets) for millions of things, and we have a lot of the best yoga apps for free to help us at work, when moving from one place to another, entertain, connect with friends. If you need a relaxing moment, it is also possible to find apps for it. In fact, to help you choose the most suitable option for you, Superprof has selected the best mobile applications so you can be autonomous when practicing Yoga.

We promise that, at the end of this article, you will feel better and want to know more about dynamic Yoga, vinyasa yoga, and all the best yoga apps for free in the market.

The Best Yoga Apps for Free for Android

Like pilates classes, yoga postures contribute to the relaxation of both the body and the mind, favoring a quick connection with your inner self. So, you can hear your inner voice.

Take the time you need to do an ashtanga or vinyasa yoga class or even hot Yoga in your bathroom if you like the heat.

Software developers have thought of all those who do not have time or money to go to a yoga school and have released numerous applications (both paid and free) to practice Yoga without having to leave home.

Let’s start with Google Play, the official Google store for mobile operating with Android.

There, you will find numerous free best yoga apps to perform the yoga class on your own. Just think of equipping yourself with a well-padded yoga mat to properly stretch, a towel to absorb sweat, and not slip and a bottle of water to hydrate.

Water one is even more imperative if you practice kind of Hot Yoga or Bikram yoga or yoga courses.

This free yoga apps consists of a virtual yoga studio that has almost 300 exercises (289 yoga postures) and 37 different programs depending on the difficulty. It also includes breathing exercises, all present in HD video made by a professional, so that we can learn to perform the exercises correctly.

In addition, the videos include images of the muscles in 3D to perform each posture well and learn more about anatomy. As well as an explanatory text for the purpose of each exercise.

For these reasons, this the best yoga apps for free is one of the most popular in the world, with more than 7,000,000 fans who have downloaded the app.

Of course, keep in mind that when you exceed four programs, you will have to pay to unlock the rest.

Track Yoga

This application, also free, only has an English version. One of the advantages of this application is that it is not based on a compendium of exercises. But instead, it invigorates the experience and proposes the constancy in the activity so that the progress (track ) can be registered in the app and proposes objectives according to our level. This desire for improvement will be what helps that record in the exercise.

Explanations about yoga poses are accompanied by photos and videos, which will help you understand well even if you are not bilingual. Also, the application allows you to turn to a professional yoga teacher who can ask your questions related to the exercises through a private chat.

This application is suitable for different forms of Yoga: Hatha Yoga, pranayama, vinyasa yoga, ashtanga yoga, power yoga, Iyengar yoga, and other variants.

Do you need opinions on these two applications? No problem, on the Android Plt website there is a complete analysis of and Track Yoga, in its article on the best Android apps to do Yoga.

Also, take a look at our article on the material needed for your yoga sessions. Have your yoga material on hand to be able to perform the exercises correctly.

Asana Rebel

This application proposes training designed for athletes and other yoga experts, with customized programs that adapt to your level and your physical form. The exercises serve to lose weight, relax, or just get fit.

The yoga sessions last between 10 and 30 minutes more than 400 tailored exercises with detailed tutorials. Its download is free and allows access to numerous exercises and training also free.

Daily YOGA

Daily Yoga is one of the most popular yoga training the best yoga apps for free worldwide. This program, which functions as almost a personal trainer, offers more than 20 exercises and yoga classes in HD with different durations and levels (casual/moderate/intense) so that the user can choose the one that suits him according to the time of the arrange.

It is also a very complete application because it incorporates an extensive database with more than 300 yoga poses.

Highlight the high quality of the videos that will guide you through step-by-step instructions on which exercise you should perform. The human voice commands are what dictate the indications, accompanied by a piece of soft background music. They also include explanations of text and illustrative images that reinforce the ability to schedule weekly exercise cycles.

One of the main drawbacks that it presents is to access most of the add-ons offered by the app, and you have to pay (Pro version).

Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere

With more than 9 000 users, Down Dog (from the name of the JPerro asana with a low head) proposes a new Vinyasa yoga session every morning.

Every time you start a new class, the routine is a little different, so you never get bored. It is the first time I have bothered to write a comment. Still, I think this application deserves my congratulations », we can read in the comments left by any Internet user who has downloaded the best yoga apps for free.

Obviously, nothing replaces an authentic yoga class, in the middle of nature, lost on top of a mountain.

Yoga Guru

This application is a revolution in the world of yoga applications due to its high specialization in offering exercises for particular objectives: pregnant women. People with posture problems that have ended up causing some cervical disease or insomniacs that present disorders of the I have been dreaming for years.

Thanks to this application, you can relieve the body, relax quickly, lose weight, stay fit, and work your breath. It can work as a training program or as a complement to your yoga exercises, whatever your level since it covers from beginner to advanced.

The exercises and tutorials offered, fully illustrated, are based on the hatha yoga modality. Of course, keep in mind that the best yoga apps for free are in English and that not all exercises allow free access, especially in the case of flexibility.

If you want to find yoga classes for beginners, do not hesitate to connect!

Yoga for Beginners

This application is perhaps less attractive than the previous ones because it does not have illustrative videos, but it uses images and graphics to show yoga postures.

The most exciting thing that it offers is the solutions for the aches or diseases that you present, allowing you to select what exercise you should perform depending on the part of the body that hurts and fight even the ailments.

Yoga Fitness 3D

This application contains 35 yoga poses, showing you every movement in 360º thanks to the 3D graphics, which you can rotate to observe each movement in detail from any angle and, therefore, avoid making incorrect postures. Choose the exercise and create sequences of up to 8 movements, accompanied by the background sound you want.

One of the disadvantages that it presents is the limitation of free exercises and the limitation of the language, which is only in the English version.


This application includes hundreds of posture exercises that are done only with your hands, to be able to open and close energy circuits. Thanks to these exercises, you can improve sleep, backaches, headaches. You can know how to do each mudra thanks to the explanations and graphics that include the most correct posture.

Concentration is essential when doing Yoga.

Complementary Applications for Yoga

Dharma Meditation Trainer

It is a personal trainer, thanks to which you can achieve an ideal state of concentration. Thanks to the 10 levels of meditation that includes the application and the sounds, you will enter a totally different state.

Meditation Music – Relax, Yoga

It is not a yoga application, but a library that contains hundreds of relaxing sounds extracted from nature to generate the most conducive environment for Yoga.

This activity requires a great concentration to be able to reach a state of consciousness that allows you to perform a yoga session in the most optimal conditions. Therefore, the soundtrack can contribute a lot to achieve that status thanks to this yoga apps for free

Relax melodies: sleep & yoga

This application, like the previous one, is a very useful tool when it comes to improving your meditation and yoga exercises, as it contains a large library of melodies and ambient sounds.

Thanks to these tracks, you can improve your concentration and isolate yourself from external noise.

Nature Sounds

This application follows the line of the previous ones since it tries to contribute to the state of concentration thanks to the sounds.

Instead of melodies, this app only contains sounds of nature (storm, sea, rain, water sounds, waterfalls).

Insight Timer Free

Tibetan bells are a totally recognizable sound throughout the world of meditation. Thanks to this yoga app for free, you can have this sound when meditating.

You can choose the start and end sounds of the meditation processes, as well as intermediate sounds. It includes meditation exercises with graphics.

Zen Temple

It is a totally useful app for those who are starting in the world of meditation because it serves to explain the most basic concepts of meditation, contributing ideas and concepts about it, as well as Zen music for meditation.

Zen images and mantra-like prayers also contribute to entering the ideal state for meditation and yoga exercises. Try different poses or asanas.

Fully Paid Yoga Apps

To turn your phone into a real yoga teacher, Superprof has also selected the following apps that are paid so that you can deepen your knowledge of Yoga:

Yoga Studio

65 yoga sessions and meditation classes, all delivered in high definition video quality. A bookstore with more than 280 poses with practical advice and instructions to perform them.

It has a calendar to be able to write down everything you are doing and see your progress. For the modest sum, although 100% of the proceeds go to the WWF organization.

Pocket Yoga

you choose between 27 yoga sessions, with varying duration and difficulty. An asana dictionary explains in detail the correct posture, the ideal body alignment, as well as the benefits of each new position for your body.

You can create a history of all the classes you have taken and thus keep a record of your progress, especially ideal if you do it from home. It is possible to put the music from your library instead of the default one ($2.99). It is also available for iOS.

Simply Yoga

More than 60 poses of Yoga and workouts of varying durations, to choose between 20, 40, and 60 minutes. You can customize your sessions according to your needs — all without advertising.


this application has a more entertaining character because, in addition to the funny emoticons that you can add to your keyboard, it is a useful app when preparing yoga sequences. The different positions or asanas are grouped into categories with their different variations. If you press and hold your finger on the posture, the option to integrate the posture into your sequence will be displayed. Available for Android and iOS devices.

No problem, we have also thought about offering you some well-developed applications for iPhone and other iPad.

Even with 5 minutes a day, a regular yoga practice will improve your flexibility, your muscle tone, and reduce your daily stress. If you can’t do longer yoga sessions, at least be regular!

5 Minutes of Yoga

are you always running? Superprof has thought of you with this application that only requires 5 minutes of your time. It proposes a wide selection of simple and effective postures to perform, with clear and commented images in detail so that the asana is executed quickly.

The latest version dates from mid-January 2017, a sample of the seriousness of the developer. The full version costs.

A priori, 5 minutes of Yoga are enough to feel the benefits. You will have to check it out!

Yoga to Lose Weight

This application promises a healthier life, with HD videos of yoga sessions, especially yoga classes, to lose weight, sleep better, and this is one of the best yoga apps for beginners.

You will receive audio instructions that will guide you during each yoga session – just like with a personal yoga instructor!

Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra for iPad

Mandatory application for all those who have ever heard of Deepak Chopra, an eminence in this world of Yoga. The app has very detailed content and images that accompany the descriptions.

FitStar Yoga

This application is perfect for those users who are now entering the world of Yoga, as it not only includes training videos.

But many asanas that you can listen to again and again, which will make you feel much more comfortable without the pressure of having a teacher or a class waiting for you. You yourself can establish how long you want the training to last and even evaluate yourself in each posture to know what you should improve.

Ashtanga Yoga with Michael Gannon

 This application will allow you to delve into each of the postures it contains (how to execute it, how to enter, how to exit the asana correctly, when to inhale, when to exhale, how many breaths to carry out, etc.). It has almost 70 postures and offers 4 videos and extra content to be able to plan your own final meditation (it is possible to customize it with 5 different sounds, duration time, and preparation time to start the meditation). The content is totally free.

The applications, Asana Rebel (yoga classes inspired by fitness. Daily Yoga, and Down Dog, to name just a few, are also available on Google Play. Check our descriptions of these programs in the part dedicated to Android phones.

A Yoga Session Alone, is It Possible?

Of course, whether you are from Apple or Google, you will see how you find a perfect application for your mobile safe.

The fact of practicing only requires a certain discipline, contrary to the yoga classes in a center with a yogi where the group effect and the partners encourage you to come.

It is (too) easy to leave it for another day when you are home alone, watching TV on the couch. Hatha classes are only possible. You will only need time and will.

Yoga classes in Superprof are the most expensive classes because the benefits of Yoga seduce more and more people, prey to stress, and anxiety.

Even if you have downloaded a paid application, you will save money thanks to practice at home with respect to group classes. If you do a yoga session a week, you can quickly calculate the money you save! You can pay up to a new year’s Eve trip!


We suggest you start Yoga with an application and then try a private yoga class, at a school or through Superprof, to check that you do well the gestures and postures.

It would be a shame not to do asana well and miss the benefits of Yoga. And even worse, injure you!