11 Best White Noise App for Baby for Android & iPhone of 2023

11 Best White Noise App for Baby for Android & iPhone of 2023

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Best White Noise App for Baby for Android & iPhone: For a parent with a newborn baby, sleep can only seem like a dream. Overworked or overexcited children are often difficult to put to bed, even if you know they are very tired.

11 Best White Noise App for Baby for Android & iPhone

White Noise App for Baby

To help your child fall asleep faster, pediatricians often recommend relaxing activities such as warm baths. When nothing seems to be working, alternative measures such as white noise can be used. But remember that this is not a panacea but only a temporary solution.

1. Study

In a study conducted in 1990, it was discovered that after five minutes of listening to white noise, 32 out of 40 neonates were able to fall asleep. If your child falls asleep during a noisy time, in addition to the usual sleeping time, then this method may work.

But first, it’s important to examine both the pros and cons. Your child can get used to the noise, so a completely quiet environment can have the opposite effect when it’s bedtime. It is also important to understand that white noise may not work for all babies – every child is different.

Remember that babies that wake up at night, especially before the age of six months, are likely to be in pain and need to be soothed.

American pediatricians recommend placing any devices with white noise at a distance of at least 200 cm from the baby’s crib. You must also keep the volume on the device below 50 decibels.

2. Sleeptot – Baby White Noise

The ability to adjust the duration and volume of sounds is a must for such applications. Sleep Tot allows you to set it to turn on automatically when you need it most. For example, set Sleep Tot to turn on before older children get up, so your little one relaxes and sleeps until it’s time to wake up.

Available for Android / iOS.

3. Baby Sleep – White Noise

With its simple interface and the ability to mix different sounds, this Relaxio app is one of the best on the list.

It allows you to mix classic white, pink and brown noise (like thunder and waterfall sounds) with everyday sounds, nature, and lullabies. If desired, you can turn on and off individual sounds and set the on/off timer for a specific time.

Available for Android.

4. Sound Sleeper – White Noise

The Sound Sleeper interface is specially designed with muted colors so as not to distract your little one while setting up the app in the dark. There are several white noise options to choose from, each of which is age-specific.

You will get the most out of this app if you pay a few dollars for the full version.

Available for Android/iOS.

5. myNoise

The main feature of myNoise is the various customization options. The application has a built-in color noise generator – brown, pink, white, and others.

The differences between them are minor. White noise sounds like radio interference, pink sounds like endless rain or wind, and brown even coarser – like the roar of a river. If this is too difficult for you, there is an “I’m Lucky” button that mixes up a bit of everything. There is also a binaural beats generator.

MyNoise also has a built-in timer to stop playback from keeping the app from running overnight. What I appreciate best about it is the potential to work in tandem with other apps; for example, you can listen to music on Spotify while using myNoise to switch on the rain noise.

Available for Android /iOS.

6. Dark noise

Dark Noise has over 30 sounds to choose from – and tons of customization options! For example, iOS integration means you can use Siri to create shortcuts to play various noises or transfer audio from one device to another.

For example, if you’re reading a book on the couch and the sound of rain starts to make you drowsy, you can easily transfer the music to a smart speaker in your bedroom with a few touches.

Available for iOS.

7. Relax melodies

Relax Melodies has over 200 sounds that can be mixed with each other. There are sounds of nature, white noise, as well as meditation and breathing techniques for adults.

There are even unique sounds such as the hum of an airplane and even the distant noise of a vacuum cleaner. Favorite mixes can be added to Favorites. With over 50 million downloads of the iOS app, it’s understandable why there is so much in it!

Available for iOS.

8. Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds – Rain & Sleep sounds

The atmosphere has over 100 different sounds. You can combine them and save your favorite combinations to your Favorites list. You can also set a shutdown timer so as not to drain your phone’s battery.

There are binaural noises, sounds of the beach, forests, such as birds chirping or the sound of rain on a tent, and the sounds of the city, including the sound of train wheels and conversations in cafes.

Available for Android/iOS.

9. Noisli – Focus, Concentration & Relaxation

Unfortunately, Noisli does not have a free version. However, I believe it is worth the money ($ 2).

You can play one or more sounds at the same time, mix them together, and set a timer. Sounds include rain, forest, bonfire, cricket singing, railway, and cafe. There are also white, pink, and brown noises if you like simpler sounds.

Available for Android/iOS.

10. White Noise Lite

White Noise Lite is a free app that lets you turn on 40 sounds and mix them to get a good night’s sleep. Ads are present, but you can upgrade to the paid version for one dollar to remove them. The application is easy to use – you simply scroll through all the available noises by swiping across the screen when viewing a photo in the “Gallery.”

Possible types of sounds: thunderstorm, blowing wind, breaking ocean waves, bonfire, pounding rain on the roof of a car, and much more. Despite the fact that the sounds are realistic, it turned out that they were looped during testing.

Available for Android/iOS.

11. White noise baby

White Noise Baby App uses classical music genre and many other background noises to help your baby fall asleep.

It is compatible with iPhone 5 and later and is more automated than most competitors. It can turn on in response to a child’s crying and make sure that incoming messages or calls do not interrupt playback.

Available for Android/iOS.