7 Best Hurricane Tracking App for Android & iPhone of 2021

7 Best Hurricane Tracking App for Android & iPhone of 2021

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Are you looking for the Best Hurricane Tracking App for Android or Best Hurricane Tracking App iPhone? Hurricane tracking apps are essential if you live or plan to travel in the Atlantic Ocean region between June and November. These Best Hurricane Tracking Apps are great for protecting you from any kind of weather.

The Best Hurricane Tracking App for Android & iPhone

Every year the hurricane season brings out the forces of nature. In the last decade, particularly, the devastation caused by these phenomena has been historical in figures.

Best Hurricane Tracking App

In this situation, having the most recent and accurate information is essential. For this, we present to you the best applications and websites for hurricane monitoring.

1. Hurricane Tracker

It is an application available only for iPhone and iPad that uses data from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) to broadcast all NHC warnings, maps, and audios in real-time and keep you updated with the latest developments. You can configure the app to receive alerts when new storms appear or when existing systems land on land.

Best Hurricane Tracking App

Hurricane Tracker, known as one of the first weather monitoring apps, brings you up to 65 maps and images of the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Ocean. Contains real-time updates from the National Hurricane Center, tropical sound updates, and storm videos. You can download Hurricane Tracker from the ios store.

2. Hurricane Hound

Best Hurricane Tracking App

This application uses Google Maps as the basis for determining the location of the storm, which includes National Weather Service forecasts, satellite imagery, and public notifications.

3. Hurricane – American Red Cross

It is one of the best free hurricane trackers for Android and iOS, available in many languages. It allows you to monitor the conditions in your area, as well as the updated locations within a storm system. Of course, the app includes an interactive storm tracking map and forecasting models to help you plan for the worst in advance.

Best Hurricane Tracking App

Like other apps, Hurricane will broadcast alerts and updates in real-time, but one of the standout features is the in-app communication function. Anyone in the direct path of a hurricane or storm system can post their own posts or choose status updates in the app. This makes it simple to interact with your loved ones without leaving the application itself.

You can download Hurricane – American Red Cross for Android or iOS.

4. National Hurricane Center Data

Best Hurricane Tracking App

The National Hurricane Center Data app features satellite animations up to 8 hours long, so you’ll always be on top of the storm’s progress. In total, this application contains 10 very useful filters that allow you to get information from different points of view.

5. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is not exactly an attractive app to watch, but it relays a lot of useful metrological information. The tabs at the top of the screen divide the globe into five ocean regions. One of these tables lists the most important storm indicators — condition, wind speed, gust speed, location, and directional movement — into a basic two-column grid.

Best Hurricane Tracking App

The forecast feature displays land estimates, as well as categorical system upgrades or degradations along the predicted storm path.

You can download AccuWeather for iOS or for Android.

6. Storm Radar

Best Hurricane Tracking App

Based on information from The Weather Channel, Storm Radar brings you an interactive high-definition radar map so you can always watch the development of any coming storm. You can also see real-time traffic patterns to prevent storms for up to 6 hours.

7.  Windy

The entire top of the Windy screen is an interactive map. You can zoom in or out of the image with the mouse wheel or simply with the buttons on the screen. The map shows all hurricanes and systems in a region, and you can easily hover over a storm to see it in real-time, as well as forecast information. A small table located in the corner of this interactive map transmits the latest information updates about the system’s categorical status, wind speed, location, and pressure.

Best Hurricane Tracking App

You have a feature that expands on this visual data and generates a clearer picture of what this visual data means in simple terms. This explainer also includes information for specific rainfall totals, land estimates, categorical increases or decreases, storm surges, and much more.

What is the best hurricane tracking website?

The Queen Mother of hurricane tracking sites is the National Hurricane Center. It provides information straight from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), including current recommendations, satellite photographs, and a range of maps showing forecasts of wind speed and storm surges.

How do you track a hurricane?

Hurricanes are tracked in a number of ways: via satellite, reconnaissance aircraft, and balloons, which collect data including temperature, humidity, and wind speed. These various data streams are then compiled to create computer forecast models that attempt to predict the path and intensity of the storm.


The key to safety during a hurricane is being aware. Thanks to technology, you can prevent and take precautions before a hurricane. These apps have been selected for their usefulness and affordable price for your greater comfort.

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