25 Best Tablet Games For Kids & Adults of 2022

25 Best Tablet Games For Kids & Adults of 2022

Last Updated on January 6, 2022 by The Soft Best

The Best Tablet Games For Kids & Adults on Android and iOS iPhone: Many mobile games look much better on tablet devices, and even more so for kids. Their vibrant graphics are designed for large screens, while large icons and controls help younger gamers master game mechanics more confidently.

Our small selection offers you the best tablet games for kids that will help your child have fun and spend time with benefits.

Best Tablet Games

Today, mobile gaming is a force that even industry giants must reckon with. Stars are born and fade on mobile platforms, games from PCs and consoles take on new life, eSports disciplines and even exclusives appear. And if some projects amaze us with the ingenuity of developers who are able to adapt their brainchildren to smartphones perfectly, others are desperately asking for more screens.

The Best Tablet Games on Android and IOS

Mobile games are convenient because they do not need a monitor, console, or system unit, and most importantly, they do not tie the player to a place, and sometimes they force him to run. However, it’s not a secret for anyone that not every game can boast of ease of control from the phone:

  • A stick on a half-screen and extremely small icons.
  • Nimble objects that are difficult to hit with your finger.
  • Text that is unreadable without a magnifying glass and a picture in which there are too many parts for a small display.

Today we have compiled for you a list of Best Tablet Games for Android and iOS, which, of course, can be played using a smartphone, but it is best to use a tablet for this.

1. Call of Duty: Mobile

Let’s start with the hottest. The release of a new team-based first-person shooter made a splash among fans of the series, who prefer to play from their phones.

 Shareware distribution model, famous characters and weapons, stunning graphics, and no less cool implementation, convenient, customizable controls, over 35 million downloads, first places in mobile application ratings! Call of Duty is equally well suited to any gadget, but it still feels different on tablets.

2. My Talking Tom

Everyone seems to know this cat: meet Tom, everyone’s favorite, chatterbox, and cutie, whom your child will be happy to bring up. To grow a handsome adult cat from a small kitten, feed and bathe him, dress and put him in a cozy crib, furnish and decorate his home – how many different interesting activities this Best Tablet Games from the Outfit7 studio offers to children.

It also has a lot of mini-games built into it, with which kids will not get bored. And keep in mind – Tom not only talks and repeats words – he experiences emotions, is able to be sad and happy. Therefore, he will require the most real care.

3. Minecraft

Minecraft is the ant lion of all sandboxes, into which every fan of the genre has fallen into the mouth at least once. In huge procedurally generated worlds entirely made of cubes, there is a crazy space for exploration and creativity.

The digital constructor has come to the taste of players of all ages, has become, in a way, the standard of the genre, and has been holding this bar for more than 10 years. Playing on smartphones is strongly discouraged.

4. Wonder Zoo – Save the Animals!

In this development from Gameloft, your child will have a responsible task – to save animals in trouble by going on a safari. The rescued animals will have to settle in their own zoo, take care of them, equip their aviaries, attracting visitors to the zoo.


And in addition, complete a variety of tasks, explore locations and even travel back in time to the era of dinosaurs. Bright cartoonish 3D graphics that will look great on the tablet screen, and a lot of pleasant impressions await you.

5. Grand Theft Auto III

The first 3D part of the Grand Theft Auto series became the best-selling PC game of 2001. The fans’ happiness knew no bounds when it was ported with all the additions to mobile platforms – after all, now the one and only one can be played anywhere and whenever you want.

And if walking and shooting are convenient even on small devices, then during chases with a pursuit on a small display, you can simply not notice an obstacle on the road.

6. LEGO® City My City

Here your child will have a place to roam – 14 mini-games with Lego men, the main characters of the famous series of LEGO City constructors, can take a long time. A whole Lego city awaits him, in which different events will constantly take place, and to become a participant in them – isn’t it tempting?

Catching criminals on the streets of LEGO City or racing cars, delivering goods and demolishing old buildings, putting out fires and rescuing victims, working in the coast guard, and even exploring the depths of the sea – everything is possible in this Best Tablet Games – the developers of the LEGO System took care of this.

7. Roblox

A multiplayer cross-platform online project consisting of Best Tablet Games made by the players themselves using the Roblox Studio engine. Its main feature is simplicity and accessibility – everyone can create something of their own on it. They create and sell for a special currency, which can later be exchanged for real.

You can also explore many worlds with friends from mobile devices, while many Best Tablet Games do not require real investments from players. In the summer of 2019, the platform had over 100 million monthly active users, 10 million more than the Minecraft record holder.

8. Five Nights at Freddy’s Series

Survival horror about a nightguard, made in the point-and-click genre, instantly won fans’ hearts of collecting phobias, and a good half of the series fans are very young and courageous users of PC and mobile platforms.

The player is hunted by terrible animatronics, and in order to survive until the morning, he will have to vigilantly watch the location of each of them with the help of numerous cameras. It all depends on the reaction and observation of the player.

9. Subway Surfers

Perhaps this game needs no introduction, and it is a pleasure to play it on the tablet screen. It promises a fun run on the rails from the guard chasing you, the ability to collect gold coins, dodge obstacles, and even jump onto the roofs of the cars to run over them from above.

Colorful characters that can be unlocked, powerful power-ups, boosters and bonuses, themed locations, and just a good mood await you with this fun game from the Kiloo studio.

10. Alien: Blackout

A damaged ship docks at the Mendel space station, on board, which the alien is prowling. Players on behalf of the notorious Amanda Ripley will have to guide the crew members through seven levels, manipulating energy, doors, and surveillance cameras.

The Xenomorph is unpredictable and, at any moment, can attack both the guests of the station and Amanda herself. The Best Tablet Games turned out to be controversial but atmospheric.

It is important that you have to interact with the characters constantly – to recommend running or hiding, depending on the situation. You need to react with lightning speed, and their icons are constantly moving and in general – very small, so playing Blackout on small screens is a real challenge.

11. World of Tanks Blitz

More arcade “Tanks” from Wargaming, created based on the game of the same name for PC users and devices based on Android and iOS. In short session battles, players, divided into two teams, fight in selected modes, controlling tanks of various classes, most of which are based on real models of combat vehicles.

The tanks’ mechanics are partly borrowed from the PC version, but Blitz focuses on dynamic and fast battles, ideal for mobile gaming.

12. Cut the rope 2

Sometimes, instead of jogging and action, you want to plunge into something calmer, and this puzzle, colorful and cute, will keep your child busy without much difficulty, and it will take a long time because it is quite difficult to tear yourself away from the adventures of its main character, the green monster Om Nom.

He still loves sweets, as in the first part of the game, and little gamers will again have to cleverly cut the ropes so that the desired sweets get into Om Nom’s mouth.

13. Terraria

Another popular 2D indie sandbox that has confidently stepped onto pocket devices under the banner of “Dig, Fight, Build.” Unlike Minecraft, the focus of the game is shifted primarily to exploring the world and battling monsters and bosses, from which you can get valuable reagents for crafting cool equipment.

In Terraria, you can build a house, populate it with NPCs and other players, and at night you can defend against hordes of undead.

For phones, the game is too small, to put it mildly, so feel free to download it to tablets.

14. My Horse

This simulation game, created by game designers from NaturalMotion Games, will amaze you with its realism – incredible 3D graphics and tons of possibilities await you.

Take care of your own horse on the tablet screen, feed and clean it, train and take part in competitions, choose the breed you like, take photos and share them with friends, visit the stables of your friends – you have never met a more realistic simulator. Believe me, the child will be delighted.

15. Pubg Mobile

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS can rightfully be considered the winner of the royal battle among the royal battles – an insanely popular action game in which players sort things out in the form of the last man standing.

In 2017, the game was released on PC and became one of the best-selling games on Steam, and almost a year later, owners of mobile platforms were pleased with the free-to-play version of this shooter.

It was possible to port PUBG almost perfectly, game makers carefully transferred all the main features of the original to mobile systems. Not so long ago, by the way, a light version of the game was released, which has a smaller size and is less demanding on the device’s memory.

16. Cat Simulator

Another simulator on our list is realistic and addicting, which will allow your child to take care of the kitten, fun, playful, and very cute. Here you can choose the breed of cat to be raised and complete a number of tasks.

The game is good due to the presence of territories for exploration, destructible objects, as well as other players whose possessions can be visited by playing with their pets. Volumetric graphics, simple controls, and ample opportunities, up to video recording – these are the significant advantages of this development from Swift Apps LLC.

17. Asphalt Series

Asphalt arcade racing has as many as nine parts and several separate projects. Since 2004, the series has confidently taken gadgets and handheld consoles by storm. With each new game, graphics and design change, new mechanics appear, and old ones are rethought.

Asphalt 9: Legends remains the most recent. In less than a week after its release, it was downloaded over four million times. The game looks marvelous and staunchly withstands competition with numerous analogs.

18. Colorfy – free coloring book

The developers themselves at Fun Games For Free describe their game as color therapy for children and adults, and it really is.

If your child loves to draw, then painstaking work on complex but incredibly beautiful patterns will be really fun for him. Animals and birds, flowers and mandalas, a wide range of color palettes, and hours of pleasant relaxation await him.

19. Badland

Badland is a 2D adventure game in which a flying creature named Clone makes his way through a mysterious forest full of dangers and traps. As the time of day changes, the level of difficulty increases, and the surrounding objects acquire new properties.

The game has many awards, it has been ported to PC and consoles, and it is not surprising in general. Drawing in Badland looks charming and the gameplay requires quickness, so a tablet is the Best Tablet Games for it.

20. Where’s My Water? 2

Disney Studio offers your children another adventure with the cute Where’s My Water? , who, together with his friends, is still looking for water.

Here you will find new locations based on water physics and a couple of gameplay and a lot of exciting puzzles, entertaining and moderately difficult. This cartoon puzzle is entertaining and informative at the same time, which cannot but draw attention to it.

21. Titan Quest

One of the most popular hack-and-slash games, Titan Quest, has taken on a new lease of life on mobile. Now legendary monsters from the myths of the ancient world can be taken with you wherever you go. RPGs have high replayability, improved graphics, achievement systems, and no in-game purchases.

The port is a full-fledged copy of the original, but not all devices work equally well.

22. Disney Magic Kingdoms

Developers from Gameloft will give your child the opportunity to create their own amusement park and populate it with their favorite characters from the well-known cartoons from Disney.

Save cartoon characters from an evil spell, complete all tasks and collect souvenirs, make your park the best, incredibly beautiful and fill it with good magic – everything is in your hands.

23. DOFUS Touch

The dragon eggs have been stolen, the world is out of balance, and he desperately needs new heroes. Dofus is a “widely known in narrow circles” French MMO-RPG with turn-based battles, adapted for Android and iOS.


The game is unique in almost everything, especially in the little things that cannot be seen on small screens. In addition, Ankama, on this universe, there is also a wonderful TCG, which is also asking for a tablet.

24. Vainglory

When it comes to mobile MOBA games, the most popular one that comes to mind is Vainglory. Two teams traditionally seek to destroy the main crystal at the opponent’s base, simultaneously destroying each other, collecting gold, and pumping characters. The game features several modes, many classes, and heroes. Decent graphics and optimization were also delivered.

Vainglory has become the first eSports discipline for smartphones. It’s really fun to play. But is it convenient? No – it’s more convenient on a tablet.

25. War Robots

A multiplayer PVP combat simulator from a third person, released on Android and iOS in 2014, and four years later on PC. Battles are held in a 6 by 6 format. Players control heavy combat vehicles, equip and upgrade them according to the mechanics’ preferences and capabilities for the sake of balance.

In the absence of worthy competitors in this setting, WR looks especially advantageous on mobile platforms.


Frankly speaking, there are many more different projects asking for this list the Best Tablet Games. What games do you think is inconvenient to play on smartphones but just right on tablets? I would be grateful if you share your opinion in the comments.