9 Best Family Tree Maker Apps Software & Website of 2024

The best Family tree maker apps software and Website: To find our origins and go back to the ancestors of our family until now, it was necessary to turn to the elderly (our grandparents or, for the lucky ones who had the opportunity, even the great-grandparents) in order to recover photos, memories, and useful information to reconstruct the family tree, ready to be passed on to our grandchildren.

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In addition to the information collected through our family members, we can also turn to some online services that, thanks to the recovery of the numerous information circulating on the Internet (including old-fashioned daily articles and digitized official paper documents), can help us create the tree genealogical.

We discover in this guide the best sites, apps, and programs to create our family’s family tree to better understand our past and face the future differently, aware of our origins.

The Best Family Tree Maker Apps Software & Website

We have collected below the best Family Tree Maker Apps Software & Website to create the family tree using both the information in our possession both by recovering (usually for a fee) the information collected from the Internet, from the historical archives of libraries and newspapers of the time, so as to reconstruct a tree very faithful to reality, with the possibility of printing or framing it through dedicated services.

Many of these services also offer programs for PCs and mobile apps so that you can complete or consult the family tree even from your mobile or PC.

There was a time when to piece together family history, and the only option was to dive into dusty archives or pay a genealogical researcher to do it for us. But with the arrival of the internet, we discovered, among other things, the desire to share the red thread of our origins, and the web was filled with useful finds to compose family trees with roots scattered across all continents.

An operation that for some years can also be done safely via smartphone, given that all the main genealogy sites – Ancestry, FamilySearch, and MyHeritage – have developed intuitive apps, which offer the same functionalities as the web. Here are the main ones.

1) MyHeritage (Web and mobile)

One of the most famous sites with which to know our origins and thus recreate the family tree is MyHeritage.


Once subscribed to the service, it is possible to create the family tree by entering all the information in our possession, starting from our personal data and also entering the data of our closest relatives (we recommend that you complete all the data at least up to the great-grandparents, so as to have a good starting point).

The data entered can be very useful for finding relatives you did not know or whose existence you did not know and finding relatives with the same surname that you may have emigrated to other states.

The use of the basic service is free and will automatically add credible relatives to your family tree as soon as matches are found. Still, to get more detailed information or to perform a DNA test to find out your origins and lineages, you may have to pay a sum of money.

The created family tree can be downloaded at any time in order to keep it and show it to other relatives.

The mother site stands out for its technological tools, and also, the app does not disappoint: it allows us to build a family tree, gives us suggestions, and scans and uploads photos on the profiles of relatives directly from the smartphone. There is also a DNA section open to those who have undergone the analysis of their DNA through MyHeritage.

How does it work? By clicking on Discover, we display a list of people in our tree for whom MyHeritage has found new information. The patented Instant Discoveries feature uses MyHeritage’s billions of online records and other users’ family trees to reveal our people. Like the site, the app allows us to search all collections at the same time or choose a specific collection of historical documents.

If we want to access the family tree created with MyHeritage from mobile, we can do it through the dedicated apps available here -> MyHeritage (Android) and MyHeritage (iOS).

2) ancestry (free for iPhone and Android)

Anyone who is going to plant their family tree digitally is usually where they start: the site is well known and offers some free features and some paid ones. The app follows in its wake and lets you search Ancestry’s billions of family records and add new family members to the online tree.


How does it work? At the bottom of the screen is the main menu. By tapping one of the tools, any menu available for that tool appears at the top of the screen. The first, Tips, provides advice on Ancestry records based on our family tree. By tapping the filter icon in the upper left corner of the screen, we can sort them by type (record, photo, or story) or filter them by surname.

3) Gramps (PC)

A good program for creating family trees on PC is Gramps.


This multi-platform program allows you to create the classic family tree starting from your most distant relatives and creating all the necessary links to keep organized all the information that we can recover during our research.

The end result will be a family tree to download or print so that you have a memento to show to your loved ones, your children, or grandchildren when the time comes.

4) Family Search Tree (Free for iPhone and Android)

Because FamilySearch’s vast collections of scanned records are free, the FamilySearch Tree app is an excellent search tool, free and popular. Ergo: if you have relatives scattered around the world of which you have only a vague inkling, this is where you will find them (as happened to the writer, ed).


How does it work? The app’s easy-to-use tools allow us to explore family history, adding and sharing photos, stories and documents into the global family tree. The menu is located at the bottom of the screen.

Finally, I would like to point out one of the best family tree maker sites to find ancestors and people of your own family, namely FamilySearch.

After logging in, we can view our existing tree or start creating a new one by tapping Tree. By clicking on activities instead, the app gives us suggestions on the records associated with the people in our tree that we can explore and verify. A

third menu item, Recent, is a list of the most recent people we’ve viewed. The last option, Other, provides an extended menu of features, ranging from searching for historical records to geolocating any relatives around us—a little ‘Tinder, a little’ Carramba, what a surprise.

5) Legacy Family Tree (PC)

Another program that we can use on PC to create family trees is Legacy Family Tree.


To download the free version of the application, we will need to provide a valid email address (a temporary email address is also fine), then click on the link provided in the same email that we will receive soon after.

Once installed on the PC, we have to confirm the free license and enter all the personal data required for the next of kin.

The program is very useful for creating the genealogical tree of your family.

6) Geni (Web)

By registering on the site, it will be possible to create the family tree using the knowledge in our possession and also asking for help from relatives thanks to the shared tree, so that we can complete it together!


The service will make the platform available and periodically provide the names of distant relatives who have a common ancestry or who have shared something with a branch of our family in the past.

We can at any time upload photos and documents to make the tree even more complete or use the information collected by the site to expand it.

7. Find a grave (free for iPhone and Android)

Last but not least, an app that does not serve to create their own family tree but is essential for those who want to reconstruct a family history: it is a huge online database of over 170 million graves in half a million cemeteries and is fed by over 200,000 volunteers from around the world, who upload photographs of tombstones and burial sites.


How does it work? Easy: to search for an ancestor, all we have to do is tap Search the commemorative page on the home screen, then continue by name, year of birth and death, and cemetery location.

If the tombstone we are looking for is not in the database, we can request someone to photograph it. And it’s worth checking back often because Find A Grave boasts that thousands of new images are added every day.

8) Canva (Web)

Even if we are not experts in computer science or in gathering information, we will be able to create our family tree with attractive graphics by choosing from the various models available and gradually adding all the information necessary to complete it.


We can quickly share the ongoing project with our relatives and, when satisfied with the result, take advantage of the printing service offered by the same site to frame the genealogical tree obtained.

9) Genoom (Web and mobile)

If we want to create an international genealogical tree for our family or to search for all people with the same surname.


Thanks to this service it will be sufficient to register and start entering the information in our possession to create the family tree, also taking advantage of the information shared by other users who use the service: we will be able to cross data and find relatives in some distant country, perhaps descendants of our grandfather or uncle who tried his luck abroad.

In addition to the online service, it is possible to access the genealogical tree created with Genoom using the mobile apps downloadable from here -> Genoom (Android) and Genoom (iOS).


Thanks to this service, we will be able to read the family trees already created by other users or by genealogy experts by searching by surname or with the data of some relatives, or create our family tree from scratch and start collecting information and data directly.