30 Best 2 Player Games for iPhone & iPad of 2024

The Best 2 Player Games for iPhone: Each gamer has his own, constantly changing list of favorite games, but how to while away the time with a friend whose preferences differ significantly from yours?

The 30 Best 2 Player Games for iPhone

We have compiled a list of Best 2 Player Games for iPhone & iPad, among which you will surely find suitable entertainment.

2 Player Games for iPhone

1. Air Hockey

It’s worth starting with simple arcade games that do not require training and specific skills. Before us is a simulator of the popular board game “Air Hockey,” in which two people take part.


There is a rectangular field, a goal, round “clubs,” and a puck. The goal is to score as many goals as possible into the opponent’s goal in the allotted period of time. You can play both on one device and via Wi-Fi.

2. Flick Kick Football

For football fans, we recommend the exciting game Flick Kick Football, the meaning of which is shots on goal from free-kicks. The game has intuitive controls that allow you to deliver both strong straight and twisted shots to the goal with one swipe of your finger.


You can play online with real opponents, as well as together on one device in turn.

3. Ice rage

Arcade table hockey simulator with teams of two players (goalkeeper and forward). There is a single-player campaign, but the multiplayer is naturally much more fun.


The app costs in the App Store. For an additional fee, you can buy original skins of hockey players.

4. 8 Ball Pool

Billiards “eight” with good game physics, 2 Player Games for iPhone, and online tournaments.


The game’s realism is somewhat spoiled by special cues (the best of which are available only after donation), but this does not interfere with playing with friends with appropriate agreements. You can download the application for free.


The game is familiar to almost every lover of mobile gaming. The atmospheric platformer, released several years ago, has gained immense popularity, including for the implementation of the co-op mode.


Up to 4 users can play on one device, and to complete the level, the character of at least one player must survive.

6. Tiny Wings

Immediately after the release in the App Store, the game was also very popular, but the monotonous gameplay did not allow the developers to develop the idea further.


However, you can add fun to Tiny Wings by installing it on your iPad. Its main difference is the presence of a 2 Player Games for iPhone mode, which divides the screen in half – now users are trying to teach their chick to fly and try to overcome more obstacles than their opponent.

7. Drive Ahead!

Dynamic arcade battles on vehicles (including racing cars, SUVs, tanks, monster trucks, etc.) in art-pixel graphics.


Several battle modes are available, including mini-maps, deathmatch, and “sudden death,” you can play with a friend both over Wi-Fi and on the same device. Download Drive Ahead! is free. In-app purchases are available.

8. Soccer sumos

In this soccer and sumo wrestling simulator, 2 Player Games for iPhone or 4 player play on one device is the main mode. Characters in Soccer Sumos rotate in place, and the player at the right moments should press the only control button to start moving in a straight line.


The gameplay’s minimalism allows you to play even on a smartphone, although iPad looks nevertheless preferable for 2v2 matches. The price of the application in the App Store is 75 rubles, and there are no in-app purchases.

9. Death Squared (RORORORO)

A console puzzle ported to iOS in 2018 and has already received a lot of positive feedback from gamers.


It is noteworthy that the single-player campaign involves the management of two characters, so the cooperative mode of passing suggests itself. Death Squared has a high price tag on the App Store, but the fun, shared with a friend, is well worth it.

10. Angry Birds Go!

The racing arcade game from Finnish developers Rovio based on the mega-popular puzzle game Angry Birds did not impress fans of “angry birds” too much in terms of developing a solo campaign, but the gameplay itself is quite suitable for competing against each other in real-time via Wi-Fi.


The races take place on Pig Island, which for the first time appears before the players in full 3D, as pilots – famous characters from the world of Angry Birds, such as Red, Chuck, Terence, The Pig King, Mustached Baron, etc.

11. Duel Otters

As the name suggests, the game is a duel between otters, which means that there are at least 2 Player Games for iPhone and two otters. Duel Otters consists of 11 mini-arcades, and competitions in the main mode take place in the “best of 5” format.


That is, the victory in the match is awarded to the player who wins in three games out of five. Only two users can play simultaneously on one iPhone or iPad, but in general, the competition can be held according to the Olympic system until the best of the company is identified.

Duel Otters is an app designed for kids, so the games are very simple and, in most cases, only require one finger to operate. This is a simple air hockey game, a primitive mixture of baseball and tennis, towns, etc. If you need to distract two or more children for a while, then Duel Otters may well cope with this task, provided that you have at least one smartphone or tablet.

12. Bowmasters

A very popular and addicting game for both single-player and online multiplayer. The gameplay is a turn-based duel-firefight between two characters, each of which has the goal of hitting the enemy, calculating the force and trajectory of the throw or shot.


The trick is that the game is made with a fair amount of humor, and each of the 60+ characters is interesting in its own way, has its own weapon and unique fatality.  

13. Tank stars

The gameplay is in many ways similar to Bowmasters (the same developer, Playgendary) and painfully familiar to all fans of Pocket Tanks and other similar games.


The battle takes place between two tanks with a certain set of different charges, from an ordinary explosive to an atomic bomb. The location is a destructible random relief that can be used to gain an advantage (it is much easier to destroy an enemy stuck in a ravine than hiding behind a steep rock).

14. Table tennis touch

By far, the best simulator of this sport in the App Store, which will not leave indifferent even a person who has never approached a tennis table in his life.


It will not work just to put the racket under the ball – to win, you will have to learn how to perform complex cut strikes, calculate the strength and trajectory, drive the opponent from corner to corner, etc. You can play with a friend on a local network or over the Internet.

15. Worms 2: Armageddon

It is difficult to find an experienced gamer who has never played the legendary “worms.” Remarkably, over the years, Team 17 has been trying to replicate the success of Worms 2: Armageddon, but neither the 3D graphics nor the new weapons are capable of surpassing the 2009 masterpiece.


The iOS version offers the possibility of multiplayer via Bluetooth (up to 4 people) and Wi-Fi (2 people).

16. Balda

One of the most common and familiar to almost everyone “paper” games for erudition, which previously entertained themselves in boring lessons and lectures.


There are several advantages of playing on a smartphone or tablet at once – you can play remotely via the Internet, the application does not miss controversial words (when a large number of new ones are added, the dictionary is automatically updated), the score is automatically calculated, etc.

17. Online card game

The most popular domestic card game, with the basic rules of which absolutely everyone is familiar. The reporting application offers to play a flip and transfer Fool, with decks of 24, 36, and 52 cards, with a lot of additional options regarding the rules of throwing cards, first rejection, etc. Here you can even try to cheat and cancel the wrong moves – just like in real life.


The game is played with real people at tables for 2-6 people with the ability to add friends, participate in online ratings, etc.

18. Battleship Online

Naval Combat is a timeless tactical classic presented as an app for iOS devices. The game has an intuitive interface, beautiful design with animation effects.


You can play Battleship Online both against the computer and online with real players.

19. Pocket Tanks Deluxe

An addicting turn-based strategy for two players. There are two tanks with the widest arsenal on a small random location and try to inflict maximum damage on each other.


The game was very popular on the PC, and now it is successfully conquering mobile platforms. The multiplayer is available in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth mode.

20. Slide Soccer

An arcade soccer simulator in which beer bottle caps are laid out on the field instead of players.


You can hit the ball both in turn and at the same time, while you can regulate the force and direction of the blow, as well as the spin. An internet connection is required to play online.

21. Heads Up: Hold ’em (Poker)

You don’t have to register at the major online poker rooms to play poker with a friend.


It’s much easier to install a simple app like Heads Up: Hold ’em and start dealing cards right away. There is only one mode available in the game – Heads Up (that is, one-on-one), while you can fight with a friend on the Internet or with thousands of rivals around the world through the Game Center.

22. Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

One of the best flight simulators on the App Store, set in the setting of World War II.


The game is qualitatively different from its counterparts with convenient controls and fairly realistic physics. Multiplayer also pleases with the presence of several modes – “Survival,” “Free play,” “Team play,” “Capture the flag,” etc.

23. Vainglory


Suppose you are tired of simple arcade games. In that case, you should try your hand at the full-scale MOBA strategy Vainglory, which was released by former Blizzard employees and quickly gained popularity among mobile gamers. 20-minute 3v3 battles will allow the company of gamers to have fun.

24. Zen pinball

Virtual pinball is well known to every Windows user, and the player’s skill directly depends on how often the Internet is turned off.


Zen Pinball, however, is a whole different level. There are excellent three-dimensional graphics, sophisticated physics, thematic locations based on popular comics, cartoons, and television series, and the opportunity to fight with a friend over the network.

25. Fruit ninja

One of the first and undoubtedly the most popular slicer on mobile devices.


The player is invited to cut the fruits falling from above without touching the bombs. Each player needs to cut only his own fruits (highlighted in color). For encroaching on the enemy’s prey, a penalty is imposed. Also, there is an opportunity to play together on one tablet, while each user is given their own half of the screen.

26. Asphalt 8: Airborne


One of the best racing arcade games on mobile platforms with breakneck speeds, dangerous stunts, and great graphics. The game features an online multiplayer – you can play online against 11 racers from around the world.

27. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


Blizzard’s project has radically changed fans’ attitude of shooting war games to collectible card games – absolutely all age, gender, and other possible categories of users play Hearthstone. At the same time, the game is completely cross-platform; for network battles, you only need an Internet connection.

28. Multiponk

Multiponk is a successful mix of air hockey and ping pong. The player’s main task is to drive the puck into his goal, breaking through the defense.


Multiponk for iPhone can be played simultaneously by 2 people, while on iPad, up to four players. Naturally, there is also a single tournament against the computer.

29. Modern Combat 5: Eclipse

From the racetrack to the battlefield, here again, we have the development of Gameloft studio – the best 3D first-person shooter Modern Combat 5: Eclipse.


If the single-player campaign can cause criticism, then the network game is implemented at the level of console and desktop counterparts. The only caveat is that users with gamepads have a significant advantage.

30. TowerMadness HD


The main drawback of the Tower Defense genre’s strategies is the monotony of the gameplay – opponents, endowed with primitive artificial intelligence, move-in dense rows towards their death without changing tactics throughout the game. Multiplayer is a different matter – TowerMadness HD can be played on one iPad in SplitScreen mode.