11 Best Music Players for Windows of 2021

11 Best Music Players for Windows of 2021

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The Best Music Players for Windows: Despite the fact that music streaming services have become the tool most used by many users when it comes to listening to their favorite music, many are those who have a large number of songs, converted directly from their CD at maximum quality, and they prefer to use their PC to manage it at all times, in addition to playing it connected to audio equipment.

The Best Music Players for Windows

If you want to continue taking advantage of your music library, that music library that has cost you so many years to create. In this article, we are going to show you which are the best music players for Windows. Players that continue to be updated every year, not those that are They have become a legend but have not updated for several years.

Best Music Players for Windows

Of all the players that we show you below, they all offer us free versions with some other limitation, a limitation that we can skip by buying the application, but they are the least. Now everything depends on the needs and preferences you have to keep your library in order and concert.

  • 1 GOM Player
  • 2 Waf Music Manager
  • 3 ZPlayer
  • 4 AIMP
  • 5 MusicBee
  • 6 MediaMonkey
  • 7 Audacity
  • 8 Tomahawk
  • 9 aTunes
  • 10 VLC media player
  • 11 iTunes

1. GOM Player

This player that consumes very few resources, not only allows us to enjoy our favorite music, but also allows us to play any type of video, including those recorded in 360 degrees. Although for this, you need to download the corresponding codecs, something that does not happen if we talk about music files. GOM Player offers us a large number of skins to customize our player to suit our tastes, a function that not all players on the market offer.

If we are moving around the house while we listen to music, thanks to the GOM Remote application, we can control the playback from our smartphone, either Android or iOS, to pause the playback and advance the song to go back. It requires 2 GM of memory RAM, and it is compatible with Windows XP to Windows 10. It also offers a large number of skins to customize the aesthetics of the player.

Waf Music Manager

Waf Music Manager is a simple and practical application that bundles a music player, song organizer, and tag editor into one lightweight package, allowing you to listen to music and change song details from one place. The built-in file explorer allows you to view all supported music files in a specific location on your computer and their duration, while the search function can be used to filter songs by artist name, title, or album.

The application allows you to edit the tag data of the selected music files (batch operations are allowed), providing editable fields for artist name, song title, album, rating, track number, the year, the genre, the publisher, the composers, and the directors. In this way, you can organize your collection in a much more efficient way. Wal Music Manager is supported as of Windows 8.1.


ZPlayer is a Java-based music player that allows us to enjoy our favorite music with an easy-to-use interface without complications. This player natively supports a wide range of audio formats such as MP2, MP3, WAV, Ogg, Flac, MID, CDA, MOD, Dolby AC3.

We can easily create playlists that show us the song’s name, duration, size, and created. ZPlayer is a player compatible with all versions of Windows. It only allows us to play audio, it occupies very little, and the user interface allows us to pause or play songs, stop it, advance a song or go back to the previous one.


AIMP joins the long list of music players available for Windows. The main feature that it offers us is the compatibility with different skins to customize the player to our tastes.

AIMP is natively compatible with MP3, AAC, FLAC, MAC, M3U, OGG, OPUS, RMI, TTA, WAV, and WMA files, among others. This player takes up very little space on our hard drive and is compatible with Windows Vista.


MusicBee is one of the players that offer us more options in less space. Instead of offering us a file browser, we must directly import the folder where the music files are located to begin playback.

If the album or song artwork is inserted among the metadata of the audio files, it will be displayed in the application. MusicBee offers us different display modes, automatic shutdown, change the audio configuration, access to a song mixer, and modifying the audio files’ labels. This playback is compatible with Windows Vista and is compatible with 64 versions of bits.


Another of the players that offer us a large number of options is MediaMonkey, a reproduction that can manage a library without messing up more than 100,000 files, burn CDs directly from the application, search through labels, letters, covers, and other metadata, manage the type of genre of the songs.

It also allows us to play any audio format without worrying about converting to other formats. And we can create playlists of all the songs we want without limits in addition to using the Auto DJ function so that it automatically takes care of playing the songs from our library. Within the customization options, we also find the possibility of adding skins and tools to discover new music and language packs.


Although this application is Best Music Players for Windows for being an excellent editor for audio files, it also offers us different functions to use it as a music player, but with the extra that allows us to edit our favorite songs to create, by means of fades, a single track with a lot of songs.

If you are looking for an all-in-one, to avoid having so many applications installed on your computer, Audacity is the application you need.


If our music is not only found on our PC, but we also use a streaming music service. Managing all that information is very simple with Tomahawk, a free player that can be linked to Google Play Music, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, SoundCloud to YouTube.

In this way, whatever song we are looking for, we will find it easily, either on our hard drive or in one of these streaming music services. Also, if we are one of the users who like to share our tastes with our friends, Tomahawk offers us the perfect tools to do so.


aTunes, which is inspired by Apple’s iTunes, offers us a simple and clear interface so that we can easily find and play all the songs that are part of our library. Thanks to the option to import songs or directories, we can gradually manage our library without having to fight with a large number of songs as soon as we start.

aTunes is compatible with all audio formats on the market, so we will not need to convert the songs to a more compatible format to be able to play them with this excellent free application. Like other services, aTunes allows us to connect to Last.fm in addition to finding all the songs that are duplicated, something that very few applications do.

VLC media player

VLC has become, over the years, the Best Music Players for Windows that we can currently find on the market for free to be able to listen to both our favorite music and enjoy any video in whatever format since it is compatible with all they. While it is true that aesthetics are not the most striking of all, with VLC, we will not have any problem playing any music format.


Suppose we want to have our library always in order with their respective covers. In that case, Apple’s iTunes is an excellent option when listening to our favorite music, that is, we must be very conscientious with all the data of each song so that the application can order them and group them correctly.

Suppose you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. In that case, it is more than likely that you already have this application installed even if you only use it to make backup copies. Since the function that allowed us to navigate through the App Store and install them later on our iOS device has been removed after the release of iOS 11.

What is the best music and video player?

VLC Player: VLC has the advantage over other players that it is totally free, without advertising. It includes its own codecs, which can solve problems for you if you have problems with the pre-installed ones. The official list of supported videos is MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, Wv, and AAC.


The popular music player is also available for Windows 10. Although the company has only recently been sold, they are already working to give this fantastic software a new lease of life. We all look forward to it coming out for all operating systems and fighting back alongside our speakers and headphones.