8 Best CrossFit Apps for Android & iPhone of 2023

8 Best CrossFit Apps for Android & iPhone of 2023

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Best CrossFit Apps for Android & iPhone: When you’re too busy to visit the gym daily, it might be challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Best CrossFit Apps for Android & iPhone

In this case, getting an excellent CrossFit mobile application is the best way to stay athletic. We’ve found some excellent options for you, which are free and have many workout features. They are-

Best CrossFit Apps

1. WODster – functional workouts!

Raise your training output by using WODster. Along with hundreds of WOD benchmarks, you can create and save your workouts in this CrossFit app.

You can also take a screenshot of the whiteboard and store the picture in your CrossFit Box for later use. Likewise, it features countdown, Tabata, and stopwatch timing options as well. Again, if you are a beginner, WODster will randomly select one for you.

2. Crossfit News

This app is a must-have for CrossFit fanatics who want regular updates. It collects nutritional Information, fat loss tips, mobility advice from the well-known Cross fit community, and news resources like- Crossfit.com.

Every day Paleo, Dan John, WOD talk, Choas and Pain, Breaking muscle, MobilityWOD, and so on, and shares the latest news, podcast, and videos on it. This app removes the hassle and saves time of visiting multiple websites to get the latest CrossFit news.

3. 30 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout at Home

A professional fitness trainer builds the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app to assist you in gradually increasing your strength and overall fitness. It is designed for home workouts and is suitable for anyone to start exercising. This fitness app provides detailed video guides on fitness maintenance, helping you achieve fitness goals without going to the gym.

This app gradually increases exercise intensity, making it easier to stick to daily workouts. It features 30 days abs challenge, butt challenge, and full-body challenge to help you effectively losing weight. Each of these challenges has three distinct difficulty levels, starting from beginner to expert. 

Moreover, it automatically records user intensity progress and burned calorie data and allowed users to share it over social media or sync it with Google Fit. This app also gives workout reminders every day. It will assist you like a personal fitness trainer as well. By sticking with this fitness app, you will get incredible results.  

4. WOD Roulette

Does Crossfit attract you, but you’re not sure where to begin? With the advancement of the mobile phone, this is now possible! Just shake your phone; WOD Roulette will instantly provide you with a workout regimen appropriate for your fitness level.

The workout options range from classic girl WODs to new and unique metcons. Besides, it not only gives you metcons but also gives you lifting-type workouts. If you’re not satisfied with the suggested workout, you can shake it again. In addition to providing 100k+ workout ideas, WOD Roulette can also save your favorite workouts for future use.

5. SugarWOD

SugarWOD is a mobile app that assists athletes and box owners in tracking, monitor and analyzing their performance. It also helps simplify exercise planning, enjoy movement preparation videos, and give virtual encouragement for the spectacular PRs. Over 500,000 affiliates use the app to push notifications when Box posts WOD. 

This app includes 1,000 workouts, tools for connecting with other CrossFit members and the larger CrossFit community, and a profile tracking your WODs and personal records.

Athletes, coaches, and box owners will find several advantages in this app. It helps business owners organize their work by delivering a simple and efficient business backend solution through a business tool and allows coaches to manage training programs more efficiently. Also, it gives athletes access to a leaderboard for friendly competition. 

So, use the app to track your progress, keep an eye on your daily “scoreboard,” and record your workouts by staying outside the gym. The app supports both iOS and Android operating systems.

6. WodLog

If you’re into fitness, you may be curious about how to optimize your exercises. Optimization is not about making drastic changes. It’s more about making each of your workouts successful and enjoyable, which is what WodLog is all about.

It is the only CrossFit workout logging app designed to capture and log workouts while you train. This CrossFit app comes with all of the tools you need in one place: timer, tap counter, rep calculator, and unit converter.

You can start a WOD and can track your rounds by utilizing its tap counter and a timer. Its stats calculation system can also track your progress in achieving PRs. Pick a WOD that you like, enter your weight, and track your progress. After you’ve finished your workout session, you can save and share the result if you like.

7. SmartWOD Timer

SmartWOD Timer is a companion app equipped with a wide variety of timers essential for CrossFit and HIIT workouts. This app includes EMOM timer, Tabata workouts (HIIT) timer, AMRAP workouts timer, and Time workouts timer.

The app has a simple user interface with prominent buttons, swiping motions, workout round counters, as well as timed sounds, to encourage you to maintain a consistent level of intensity and consistency through your workout. For cross-training, Metcons, functional fitness, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), weightlifting, circuit training, running, etc., this app is excellent for you!

8. GoWod

If you want to find a CrossFit app that you can customize based on your own goals and limits, go with GoWod. Begin by calculating your mobility score, then choose from various video workouts designed to help you grow mobility in specific areas of your body and achieve your personal fitness goals. 

The application’s main feature is that it provides you with personalized exercise recommendations based on variables like your height, weight, and physical condition. GoWod will quickly become a reflection of your personality. It’s okay if you lack sufficient time; GOWOD will assist you and build a customized training session only for you. 

For the first 14 days, all of these excellent features are free. After this period, if you do not upgrade to premium, the application will disable many features. You may get the application for free from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Why Choose CrossFit?

What are the real benefits of this training method?

CrossFit is a relatively young discipline, but several studies have already amply demonstrated its effectiveness regarding the improvement of various parameters that measure physical wellbeing (blood pressure, resting heart rate, body composition, maximum oxygen consumption, etc.) for the mental one.

Beyond the Classic Fitness Goals

Through CrossFit, it is possible to aim at the classic goals of those who choose to start training, namely slimming, toning, and increasing muscle mass.

However, the strength of CrossFit classes is the extreme variety of stimuli to which the body is subjected: through careful weekly, monthly and seasonal planning of the WODs, and it is possible to work hand in hand to improve aerobic endurance and strength. Explosive, reactivating the metabolism and providing the right input for muscle growth.

Crossfit and the Benefits in Everyday Life

If also thanks to a correct diet, the results on the body do not take long to reveal themselves, the other great advantages concern the acquisition of greater motor control, the development of a better balance and higher proprioception, with positive implications also in the everyday life: knowing how to lift a load correctly seems an obvious activity, yet learning the rudiments of the deadlift can take several weeks of application.

Always New Stimuli Thanks to the Variety of Wods

A healthier body that moves in a more functional way, of course, but also the pleasure of training with always new WODs, which make it impossible to get bored: CrossFit includes dozens of different exercises, ranging from athletics to Olympic weightlifting, merging them into training sessions that are renewed day by day and week by week.

A Sport for Everyone

In spite of appearances, CrossFit is not a discipline suitable only for “super athletes”: each WOD can be reshaped and scaled, taking into account the individual’s skills and athletic preparation level, always keeping the training intensely stimulating but avoiding any risk of injuries.

Women and men can benefit equally from CrossFit: reducing fat mass in favor of lean mass has a positive impact on health, both male and female, and the same applies to all the other benefits associated with this discipline.

Crossfit and Wellbeing: the Positive Effects on Mood and Self-esteem

To benefit from CrossFit, as already mentioned, is also the mind: increased self-esteem and self-confidence, improved mood, maintenance of motivation thanks to constantly varied training routines, but also all the pleasure of entering to be part of a team and to always be able to count on the support of your fellow WOD team in times of difficulty.

The Benefits of Crossfit on Women

What are the benefits of CrossFit for women? The answer is simple, the same as men!

The combination of bodyweight exercises, derived from gymnastics and typical of weightlifting, allows you to develop greater aerobic endurance and explosive strength in the round. The benefits are already seen at the balance, proprioception, and coordination of movements are naturally added to the physical ones: the often much-desired weight loss is combined with an overall improvement in body composition, with a reduction in fat and an increase in lean mass.

The result? A more toned and defined look, of course, but above all, a stronger body which, once again, translates into greater awareness of one’s abilities and self-confidence.

There is no danger of “feeling less feminine” but, on the contrary, the certainty of developing an increasingly serene and harmonious relationship with one’s body.

Crossfit at 50?

Is there an age limit for doing CrossFit? In this case, the answer is: absolutely not.

The intensity of the WODs represents a considerable challenge for any novice athlete, but, as mentioned several times, the workouts are designed in such a way as to be always scalable; that is, they can be reshaped in the loads, in the number of laps and repetitions or in the level of complexity of the exercises.

The fact that the training takes place in groups does not imply that all participants must aim to achieve the same goals at the same time. Everyone is encouraged to express themselves to the fullest of their abilities, always respecting personal possibilities and limits.

CrossFit is suitable for athletes of any age (50, 60, and much more!), As long as you rely on the coaches’ indications and let yourself be guided in your path towards this discipline.

Crossfit, How Many Times a Week?

The programming of the WODs is designed in such a way as to allow you to train productively regardless of the number of lessons you choose to attend.

As general advice, it is suggested to train from a minimum of 3 times a week to a maximum of 5.

Of course, as in any sport, in CrossFit, constancy represents one of the indispensable characteristics for athletes who intend to improve and develop an ever greater mastery of exercises and various moments.

However, even a couple of classes a week can be enough to experience the benefits of CrossFit and achieve improvements in terms of physical and mental wellbeing.

How Soon Can You See Results With Crossfit?

CrossFit allows you to obtain noticeable results already after the first 5-6 weeks of training. On the physical level, the high intensity of the WODs, the exercises with overloads, and the wide range of movements performed to allow you to awaken the dormant metabolism begin to give new tone and volume to the muscles and obtain the first improvements in body weight.

Clearly, the extent of the improvements depends on your starting condition, the number of weekly training sessions, and the attention on the diet front. Still, with a little consistency, CrossFit is really able to revolutionize your body.

Is There Overtraining in Crossfit?

Simplifying, the phenomenon of overtraining is linked to an excess in the number and intensity of training sessions which, in parallel with the absence of the right recovery times, can cause a state of profound fatigue of the body, with more or less serious for the health of the individual.

The problem can be easily circumvented through careful programming of the WODs on a weekly, monthly, bimonthly, and semi-annual scale: studying the individual workouts to always guarantee adequate recovery times between one session another and dedicating the right attention to the needs. For individual athletes, it is possible to ensure a healthy and balanced approach to CrossFit, thus enjoying all its benefits.

What Are the Recovery Times in Crossfit?

The week’s programming is designed in such a way as to allow up to a maximum of 5-6 training sessions over the course of 7 days. Generally, recovery times never exceed 24-48 hours. However, in the presence of fatigue conditions, muscle or joint problems, and any other particular condition, it is essential to contact the coach for an assessment of your personal situation.

Does Crossfit Addiction Exist?

Like other disciplines that incorporate elements of endurance, CrossFit is also able to stimulate those feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment experienced at the end of the WOD, which, for some athletes, turn into an important moment of gratification.

Speaking of “CrossFit addiction” is at least incorrect since the intoxication given by sport is instead one of the best solutions to combat anxious and depressive states. On the other hand, as in any sporting context, the balance remains one of the founding rules of CrossFit and one of the principles to which the classes are educated.

Can You Start Crossfit From Scratch?

CrossFit is not a sport for athletes only: even those who do not have a particular sporting background or great athletic abilities can approach this discipline starting from scratch and enjoying the same benefits valid for everyone else.

In fact, the coach assesses the needs of individual students on a case-by-case basis, recommending loads and reshaping the WODs (for example, by replacing advanced exercises with simpler versions) based on the level of preparation of the individual.

Is Crossfit Useful for Weight Loss?

The high intensity of the WODs and the wide frequency of training sessions focused on metabolic conditioning make CrossFit a discipline characterized by an item of very high energy expenditure. It follows that CrossFit is actually indicated to awaken the metabolism, promote the reduction of fat mass and, at the same time, promote the development of lean mass.